SUSE-SU-2020:2911-1: critical: Security update for ansible, crowbar-core, crowbar-openstack, grafana, grafana-natel-discrete-panel, openstack-aodh, openstack-barbican, openstack-cinder, openstack-gnocchi, openstack-heat, openstack-ironic, openstack-magnum, openstack-manila, openstack-monasca-agent, openstack-murano, openstack-neutron, openstack-neutron-vpnaas, openstack-nova, openstack-sahara, python-Pillow, rubygem-crowbar-client

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Tue Oct 13 14:02:23 MDT 2020

   SUSE Security Update: Security update for ansible, crowbar-core, crowbar-openstack, grafana, grafana-natel-discrete-panel, openstack-aodh, openstack-barbican, openstack-cinder, openstack-gnocchi, openstack-heat, openstack-ironic, openstack-magnum, openstack-manila, openstack-monasca-agent, openstack-murano, openstack-neutron, openstack-neutron-vpnaas, openstack-nova, openstack-sahara, python-Pillow, rubygem-crowbar-client

Announcement ID:    SUSE-SU-2020:2911-1
Rating:             critical
References:         #1117080 #1154434 #1164140 #1171823 #1172450 
                    #1173413 #1173416 #1173418 #1174583 #1175484 
                    #965582 SOC-11352 SOC-11389 
Cross-References:   CVE-2016-0775 CVE-2018-17954 CVE-2018-18623
                    CVE-2018-18624 CVE-2018-18625 CVE-2019-15043
                    CVE-2020-10177 CVE-2020-10378 CVE-2020-10744
                    CVE-2020-10994 CVE-2020-11110 CVE-2020-12052
                    CVE-2020-13379 CVE-2020-1733 CVE-2020-17376
Affected Products:
                    SUSE OpenStack Cloud 7

   An update that fixes 15 vulnerabilities, contains two
   features is now available.


   This update for ansible, crowbar-core, crowbar-openstack, grafana,
   grafana-natel-discrete-panel, openstack-aodh, openstack-barbican,
   openstack-cinder, openstack-gnocchi, openstack-heat, openstack-ironic,
   openstack-magnum, openstack-manila, openstack-monasca-agent,
   openstack-murano, openstack-neutron, openstack-neutron-vpnaas,
   openstack-nova, openstack-sahara, python-Pillow, rubygem-crowbar-client
   fixes the following issues:

   Security fixes included on this update:

   for ansible:
   - CVE-2020-1733,CVE-2020-10744: Fixed a race condition and insecure
     permissions which could have allowed another user on the node to gain
     control of the become user (bsc#1171823 and bsc#1164140).

   for grafana:
   - CVE-2020-11110, CVE-2018-18623, CVE-2018-18624, CVE-2018-18625: Fixed
     XSS vulnerabilities in dashboard due to an incomplete fix for

   for openstack-nova:

   - CVE-2020-17376: Fixed an issue in which live migration failed to update
     persistent domain XML (bsc#1175484)

   for python-pillow:
   - CVE-2016-0775: Fixed a buffer overflow in FliDecode.c (bsc#965582)
   - CVE-2020-10177: Fix-OOB-reads-in-FLI-decoding (bsc#1173413)
   - CVE-2020-10994: Fix-bounds-overflow-in-JPEG-2000-decoding (bsc#1173418)
   - CVE-2020-10378: Fix-bounds-overflow-in-PCX-decoding (bsc#1173416)

   for rubygem-crowbar-client:
   - CVE-2018-17954: Fixed an issue where provision leaks admin password to
     all nodes in cleartext (bsc#1117080)

   Non-security fixes included on this update:

   Changes in ansible:
   - Update CVE-2020-10744_avoid_mkdir_p.patch to include missing parts and
     rename to CVE-2020-1733_avoid_mkdir_p.patch to make it clear which CVE
     is fixed there (bsc#1164140)

   - Add CVE-2020-10744_avoid_mkdir_p.patch (bsc#1171823) to fix insecure
     temporary directory creation.

   Changes in crowbar-core:
   - Update to version 4.0+git.1600767499.0615a418f:
     * provisioner: check for client_user (SOC-11389)
     * crowbar: Also add access to /restricted/ in SSL vhost (SOC-11352)
     * crowbar: Allow hardware-installing -> discovering transition (noref)
     * crowbar: Add Restricted controller with API for restricted clients
     * crowbar: Add complete list of states to Crowbar::State (noref)
     * provisioner: Remove the need for /updates/parse_node_data (noref)
     * crowbar: Create helper module to validate states (noref)
     * provisioner: Use new restricted API (bsc#1117080)
     * provisioner: Do not read /etc/crowbar.install.key from crowbar_joi
     * provisioner: Remove use of privileged user for Windows machine
     * provisioner: Use restricted client during provisioning (bsc#1117080)
     * provisioner: Use restricted client for crowbar_register (bsc#1117080)
     * provisioner: Drop /etc/crowbar.install.key bits from autoyast prof
     * Avoid hardcoding machine-install user (bsc#1117080)
     * crowbar: Restrict admin access (bsc#1117080)

   - Update to version 4.0+git.1600416364.5a9286e31:
     * Whitelist fixed CVEs in travis (noref)
     * Disable cookbook tests (noref)

   Changes in crowbar-openstack:
   - Update to version 4.0+git.1599037255.25b759234:
     * horizon: Update configuration for Grafana 5.x

