SUSE-RU-2020:2815-1: moderate: Recommended update for pacemaker, sbd

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Thu Oct 1 07:23:18 MDT 2020

   SUSE Recommended Update: Recommended update for pacemaker, sbd

Announcement ID:    SUSE-RU-2020:2815-1
Rating:             moderate
References:         #1108393 #1140065 #1143064 #1148236 #1150429 
                    #1151007 #1154881 #1155290 #1160410 #1168771 
                    #1171372 #1174915 #963674 ECO-1611 SLE-12242 
Affected Products:
                    SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability 12-SP3

   An update that has 13 recommended fixes and contains two
   features can now be installed.


   This update for pacemaker, sbd provides the following fixes:

   Changes in pacemaker:

   - fencer: Avoid possible use-of-NULL when parsing metadata. (bsc#1171372)
   - libstonithd: Make the assert message from
     stonith__device_parameter_flags() more clear. (bsc#1171372)
   - Pacemaker Explained: Update the default value and the description of
     `pcmk_host_argument`. (bsc#1171372)
   - fencer: Add `port` or `plug` parameter according to metadata for
     RHCS-style fence-agents. (bsc#1171372)
   - libstonithd: Add function to check supported parameters according to the
     metadata of a fence agent. (bsc#1171372)
   - scheduler: Update regression tests for priority-fencing-delay.
     (jsc#ECO-1611, jsc#SLE-12242)
   - stonith_admin: --delay is an optional option for
     --fence/--unfence/--reboot commands. (jsc#ECO-1611, jsc#SLE-12242)
   - controller: Avoid possible use-of-NULL on logging fencing message.
     (jsc#ECO-1611, jsc#SLE-12242)
   - cts: Add `plug` parameter for fence_dummy agent. (bsc#1171372)
   - libstonithd: `plug` parameter of RHCS-style fence-agents is shown as
     non-required in the metadata. (bsc#1171372)
   - libstonithd: `action` parameter of RHCS-style fence-agents is shown as
     non-required in the metadata. (bsc#1171372)
   - libstonithd: Functionize fudging metadata of RHCS-style agent to make
     specific parameter non-required. (bsc#1171372)
   - libcrmcluster: Use uint64_t type for corosync ringid. (membership id)
     when updating node state. (bsc#1168771)
   - fencer: Update cpg_topology_delay test to also verify pcmk_delay_base is
     added. (jsc#ECO-1611, jsc#SLE-12242)
   - controller: Requested priority fencing delay defaults to 0.
     (jsc#ECO-1611, jsc#SLE-12242)
   - stonith_admin: --delay option defaults to 0. (jsc#ECO-1611,
   - fencer: Any delays from pcmk_delay_base/max are added to requested
     fencing delay. (jsc#ECO-1611, jsc#SLE-12242)
   - scheduler: Do not differentiate the case where all the nodes have equal
     priority. (jsc#ECO-1611, jsc#SLE-12242)
   - scheduler: Priority-fencing-delay defaults to 0 meaning disabled.
     (jsc#ECO-1611, jsc#SLE-12242)
   - Pacemaker Explained: document priority-fencing-delay cluster option.
     (jsc#ECO-1611, jsc#SLE-12242)
   - fencer: Add cpg_topology_delay test to verify enforced fencing delay
     with fencing topology. (jsc#ECO-1611, jsc#SLE-12242)
   - fencer: Handle any enforced fencing delay. (jsc#ECO-1611, jsc#SLE-12242)
   - stonith_admin: Add --delay option to support enforced fencing delay.
     (jsc#ECO-1611, jsc#SLE-12242)
   - controller: Request fencing with any enforced priority fencing delay.
     (jsc#ECO-1611, jsc#SLE-12242)
   - libstonithd: Introduce fence_with_delay() operation. (jsc#ECO-1611,
   - scheduler: Add regression test for priority-fencing-delay.
     (jsc#ECO-1611, jsc#SLE-12242)
   - scheduler: Implement priority-fencing-delay. (jsc#ECO-1611,
   - scheduler: Add priority-fencing-delay cluster option. (jsc#ECO-1611,
   - attrd: Properly declare global variables as extern in header.
   - fencer: Don't require API registration for list and status commands.
   - fencer: Improve error checking and log messages for API action requests.
   - scheduler: Make sure cluster-wide maintenance-mode=true overrides
     per-resource settings. (bsc#1154881)
   - cts-cli: Simplify and fix regexp to catch crm_time_as_string's output.
   - cts-cli: Use extended regular expressions.. (bsc#1155290)
   - cts-cli: Add tests for more crm_resource options.. (bsc#1155290)
   - tools: Clear all prefer constraints when performing a move. (bsc#1155290)
   - tools: Fix moving a resource with a lifetime constraint. (bsc#1155290)
   - cts: ComponentFail: killed corosync doesn't respawn immediately.
   - fencer: Improved log messages regarding fencing actions. (bsc#1151007)
   - fencer: No need to check the length of a non-empty list for pending
     fencing actions. (bsc#1151007)
   - fencer: Indicate fencing target in the logs when scheduling and
     executing fencing command. (bsc#1151007)
   - fencer: Make sure concurrent fencing commands get triggered to execute.
   - fencer: Don't let a fencing command with a long delay block any other
     commands pending on the device. (bsc#1151007)

   Changes in sbd:

   - sbd-inquisitor: Refuse to start if any of the configured device names is
     invalid. (bsc#1174915)
   - scheduling: Complete overhaul. (bsc#1143064)
   - Doc: Add environment section to man-page
   - agent: Correctly compare string values when calculating timeout.
   - Relaxed timeouts for tests under load.
   - tests: Add regression-tests using preload-library.
   - tests: Added preload-library for reboot interception.
   - spec: Add devel package.
   - sbd-inquisitor: Use crashdump timeout.
   - Build: Switch back to serial test-harness.
   - Doc: Mention crashdump message in usage note.
   - defaults: Make 15s timeout default for s390 consistently.
   - cmdline: Just use SBD_DEVICE if no devs from cmdline.
   - In sbd.8.pod and -h help text add -vvv description.
   - sbd-md: Add a warning log if failed to open/read device on startup.
   - agent: Log detailed errors for monitor failures. (bsc#1148236)
   - sbd-md: Make list/dump failures go to stderr. (bsc#1148236)
   - Avoid deprecated names for g_main-loop-functions.
   - sbd-pacemaker: Check for shutdown attribute on every cib-diff.
   - sbd-cluster: Periodically check corosync-daemon liveness.
   - sbd-pacemaker: Assume graceful exit if leftovers are unmanged.
   - sbd-common: Query rt-budget > 0 otherwise try moving to root-slice.
   - systemd: Make pacemaker & dlm wait for sbd-start to complete.
   - Fix node name parameter in manpage. (bsc#963674)

Patch Instructions:

   To install this SUSE Recommended Update use the SUSE recommended installation methods
   like YaST online_update or "zypper patch".

   Alternatively you can run the command listed for your product:

   - SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability 12-SP3:

      zypper in -t patch SUSE-SLE-HA-12-SP3-2020-2815=1

Package List:

   - SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability 12-SP3 (ppc64le s390x x86_64):



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