   Changes in grafana:
   - BuildRequire go1.14 explicitly
   - Add recompress source service
   - Add go_modules source service to create vendor.tar.gz containing 3rd
     party go modules.
   - Adjust spec to work for Grafana-6.7.4
   - Adjust Makefile to work for Grafana-6.7.4
   - Remove CVE-2019-15043.patch (merged upstream)
   - Remove CVE-2020-13379.patch (merged upstream)
   - Remove
     (merged upstream)
   - Update to version 6.7.4 (bsc#1172450, CVE-2018-18623, CVE-2018-18624,
     CVE-2018-18625, bsc#1174583, CVE-2020-11110)
     * Only allow 32 hexadecimal digits for the avatar hash
     * 6.7.3 cherry-picks (#23808)
     * Fix CI for pushing a multi-architecture manifest (#23327)
     * AzureMonitor: Fix Log Analytics and Application Insights for Azure
       China (#21803) (#22753)
     * Revert "grafana/data: PanelTypeChangedHandler API update to use
       PanelModel instead of panel options object [BREAKING] (#22754)"
     * Bumped version
     * Snapshots: Sanitize orignal url (#23254)
     * Plugins: Expose promiseToDigest (#23249)
     * Variables: Do not update variable from url when value is the same
     * DashboardSave: Add new dashboard check (#23104)
     * Fix: reverted back to `import * as module` instead of using namespaces
     * BackendSrv: Adds config to response to fix external plugins that use
       this  (#23032)
     * DataLinks: make sure we use the correct datapoint when dataset
       contains null value. (#22981)
     * Fix mysterious Babel plugin errors (#22974)
     * Select: Fixed select text positition (#22952)
     * grafana/data: PanelTypeChangedHandler API update to use PanelModel
       instead of panel options object [BREAKING] (#22754)
     * Docs: Fix Broken Link (#22894)
     * Panels: Fixed size issue with panels when existing panel edit mode
     * Azure: Fixed dropdowns not showing current value (#22914)
     * BackendSrv: only add content-type on POST, PUT requests (#22910)
     * Check if the datasource is of type loki using instead of name.
     * CircleCI: Pin grabpl to 0.1.0 (#22904)
     * Design tweaks (#22886)
     * Rich history UX fixes (#22783)
     * AzureMonitor: support workspaces function for template variables
     * SQLStore: Add migration for adding index on annotation.alert_id
     * Plugins: Return jsondetails as an json object instead of raw json on
       datasource healthchecks. (#22859)
     * Backend plugins: Exclude plugin metrics in Grafana's metrics endpoint
     * Graphite: Fixed issue with query editor and next select metric now
       showing after selecting metric node  (#22856)
     * Stackdriver: Fix GCE auth bug when creating new data source (#22836)
     * @grafana/runtime: Add cancellation of queries to DataSourceWithBackend
     * Rich history: Test coverage (#22852)
     * Datasource config was not mapped for datasource healthcheck (#22848)
     * upgrades plugin sdk to 0.30.0 (#22846)
     * Rich History: UX adjustments and fixes (#22729)
     * TablePanel: Enable new units picker (#22833)
     * Fix dashboard picker's props (#22815)
     * Grafana-UI: Add invalid state to Forms.Textarea (#22775)
     * SaveDashboard: Updated modal design/layout a bit (#22810)
     * Forms: Fix input suffix position (#22780)
     * AngularPanels: Fixed inner height calculation (#22796)
     * Fix: fixes issue with headers property with different casing (#22778)
     * DataSourceWithBackend: use /health endpoint for test (#22789)
     * Chore: remove expressions flag and allow (#22764)
     * Core: Pass the rest of to props to Select (#22776)
     * Add support for sending health check to datasource plugins. (#22771)
     * Datasource: making sure we are having the same data field
       order when using mixed data sources. (#22718)
     * DashboardSave: Autofocus save dashboard form input (#22748)
     * @grafana/e2e: cherry picked 4fecf5a7a65f5b7b4c03fefb9a3da15cee938f02
     * CircleCI: Implement new release pipeline (#22625)
     * Toolkit: use fs-extra instead of fs (#22723)
     * What's new docs for 6.7 release (#22721)
     * Backend Plugins: use sdk v0.26.0 (#22725)
     * PanelInspector: Add Stats Tab (#22683)
     * Revert "Graph: Improve point rendering performance (#22610)" (#22716)
     * Docs: add rendering configuration in reporting (#22715)
     * reverting the changes that failed the e2e tests. (#22714)
     * Remove multiple occurrences of "before" (#22710)
     * Datasources: Update dashboards (#22476)
     * API: Fix redirect issues (#22285)
     * Explore: adds QueryRowErrors component, moves error display to
       QueryRow (#22438)
     * RichHistory: Design Tweaks  (#22703)
     * Modals: Unify angular/react modals backdrop color (#22708)
     * Graphite: Don't issue empty "select metric" queries (#22699)
     * support duplicate field names in arrow format (#22705)
     * UX: Update new form styles to dark inputs (#22701)
     * Docs: Grammar corrections
     * Docs: Overcoming Grammatical errors (#22707)
     * Pass dashboard via angular directive (#22696)
     * Docs: Replace "API" by "Integration" key for PagerDuty (#22639)
     * Docs: Edited Enterprise docs (#22602)
     * CloudWatch: Expand alias variables when query yields no result (#22695)
     * Dependency: sdk's dataframe package renamed to data (#22700)
     * @grafana/e2e: include Cypress tsconfig in published package (#22698)
     * Graphite: Update config editor (#22553)
     * @grafana/e2e: fix runtime ts-loader errors with Cypress support files
     * Docs: Add version note about Azure AD OAuth2 (#22692)
     * StatPanel: Return base color when there is no value set (#22690)
     * Send jsondata for Datasources on DatasourceConfig for backend plugins
     * Explore: Rich History (#22570)
     * XSS: Fixed history XSS issue (#22680)
     * Fix caching problem (#22473)
     * on update for checkbox and switch (#22656)
     * Notification Channel: Make test button wider (#22653)
     * Backend plugins: Updates due to changes in SDK (#22649)
     * Make sure commit hook in FieldPropertiesEditor is invalidated when
       value changes (#22673)
     * Docs: Plugin.json: Fix property descriptions, add missing properties,
       add example (#22281)
     * Alerting: Fixed bad background color for default notifications in
       alert tab  (#22660)
     * Webpack: Updated terser plugin (#22669)
     * Core: DashboardPicker improvements (#22619)
     * Storybook: Forms.Form docs (#22654)
     * Templating: Migrates some variable types from Angular to React/Redux
     * Grafana UI: Fix Forms.Select onChangeWithEmpty (#22647)
     * Azure Monitor: Fix app insights source to allow for new __timeFrom and
       __timeTo (#21879)
     * @grafana/e2e: install necessary dependencies for published package
     * DashboardSave: Correctly overwrite dashboard when saving (#22650)
     * StatPanel: Fixes base color is being used for null values (#22646)
     * FieldOverrides: Add value mappings editor to standard config
       properties registry (#22648)
     * Docs: Update (#22637)
     * Docs: Create Intro grafana (#22522)
     * Toolkit: wrap plugin signing stub with error checking (#22626)
     * @grafana/e2e: fix empty bundle files (#22607)
     * Toolkit: include a github release utility (#22520)
     * Rendering: Have phantomjs wait a bit before rendering to give fonts a
       change to load (#22623)
     * Cascader: Do not override default width behavior (#22620)
     * Update (#22581)
     * Adds signed in user to backend v2 plugins requests (#22584)
     * CloudWatch: updated namespaces - Athena, DocDB, and Route53Resolver
     * Graph: Improve point rendering performance (#22610)
     * Alerting: Fix state age test failures (#22606)
     * Docs: Update (#22586)
     * UI: Segment improvements (#22601)
     * remove section about alias imports (#22585)
     * Backend Plugins: Support handling of streaming resource response
     * Stackdriver: Migrate GCE default project (#22593)
     * Toolkit: plugin ci needs to cooperate better with make/mage (#22588)
     * surround CloudWatch dimension names with double quotes (#22222)
     * Fix: when reloading page make sure that time picker history is
       converted to dateTime.
     * Core: add active users stat (#22563)
     * Chore: Modules tidy and vendor (#22578)
     * Loki: use series API for stream facetting (#21332)
     * Testing code owners for backend code (#22572)
     * Azure Monitor: config editor updates, update sameas switch, fix test
       snaps (#22554)
     * Grafana-UI: Use value for Radio group id (#22568)
     * Chore: fix moment import in alerting tests (#22567)
     * avoid aliased import in cli (#22566)
     * Chore: Avoid aliasing importing models in api package (#22492)
     * ShareModal: able to extend tabs (#22537)
     * Tests: fix alerting reducers tests (#22560)
     * Logs: Improve log level guess (#22094)
     * DataSourceWithBackend: apply template variables (#22558)
     * @grafana/e2e: added support for plugin repositories (#22546)
     * Add fallback to search_base_dns if group_search_base_dns is undefined.
     * Docs: Added a Markdown Style Guide (#22425)
     * Old AsyncSelect: Add story (#22536)
     * Chore: add missing aria-label for rendered panel image (e2e tests)
     * Form migrations: Dashboard- and TimeZonePicker (#22459)
     * Migration: Share dashboard/panel modal (#22436)
     * Revert "Select: scroll into view when navigate with up/down arrows
       (#22503)" (#22535)
     * Backend plugins: Prepare and clean request headers before resource
       calls (#22321)
     * Cascader: Add size for input (#22517)
     * ArrowDataFrame: allow empty results (#22524)
     * Migration: Save dashboard modals (#22395)
     * Toolkit: don't clean dist folder before build (#22521)
     * Docs: Add Storybook guidelines (#22465)
     * Docs: Removed menu links to SDK Reference until we are ready for 7.0
     * Stackdriver: Project selector (#22447)
     * Select: scroll into view when navigate with up/down arrows (#22503)
     * Elastic: To get fields, start with today's index and go backwards
     * API: Include IP address when logging request error (#21596)
     * chore: avoid aliasing imports in services (#22499)
     * Grafana-UI: add storysource addon to Storybook (#22490)
     * canary 404 previous versions (#22495)
     * Fix Dockerfile lint errors (#22496)
     * Migration: Invite Signup (#22437)
     * Core: add hideFromMenu for child items (#22494)
     * Dashboard: Adds support for a global minimum dashboard refresh
       interval (#19416)
     * CI: Deploy enterprise image (#22488)
     * changelog: adds note about breaking change (#22480)
     * chore: avoid alias for models in plugins (#22483)
     * chore: avoid aliasing models in middleware (#22484)
     * Grafana UI: Add missing argument (#22487)
     * NewPanelEditor: Angular panel options, and angular component state to
       redux major change (#22448)
     * @grafana/ui: Create slider component (#22275)
     * Icons: add reports icon (#22445)
     * Panel inspect: Horizontal scrolling in Data table (#22245)
     * Alerting: Fixed the issue/bug of diff and percent_diff functions
       *Breaking change* (#21338)
     * App Plugins: support react pages in nav (#22428)
     * Optimized package.json files (#22475)
     * Toolkit: add junit reporting and jest.config.js to plugin build
     * Grafana UI: Add forwardRef (#22466)
     * Docs: Update Getting started (#22422)
     * pkg/api/pluginproxy: Access token provider should handle access tokens
       without ExpiresOn field (#19928)
     * Documentation: Specify usage of datasource whitelist (#22412)
     * Form: Allow default values updates (#22435)
     * NewPanelEditor: Wait a bit before resending query result
       on panel editor exit (#22421)
     * Grafana-UI: update date picker (#22414)
     * grafana-cli: Upgrade to urfave/cli v2 (#22402)
     * Docs: adding first version of the auto-generated packages API docs.
     * NewPanelEditor: Panel edit tweaks (#22415)
     * Core: Make application title customizable for WL (#22401)
     * Fix: making select to return empty list when no values are selected in
       multivalue mode.
     * Fix: Added missing "remove"-icon for light theme.
     * Docs: adding API reference documentation support for the packages
       libraries. (#21931)
     * Accessibility: Makes tag colors more accessible (#22398)
     * Admin: fix images on license page (#22413)
     * DataSourceWithBackend: Add a get/post resource standard path (#22408)
     * Docs: Fix examples, grammar, add links (#22406)
     * Docs: Add links, fix grammar, formatting, wording (#22381)
     * Changelog: adds missing enterprise features (#22399)
     * Docs: Add info on active LDAP sync (#22347)
     * Docs: Fixed formatting issue in new stat docs (#22390)
     * @grafana/toolkit: completed support for source maps in plugin builds
     * UX: BackButton left arrow icon (#22369)
     * Scrollbar: Show scrollbar on only on hover (#22386)
     * NewPanelEditor: Fixed cleanup that could cause crash (#22384)
     * Theme: Fixed bug in sass file (#22382)
     * Alerting: Don't include image_url field with Slack message if empty
     * Docs: New doc pages for panels Stat, Gauge & Bar Gauge (#22335)
     * Docs: Update front-end style guide (#22197)
     * Chore: Update latest.json (#22345)
     * CircleCI: Fix publishing of releases (#22342)
     * Changelog: v6.6.2 (#22341)
     * CircleCI: Switch to new master build pipeline (#22158)
     * Docs: Update (#22224)
     * Webpack: Upgrade terser webpack plugin (#22332)
     * grafana/ui: Export TextArea under Forms namespace (#22328)
     * Suggesting couple of changes to the document (#22298)
     * Correcting Line 22 (#22292)
     * Docs: Fix "enable" steps formatting (#22324)
     * [Docs] Improvised instructions for adding data source. (#22305)
     * DashLinks: Add pull right to dropdown menu (#22233)
     * Migration: User invite (#22263)
     * Select: Fix focus issue and remove select container (#22309)
     * Annotations: Call panel refresh when table transform changes to
       annotations (#22323)
     * Docs: Couple of changes to the document (#22291)
     * Docs: Typo correction in Line 19 (#22297)
     * Rendering: Store render key in remote cache (#22031)
     * Backend Plugins: Provide proper plugin config to plugins (#21985)
     * New panel edit: data links tweaks (#22304)
     * Metrics: Add gauge for requests currently in flight (#22168)
     * OAuth: Enforce auto_assign_org_id setting when role mapping enabled
       using Generic OAuth (#22268)
     * CircleCI: Upgrade Ubuntu base image to 19.10 also for enterprise
     * CI: check ubuntu and alpine images with trivy (#22314)
     * Docker: Upgrade Ubuntu to 19.10 (#22306)
     * grafana/data: runtime dependencies moved from devDependencies (#22283)
     * PanelInspector: Fixed issue in panel inspector (#22302)
     * grafana/ui: Add basic horizontal and vertical layout components
     * Field Config Editors: Remove namespacing from standard field config
       editors (#22296)
     * CircleCI: Increase nodejs max memory (#22295)
     * Update (#22284)
     * FieldConfigs: String select type & cell display mode added to table
       panel (#22274)
     * LinkSrv: Add newlines so I can read code
     * Docs: Fix TestData docs (#22279)
     * API: Improve recovery middleware when response already been written
     * Update (#22280)
     * @grafana/toolkit: lint fix option now writes changes to disk (#22278)
     * Docs: minor fixes (#22223)
     * Reorder cipher suites for better security (#22101)
     * Docs: Minor typo fix (#22221)
     * NewPanelEdit: Add back datalinks and new table panel fix (#22267)
     * Prometheus: Implement region annotation (#22225)
     * Table: Fixed header alignment (#22236)
     * Data proxy: Log proxy errors using Grafana logger (#22174)
     * TimePicker: fixing weird behavior with calendar when switching between
       months/years  (#22253)
     * Update (#20795)
     * Auth: Don't rotate auth token when requests are cancelled by client
     * Elastic: Map level field based on config. (#22182)
     * Sqlstore: guard against getting a dashboard without specifying
       identi… (#22246)
     * Migrations: Signup page (#21514)
     * Storybook: Add color theme and theme switcher (#22005)
     * NewPanelEditor: Making angular panels reuse data and render on edit
       mode enter (#22229)
     * PanelEdit: Title tweaks (#22237)
     * NewPanelEdit: Minor changes (#22239)
     * Chore: Fixed strict null errors (#22238)
     * NewPanelEditor: Thresholds v2 (#22232)
     * Toolkit: support sass style for plugins (#22235)
     * add CloudWatch Usage Metrics (#22179)
     * FieldOverrides: Fix issue with same series name for every display
       value (#22234)
     * Inspector: find the datasource from the refId, not the metadata
     * New panel editor: Persist panel editor ui state (#22210)
     * Toolkit: don't create declaration files for plugins (by default)
     * Docs: Update (#22185)
     * Docs: Add linking topic (#21986)
     * Docs: Refactored Enterprise side menu (#22189)
     * CircleCI: Push master Docker images without revision in tag (#22218)
     * Alerting: Update the types of recipient supported by the Slack
       notifier (#22205)
     * docs: change URL occurences to uppercase (#22151)
     * Docs: Fix link for provisioning data sources (#22159)
     * DevEnv: update frontend dependencies - tests (#22140)
     * DevEnv: update frontend dependencies - type definitions (#22141)
     * Make Explore panel link work when grafana served from sub url (#22202)
     * DevEnv: update frontend dependencies - node (#22139)
     * API: Fix redirect issue when configured to use a subpath (#21652)
     * Inspect: Inspect header design update (#22120)
     * FieldOverrides: FieldOverrides UI (#22187)
     * Azure OAuth: enable teamsync (#22160)
     * Docs: Organize basic concepts and getting started (#21859)
     * FieldOverides: apply field overrides based on configuration (#22047)
     * Docs: Suggesting few changes to the doc (#22115)
     * Docs: Update phrasing line 35 (#22152)
     * Docs: Correcting Typo in Line131 (#22155)
     * Dashboard: fixed padding inconsistency
     * BackendSrv: Fixes a stupid mistake with a missing return (#22177)
     * PanelEdit: Fixed timing and state related issues (#22131)
     * Elastic: Replace range as number not string (#22173)
     * change sync target branch to master (#21930)
     * e2e: Fixed issue with aria label (#22166)
     * Fix: Do not remove whitespace in PanelLink url (#22087)
     * React Migration: Migrates FolderPicker from angular to react (#21088)
     * Auth: Azure AD OAuth (#20030)
     * DevEnv: update frontend dependencies - grunt (#22136)
     * Bugfix: updates cloudwatch query editor test async render to prevent
       it from throwing error (#22150)
     * NewPanelEdit: Design tweaks (#22156)
     * TestData: Update streaming.json (#22132)
     * DevEnv: update frontend dependencies - babel (#22135)
     * Docs: Fix port config list formatting (#22113)
     * Explore: Refactor active buttons css (#22124)
     * Forms/Switch: Simplifies and adjusts CSS/Markup (#22129)
     * Datasource/Loki: Fixes issue where live tailing displayed date as
       invalid (#22128)
     * NewPanelEditor: Fixed issue going back to dashboard after pull page
       reload  (#22121)
     * Loki, Prometheus: Fix PromQL and LogQL syntax highlighting (#21944)
     * NewPanelEdit: Added visualization tab / selection view (#22117)
     * Increase ts fork check mem limit (#22118)
     * NewPanelEditor: Panel editor tabs in state (url)  (#22102)
     * Delete report.20200209.125304.14262.0.001.json
     * Annotation & Alerts: Makes various annotation and alert requests
       cancelable (#22055)
     * Select zindex (#22109)
     * Docs: Add doc templates (#21927)
     * Fix mentioning Slack users/groups (#21734)
     * Docs: Update (#21989)
     * Docs: Update (#21988)
     * Docs: Update (#21951)
     * Docs: Added release notes tag (#22012)
     * Forms/RadioButtonGroup: Improves semantics and simplifies CSS (#22093)
     * Docs: add LDAP active sync limitation for single bind configuration
     * Docs: Update to include HTTPS and URL rewrite example
     * DataLinks: Avoid null exception in new edit mode (#22100)
     * Docs: Image rendering improvements (#22084)
     * Fix display of multiline logs in log panel and explore (#22057)
     * Fix/add width to toggle button group (#21924)
     * NewPanelEditor: Introduce redux state and reducer (#22070)
     * Prometheus: make $__range more precise (#21722)
     * New panel edit: data links edit (#22077)
     * Docs: fix minor typos in (#22092)
     * Toolkit: add a warning about tslint migration (#22089)
     * Read `target` prop from the links in the footer (#22074)
     * CircleCI: Publish enterprise Docker dev image for new master pipeline
     * CircleCI: Include build ID in version for new master pipeline (#22013)
     * Alerting: Handle NaN in reducers (#22053)
     * Toolkit: create manifest files for plugins (#22056)
     * Backend Plugins: make transform work again (#22078)
     * Docs: Fix broken link (#22010)
     * Docs: Fix formatting typo (#22067)
     * CircleCI: Publish enterprise ARM variants from master pipeline (#22011)
     * Chore: Adds cancellation to backendSrv request function (#22066)
     * Dashboard: Move some plugin & panel state to redux (#22052)
     * Docs: Clarify that extraction of zip is required to install plugin
     * Chore: Fixes non utc tests (#22063)
     * Grafana ui/time of day picker ui improvements (#21950)
     * Links: Assure base url when single stat, panel and data links are
       built (#21956)
     * BackendSrv: Returns correct error when a request is cancelled (#21992)
     * Make zoom and time shift work after emmitter change (#22051)
     * New Editor: refresh when time values change (#22049)
     * New Editor: Add ValuePicker for overrides selection (#22048)
     * Collapse: add a controlled collapse (#22046)
     * Cascader: Fix issue where the dropdown wouldn't show (#22045)
     * New Editor: add display modes to fix ratio with actual display (#22032)
     * Chore: Use forwardRef in ButtonSelect (#22042)
     * DashNavTimeControls: remove $injector and rootScope from time picker
     * New panel edit: field overrides ui (#22036)
     * Select: Portaling for Select (#22040)
     * New Select: Fix the overflow issue and menu positioning (#22039)
     * Upgrade: React layout grid upgrade (#22038)
     * PanelChrome: Use react Panel Header for angular panels. (#21265)
     * New Editor: add a tabs row for the query section (#22037)
     * New Editor: use unit picker (#22033)
     * Dashboard: Refactor dashboard reducer & actions (#22021)
     * New panel editor: Add title editor (#22030)
     * UnitPicker: Use the new Cascader implementation (#22029)
     * FieldEditor: extendable FieldConfig UI (#21882)
     * Cascader: Add enable custom value (#21812)
     * New panel edit: support scrolling (#22026)
     * Thresholds: get theme from context automatically (#22025)
     * New Panel Edit: works for panels with and without queries (#22024)
     * PanelEditor: use splitpane for new editor (#22022)
     * Select: Fixed allow custom value in
       Select/UnitPicker/Segment/AsyncSegment (#22018)
     * Chore: export arrow dataframe utilities (#22016)
     * TSLint → ESLint (#21006)
     * Docker: Publish enterprise image with master-commit tag (#22008)
     * Chore: Resolve random failure with golangci-lint (#21970)
     * New panel edit: don't query when entering edit mode (#21921)
     * Fix bad grammar in Dashboard Link page (#21984)
     * Update (#21736)
     * Prometheus: Allow sub-second step in the prometheus datasource (#21861)
     * Update latest.json versions to 6.6.1 (#21972)
     * Change log for 6.6.1 (#21969)
     * Datasource: updates PromExploreQueryEditor to prevent it from throwing
       error on edit (#21605)
     * Explore: Adds Loki explore query editor (#21497)
     * @grafana/ui: Fix displaying of bars in React Graph (#21968)
     * Prometheus: Do not show rate hint when increase function is applied
     * Elastic: Limit the number of datapoints for the counts query (#21937)
     * Storybook: Update categories (#21898)
     * Quota: Makes sure we provide the request context to the quota service
     * Docs: Documentation for 6.6 Explore and Logs panel features (#21754)
     * Annotations: Change indices and rewrites annotation find query to
       improve database query performance (#21915)
     * Prometheus: Fixes default step value for annotation query (#21934)
     * Dashboard edit: Fix 404 when making dashboard editable
     * Publish from new master pipeline (#21813)
     * Metrics: Adds back missing summary quantiles (#21858)
     * delete redundant alias (#21907)
     * grafana/ui: Fix displaying of bars in React Graph (#21922)
     * Docs: Added (#21806)
     * Fix formatting (#21894)
     * New Select: Blur input on select (#21876)
     * Fix/add default props to prom query editor (#21908)
     * Graph Panel: Fixed typo in thresholds form (#21903)
     * Disable logging in button (#21900)
     * DatasourceEditor: Add UI to edit custom HTTP headers (#17846)
     * Datasource: Show access (Browser/Server) select on the Prometheus
       datasource (#21833)
     * Docs: Update (#21896)
     * Docs: Update (#21200)
     * Docs: Make upgrading instructions for Docker work (#21836)
     * deps so can mock in tests (#21827)
     * Templating: Add new global built-in variables (#21790)
     * Fix: Reimplement HideFromTabs in Tabs component (#21863)
     * grafana/data: Remove unused PanelSize interface (#21877)
     * New Select: Extend creatable select api (#21869)
     * Backend plugins: Implement support for resources (#21805)
     * Docker: change plugin path in custom docker (#21837)
     * Image Rendering: Fix render of graph panel legend aligned to the right
       using Grafana image renderer plugin/service (#21854)
     * Docs: Update (#21700)
     * grafana/toolkit: Fix failing linter when there were lint issues
     * DatasourceSettings: Fixed issue navigating away from data source
       settings page (#21841)
     * AppPageCtrl: Fix digest issue with app page initialisation (#21847)
     * Explore: adds basic tests to TableContainer checking the render and
       output on 0 series returned
     * Explore: adds MetaInfoText tests
     * Explore: adds export of MetaItem and its props
     * Explore: updates TableContainer to use MetaInfoText component
     * Explore: updates Logs component to use MetaInfoText component
     * Explore: adds MetaInfoText component
     * Explore: removes unnecessary styles for panel logs
     * Explore: updates Table container render to avoid rendering table on
       empty result
     * Explore: updates explore table container to show a span on 0 series
     * docs/cli: Fix documentation of reset-admin-password with
       --homepath (#21840)
     * Replace ts-loader with Babel (#21587)
     * Docs: Add information about license expiration (#21578)
     * Fix digest issue with query part editor's actions menu (#21834)
     * Graphite: Fixed issue with functions with multiple required params and
       no defaults caused params that could not be edited (groupByNodes
       groupByTags) (#21814)
     * TimePicker: Should display in kiosk mode (#21816)
     * Chore: Upgrade Storybook to 5.3.9 (#21550)
     * Table: Make the height of the table include header cells (#21824)
     * StatPanels: Fixed migration from old singlestat and default min & max
       being copied even when gauge was disbled (#21820)
     * Docs: Update docker image run and configuration instructions (#21705)
     * DataFrame: update golden test files (#21808)
     * Docs: Alphabetize datasource names in sidebar under
       docs/Features/DataSources (#21740)
     * Inspect: Add error tab (#21565)
     * Select: Fix direct usages of react-select to make the scroll great
       again (#21822)
     * TablePanel: display multi-line text (#20210)
     * Fixed strict errors (#21823)
     * Fix: prevents the BarGauge from exploding when the datasource returns
       empty result. (#21791)
     * Select: Fix scroll issue (#21795)
     * Fix: Fixes user logout for datasourceRequests with 401 from
       datasource (#21800)
     * Azure Monitor: Fix Application Insights API key field to allow input
     * Influxdb: Fix cascader when doing log query in explore (#21787)
     * Devenv: OpenTSDB dashboard (#21797)
     * MSI: License for Enterprise (#21794)
     * OpenTSDB: Add back missing ngInject (#21796)
     * Heatmap: Legend color range is incorrect when using custom min/max
     * Config: add meta feature toggle (#21786)
     * Logs panel: Rename labels to unique labels (#21783)
     * Add link guide for installing new renderer (#21702)
     * Chore: Lowers strict error limit (#21781)
     * Chore: Removes Cypress record (#21782)
     * Docs: Document configuration of console, file and syslog log formats
     * Annotations: Fixes this.templateSrv.replace is not a function error
       for Grafana datasource (#21778)
     * Fix typos in the communication documentation (#21774)
     * Chore: Fixes various strict null errors (#21763)
     * Forms: Allow custom value creation in async select (#21759)
     * Chore: bump react-select to 3.0.8 (#21638)
     * grafana/data: Add type for secure json in DataSourceAPI (#21772)
     * Influxdb: Fix issues with request creation and parsing (#21743)
     * Explore/Loki: Fix handling of legacy log row context request (#21767)
     * 6.6.0 latest (#21762)
     * Docs: Updates Changelog for 6.6.0 (#21753)
     * Docs: Update image rendering (#21650)
     * Docs: misc. nitpicks to the HTTP API docs (#21758)
     * Dashboard: fixes issue with UI not being re-rendered after moving
     * Dashboard: fixed issues with re-rendering of UI when importing
       dashboard (#21723)
     * Build: Added devenv docker block for testing grafana with traefik.
     * Update What's new in 6.6 (#21745)
     * Footer: Display Grafana edition (#21717)
     * BackendSrv: Fixes POST body for form data (#21714)
     * Docs: Update CloudWatch and Stackdriver docs for 6.6 (#21679)
     * BackendSrv: Adds missing props back to response object in
       datasourceRequest (#21727)
     * Explore: Fix context view in logs, where some rows may have been
       filtered out. (#21729)
     * Toolkit: add canvas-mock to test setup (#21739)
     * TablePabel: Sanitize column link (#21735)
     * Docs: Fix getting started links on Windows installation page (#21724)
     * Docs: Enterprise 6.6 (#21666)
     * Template vars: Add error message for failed query var (#21731)
     * Loki: Refactor editor and syntax hooks (#21687)
     * Devenv: Fixed devenv dashboard template var datasource (#21715)
     * Footer: added back missing footer to login page (#21720)
     * Admin: Viewer should not see link to teams in side menu (#21716)
     * Annotations: Fix issue with annotation queries editors (#21712)
     * grafana/ui: Remove path import  from grafana-data (#21707)
     * Loki: Fix Loki with repeated panels and interpolation for Explore
     * CircleCI: Add workflow for building with Grafana Build Pipeline
     * StatPanels: Fixed possible migration issue (#21681)
     * Make importDataSourcePlugin cancelable (#21430)
     * Docs: Update what's new in 6.6 (#21699)
     * Docs: Fix broken link in upgrade notes (#21698)
     * Alerting: Support passing tags to Pagerduty and allow notification on
       specific event categories (#21335)
     * PhantomJS: Fix rendering of panels using Prometheus datasource
     * backendSrv: Only stringifies request body if payload isn't already a
       string (#21639)
     * Update changelog generation to ignore not merged pull requests (#21641)
     * StatPanel: minor height tweak (#21663)
     * Circle: Introduce es-check to branches & pr workflow (#21677)
     * Run query when region, namespace and metric changes (#21633)
     * Explore: Fixes some LogDetailsRow markup (#21671)
     * SQLStore: Fix PostgreSQL failure to create organisation for first time
     * Migrations: migrate admin user create page (#21506)
     * Docs: Whats new updates (#21664)
     * CloudWatch: Auto period snap to next higher period (#21659)
     * Login: Better auto sizing of login logo (#21645)
     * Chore: Fixes PhantomJs by adding polyfills for fetch and
       AbortController (#21655)
     * Alert: Minor tweak to work with license warnings (#21654)
     * Toolkit: copyIfNonExistent order swapped (#21653)
     * Doc: Update (#21602)
     * Explore: Fix log level color and add tests (#21646)
     * Templating: A way to support object syntax for global vars (#21634)
     * CloudWatch: Add DynamoDB Accelerator (DAX) metrics & dimensions
     * next version 6.7.0 (#21617)
     * latest.jso: Update latest beta 6.6.0-beta1 (#21623)
     * Docs: Update changelog with attribution (#21637)
     * Docs: Updated what's new article (#21624)
     * Plugins: Apply adhoc filter in Elasticsearch logs query (#21346)
     * Changelog: v6.6.0-beta1 (#21619)
     * Chore: Remove angular dependency from backendSrv (#20999)
     * Emotion: Add main package with version 10 (#21560)
     * TestData: allow negative values for random_walk parameters (#21627)
     * Update musl checksums (#21621)
     * CloudWatch: Expand dimension value in alias correctly (#21626)
     * Devenv: InfluxDB logs dashboard (#21620)
     * Build: adds missing filters required to build oss msi (#21618)
     * BigValue: Updated test dashboard and made some chart sizing tweaks
     * TestData: Adds important new features to the random walk scenario
     * graphite: does not modify last segment when... (#21588)
     * grafana/ui: Add synced timepickers styling to TimePicker (#21598)
     * Explore: Remove destructuring of empty state in LogRowMessage (#21579)
     * Build: enables deployment of enterprise msi (#21607)
     * CI: MSI for Enterprise (#21569)
     * E2E docs: Add guide to debuging PhantomJS (#21606)
     * Toolkit: fix prettier error reporting (#21599)
     * Render: Use https as protocol when rendering if HTTP2 enabled (#21600)
     * Typescript: null check fixes, and news panel fix (#21595)
     * Inspect: table take full height in drawer (#21580)
     * OAuth: Fix role mapping from id token (#20300)
     *  ButtonCascader: Fix error in Explore (#21585)
     * CloudWatch: Fix ordering of map to resolve flaky test take 2 (#21577)
     * Redux: Fixed function adding a new reducer (#21575)
     * Minor style changes on upgrade page (#21566)
     * Revert "Babel: use babel-loader instead of ts-loader, ng-annotate with
       babel-plugin-angularjs-annotate (#21554)" (#21570)
     * Explore: Context tooltip to copy labels and values from graph (#21405)
     * Config: Use license info instead of build info for feature toggling
     * Fix merge problem (#21574)
     * CloudWatch: Fix ordering of map to resolve flaky test (#21572)
     * Docs: What's new in Grafana v6.6 Draft (#21562)
     * Explore: Create unique ids and deduplicate Loki logs (#21493)
     * Chore: Fix go vet problem (#21568)
     * Provisioning: Start provision dashboards after Grafana server have
       started (#21564)
     * CloudWatch: Calculate period based on time range (#21471)
     * Inspect: Download DataFrame to Csv (#21549)
     * CloudWatch: Multi-valued template variable dimension alias fix (#21541)
     * Babel: use babel-loader instead of ts-loader, ng-annotate with
       babel-plugin-angularjs-annotate (#21554)
     * Stackdriver: Support meta labels (#21373)
     * CI: Revert msi build (#21561)
     * Alerting: Fix image rendering and uploading timeout preventing to send
       alert notifications (#21536)
     * CI: adds missing files for ee msi (#21559)
     * CI: Enterprise MSI (#21518)
     * Add component: Cascader (#21410)
     * CloudWatch: Display partial result in graph when max DP/call limit is
       reached  (#21533)
     * Dashboards: Default Home Dashboard Update (#21534)
     * Docs: Update (#21547)
     * Docs: Update (#20782)
     * Templating: update variables on location changed (#21480)
     * Vendor: grafana-plugin-sdk-go v0.11.0 (#21552)
     * fix dateMath import in grafana-ui (#21546)
     * Explore/Loki: Filter expression only treated as regex when regex
       operator is used (#21538)
     * Fix TypeScript error (#21545)
     * Build: Ignore content of /pkg/extensions, not directory (#21540)
     * Update latest to 6.5.3 (#21509)
     * Explore: Ensures queries aren't updated when returning to dashboard if
       browser back is used (#20897)
     * Inspect: Use AutoSizer for managing width for content in tabs. (#21511)
     * Changelog generation: Generate grafana/ui changelog (#21531)
     * Toolkit: support less loader (#21527)
     * AppPlugin: remove simple app from the core repo (#21526)
     * @grafana/toolkit: cleanup (#21441)
     * DataFrames: add arrow test and capture metadata parsing errors (#21524)
     * DataLinks: allow using values from other fields in the same row
     * grafana/data: Update plugin config page typings (BREAKING) (#21503)
     * Fix regex in convertCSSToStyle, add test coverage (#21508)
     * CloudWatch: Annotation Editor rewrite (#20765)
     * Admin: Add promotional page for Grafana Enterprise (#21422)
     * Add changelog for 6.5.3
     * Backend Plugins: Collect and expose metrics and plugin process health
       check (#21481)
     * Auth: Rotate auth tokens at the end of requests (#21347)
     * Tabs: Hide Tabs on Page header on small screens (#21489)
     * Fix importing plugin dashboards (#21501)
     * SideMenu: Fixes issue with logout link opened in new tab (#21488)
     * DataLinks: Make data links input grow again (#21499)
     * Templating: use default datasource when missing (#21495)
     * Explore: Fix timepicker when browsing back after switching datasource
     * Add disabled option for cookie samesite attribute (#21472)
     * Chore: Adds basic alerting notification service tests (#21467)
     * ImportDashboardCommand: Validate JSON fields (#21350)
     * Docs: add test for website build (#21364)
     * Fix: when clicking a plot on a touch device we won't display the
       annotation menu (#21479)
     * Backend Plugins: add a common implementation (#21408)
     * Alerting: new min_interval_seconds options to enforce a minimum eval
       frequency  (#21188)
     * Panel: Use Tabs in panel inspector (#21468)
     * Docs: Update rpm install (#21475)
     * Alerting: Enable setting of OpsGenie priority via a tag (#21298)
     * Alerting: fallbackText added to Google Chat notifier (#21464)
     * Plugins: Move backend plugin manager to service (#21474)
     * Backend Plugins: Refactor backend plugin registration and start
     * Admin: New Admin User page (#20498)
     * Docs: Update (#21470)
     * Fix:  Tab icons not showing (#21465)
     * Chore: Add react-table typings to Table (#21418)
     * Login: Refactoring how login background is rendered (#21446)
     * StatPanel: Refactoring & fixes (#21437)
     * Chore: Migrates reducers and actions to Redux Toolkit (#21287)
     * DeleteButton: Button with icon only was not centered correctly.
     * Logos: Refactoring a bit how logos are rendered (#21421)
     * Docs: Update (#21322)
     * More datasource funcs poc (#21047)
     * Docs: Update plugin installation and CLI (#21179)
     * Docs: Update (#21339)
     * Alerting: Adds support for sending a single email to all recipients in
       notification channel (#21091)
     * ThreemaNotifier: Use fully qualified status emoji (#21305)
     * Settings: Env override support for dynamic settings (#21439)
     * Security: refactor 'redirect_to' cookie to use 'Secure' flag (#19787)
     * Logs: Fix parsing for logfmt fields that have parens (#21407)
     * Improve documentation for the Prometheus data source (#21415)
     * Heatmap: fix formatting (#21433)
     * Docs: Fixed broken links of Datasource doc at Grafana plugin page
     * ApiUser: Fix response when enabling, disabling or deleting a
       nonexistent user (#21391)
     * grafana/ui: Create Tabs component (#21328)
     * Inspector: support custom metadata display (#20854)
     * Table: Added text align option to column styles (#21175)
     * PluginPage: Add appSubUrl string to config pages url (#21414)
     * Docs: Remove comment about upcoming alerting for singlestat and table
       panels (#21416)
     * Footer: Single footer component for both react & angular pages (#21389)
     * API: Added alert state validation before changing its state (#21375)
     * AddDataSource: Added missing phantom plugin (#21406)
     * Plugins: Use grafana-plugin-sdk-go v0.5.0 (#21116)
     * UnitPicker: show custom units on load (#21397)
     * Cloud Watch: Standardize Config Editor Implementation (#20489)
     * CloudWatch: dimension_values templating fix (#21401)
     * Docs: explain how to setup the apt repo without helpers (#21194)
     * Build: prevent changes to pkg/extentions/main.go from throwing error
       on merge
     * TimeZones: fix utc test (#21393)
     * Build: package all binaries for enterprise (#21381)
     * Datasource: fixes prometheus datasource tests - adds align range
     * CircleCI: Testing upgrade to CircleCI 2.1 (#21374)
     * Storybook: Remove reference to jquery.flot.pie file from storybook
       config (#21378)
     * Cloudwatch: Fixed crash when switching from cloudwatch data source
     * Docs: Added Squadcast notifications (#21372)
     * Chore: upgrade d3 (#21368)
     * Datasource: fix a bug where deleting data source will trigger save and
       test events (#21300)
     * Forms: revamped select (#21092)
     * Toolkit: add git log info to the plugin build report (#21344)
     * Docs: Use https scheme for Grafana playground links (#21360)
     * fix docs links (#21359)
     * AddDatasourcePage: Refactoring & more Phantom plugins (#21261)
     * Chore: Remove empty flot.pie file (#21356)
     * Docs: Fix link (#21358)
     * Docs: Fix InfluxDB templated dashboard link (#21343)
     * Rendering: Fix panel PNG rendering when using sub url &
       serve_from_sub_path = true (#21306)
     * NewsPanel: update default feed url (#21342)
     * docs: fix influxdb templated dashboard link (#21336)
     * Docs: Update (#21333)
     * Arrow: don't export arrow... breaking phantomjs e2e test (#21331)
     * DataFrame: round trip metadata to arrow Table (#21277)
     * Prometheus: user metrics metadata to inform query hints (#21304)
     * Panel: disable edit/duplicate/delete entry for repeat panel (#21257)
     * Prometheus: Disable suggestions at beginning of value (#21302)
     * grafana/ui: Do not build in strict mode as grafana/ui depends on
       non-strict libs (#21319)
     * Docs: Update (#20981)
     * @grafana/data: use timeZone parameter rather than isUtc (#21276)
     * Units: support dynamic count and currency units (#21279)
     * Docs: Added sudo and removed $ where inconsistent. (#21314)
     * ImgUploader: add support for non-amazon S3 (#20354)
     * Fix: tooltips value disappear when label has too long word (#21267)
     * Docs: Update (#21303)
     * Docs: Update (#21245)
     * Loki: fix filter expression suggestions (#21290)
     * Prometheus: Fix label value suggestion (#21294)
     * Prometheus: Fix term completion that contain keywords (#21295)
     * Docs: Fixed broken links in Basic Concepts (#21035)
     * Docs: Edited Windows install instructions (#20780)
     * Docs: Update (#21244)
     * Fix internal links in http_api/ (#21255)
     * Docs: Update (#21274)
     * Docs: Fix aliases/redirects (#21241)
     * Docs: Document tracing.jaeger configuration (#21181)
     * Websockets: upgrade websocket libray to 1.4.1 (#21280)
     * FieldConfig: add thresholds and color modes (#21273)
     * Prometheus: improve tooltips (#21247)
     * Explore: Moves PromContext from query level to DataQueryRequest level
     * BridgeSrv: do not strip base from `state.location.url` (#20161)
     * Graph: another tooltip fix (#21251)
     * Alerting: Add configurable severity support for PagerDuty notifier
     * Graph: Fixed no value in graph tooltip (#21246)
     * Units: support farenheit (existing misspelling) (#21249)
     * Docs: fix typo (#21190)
     * Promtheus: Fix hint and error display for query rows (#21242)
     * Docs: fixed broken doc link for graph and table panels (#21238)
     * Docs: fix of broken doc link in the dashlist panel's help section
     * Docs: Update the link to docs for singlestat (#21225)
     * Docks: Update with proper Slack settings (#21227)
     * Editor: Ignore closing brace when it was added by editor (#21172)
     * Explore: moves add query row button below query rows (#20522)
     * Explore: adds PrometheusExploreQueryEditor (#20195)
     * Simplify adjustInterval (#21226)
     * Sass: Checked in tmpl files
     * Table: Component progress & custom FieldConfig options (#21231)
     * Chore: remove StreamHandler and DataStreamState  (#21234)
     * DashboardGrid: Fixed flickering while resizing (#21221)
     * docs: rename premium plugins to enterprise plugins (#21222)
     * NewsPanel: add news as a builtin panel (#21128)
     * grafana/toolkit: Readme update (#21218)
     * grafana/toolkit: Resolve modules correctly (#21216)
     * New bar gauge style: Unfilled (#21201)
     * Dashboard: new updated time picker (#20931)
     * Metrictank: fix bundled dashboard (#21209)
     * Tooltip: preventing xss injections via the colors variable. (#21203)
     * Livetailing: set table withd to 100% (#21213)
     * Docs: Fix broken link in (#21199)
     * Added back logo file (#21198)
     * Docs: fix ordering of apt setup (#21192)
     * Docs: Fix Azure ad generic OAuth code markdown formatting (#21189)
     * docs: rendering plugin required for reporting (#21162)
     * Chore: Fixes wrong e2e path in .gitignore (#21186)
     * e2e: Waits for login before moving forward (#21185)
     * PanelChrome: Mini refactor (#21171)
     * Tracing: Support configuring Jaeger client from environment (#21103)
     * @grafana/toolkit: webpack extend TS→JS (#21176)
     * [docs] Azure monitor link in templating (#21173)
     * grafana/toolkit: Add option to override webpack config (#20872)
     * Docs: Adds best practices after visit and a link back to
     * Changelog: Add PagerDuty breaking change (#21170)
     * DashboardGrid: Change grid margin to 8, to align to 8px grid (#21167)
     * Alerting: Add more information to webhook notifications (#20420)
     * Panel: Show inspect panel in Drawer instead of Modal (#21148)
     * Prometheus: Fix typehead after binary operators (#21152)
     * docs: always updates docker image before building docs site (#21165)
     * Table: Matches column names with unescaped regex characters (#21164)
     * DataLinks: Sanitize data/panel link URLs (#21140)
     * Dashboard: Only show resize-handle on hover (#21160)
     * PagerDuty: Fix custom_details to be a JSON object instead
       of a string (#21150)
     * grafana/ui: New table component (#20991)
     * e2e: Migrates query variable CRUD tests to new framework (#21146)
     * Chore: Upgrade react, react-dom, react-test-renderer versions (#21130)
     * Fix log row when query is short (#21126)
     * Prometheus: Display HELP and TYPE of metrics if available (#21124)
     * e2e: Updates truth image (#21132)
     * Cloudwatch ECS Container Insights Support (#21125)
     * FontSize: Change base font size to 14px (#21104)
     * Explore: Refactor log rows (#21066)
     * phantomjs: performance.getEntriesByType not supported (#21009)
     * New panel editor (behind feature toggle) (#21097)
     * e2e: Adds ScenarioContext and video recordings to e2e (#21110)
     * DashboardImport: Fixes broken import page in prod builds (#21101)
     * Dependencies: Bump npm from 6.9.0 to 6.13.4 (#21095)
     * Docs: Fix broken link in (#21098)
     * Dependencies: Upgrade grunt-contrib-compress to resolve issues with
       iltorb (#21096)
     * Update CODEOWNERS (#21093)
     * E2E: Testing recording e2e tests (#21094)
     * FieldConfig: set min/max automatically for gauge (#21073)
     * Postgres/MySQL/MSSQL: Adds support for region annotations (#20752)
     * Azure Monitor: Use default from datasource if not saved on
       dashboard/query (#20899)
     * Azure Monitor:  Copy AM Creds to Log Analytics When Using Same As
     * Docs: Add minimal hugo build, update docs README (#20905)
     * CI: Added junit test report (#21084)
     *  UI: ConfirmButton component (#20993)
     * Angular/React: Migrates team creation form to react (#21058)
     * Templating: Fixes digest issues in Template Variable Editor (#21079)
     * OrgSwitcher: Fixed issue rendering org switcher even when it's not
       open (#21061)
     * Chore: Remove rejected files (#21072)
     * e2e: Uses should on first element after visit to prevent flakiness
     * FieldConfig: support overrides model (#20986)
     * AngularPanels: fixed transparency issue (#21070)
     * Docs: Update for #3349 (#21069)
     * OAuth: Removes send_client_credentials_via_post setting (#20044)
     * API: Validate redirect_to cookie has valid (Grafana) url (#21057)
     * Explore: Refactor log details table (#21044)
     * Prometheus: Prevents validation of inputs when clicking in them
       without changing the value (#21059)
     * Prometheus: Fixes so user can change HTTP Method in config (#21055)
     * MetricSegment: Fix metric segment UI crash in prod builds (#21053)
     * OpenTSDB: Adding lookup limit to OpenTSDB datasource settings (#20647)
     * Templating: Fixes default visibility for submenu to same as dashboard
     * Create CODEOWNERS (#21045)
     * Elastic: Add data links in datasource config (#20186)
     * Alerting: Fix panic in dingding notifier  (#20378)
     * Logs: Optional logs label column (#21025)
     * Chore: updated to latest stable version (#21033)
     * Docs: change log for release v6.5.2 (#21028)
     * Chore: Improve rendering logging (#21008)
     * Modules: Add patched goavro dependency for extensions (#21027)
     * Explore: Sync timepicker and logs after live-tailing stops (#20979)
     * Fix: Shows SubMenu when filtering directly from table (#21017)
     * Alerting: Fix template variable in query check  (#20721)
     * Toolkit: remove unused plugin-ci report types  (#21012)
     * MixedDatasources: Do not filter out all mixed data sources in add
       mixed query dropdown (#20990)
     * Docs: Change checkout to check out where necessary (#20926)
     * Promtheus: Improve tab completion (#20938)
     * build: adds IANA timezone info to windows build (#21001)
     * Loki: fix labels fetching when no initial range given (#21000)
     * Docs: Update datasource API examples (#20951)
     * UI: Segment fixes (#20947)
     * Stackdriver: Make service list searchable (#20989)
     * Remove un-used imports (#20937)
     * upgrade aws-sdk-go (#20957)
     * UI: ConfirmModal component (#20965)
     * Docs: Updates from puppeteer to Cypress (#20962)
     * e2e: Adds better log information during test runs (#20987)
     * Alert: If the permission is forbidden, keep the historical alarm data
       present. (#19007)
     * Graph: Add fill gradient option to series override line fill (#20941)
     * use https for fetch gravatar by default (#20964)
     * Prometheus: disable dynamic label lookup on big datasources (#20936)
     * Loki: Fix datasource config page test run (#20971)
     * Devenv: Fix loki block (#20967)
     * e2e: Replaces truth image (#20966)
     * Forms: introduce RadioButtonGroup (#20828)
     * Fix: Adds e2e as a package that needs to be built (#20961)
     * Make sure datasource variable is being used everywhere (#20917)
     * Refactor: Navigates directly to add data source page instead (#20959)
     * Alerting: Improve alert threshold handle dragging behavior (#20922)
     * DisplayProcessor: Interpret empty strings as NaN instead
       of 0 to support empty value map texts in Singlestat (#20952)
     * Prometheus: Refactor labels caching (#20898)
     * e2e: Uses Cypress instead of Puppeteer (#20753)
     * Renderer: Add user-agent to rendering plugin requests (#20956)
     * DataSource: remove delta option (#20949)
     * Elasticsearch: set default port to 9200 in ConfigEditor (#20948)
     * Loki: Remove appending of (?i) in Loki query editor if not added by
       user (#20908)
     * Datasource/Loki: Loki now goes to Logs mode when importing prom
       queries (#20890)
     * Cloudwatch: Defined explore query editor for cloudwatch (#20909)
     * Datasource/Loki: Empty metric name no longer replaced by query (#20924)
     * Revert "Modules: Add goavro dependency for extensions (#20920)"
     * Docs: Update (#20910)
     * UI: Segment Input change (#20925)
     * Modules: Add goavro dependency for extensions (#20920)
     * UI: Segment Input (#20904)
     * Remove escaping of \ ( ) characters (#20915)
     * AngularPanels: Check for digest cycle on root scope (#20919)
     * InfluxDB: Use new datasource update option funcs (#20907)
     * Docs: Update debian-ubuntu installation instructions (#20875)
     * Search: Fixed angular digest issues (#20906)
     * Remove false positive error message for expression and id field
     * fix notifications page (#20903)
     * Update (#20871)
     * Docs: update content to work with website repo (#20693)
     * Elastic: Fix multiselect variable interpolation for logs (#20894)
     * Singlestat: Fixed unit not showing and switched to new unit picker
     * MetaAnalytics: Minor fix for meta analytics event (#20888)
     * Explore: Cleanup redundant state variables and unused actions (#20837)
     * Chore/Tech debt: Remove (most) instances of $q angular service use
     * AngularPanels: Fixed loading spinner being stuck in some rare cases
     * TeamPicker: Increase size limit from 10 to 100 (#20882)
     * Echo: mechanism for collecting custom events lazily (#20365)
     * StatPanel: change to beta
     * Azure Monitor: Standardize Config Editor Implementation (#20455)
     * GraphTooltip: added boundaries so we never render tooltip
       outside window. (#20874)
     * Graphite: Use data frames when procesing annotation query in graphite
       ds (#20857)
     * Elastic: Fix parsing for millisecond number timestamps (#20290)
     * Docs: Sync docs with website repo via GitHub Action (#20694)
     * Gauge/BarGauge: Added support for value mapping of "no data"-state to
       text/value (#20842)
     * UI: Use SelectableValue as Segment value (#20867)
     * Datasource/Loki: Fixes issue where time range wasn't being supplied
       with annotation query (#20829)
     * Server: Return 404 when non-pending invite is requested (#20863)
     * Explore: Fix reset reducer duplication (#20838)
     * CLI: Return error and aborts when plugin file extraction fails (#20849)
     * Datasource/Loki: Simplifies autocompletion (#20840)
     * Update (#20820)
     * ValueFormats: dynamically create units (#20763)
     * @grafana/data: don't export ArrowDataFrame (#20855)
     * @grafana/data: export ArrowDataFrame (#20832)
     * Docs: Add section about derived fields for Loki (#20648)
     * Migration: Migrate org switcher to react (#19607)
     * Remove (#20845)
     * Update (#20778)
     * Explore: Log message line wrapping options for logs (#20360)
     * AlertNotifier: Support alert tags in OpsGenie notifier (#20810)
     * Fix prettier (#20827)
     * Loki: Support for template variable queries (#20697)
     * Explore: Export timezone from redux state (#20812)
     * Forms: introduce checkbox (#20701)
     * OpenTsdb: Migrate Config Editor to React (#20808)
     * TablePanel, GraphPanel: Exclude hidden columns from CSV (#19925)
     * DataFrame: add utilities to @grafana/data that support apache arrow
     * Panels: Fixed transparency option for angular panels (#20814)
     * CloudWatch: Upgrade aws-sdk-go (#20510)
     * Update (#20777)
     * Chore: Move Prometheus datasorce tests from specs folder and merge
       duplicated test files (#20755)
     * Profile: Remove sign-out tab from profile page (#20802)
     * Doc: Change inline comment on interface to doc comment (#20794)
     * Server: Fail when unable to create log directory (#20804)
     * Update stale.yml
     * Rename config.yaml to config.yml
     * GitHub: Add link to forum when adding new issue (#20798)
     * Datasource/Loki: Fixes regression where enhanceDataFrame was not
       called (#20660)
     * Updated changelog
     * Docs: Updated changelog
     * SQLStore: Test admins/editors/viewers stats validity (#20751)
     * Graph-Panel: Center option for bar charts (#19723)
     * Packages: Fixed rollup issue with grafana-ui (#20790)
     * Stalebot: update issue config (#20789)
     * Stalebot: Automatically label PRs with no activity after 14 days as
       stale, then after 30 days close (#20179)
     * StatPanel: ColorMode, GraphMode & JustifyMode changes (#20680)
     * Units: Remove SI prefix symbol from new milli/microSievert(/h) (#20650)
     * Graphite: Add metrictank dashboard to Graphite datasource (#20776)
     * Docs: Remove typo from (#20748)
     * Navigation: Fix navigation when new password is chosen (#20747)
     * Cleanup: use the local variable (#20767)
     * Prometheus: Fix caching for default labels request (#20718)
     * Release: Updates latest.json and grafana/packages/*/package.json
     * Release: Updates Changelog for 6.5.1 (#20723)
     * ReactMigration: Migrate Graphite config page to React (#20444)
     * SQLStore: Rewrite system statistics query to count users
       once (#20711)
     * Docs: Clean up (#20618)
     * CloudWatch: Region template query fix (#20661)
     * Units: remove unreachable code (#20684)
     * Tests: Skipping Template Variable tests for now (#20707)
     * Datasource/Loki: Fix issue where annotation queries weren't getting
       their variables interpolated (#20702)
     * Documentation: Add missing blank in docker run command (#20705)
     * Server: Defer wg.Done call to ensure it's called (#20700)
     * Fix: Fixes templateSrv is undefined for plugins that do not use
       @@ngInject (#20696)
     * Server: Clean up startup logic/error checking (#20679)
     * CloudWatch: Annotations query editor loading fix (#20687)
     * OAuth: Add missing setting from defaults.ini (#20691)
     * DataLinks: Refactor title state (#20256)
     * Forms: TextArea component (#20484)
     * Explore: Adjust the max-width of the tooltip (#20675)
     * Units: Add currency and energy units (#20428)
     * transform: update to use sdk with frame.labels moved to
       frame.[]field.labels (#20670)
     * dev: fix pre-commit typo in toolkit (#20673)
     * Docs: Update change user password payload in http api (#20666)
     * Chore: Sync defaults.ini with sample.ini (#20645)
     * Loki: Fix query error for step parameter (#20607)
     * Fix: Disable draggable panels on small devices (#20629)
     * Chore: Remove several instances of non-strict null usage (#20563)
     * StatPanel: Rename singlestat2 to stat (#20651)
     * Panels: Add support for panels with no padding (#20012)
     * CloudWatch: Docs updates after feedback (#20643)
     * Explore: Update docs with updated images (#20633)
     * Build: Update latest.json (#20638)
     * Forms: Introduce form field (#20632)
     * docs: update versions (#20635)
     * Changelog: 6.4.5 (#20625)
     * Changelog: 6.5.0 (#20620)
     * Docs: 6.5 update (#20617)
     * Chore: Improve grafana-server profiling and tracing (#20593)
     * grafana/toolkit: Update FAQ (#20592)
     * Forms: Introduce new Switch component (#20470)
     * E2E: Adds tests for QueryVariable CRUD (#20448)
     * Toolkit: Do not continue after compile error (#20590)
     * BarGauge/Gauge: Add back missing title option field display options
     * VizRepeater/BarGauge: Use common font dimensions across repeated
       visualisations (#19983)
     * Update (#20604)
     * Docs: CloudWatch docs fixes (#20609)
     * Changelog: Add v6.3.7 (#20602)
     * Cloudwatch: Docs improvements (#20100)
     * Fix: Wrong path when sending package build time (#20595)
     * CloudWatch: Fix high CPU load (#20579)
     * Explore: UI changes for split view and live tailing (#20516)
     * Explore: Keep logQL filters when selecting labels in log row details
     * Instrumentation: Edition and license info to usage stats (#20589)
     * Metrics: Add metric for each package build time (#20566)
     * grafana/toolkit: Smaller output after successful upload (#20580)
     * Table: Use the configured field formatter if it exists (#20584)
     * TextPanel: Fixes issue with template variable value not properly html
       escaped  (#20588)
     * Docs: Update Explore docs for 6.5 (time-sync button & log details)
     * Explore: UI changes for derived fields (#20557)
     * Docker: Custom dockerfiles, docker and image rendering docs update
     * Tooltip: Fix issue with tooltip throwing an error when retrieving
       values (#20565)
     * Changelog: Reference a few more issues that were fixed (#20562)
     * Enable theme context mocking in tests (#20519)
     * Chore: Remove angular dependency from prometheus datasource (#20536)
     * Build: Verify checksums when downloading PhantomJS (#20558)
     * DevEnv: updates nodejs from 10.x to 12.x and golang to 1.13 in
       ci-deploy dockerfile. (#20405)
     * Explore: updates responsive button to pass all the div element props
     * Explore: fixes explore responsive button ref
     * Explore: adds a ref to responsive button
     * Explore: updates responsive button to forward ref
     * Explore: UI fixes for log details (#20485)
     * Document required Go version in developer guide (#20546)
     *  UserTableView: Show user name in table view (#18108)
     * CloudWatch: enable min_interval (#20260)
     * CI: fix release script remove filtering (#20552)
     * Update dashboards (#20486)
     * CI: Build all platforms for Enterprise (#20389)
     * Alerting: Propagate failures to delete dashboard alerts (#20507)
     * Cloudwatch: Fix LaunchTime attribute tag bug (#20237)
     * Fix: Prevents crash when searchFilter is non string (#20526)
     * docs: what's new fixes (#20535)
     * What's new in 6.5 - adding CloudWatch topics (#20497)
     * grafana/ui: Expose Icon component (#20524)
     * Backend plugins: Log wrapper args formatting fix (#20521)
     * Build: Clean up scripts/grunt/options/phantomjs.js (#20503)
     * MySql: Fix tls auth settings in config page (#20501)
     * Backend plugins: Log wrapper args formatting (#20514)
     * CloudWatch: Remove HighResolution toggle since it's not being used
     * API: Optionally list expired keys (#20468)
     * Image-rendering: Cleanup of rendering code (#20496)
     * Build: Reports times and outcomes from CircleCI jobs (#20474)
     * Chore: Upgrade prettier for grafana-toolkit (#20476)
     * TimePicker: Fixed update issue after plugin uses
       getLocationSrv().update (#20466)
     * Docs: Add explore images to What's new in v6.5 (#20442)
     * Chore: Bumps prettier version for new typescript syntax support
     * handle PartialData status (#20459)
     * CloudWatch: Make sure period variable is being interpreted correctly
     * Forms: New Input component (#20159)
     * UsersPage: Removed icon in external button (#20441)
     * Build: Fix RPM verification (#20460)
     * Dashboard Migrator: persist thresholds param if already set (#20458)
     * Docs: Fix developer guide link (#20434)
     * Fix package signing (#20451)
     * Build: Fix signing (#20450)
     * transform: changes to support sdk v0.2.0 (#20426)
     * Reporting: Handle timeouts in rendering (#20415)
     * Build: Upgrade build-container Docker image version (#20443)
     * Upgrade build-container image (#20438)
     * Provisioning: Fix unmarshaling nested jsonData values (#20399)
     * Fail when server is unable to bind port (#20409)
     * Devenv: Fix integration of postgres and fake-data-gen containers
     * Util: Modify SplitHostPortDefault not to return an error for empty
       input (#20351)
     * InfluxDB: convert config editor to react (#20282)
     * Packages: stable release tags update (#20417)
     * Chore/Go-dep: change sdk to use new tag (#20422)
     * Chore: Log actual error when oauth pass thru fails (#20419)
     * Grafana/Loki: Adds support for new Loki endpoints and metrics (#20158)
     * Chore: Fix error caused by typescript upgrade (#20408)
     * Chore: Upgrade typescript to 3.7 (#20375)
     * NavLinks: Make ordering in navigation configurable (#20382)
     * Fix flot overriding onselectstart/ondrag events (#20381)
     * Docs: Updates docs for redux framework (#20377)
     * chore: fix "testing" version is latest.json (#20398)
     * transform_plugin: stop plugin when grafana stops (#20397)
     * Chore: Update latest.json (#20393)
     * Docs: What's new in Grafana v6.5 Draft (#20368)
     * Update changelog for v6.5.0-beta1 (#20350)
     * Chore: Move and wrap Cascader component to @grafana/ui (#20246)
     * MySql: Fix password regression in MySQL datasource (#20376)
     * CloudWatch: Datasource improvements (#20268)
     * grafana/toolkit: remove aws-sdk and upload to API endpoint
     * LDAP: last org admin can login but wont be removed (#20326)
     * Devenv: Replace deprecated SQL Server docker image (#20352)
     * DataFrame processing: Require table rows to be array (#20357)
     * grafana/ui: Add Icon component (#20353)
     * Telegram: Check error before adding defer close of image (#20331)
     * ValueFormats: fix description for dateTimeAsUS (#20355)
     * Fix alert names in dev dashboard (#20306)
     * Docs: Getting started edits (#19915)
     * Bus: Remove unused wildcard handlers and clean up tests (#20327)
     * Explore: updates breakpoint used to collapse datasource picker
     * Elastic: Fix Elastic template variables interpolation when redirecting
       to Explore (#20314)
     * transform_plugin: pass encoded dataframes through (#20333)
     * Links: Updated links to (#20320)
     * Avatar: Don't log failure to add existing item to cache (#19947)
     * Devenv: Enable tracing for loki docker block (#20309)
     * Build: adds make target run-frontend (#20227)
     * Devenv: fix kibana in elastic7 docker block (#20308)
     * Build: Fix Docker builds (#20312)
     * Devenv: Add nginx_proxy_mac/nginx_login_only.conf (#20310)
     * Build: Build Ubuntu based Docker images also for ARM (#20267)
     * Devenv: fix connection in elastic 5 and 6 blocks (#20304)
     * Prometheus: Adds hint support to dashboard and fixes prometheus link
       in query editor (#20275)
     * Explore: Fix always disabled QueryField for InfluxDB (#20299)
     * Docker blocks: Add loki blocks for loki releases (#20172)
     * Explore: Fix interpolation of error message (#20301)
     * PanelLinks: fixed issue with old panel links and grafana behind a
       subpath (#20298)
     *  ColorPicker: Fixes issue with ColorPicker disappearing too quickly
     * Configuration: Update root_url to reflect the default value (#20278)
     * Templating: Made default template variable query editor field a text
       area with dynamic automatic height (#20288)
     * Transformations: filter results by refId (#20261)
     * PanelData: Support showing data and errors in angular panels (#20286)
     * Fix: URL Encode Groupd IDs for external team sync (#20280)
     * Build: Collect frontend build time metric (#20254)
     * Datasource: fixes prometheus metrics query query field definition
     * Update version (#20271)
     * Admin: Adds setting to disable creating initial admin user (#19505)
     * Tests: We should not click on default button when there is
       only one ds (#20266)
     * AuthProxy:  additions to ttl config change (#20249)
     * Graphite: add metrictank meta in response (#20138)
     * Docker: Add dependencies to support oracle plugin in alpine (#20214)
     * ReactMigration: Migrate Prometheus config page to React (#20248)
     * Templating: highlight first item when searching a variable dropdown
     * e2eTests: Adds cleanup of created datasource and dashboard (#20244)
     * Gauge Panel: fix the default value of thresholds cannot be modified
     * AuthProxy: Can now login with auth proxy and get a login token (#20175)
     * DataFrame: move labels to field (#19926)
     * Add Dockerfiles for Ubuntu (#20196)
     * Graph: Fixed no graph in panel edit mode (#20247)
     * Explore: Configure explore series colours via field config (#20239)
     * LDAP: Fixing sync issues (#19446)
     * Docs: Added alias for old reporting page location (#20238)
     * ReactPanels: Adds Explore menu item (#20236)
     * Elasticsearch: Support rendering in logs panel (#20229)
     * Alerting: Add alert_state to the kafka message Fixes #11401 (#20099)
     * Graph: introduce Tooltip to React graph  (#20046)
     * @grafana/runtime: Expose datasourceRequest in backendSrv
     * Auth Proxy: replace ini setting ldap_sync_ttl with sync_ttl (#20191)
     * DevEnv: updates prometheus random data golang image to 1.13.0
     * Provisioning: fix for cannot save provisioned dashboard (#20218)
     * DisplayProcessor: improve time field support (#20223)
     * Docs: Adding how to use plugin version, through docker env variable
     * Docs: Add docs abooout time range URL query params (#20215)
     * MixedQuery: refactor so other components could also batch queries
     * SharedQuery: don't explode when missing logo (#20187)
     * LDAP: Interpolate env variable expressions in ldap.toml file (#20173)
     * Chore: Update latest.json (#20216)
     * build: Ignore Azure test snapshot for msi build (long file name)
     * Explore: fixes toolbars datasource selector and date picker
       responsiveness (#19718)
     * Logs Panel: Generate valid logQL for multi-select template variable
     * Fix when only icon is present (#20208)
     * TablePanel: Prevents crash when data contains mixed data formats
     * OAuth: Make the login button display name of custom OAuth provider
     * Explore: Add custom DataLinks on datasource level for Loki (#20060)
     * QueryField: Prevent query runs on blur in Explore (#20180)
     * Azure Monitor: Datasource Config Type (#20183)
     * PluginLoader: export classes on @grafana/ui (#20188)
     * Changelog: 6.4.4 release (#20201)
     * CLI: Reduce memory usage for plugin installation (#19639)
     * DataLinks: fix syntax highlighting not being applied on first render
     * SafeDynamicImport: Updates so that it does not act as an ErrorBoundary
     * grafana/data: Make display processor work with time fields (#20174)
     * update triggers to use new deployment_tools location (#20194)
     * mysql: fix encoding in connection string (#20192)
     * pkg/util: Replace custom pbkdf2 implementation by maintained version
     * Datasource/Elasticsearch: Fix logs which were displayed with incorrect
       timestamp in Explore logs tab (#20009)
     * Error Handling: support errors and data in a response (#20169)
     * OAuth: Generic OAuth role mapping support (#17149)
     * sdk: update to latest (#20182)
     * Docs: Add introduction to time series (#20068)
     * Docs: Simplify headings and make active (#20163)
     * Docs: Add "the" to license reference in README (#20167)
     * LDAP: All LDAP servers should be tried even if one of them returns a
       connection error (#20077)
     * Dashboards: add panel inspector (#20052)
     * Docker: Reduce layers in build container and modified initialization
       of PATH env in final container (#20132)
     * Docs: Display panels alphabetically (#20130)
     * Docs: Updates for spelling mistake "configuered" to
       "configured" (#20027)
     * fix: modifying AWS Kafka dimension names to correct ones (#19986)
     * Templating: Makes so __searchFilter can be used as part of regular
       expression (#20103)
     * Dashboard Editor: use chevron icon rather than > (#19588)
     * Docs: update datasources that support alerting (#20066)
     * Units: Add milli/microSievert, milli/microSievert/h and pixels (#20144)
     * Toolkit: copy full directory structure for img,libs,static (#20145)
     * Heatmap: Insert div to fix layout (#20056)
     * Build: adds the pkg/errors dependency that was missing from go.mod
     * Explore: Memory leak fix due to dedup selector (#20107)
     * DataLinks: Fix access to labels when using Prometheus instant queries
     * PluginLoader: fix imports for react-redux (#19780)
     * LDAP Debug: No longer shows incorrectly matching groups based on role
     * Licensing service (#19903)
     * Explore: Add titles to query row action buttons (#20128)
     * Graph: Added series override option to have hidden series be persisted
     * grafana/ui: Drawer component (#20078)
     * Depedency: Bump crewjam/saml to the latest master (#20126)
     * grafana/ui: fix button icon styles (#20084)
     * Explore: UI change for log row details  (#20034)
     * api/dashboard: fix panic on UI save (#20137)
     * grafana/toolkit: Fixup save artifacts in a zip id in the folder
       (#20071) (#20139)
     * Docs: Fix InfluxDB Typos (#20004)
     * Docs: Data Sources subsection naming (#20127)
     * Docs: Update (#20102)
     * GEL: include the expression count in the request (#20114)
     * GEL: wrap arrow utils in async load (#20134)
     * grafana/toolkit: save artifacts in a zip id in the folder (#20123)
     * remove editor keys and null coalescing (#20115)
     * Emails: Update notification templates (#19662)
     * Docs: Ordering and formatting of datasources in docs (#19485)
     * Docs: Improve remote image renderer documentation (#20031)
     * Add devenv block for apache proxy working for Mac (#20119)
     * Allow saving of provisioned dashboards (#19820)
     * Update Azure AD instructions in (#20091)
     * Docs: Fixed a broken link to LogQL in the docs (#20106)
     * Explore: Fix deferred rendering of logs (#20110)
     * Templating: Adds typings to Variables (#20117)
     * Chore: Reorg packages (#20111)
     * Chore: Moves QueryField to @grafana/ui (#19678)
     * Docs: Consolidate backend guidelines (#19823)
     * transform: add expressions to query editor (w/ feature flag) (#20072)
     * DataSource: don't filter hidden queries automatically (#20088)
     * Docker: makes it possible to parse timezones in the docker image
     * Plugins: Transform plugin support (#20036)
     * Add data link from panel to cloudwatch console (#20061)
     * DataLinks: Fix blur issues (#19883)
     * Explore: Remove datasource testing on selector (#19910)
     * Grafana/ui: Refactor button and add default type = button (#20042)
     * Add some typings for react events (#20038)
     * PanelQuerRunnerrremove logging (#20073)
     * Enable errcheck for golangci-lint (#19976)
     * DataLinks: Implement javascript callback (#19851)
     * Chore: correct typo in word Fahrenheit (#20040)
     * ReactMigration: Migrate Loki and Elastic config pages to React (#19979)
     * api: new v2 metrics query endpoint
     * Forms: Introduce new Primary, Secondary and Destructive buttons
     * grafana/ui: Fix modal component (#19987)
     * WIP: Spawn backend plugins v2 (#19835)
     * build: Fix building of Enterprise Docker images (#19992)
     * Docker: Build and use musl-based binaries in alpine images to resolve
       glibc incompatibility issues (#19798)
     * PluginPage: replace plugin absolute url with relative (#19956)
     * Add info about static files (#19965)
     * Explore: Change loading state to done after live-tailing stops (#19955)
     * pkg/util: Check errors (#19832)
     * Core: Show browser not supported notification (#19904)
     * grafana/toolkit: Support js plugins (#19952)
     * Forms: Introduce typographic form elements (#19879)
     * SingleStat: apply mappings to no data response (#19951)
     * Docs: Clean up contribute docs (#19716)
     * pkg/models: Check errors (#19839)
     * pkg/setting: Check errors (#19838)
     * pkg/tsdb: Check errors (#19837)
     * Docs: Document Makefile (#19720)
     * Explore: Add functionality to show/hide query row results (#19794)
     * pkg/services: Check errors (#19712)
     * API: Fix logging of dynamic listening port (#19644)
     * Cloudwatch: Make it clear that role switching is not supported
     * Update Apache configuration to work with MPMs as shared modules
     * Cloudwatch: Lowercase Redshift Dimension entry for service class and
       stage (#19897)
     * Units: Added mega ampere and watt-hour per kg Units (#19922)
     * Clarify use of custom.ini on deb/rpm platforms (#19939)
     * Update (#19942)
     * docs: improved setup instructions for reporting (#19935)
     * grafana/ui: Enable mdx imports in stories (#19937)
     * Refactor: Suggestion plugin for slate (#19825)
     * grafana/ui: Enable storybook docs (#19930)
     * Fix: Correct color on TagItems (#19933)
     * Dependencies: Update yarn.lock (#19927)
     * Chore: Updates yarn.lock (#19919)
     * pkg/plugins: Only warn if plugins fail to load. Fixes #19846 (#19859)
     * Chore: Bump storybook to 5.2.4 (#19895)
     * QueryEditor: move QueryEditorRows to its own component (#19756)
     * ReactMigration: Migrate DataSource HTTP Settings to React (#19452)
     * TemplateVariables: Introduces $__searchFilter to Query Variables
     * Forms: Introduce new spacing variables to GrafanaTheme (#19875)
     * Forms: Introduce new color variables to GrafanaTheme (#19874)
     * Chore: Bump Angularjs 1.6.6 -> 1.6.9 (#19849)
     * Update
     * Edited Contribute docs
     * devenv: have bra watch attempt graceful shutdown (#19857)
     * Release: Update latest (#19866)
     * DataFrame: guess number field when on NaN (#19833)
     * Loki: Remove param (#19854)
     * InputDataSource: Fixed issue with config editor (#19818)
     * Fix: Unsubscribe from events in dashboards (#19788)
     * Explore: Add unit test to TimeSyncButton (#19836)
     * build: update scripts go.(mod|sum) (#19834)
     * Loki: Return empty result if no valid targets (#19830)
     * DataLinks: Fix url field not releasing focus (#19804)
     * Alerting: All notification channels should always send (#19807)
     * @grafana/toolkit: Check if git config is set (#19821)
     * pkg/middleware: Check errors (#19749)
     * Fix: clicking outside of some query editors required 2 clicks (#19822)
     * pkg/cmd: Check errors (#19700)
     * grafana/toolkit: Add font file loader (#19781)
     * Select: Allow custom value for selects (#19775)
     * Docs: Add database architecture docs (#19800)
     * Call next in azure editor (#19799)
     * grafana/toolkit: Use http rather than ssh for git checkout (#19754)
     * DataLinks: Fix context menu not showing in singlestat-ish
       visualisations (#19809)
     * Elasticsearch: Adds support for region annotations (#17602)
     * Docs: Add additional capitalization rules (#19805)
     * Docs: Add additional word usage rule (#19812)
     * Update aws-sdk-go (#19138)
     * Dashboard: Allows the d-solo route to be used without slug (#19640)
     * pkg/bus: Check errors (#19748)
     * Panels: Fixes default tab for visualizations without Queries Tab
     * Chore: Refactor grafana-server (#19796)
     * Add missing info about stylesFactory
     * Types: Adds type safety to appEvents (#19418)
     * Docs: Split up Sharing topic (#19680)
     * Update (#19457)
     * Docs: Link to architecture docs from Developer guide (#19778)
     * toolkit linter line number off by one (#19782)
     * pkg/plugins: Check errors (#19715)
     * Explore: updates live button to responsive button
     * Explore: fixes live button margin
     * Explore: fixes a responsive fold of live tailing button
     * updated live tailing text
     * updated live tail button - responsive fold
     * updated toolbar - added media query for tail buttons
     * Docs: Add docs on services (#19741)
     * fix: export Bus on search service (#19773)
     * Chore: Refactor GoConvey into stdlib for search service (#19765)
     * Quick typo fix (#19759)
     * Docs: Fixes go get command in developer guide (#19766)
     * Datasource: Add custom headers on alerting queries (#19508)
     * Docs: Add API style/casing rule (#19627)
     * Explore: updates clear all button to responsive button (#19719)
     * pkg/infra: Check errors (#19705)
     * Docs: Update Prometheus Custom Query Parameters docs. (#19524)
     * Docs: Fix playlist layout issues (#19739)
     * Docs: Update instructions and flows in (#19590)
     * pkg/components: Check errors (#19703)
     * UX: Fix empty space in select (#19713)
     * pkg/login: Check errors (#19714)
     * enforce GO111MODULE=on when running make run (#19724)
     * Docs: Add Troubleshooting section to Developer guide (#19721)
     * Update (#19551)
     * Singlestat: Fixed issue with mapping null to text (#19689)
     * Don't truncate IPv6 addresses (#19573)
     * Tests: Fix runRequest test (#19711)
     * Docs: Update pkg\ (#19615)
     * Feature: Adds connectWithCleanup HOC (#19629)
     * Docs: Add "repository" case, and "open source" to style guide
     * React group by segment poc (#19436)
     * Graph: make ContextMenu potitioning aware of the viewport width
     * pkg/api: Check errors (#19657)
     * Explore: Synchronise time ranges in split mode (#19274)
     * build: use vendored packages for circle backend tests (#19708)
     * Docs: Add correct casing for API and ID to style guide (#19625)
     * API: added dashboardId and slug in response after import (#19692)
     * Docs: Simplify README (#19702)
     * Docs: Move dev guide from README (#19707)
     * Explore: Expand template variables when redirecting from dashboard
       panel (#19582)
     * Alerting: Fix dates stored in local time when pausing alerts (#19525)
     * Explore/UI: Removes unnecessary grafana-info-box wrapper around
       InfluxCheatSheet (#19701)
     * Docs: Updating to 6.4.0 (#19698)
     * Chore: Fixes lines that exceeded 150 chars (#19694)
     * Chore: Updates latest.json for 6.4.2 (#19697)
     * Chore: Updates Changelog for 6.4.2 (#19696)
     * Docs: Update (#19674)
     * build: use vendor folder for building (#19677)
     * Table: Proper handling of json data with dataframes (#19596)
     * SharedQuery: Fixed issue when using rows (#19610)
     * SingleStat: Fixes $__name postfix/prefix usage (#19687)
     * Chore: Upgrade Docker images to Go 1.13.1 (#19576)
     * Grafana Image Renderer: Fixes plugin page (#19664)
     * Units: consistent Meter spelling and abbreviations (#19648)
     * CloudWatch: Changes incorrect dimension wmlid to wlmid (#19679)
     * Loki: Fix lookup for label key token (#19579)
     * Documentation: Fix time range controls formatting (#19589)
     * Docs: Add additional style rules (#19634)
     * De-duplicate `lint-go` step (#19675)
     * Docs: Update keyboard shortcuts formatting (#19637)
     * AzureMonitor: Alerting for Azure Application Insights (#19381)
     * ci-build: Improve build-deploy script (#19653)
     * Rename live option in queries (#19658)
     * Docs: Update (#19456)
     * Docs: Update typos, make docs more consistent. (#19633)
     * Docs: Fix operating system names (#19638)
     * Docs: Move issue triage docs to contribute (#19652)
     * DataFormats: When transforming TableModel -> DataFrame -> Table
       preserve the type attribute (#19621)
     * Graph: Updated auto decimals logic and test dashboard (#19618)
     * Graph: Switching to series mode should re-render graph (#19623)
     * Revert "Feature: Adds connectWithCleanup HOC (#19392)" (#19628)
     * Feature: Adds connectWithCleanup HOC (#19392)
     * Panels: Progress on new singlestat / BigValue (#19374)
     * Units: fixed wrong id for Terabits/sec (#19611)
     * Docs: General improvements to docs, and a fix in oauth (#19587)
     * Docs: Replace ampersands with and (#19609)
     * Profile: Fix issue with user profile not showing more than sessions
       some times (#19578)
     * Azure Monitor : Query more than 10 dimensions ( Fixes #17230 ) (#18693)
     * Login: Show SAML login button if SAML is enabled (#19591)
     * UI: Adds Modal component (#19369)
     * Prometheus: Fixes so results in Panel always are sorted by query order
     * Docs: Improve guides for contributing (#19575)
     * Migration: Migrates Admin settings from angular to react (#19594)
     * Chore: Converts HelpModal from angular to react (#19474)
     * Fix typo (#19571)
     * Chore: Upgrade to Go 1.13 (#19502)
     * Explore: Move data source loader into the select (#19465)
     * Release: Fix issue with tag script on osx (#19557)
     * Release: Update latest (#19559)
     * Docs: Updates about Loki annotations (#19537)
     * Theme: follow-up fix for snapshot
     * UI: Centers the filter tags in input field (#19546)
     * Update (#19515)
     * Docs: Updated changelog (#19558)
     * Theme: fix theme issue
     * Provisioning: Handle empty nested keys on YAML provisioning
       datasources (#19547)
     * Docs: updates to what's new in 6.4 (#19539)
     * Loki: remove live option for logs panel (#19533)
     * Chore: Updates to 6.4.0 stable (#19528)
     * CloudWatch: Add ap-east-1 to hard-coded region lists (#19523)
     * ChangeLog: Release 6.4.0 Stable (#19526)
     * Docs: Add notice about plugins that need updating (#19519)
     * Panels: Skip re-rendering panel/visualisation in loading state
     * Docs: LDAP Debug View documentation (#19513)
     * Docs: reports feature (#19472)
     * SeriesOverrides: Fixed issue with color picker
     * Build: Fix building when $LDFLAGS is set (#19509)
     * API: Add `createdAt` and `updatedAt` to api/users/lookup (#19496)
     * Fix logs panel image path
     * Logs: Publish logs panel (#19504)
     * Explore: Update broken link to logql docs (#19510)
     * Chore: Remove console.log (#19412)
     * Refactor: Split LogRow component (#19471)
     * Build: Upgrade go to 1.12.10 (#19499)
     * CLI: Fix version selection for plugin install (#19498)
     * Upgrade grafana-plugin-model (#19438)
     * grafana-ui: Moves slate types from devDependencies to dependencies
     * Docs: Improve guide descriptions on docs start page #19109 (#19479)
     * Explore: Generate log row uid (#18994)
     * Editor: Brings up suggestions menu after clicking suggestion (#19359)
     * Docs: Add Live tail section in Explore (#19321)
     * Docs: Add guide for developing on macOS (#19464)
     * API: Add createdAt field to /api/users/:id (#19475)
     * Docs: Updated heading to sentence case (#19450)
     * grafana/toolkit: Remove hack to expose plugin/e2e exports & types
     * Testdata: Rename package to circumvent convention in go (#19409)
     * Docs: Update package's manual release guide (#19469)
     * Users: revert LDAP admin user page (#19463)
     * Explore: Take root_url setting into account when redirecting from
       dashboard to explore (#19447)
     * Refactor: RefreshPicker export things as statics on class (#19443)
     * grafana/ui: Fix value time zone names to be capitalized (#19417)
     * Release: Make sure packages are released from clean git state (#19402)
     * Docs: Add with guide to Emotion at Grafana (#19411)
     * Docs: Update (#19385)
     * Debt: Simplifies actionCreatorFactory (#19433)
     * Update (#19387)
     * Release: Create cherrypick task work for enterprise repo (#19424)
     * Theme: Generate colors SASS
     * DisplayFormat: use toLocaleString for infinity
     * Docs: Update Loki docs with new syntax and features (#19370)
     * UI: Add orangeDark color to theme (#19407)
     * grafana/toolkit: Improve contribution readme (#19400)
     * Docs: Remove hard wrap (#19413)
     * Tests: Adds throwUnhandledRejections to jest setup (#19398)
     * DataLinks: suggestions menu improvements (#19396)
     * Dev: Sets `preserveSymlinks` to `false` in top-level tsconfig (#19395)
     * Build: fixed signing script issue with circle-ci (#19397)
     * Docs: Update readme with info about ongoing migration (#19362)
     * PanelData: Adds timeRange prop to PanelData  (#19361)
     * Docs: Update (#19382)
     * Update (#19389)
     * Build: Fix correct sort order of merged pr's in cherrypick task
     * dependencies: Update yarn.lock (#19377)
     * ValueFormats: check for inf (#19376)
     * Update (#19386)
     * Update (#19384)
     * Update (#19383)
     * Update (#19280)
     * Update (#19336)
     * MySQL: Limit datasource error details returned from the backend
     * MySQL, Postgres: Update raw sql when query builder updates (#19209)
     * MySQL, Postgres, MSSQL: Fix validating query with template variables
       in alert  (#19237)
     * Explore: Do not send explicit maxDataPoints for logs. (#19235)
     * grafana/ui: Add Timezone picker (#19364)
     * Heatmap: use DataFrame rather than LegacyResponseData (#19026)
     * Explore: Refactor mode selection (#19356)
     * Dashboard: Fix export for sharing when panels use default data source
     * Azure Monitor: Revert support for cross resource queries (#19115)"
     * grafana/ui: Add electrical units mAh and kAh (#19314)
     * grafana/ui: Add Indian Rupee (INR) to currencies (#19201)
     * Chore: Bump typescript to version 3.6.3 (#19308)
     * Explore: Refactor live tail controls (#19328)
     * Docs: Documentation for return-to-dashboard feature (#19198)
     * Select: Set placeholder color (#19309)
     * Keybindings: Improve esc / exit / blur logic (#19320)
     * Plugins: Skips existence of module.js for renderer plugins (#19318)
     * Explore: Fix unsubscribing from Loki websocket (#19263)
     * Release: update latest.json (#19312)
     * Docs: Uppercase HTTP acronyms (#19317)
     * Multi-LDAP: Do not fail-fast on invalid credentials (#19261)
     * DataLinks: Small UX improvements to DataLinksInput (#19313)
     * Alerting: Prevents creating alerts from unsupported queries (#19250)
     * Chore: Update Slate to 0.47.8 (#19197)
     * Chore: Upgrades react-redux to version 7.1.1 (#19272)
     * Docs: Update (#19292)
     * Admin/user: fix textarea postion in 'Pending Invites' to avoid page
       scrolling (#19288)
     * Changelog update for 6.3.6
     * Revert "Changelog update for 6.3.6"
     * Changelog update for 6.3.6
     * Build: Split up task in the CI pipeline to ease running
       outside circleci (#18861)
     * Build: Scanning grafana master docker image with trivy in ci (#19195)
     * Dashboard: Hides alpha icon for visualization that is not in
       alpha/beta stage #19300
     * Update changelog task to generate toolkit changelog too (#19262)
     * QueryEditor: Clean-up interface to only have one PanelData (#19249)
     * Docs: Add style rule for Git (#19277)
     * Docs: Update (#19273)
     * Docs: Add glossary (#19148)
     * Docs: Add style guide for docs (#19190)
     * Vector: remove toJSON() from interface (#19254)
     * MySQL, Postgres, MSSQL: Only debug log when in development (#19239)
     * Graphite: Changed range expansion from 1m to 1s (#19246)
     * AlertBox: Merged Alertbox into Alert (#19212)
     * Explore: live tail UI fixes and improvements (#19187)
     * Docs: Update theming docs (#19248)
     * grafana/toolkit: Fix toolkit not building @grafana/toolkit (#19253)
     * CloudWatch: ContainerInsights metrics support (#18971)
     * Alerting: Truncate PagerDuty summary when greater than 1024 characters
     * grafana/toolkit: Add plugin scaffolding (#19207)
     * Snapshots: store DataFrameDTO instead of MutableDataFrame in snapshot
       data (#19247)
     * Revert "Graphite: Changed range expansion from 1m to 1s, #11472"
     * Graphite: Changed range expansion from 1m to 1s, #11472
     * Fix docs issues (#19240)
     * Docs: Minor edits to the README and several md files (#19238)
     * LDAP: Show non-matched groups returned from LDAP (#19208)
     * plugins: expose whole rxjs to plugins (#19226)
     * SQL: Rewrite statistics query (#19178)
     * CI: Update frontend ci metrics for strict null checks
     * grafana/ui: Add disabled prop on LinkButton (#19192)
     * Cloudwatch: Fix autocomplete for Gamelift dimensions (#19145) (#19146)
     * Backend: Remove redundant condition of `ROLE_VIEWER` (#19211)
     * FieldDisplay: Update title variable syntax (#19217)
     * Docs: Note when using For and No Data in alert rule (#19185)
     * Docker: Upgrade packages to resolve reported vulnerabilities (#19188)
     * MSSQL: Revert usage of new connectionstring format (#19203)
     * Prometheus: datasource config with custom parameters string (#19121)
     * Contributing: Add guidelines for contributing docs (#19108)
     * LDAP debug page: deduplicate errors (#19168)
     * Menu: fix menu button in the mobile view (#19191)
     * Dashboard: Fixes back button styles in kiosk mode (#19165)
     * API: adds redirect helper to simplify http redirects (#19180)
     * docs: image rendering (#19183)
     * Chore: Update latest.json (#19177)
     * Chore: Update version to next (#19169)
     * Docs: What's new in 6.4 update (#19175)
     * Devenv: create slow_proxy_mac (#19174)
     * Chore: Changelog for v6.4.0-beta1 (#19171)
     * Revert "Chore: Update Slate to 0.47.8 (#18412)" (#19167)
     * Chore: Update Slate to 0.47.8 (#18412)
     * Changelog: Breaking changes and deprecation notes for v6.4 (#19164)
     * Docs: What's new 6.4 draft (#19144)
     * Docs: Add docs around feature toggles config (#19162)
     * Azure Monitor: Add support for cross resource queries (#19115)
     * Api: Readonly datasources should not be created via the API (#19006)
     * Explore: Update live tail buttons (#19143)
     * LDAP: only show tab if LDAP is enabled (#19156)
     * TimePicker: Fixes onBlur issue with FireFox on MacOS (#19154)
     * Feature: Encapsulated dynamic imports with error boundary and suspense
     * Metrics: Adds setting for turning off total stats metrics (#19142)
     * Add directions for more details provided when not anymore
       on issue triage (#19116)
     * grafana/data: Reorganise code (#19136)
     * Login: fix Footer to be visible (#19147)
     * Chore: fix prettier error after github suggestions commit (#19150)
     * Alerts: show a warning/error if transformations are configured (#19027)
     * Explore: No logs should show an empty graph (#19132)
     * Ldap: Add LDAP debug page (#18759)
     * Elasticsearch: allow templating queries to order by doc_count (#18870)
     * Chore: cross-package security bumps (#19131)
     * Close the connection only if we establish it. (#18897)
     * Fix: Fixes crash using back button with zoomed graph (#19122)
     * Routing: Update routing to require sign in on every route (#19118)
     * Graph: constant series as override (#19102)
     * Login: fix login page failing when navigating from reset password
       views (#19124)
     * DataFrame: Fixes to dealing with empty results (#19119)
     * Explore: calculate intervals when building data source request (#19107)
     * Graph: Adds onHorizontalRegionSelected (#19083)
     * Loki: Updated cheat sheet with new filter syntax (#18947)
     * grafana/toolkit: Find module files correctly and add basic error
       tracing (#19089)
     * Templating: Clicking Selected should deselect all if 1 or more are
       already selected (#19104)
     * NotificationChannels: Add delete button to edit page (#19103)
     * Dashboard: Fix arrow positioning in button while in panel edit mode
     * Update (#19045)
     * CLI: Fix installing plugins on windows (#19061)
     * LDAP: Allow an user to be synchronised against LDAP (#18976)
     * Docs: Adds a requirements page (#18917)
     * DataLinks: enable access to labels & field names (#18918)
     * Singlestat: fix format messes up on negative values if select
       duratio… (#19044)
     * Explore: Move throttling before processing (#19095)
     * Prometheus: Fix response states (#19092)
     * Explore: Fix how log bars in graph are stacking (#19015)
     * Explore: Add throttling when doing live queries (#19085)
     * Stackdriver: Add extra alignment period options (#18909)
     * QueryProcessing: Added missing error event for angular editors (#19059)
     * Explore: Fixes issue with lastResult being null (#19081)
     * GraphPanel: don't listen to legacy onDataReceived events (#19054)
     * QueryProcessing: Fixes showing last result in initial loading state
     * toolkit: fix master build, avoid null check (#19055)
     * Auth: Allow inviting existing users when login form is disabled
     * MSSQL: Fix memory leak when debug enabled (#19049)
     * Update (#19051)
     * Update (#19047)
     * toolkit: pipe execa output to console.stdout (#19052)
     * QueryProcessing: Observable query interface and RxJS for query &
       stream processing   (#18899)
     * Fix exit live mode icon: change back to Stop. (#19043)
     * Loki: Fix vertical alignment issue in label selector (#18943)
     * Fix: Align buttons and label in ToggleButtonGroup (#19036)
     * toolkit: run make for backend plugins (#19029)
     * Explore: Fix auto completion on label values for Loki (#18988)
     * TimeSeries: Replace fieldName with fieldIndex  (#19030)
     * DataLinksInput - change the way enter key is handled (#18985)
     * TimeSeries: Add data frame index and field name (#19005)
     * Packages: update versioning and release process (#18195)
     * API: Add `updatedAt` to api/users/:id (#19004)
     * PageContent: fix logic in Page.Contents (#19002)
     * Calcs: Fixed calc reducer (#18998)
     * AlphaNotice: replaced big popover tooltip with native tooltip (#18997)
     * grafana/ui: Add Time of day picker (#18894)
     * QueryOptions: update maxDataPoints text and show any value that is
       configured (#18761)
     * Piechart: fix unit selector when scrolling is required (#18932)
     * Refactor: Move sql_engine to sub package of tsdb (#18991)
     * Refactor: move ScopedVars to grafana/data (#18992)
     * Units: Adding T,P,E,Z,and Y bytes (#18706)
     * Image rendering: Add deprecation warning when PhantomJS is used for
       rendering images (#18933)
     * Singlestat: render lines on the panel when sparklines are enabled
     * Explore: Unify background color for fresh logs (#18973)
     * Annotations: Add annotations support to Loki (#18949)
     * TimeSeries: datasources with labels should export tags (not labels)
     * Explore: UX/UI improvements for pausing and resuming of live tailing
     * Annotations: Fix query editor rendering on datasource change (#18945)
     * Bump lodash-es from 4.17.11 to 4.17.15 (#18963)
     * Bump fstream from 1.0.11 to 1.0.12 (#18962)
     * Bump mixin-deep from 1.3.1 to 1.3.2 (#18960)
     * Bump lodash.template from 4.4.0 to 4.5.0 (#18961)
     * Alerting: fix response popover prompt when add notification channels
     * Build: Fix potential case-insensitive import collision for (#18915)
     * MixedDataSource: refactor, cleanup, and add tests (#18948)
     * Bump lodash.mergewith from 4.6.1 to 4.6.2 (#18959)
     * Units: Add electrical charge - ampere-hour unit
     * Transformers: configure result transformations after query(alpha)
     * grafana/toolkit: Add default mock for stylesheet imports for Jest
     * grafana/toolkit: Improve readme (#18747)
     * Docs: Add PR review practices link (#18937)
     * Build: Allow extending of LDFLAGS in build.go (#18954)
     * Build: Support SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH for reproducible builds (#18953)
     * LDAP: Fetch teams in debug view (#18951)
     * Dashboard: Fixes dashboard overwriting behavior (#18944)
     * Grafana: Create new playlist/dashboard/channel card is not visible
       when there are no items in the list (#18890)
     * Storybook: fix type error (#18934)
     * Sass: changed color in gradient in template files to lower case
     * Notification is sent when state changes from no_data to ok (#18920)
     * SASS: Add pointer events none to  .disabled class (#18919)
     * Explore: Adds ability to save a panel's query from Explore (#17982)
     * Loki: support loki with streaming in dashboards (#18709)
     * UserProfile: convert user organizations section to react (#18707)
     * Annotations: Check that timeEnd if defined before comparing to avoid
       false truthiness (#18903)
     * Sass: Align generated file with tmpl (#18896)
     * LDAP: Add API endpoint to query the LDAP server(s) status (#18868)
     * Add South African Rand (ZAR) to currencies (#18893)
     * Annotations: check if the name exists before creating a new annotation
     * ErrorHandling: Error boundary for every container (#18845)
     * Precommit: Fixed precommit task issue (#18883)
     * Docs: Quick typo fix in readme (#18874)
     * CI: no longer using grafana-master... package. (#18884)
     * Styles: fixed gradient in logo so it doesn't go outside the logo and
       get a defined start and end color, changed brand gradient to be the
       same as in logo, created new variable for vertical gradient (#18882)
     * Webpack: Fix accidental double typechecking (#18881)
     * Explore: elastic small fixes (#18879)
     * Explore: Add typings for queryTransaction.request (#18847)
     * LDAP: Add API endpoint to debug user mapping from LDAP (#18833)
     * PanelQueryState: restore comment
     * grafana/toolkit: fix common webpack config (#18862)
     * Explore: Use DataFrame to derive graph/table/logs (#18859)
     * Updated is time series test
     * Fixed unit test
     * alerting: add lock on job to prevent a race condition (#18218)
     * Reworked ResultProcessor tests
     * Explore: everything seems to be working again
     * WIP: Use data frames in explore
     * Explore: Allow pausing and resuming of live tailing (#18836)
     * CI: stop deployment to s3 (#18831)
     * Performance/Webpack: Introduces more aggressive code-splitting and
       other perf improvements (#18544)
     * Explore: Introduces PanelData to ExploreItemState (#18804)
     * Core: Adding DashboardPicker component (#18811)
     * Git: Precomit hook slimmed down
     * DataSourceSettings: Fixed issue changing data source name, fixes
       #18660 (#18826)
     * Prometheus: Fixed Prometheus query editor error (plus new
       ErrorBoundaryAlert component) (#18838)
     * Explore: Style panel containers (#18834)
     * Snapshot: Fix http api (#18830)
     * Open new window when exploring panel metrics (#18802)
     * Release: update latest.json
     * Docs: Update changelog with v6.3.5 issues (#18827)
     * Build: Update ua-parser/uap-go (#18788)
     * Build: Use the latest build container which has go 1.12.9 (#18807)
     * DataFrame:  split DataFrameHelper into MutableDataFrame and FieldCache
     * MixedDatasource: don't filter hidden queries before sending to
       datasources (#18814)
     * Enterprise: add dependencies for upcoming features (#18793)
     * Editor: Fixes issue where only entire lines were being copied (#18806)
     * Explore: Fixed query status issue (#18791)
     * DashboardMigrator: Fixed issue migrating incomplete panel link models
     * Explore: Fixes query hint issues (#18803)
     * Build: Optional skipping of typescript checking in dev bundler (#18772)
     * Docs: Improve API tutorial intro content and readability (#18762)
     * Panels: Destroy panel model when recreating repeated panels (#18799)
     * Singlestat: Various fixes to singlestat and DataFrame (#18783)
     * Explore: Fixed issue in PanelQuery state arround cancellation (#18771)
     * Going to Explore from a panel with mixed data sources now works
     * Changelog update (#18780)
     * Explore: Add memoization and remove unused props (#18775)
     * Prometheus: Changes brace-insertion behavior to be less annoying
     * Datasource: Support min time interval input in ms (#18719)
     * Explore: Use PanelQueryState to handle querying (#18694)
     * Chore: Improve err message for notifications (#18757)
     * @grafana/toolkit: add package versions to the ci report (#18751)
     * @grafana/data: Matchers and Transforms (#16756)
     * Docs: Document LDAP config reload in admin http api (#18739)
     * center NoDataSourceCallToActionCard in Explore (#18752)
     * DataLinks: enable data links in Gauge, BarGauge and SingleStat2 panel
     * DashboardDatasource: reuse query results within a dashboard (#16660)
     * Plugins: show a clear error on the plugin page when it failed to load
     * Chore: Use ruleId instead of alertId as log keyword (#18738)
     * @grafana/data: improve the CircularVector api (#18716)
     * QueryEditor: check if optional func toggleEditorMode is provided
     * Emails: remove the yarn.lock (#18724)
     * OAuth: Support JMES path lookup when retrieving user email (#14683)
     * Emails: resurrect template notification (#18686)
     * Email: add reply-to and direct attachment (#18715)
     * Dashboard: Adds Logs Panel (alpha) as visualization option for
       Dashboards (#18641)
     * Heatmap: Add Cividis and Turbo color schemes (#18710)
     * Units: add counts/sec (cps) and counts/min (cpm) in Throughput (#18702)
     * Dev Docker: Use golang:1.12.9-alpine to prevent glibc mismatch.
     * Docs: Fix broken link for the Grafana on RHEL or Ubuntu tutorial
     * Fixes several usability issues with QueryField component (#18681)
     * convert teams section of user profile to react (#18633)
     * Singlestat/Gauge/BarGauge: Improvements to decimals logic and added
       test dashboard (#18676)
     * Emails: Change text (#18683)
     * Streaming: improve JSDocs for DataSourceAPI streaming support (#18672)
     * TimeSrv: Enable value time windowing in TimeSrv (#18636)
     * Explore: Fixes so Show context shows results again (#18675)
     * Graph: Updated y-axis ticks test dashboard (#18677)
     * Add typings to package.json in packages (#18640)
     * Plugins: better warning when plugins fail to load (#18671)
     * SingleStat2: save options to defaults not override (#18666)
     * Packages: Fix path import from grafana/data (#18667)
     * SingleStat: use DataFrame results rather than TimeSeries/TableData
     * TestData: attach labels to series results (#18653)
     * Singlestat: Disable new singlestat gauge usage (#18610)
     * Explore: Fixes query field layout in splitted view for Safari browsers
     * MSI: new long file names are causing error building MSI (#18646)
     * Auth: change the error HTTP status codes (#18584)
     * Refactor: EmptyListCTA (#18516)
     * Build: Upgrade to go 1.12.9 (#18638)
     * Chore: Revert React 16.9.0 bump (#18634)
     * Azure Monitor and Log Analytics converted and separated into
       components (#18259)
     * Rewrite user profile edit to react (#17917)
     * Docs: remove codecov badge (#18623)
     * Prometheus: Prevents panel editor crash when switching to Prometheus
       datasource (#18616)
     * Chore: Rename Popper to Popover (#18543)
     * SingleStat: add a gauge migration call to action button in the editor
     * Build: update revive dependency (#18585)
     * LDAP: multildap + ldap integration (#18588)
     * Docker: switch docker image to alpine base with phantomjs support
     * Backend: Adds support for HTTP/2 (#18358)
     * Explore: Fixes error when switching from prometheus to loki data
       sources (#18599)
     * TimePicker: Set time to to 23:59:59 when setting To time using
       calendar (#18595)
     * Prometheus: Return labels in query results (#18535)
     * Docs: Update changelog and docs for annotation region change (#18593)
     * Refactor: move KeyValue and deprecation warning to @grafana/data
     * Annotations: use a single row to represent a region (#17673)
     * Docs: Update upgrading guide (#18547)
     * Docs: Adds tests requirement to bugs checklist (#18576)
     * DataFrame: convert from row based to a columnar value format (#18391)
     * Packages: Temporarily skip canary releases if packages build fail
     * Update latest.json to latest stable version (#18575)
     * Docs: Update changelog for v6.3.3 (#18569)
     * Graph: Fixed issue clicking on series line icon (#18563)
     * grafana/toolkit: Unpublish previous "next" version when releasing a
       new one (#18552)
     * Toolkit: write PR report to a folder with the circle build number
     * CI: Fail build if yarn.lock is not up to date (#18555)
     * Chore: Updates react-dependant packages to address react warnings
     * Prometheus: Fix regression of rerunning query on legend/interval
       change (#18147)
     * Explore/Prometheus: More consistently allows for multi-line queries
     * Login: Fixes undefined redirect (#18545)
     * Plugins: expose react-redux, redux (#18501)
     * TimeSeries: assume values are all numbers (#18540)
     * Login: Angular to React (#18116)
     * InfoTooltip: Info icon with tooltip (#18478)
     * Annotations: Fix failing annotation query when time series query is
       cancelled (#18532)
     * remotecache: support SSL with redis (#18511)
     * QueryData: Handle that response data must be array (#18504)
     * React: Rename deprecated UNSAFE_componentWillReceiveProps (#18526)
     * Explore: Replaces TimeSeries with GraphSeriesXY (#18475)
     * API: Restrict anonymous user information access (#18422)
     * Fix: failing build after React bump (#18514)
     *  strictNullChecks: First batch (#18390)
     * Chore: bump React to 16.9.0 (#18502)
     * Docs: Adds a new security section (#18508)
     * Docs: Update issue triage doc with external PRs section (#18464)
     * Typo: fix typo in processDataFrame.ts comment (#18492)
     * Explore: Fix loading error for empty queries (#18488)
     * Fix: Fixes stripping of $d in Explore urls (#18480)
     * grafana/ui: fix toTimeTicks error (#18448)
     * Docs: Adds details to Pull Request Checklist (#18471)
     * DataLinks: respect timezone when displaying datapoint's timestamp in
       graph context menu (#18461)
     * Chore: strictNullChecks, ColoringEditor and time_region_manager
     * Backend: Do not set SameSite cookie attribute if cookie_samesite is
       none (#18462)
     * DataLinks: Apply scoped variables correctly (#18454)
     * DataLinks: Use datapoint timestamp correctly when interpolating
       variables (#18459)
     * API: Minor fix for team creation endpoint when using API key (#18252)
     * Login: Adjust space between skip and its icon (#18407)
     * Docs: Update Auth Proxy documentation (#18444)
     * Docs: Minor Readme update (#18438)
     * OAuth: return GitLab groups as a part of user info (enable team sync)
     * Fix: Avoid glob of single-value array variables  (#18420)
     * DataLinks: Enable multiple data links per panel (#18434)
     * Markdown: Handle undefined/null strings (#18433)
     * Docs: Update changelog and latest with 6.3.1 and 6.3.2 releases
     * Explore: Fixes Legend overflow in splitted view (#18396)
     * Docs: changelog for docker 6.3 (#18429)
     * Panels: Fixed crashing dashboards with panel links (#18430)
     * DataFrame: remove dateFormat (#18424)
     * backend: null.Float NaN -> null for json marshal (#18284)
     * Frontend: adds folder name in home dash choose menu (#18346)
     * TestData: Query variable support (nested + glob queries) (#18413)
     * Update latest.json (#18417)
     * Changelog 6.3.0 (#18414)
     * PanelLinks: Fix render issue when there is no panel description
     * e2e tests: Make pageObjects mandatory (#18406)
     * Documentation: document the "Mixed" Data Source (#18398)
     * Explore: Moves GraphSeriesXY and DisplayValue to grafana/data (#18400)
     * Explore: Fixes incorrect handling of utc in timeEpic (#18386)
     * Postgres: Add support for scram sha 256 authentication (#18397)
     * Update with linkback to (#18150)
     * Do not set SameSite for OAuth cookie if cookie_samesite is None
     * Gauge/BarGauge: Rewrite of how migrations are applied (#18375)
     * MSSQL: Change connectionstring to URL format to fix using passwords
       with semicolon (#18384)
     * CloudWatch: Fix alerting for queries with Id (using GetMetricData)
     * Chore: Update strictNullChecks error limit (#18387)
     * Chore: Fixes some strict errors (#18381)
     * Graph: Improved graph tick decimals logic arround significant digits
     * CI: Added metric to track strict null erros (#18379)
     * Auth: Do not search for the user twice (#18366)
     * grafana/toolkit: improve CI task (#18189)
     * Alerting: Also include configured AlertRuleTags in Webhooks  (#18233)
     * Loki: Apply start parameter to speed up test query (#18266)
     * Docs: Changelog 6.3.0 beta4 (#18359)
     * Select: Fixes issue where ToggleButtonGroup overlapped
       DataSourcePicker in Firefox (#18361)
     * SignIn: Update redirect on reroute (#18360)
     * Gauge/BarGauge: Support decimals for min/max toFloatOrUndefined
     * FieldDisplay: Return field defaults when there are no data (#18357)
     * Auth: introduce more tests for middleware module (#18365)
     * Docs: updated latest.json (#18363)
     * LDAP: nitpicks (#18309)
     * Docs: mention unsupported versions of PostgreSQL (#18307)
     * Navigation: Fixed double settings menus (#18349)
     * Build: allow bash to expand the wildcard (#18354)
     * Gauges: Fixes error when mappings array was undefined (#18353)
     * Frontend: Fixes progress tracker close button to use
       `$link-hover-color` (#18352)
     * Frontend: Fixes hard-coded font-weight properties to use variables
     * LDAP: Align ldap example with the devenv testdata (#18343)
     * Auth: consistently return same basic auth errors (#18310)
     * cli: fix for recognizing when in dev mode. (#18334)
     * QueryEditors: Fixes flakey text edit mode toggle (#18335)
     * Refactor: use data rather than series in stream callback(#18126)
     * Keybindings: Disable on login url (#18331)
     * Fix failing end to end tests job for release (#18323)
     * Fix OAuth error due to SameSite cookie policy (#18332)
     * Chore: noImplictAny no errors left (#18303)
     * [Shortcuts] Fixes shortcuts for moving time range backwards and
       forwards (#18305)
     * TablePanel: Remove scroll option on TablePanel (#18318)
     * Keyboard Shortcuts: Sign in to enable them (#18271)
     * GitHub Templates: Pull Request Template update (#18300)
     * Auth Proxy: Include additional headers as part of the cache key
     * grafana/toolkit: support windows paths (#18306)
     * Chore: noImplicitAny Sub 500 errors (#18287)
     * Plugins: return a promise for loadPluginCss (#18273)
     * Utils: avoid calling console.warn() too often for deprecation warnings
     * CLI: Allow installing custom binary plugins (#17551)
     * Docs: Update link to example app (#18253)
     * GettingStarted: Skip Query for getting started (#18268)
     * v6.3.0-beta2 is latest testing (#18283)
     * Release: Changelog update with v6.3.0-beta2 (#18281)
     * Chore: Upgrades typescript to version 3.5 (#18263)
     * docs: team sync (#18239)
     * SAML: Only show SAML login button on Enterprise version (#18270)
     * Permissions: Show plugins in nav for non admin users but hide plugin
       configuration (#18234)
     * CI: Change target branch in CI task trigger-docs-update (#18255)
     * Plugins: Include build number and PR in metadata (#18260)
     * Run End-to-End tests for release builds (#18211)
     * DataLinks: Fixed interpolation of series name, fixes #18250 (#18251)
     * Timerange: Fixes a bug where custom time ranges didn't respect UTC
     * Loki: Remove prefetching of default label values (#18213)
     * Build: fix use of env vars in parentheses execs (#18249)
     * TimePicker: Increase max height of quick range dropdown (#18247)
     * TimePicker: Fixed css issue casued by CSS Optimizer (#18244)
     * Revert "Timerange: Fixes a bug where custom time ranges didn't respect
       UTC (#18217)" (#18246)
     * Timerange: Fixes a bug where custom time ranges didn't respect UTC
     * LDAP: improve POSIX support (#18235)
     * Instrumentation: Add failed notifications metric (#18089)
     * Docs: update links to sample plugins (#18240)
     * Build: Removed webpack from default grunt task, fixes #18232 (#18242)
     * Packages: update package.json files  (#18173)
     * Replaced ubuntu:latest with ubuntu:18.04; specific image version to
       make grafana build images consistent (#18224)
     * Build: correct verify script (#18236)
     * remote_cache: Fix redis connstr parsing (#18204)
     * Auth: do not expose disabled user disabled status (#18229)
     * Build: Introduce shellcheck (#18081)
     * Docs: Update documentation with new SAML features (#18163)
     * Typo: fix threshodsWithoutKey (#18228)
     * alerting: more specific error when missing threshold (#18221)
     * Graph: fix time label description for datalink suggestions (#18214)
     * Explore: Reduce default time range to last hour (#18212)
     * alerting: return err when SetAlertState fails to save to sql (#18216)
     * PhantomJS: Fixes rendering on Debian Buster (#18162)
     * Docs: sudo is required on the apt-key add not on wget (#18180)
     * Build: watch and dev mode webpack improvements (#18153)
     * Plugin: AzureMonitor - Reapply MetricNamespace support (#17282)
     * Refactor: move end-to-end test infrastructure to @grafana/toolkit
     * SAML: add auth provider label (#18197)
     * Plugins: avoid app importDashboards() NPE (#18128)
     * Plugins: fix previous commit, output "build" property in json
     * SAML: add metrics (#18194)
     * Plugins: add build info to plugin metadata (#18164)
     * datasource: testdata - add predicatable csv wave scenario (#18183)
     * Docs: SAML idp_metadata_url option (#18181)
     * Panel: Show error in edit mode (#18175)
     * E2E: saving a dashboard should wait for success (#18171)
     * @grafana/toolkit: integrate latest improvements (#18168)
     * Build: change definition of the vars in makefile (#18151)
     * noImplicitAny: Down approx 200 errors (#18143)
     *  datasource: testdata - add predictable pulse scenario (#18142)
     * Minor 6.3.0 beta1 changes (#18048)
     * Docs: SAML (#18069)
     * Docs: prioritize use of `make run` to `bra` (#18154)
     * Fix provision alerts generation script (#18145)
     * SQLStore: use bool pointer instead of string (#18111)
     * Registry: add a reusable function registry (#17047)
     * grafana/toolkit: test improvements and show stats (#18137, #18138)
     * Metrics: use consistent naming for exported variables (#18134)
     * Build: copy .browserslistrc to node build container (#18141)
     * @grafana/toolkit: HtmlWebpackPlugin when in watch mode (#18130)
     * update yarn.lock (#18125)
     * grafana/toolkit: prettier and lint fix in dev mode (#18131)
     * Chore: Fix about 200 noImplicitAny errors (#18067)
     * Build: allow dynamically change docker image (#18112)
     * grafana/toolkit: update the way config is being passed to jest cli
     * Build: detect changes to packages based on the git diff (#18118)
     * Build: Release packages under next tag when changes detected on master
     * SQLStore: allow to look for `is_disabled` flag (#18032)
     * Metrics: add LDAP active sync summary metric (#18079)
     * Docs: correct texts
     * ValuMapping: start with some values (#18092)
     * Docs: Simplify download links & instructions and make download link
       clearer (#18090)
     * FieldDisplay: move threshold and mapping to Field (#17043)
     * InfluxDB: Enable interpolation within ad-hoc filter values for
       InfluxDB data source (#18077)
     * Docs: Move data links down (#18072)
     * grafana/toolkit: improve CircleCI integration (#18071)
     * Build: consistently reference go binary (#18059)
     * devenv: Fix typo in nginix docker for mac (#18068)
     * noImplicitAny: 1670 errors (#18035)
     * Add missing pull requests to Changelog (#18061)
     * provisioning: escape literal '$' with '$$' to avoid interpolation
     * grafana/toolkit: improve CircleCI stubs (#17995)
     * Docs: clarify the ttl units (#18039)
     * Update docs readme for running MySQL/Postgres tests
     * Auth: Duplicate API Key Name Handle With Useful HTTP Code (#17905)
     * Chore: upgrade node-sass to 4.12.0 (#18052)
     * API: Minor fix for nil pointer when trying to log error during
       creating new dashboard via the API (#18003)
     * Chore: update lodash (#18055)
     * Update latest.json (#18043)
     * Update Changelog (#18042)
     * Chore: bump master version number to 6.4.0-pre
     * Explore/Loki: Display live tailed logs in correct order (#18031)
     * Fix unused variable errors (#18030)
     * Docs: First draft of whats new in 6.3 (#17962)
     * Packages: create shared tsconfig.json (#18010)
     * CLI: Fix encrypt-datasource-passwords fails with sql error (#18014)
     * LDAP: Adds bind before searching LDAP for non-login cases. (#18023)
     * Users: show badges for each auth provider (#17869)
     * Loki: Don't use _ numerical separator (#18016)
     * grafana-cli: allow installing plugins from a local zip file (#18021)
     * grafana/toolkit: Copy or extract static files (#18006)
     * Packages: Use lerna for release orchestration (#17985)
     * AnnoList: add alpha annotations list plugin (#17187)
     * grafana/toolkit: Use babel-plugin-angularjs-annotate (#18005)
     * CSV Export: Timezone based on dashboard setting (#18002)
     * LDAP: Adds back support for single bind. (#17999)
     * Reducers: consistent result for first/last reducer shortcut (#17911)
     * SAML: Show SAML login button even if OAuth is disabled (#17993)
     * Fix: Break redirect loop if oauth_auto_login = true and OAuth login
       fails (#17974)
     * Refactor: fix range util imports (#17988)
     * Refactor: move dom utils to @grafana/ui (#17976)
     * Docs: Documents new features available with Loki data source in
       Explore (#17984)
     * Prometheus: added time range filter to series labels query (#16851)
     * Explore: Adds support for new loki 'start' and 'end' params for labels
       endpoint (#17512)
     * Chore: Removes custom debounce utility in favor of lodash/debounce
     * Api: Fix auth tokens returning wrong seenAt value (#17980)
     * Refactor: move more files to @grafana/data (#17972)
     * @grafana/data: export dateMath and rangeUtil (#17971)
     * Refactor: move some files to @grafana/data (#17952)
     * noImplicitAny: Azure Monitor (#17966)
     * grafana/toolkit: initial CI task and various small improvements
     * First version of prettier checks in toolkit (#17964)
     * LDAP: finishing touches (#17945)
     * Graphite: Refactor lexer and parser (#17958)
     * noImplicitAny: Datasource files, under 2500 (#17959)
     * Auth: saml enabled check. (#17960)
     * Auth: SAML login button. (#17932)
     * grafana/toolkit: Add support for extensions styling (#17938)
     * Datasource: Refactor Graphite to class (#17942)
     * SAML: Configuration defaults, examples and dependencies (#17954)
     * OAuth: deny login for disabled users (#17957)
     * Build: Adds pre-commit check that fails if node versions are not
       synced (#17820)
     * Docs: minor ha-setup edit (#17950)
     * Docs: Added very basic docs about revoking user sessions (#17931)
     * Docs: Updates documentation regarding logs integration in Explore
     * noImplicitAnys: Fix InfluxDB type issues #17937)
     * TimePicker: align position between dashboard and explore (#17940)
     * AzureMonitor: remove duplicate query logic on the frontend (#17198)
     * UserProfilePage: Fix team avatar urls #17866 (#17930)
     * Explore: Introduces storage keys for last used data source
       on per-orgId basis (#17934)
     * Docs: added version notice to new ldap feature docs (#17929)
     * Explore: Restricts query text edit toggle to metrics mode (#17921)
     * grafana/runtime: Expose SystemJS from @grafana/runtime (#17927)
     * Templating: Correctly display __text in multi-values variable after
       refresh (#17918)
     * grafana/toolkit: bundle plugins with webpack (#17850)
     * Explore: Adds orgId to URL for sharing purposes (#17895)
     * grafana/toolkit: copy sass files (#17888)
     * ChangePassword: Rewrite change password page to react (#17811)
     * AngularPanels: Fixed loading state indication for angular panels
     * Explore: Adds support for toggling text edit mode in explore (#17870)
     * LDAP: Divide the requests (#17885)
     * Build: fixes missing shebang in release tagging script. (#17894)
     * Teams: show proper label for each auth provider (#17860)
     * Logging: Login and Logout logging actions (#17760) (#17883)
     * Loki: Adds comment explaining usage of RFC3339Nano string (#17872)
     * Explore: Query rows are now reset when changing data sources (#17865)
     * Codestyle: add guidelines for removing the m alias for models (#17890)
     * Docs: How to work with themes (#17876)
     * Docs: Fix developing plugins index page (#17877)
     * StatsPicker: Fix multiple value input layout etc. (#17827)
     * Chore: Build grafana-cli when running bra run (#17788)
     * Build: use golangci-lint as a make command (#17739)
     * Explore: Log highlights only update when user stops typing (#17845)
     * Loki: getHighlighterExpressionsFromQuery Returns null if filter term
       is not quoted (#17852)
     * Docs upgrading deps (#17657)
     * Testing: Include BatchRevoke for all tokens in the fake. (#17728)
     * Refactor: rename SeriesData to DataFrame (#17854)
     * devenv: switch OpenTSDB docker block (#17849)
     * Devenv:LDAP: couple simplifications for LDAP (#17807)
     * Login: divide login errors by pkg and service (#17835)
     * Auth Proxy: Respect auto_sign_up setting (#17843)
     * OAuth: return github teams as a part of user info (enable team sync)
     * noImplicitAny: Sub 3000 errors (#17821)
     * TimePicker: Style and responsive fixes, restored dashboard settings
     * Templating: Correctly display __text in multi-values variable (#17840)
     * Elasticsearch: Fix default max concurrent shard requests (#17770)
     * Explore: Fix filter by series level in logs graph (#17798)
     * Docs: Add v6.3 version notes and encryption format information (#17825)
     * Graphite: use POST for /metrics/find requests (#17814)
     * Dashboard: Force update after dashboard resize (#17808)
     * Toolkit: moved front end cli scripts to separate package and
       introduced very early version of plugin tools
     * Explore: Uses new TimePicker from Grafana/UI (#17793)
     * Explore: Uses RFC3339Nano string to retrieve LogRow contexts from Loki
       API (#17813)
     * noImplicitAny: Lower count to about 3450 (#17799)
     * Graphite: Fixes issue with seriesByTag & function with variable param
     * noImplicitAny: Reduce errors to 3800-ish (#17781)
     * Graphite: remove feature that moves alias function last (#17791)
     * Explore: Adds URL support for select mode (#17755)
     * TestData: add option to increase the number of test streams (#17789)
     * Usage Stats: Update known datasource plugins (#17787)
     * Docs: Adds section on Querying Logs for Elasticsearch (#17730)
     * Docs: Adds section on Querying Logs for InfluxDB (#17726)
     * Devenv: makes the grafana users default for saml. (#17782)
     * Explore: Displays only one Time column as configured in TimeZone
       settings (#17775)
     * Markdown: Replace rendering library (#17686)
     * ApiKeys: Fix check for UTC timezone (#17776)
     * Prometheus: Minor style fix (#17773)
     * Docs: fixed notifications table
     * Auth: Allow expiration of API keys (#17678)
     * 17278 prometheus step align utc (#17477)
     * Docs: Update release guide  (#17759)
     * release: update latest.json to v6.2.5 (#17767)
     * release: 6.2.5 changelog (#17766)
     * Fix typo s/Applicaiton/Application/ in error messages (#17765)
     * UserAdmin: UI for disabling users (#17333)
     * API: get list of users with additional auth info (#17305)
     * TimePicker: fixed minor issues with new timepicker (#17756)
     * Explore: Parses and updates TimeSrv in one place in Explore (#17677)
     * @grafana/ui: release (#17754)
     * Password: Remove PasswordStrength (#17750)
     * Devenv:SAML: devenv block with saml test app (#17733)
     * LDAP:Docs: add information on LDAP sync feature and update LDAP sync
       default (#17689)
     * Graph: Add data links feature (click on graph) (#17267)
     * Explore: Changes LogsContainer from a PureComponent to a Component
     * Chore: Remove tether and tether drop dependency in grafana/ui (#17745)
     * noImplicitAny: time region manager etc. (#17729)
     * Panel: Fully escape html in drilldown links (was only sanitized
       before)  (#17731)
     * Alerting: Improve alert rule testing (#16286)
     * Elasticsearch: Visualize logs in Explore (#17605)
     * Grafana-CLI: Wrapper for `grafana-cli` within RPM/DEB packages and
       config/homepath are now global flags (#17695)
     * Add guidelines for SQL date comparisons (#17732)
     * Docs: clarified usage of go get and go mod (#17637)
     * Project: Issue triage doc improvement (#17709)
     * Improvement: Grafana release process minor improvements (#17661)
     * TimePicker: New time picker dropdown & custom range UI (#16811)
     * RemoteCache: redis connection string parsing test (#17702)
     * Fix link in pkg/README (#17714)
     * Dashboard: Use Explore's Prometheus editor in dashboard panel edit
     * Settings: Fix typo in defaults.ini (#17707)
     * Project: Adds a security policy (#17698)
     * Project: Adds support resource docs (#17699)
     * Document issue triage process (#17669)
     * noImplicitAny: slate (#17681)
     * config: fix connstr for remote_cache (#17675)
     * Explore: Improves performance of Logs element by limiting re-rendering
     * Docs: Flag serve_from_sub_path as available in 6.3 (#17674)
     * @grafana/runtime: expose config and loadPluginCss (#17655)
     * noImplicitAny: Fix basic errors (#17668)
     * Docs: Update readme to reference correct repo (#17666)
     * LDAP: small improvements to various LDAP parts (#17662)
     * Chore: Fix noImplicitAny issues (#17636)
     * AddPanel: Fix issue when removing moved add panel widget (#17659)
     * TablePanel: fix annotations display (#17646)
     * middleware: fix Strict-Transport-Security header (#17644)
     * Build: add @grafana/data package (#17436)
     * Update latest.json for 6.2.4
     * Update latest.json for 6.2.3
     * Update the changelog with v6.2.4 information
     * Build: Updates node image for e2e job (#17632)
     * Explore: Prometheus query errors now show (#17470)
     * Chore: Lowered implicit anys limit to 4599 (#17631)
     * noImplicitAny: SingleStat panel (#17616)
     * Build: Update node image for test-frontend job step (#17628)
     * grafana-cli: Fix receiving flags via command line (#17617)
     * Typescript: Removes implicit anys (#17625)
     * Explore: Removes minus button in adhoc query field (#17573)
     * Correct 6.2.3 release date (#17624)
     * codestyle: styleguide and arch for grafanas backend (#17545)
     * JsonTree: fix jsonTree angular binding  (#17608)
     * HTTPServer: Fix X-XSS-Protection header formatting (#17620)
     * Changelog: Add known issues for v6.2.3 (#17615)
     * Update the changelog with v6.2.3 information (#17612)
     * Refactor buttons (#17611)
     * Tests: Replaces e2e tests truth screenshot (#17609)
     * cli: grafana-cli should receive flags from the command line (#17606)
     * AppPlugin: Fix load legacy plugin app (#17574)
     * Typescript: A batch of implicit any fixes (#17590)
     * RefreshPicker: Handle empty intervals (#17585)
     * Docker: Switch base to ubuntu:latest (#17066)
     * SQLStore: extend `user.SearchUsers` method (#17514)
     * Explore: Tag and Values for Influx are filtered by the selected
       measurement (#17539)
     * ldap: makes mocks available for testing. (#17576)
     * Devenv: Add nginx proxy for mac (#17572)
     * Graph: Added new fill gradient option (#17528)
     * Typescript: Reduce implicit any errors (#17550)
     * SinglestatPanel: Manages when getColorForValue() function returns null
       value. Closes #9747 (#17552)
     * LDAP: refactoring  (#17479)
     * Elasticsearch: Fix empty query request to send properly (#17488)
     * SinglestatPanel: fix min/max config in singlestat sparklines (#17543)
     * AuthProxy: Optimistic lock pattern for remote cache Set (#17485)
     * Explore: Includes context parameter when invoking getExploreState()
       from Prometheus datasource (#17569)
     * Tests: Replaces truth image (#17570)
     * Fix: Fixes merge conflict (#17568)
     * Build: Fix failing e2e tests and implicit any check (#17567)
     * Explore: Fixes implicit any error in AdHocFilterField.test.tsx (#17565)
     * Fix so that correct cache is provided to di registry (#17566)
     * Build: Upgrades to golang 1.12.6 (#17542)
     * Explore: Adds ability to remove filter from <AdHocFilterField /> key
       dropdown (#17553)
     * codestyle: moves cache to infra (#17519)
     * Docs feedback: installation/ (#17563)
     * Chore: Lowered implicit anys limit to 5131 (#17562)
     * Influx: Reset logs query field on clear all and clear row in explore
     * Devenv: Add telegraf with log parsing to influxdb docker block (#17546)
     * Explore: Runs query when measurement/field and pairs are selected in
       logs mode for influx (#17523)
     * Influx: Adds start page for logs in Explore (#17521)
     * OAuth: Fix for wrong user token updated on OAuth refresh in DS proxy
     *  middleware: add security related HTTP(S) response headers (#17522)
     * Docs: Clarifies from which version the Patch VERB is available (#17532)
     * Chore: Hugo upgrade (#17494)
     * Codestyle: Fix some goconst issues (#17530)
     * Docs: Adds clarification to the provider name for provisioned
       dashboards (#17524)
     * Singlestat: Add y min/max config to singlestat sparklines (#17527)
     * Explore: Clear queries when switching between metrics and logs (#17505)
     * 16223 user auth token list and revoke (#17434)
     * Feature: Parse user agent string in user auth token api response
       (#16… (#17504)
     * Tests: Adds better logging to e2e tests (#17511)
     * Codestyle: Add typecheck and unused linters (#17491)
     * Docs: Add CircleCI step trigger-docs-update (#17481)
     * remote_cache: Fix redis (#17483)
     * auth_proxy: non-negative cache TTL (#17495)
     * Explore: Adds LogQueryField for InfluxDb (#17450)
     * sqlstore: clean quota and user_auth_tokens when removing users (#17487)
     * Prometheus: Preallocate data for Prometheus backend response parsing
     * Docs: Fix a typo in Elasticsearch docs (#17492)
     * gtime: some code style refactoring (#17369)
     * Build: make bra a local dependency (#17414)
     * Add tests for multildap (#17358)
     * RefreshPicker: SetInterval comments to rxjs code added (#17404)
     * metrics: expose stats about roles as metrics (#17469)
     * Explore: Handle newlines in LogRow Highlighter (#17425)
     * Alerting: Add tags to alert rules (#10989)
     * Config: Add comment before log_queries in sample ini file (#17462)
     * CLI: Search perf test data (#17422)
     * Prometheus: Use overridden panel range as $_range instead
       of dashboard range (#17352)
     * Update latest (#17456)
     * NavModel: Fixed page header ui tabs issues for some admin pages
     * Update changelog for 6.2.2 (#17452)
     * PluginConfig: Fixed plugin config page navigation when using subpath
     * Tracing: allow propagation with Zipkin headers (#17009)
     * Perf: Fix slow dashboards ACL query (#17427)
     * Explore: Fixes crash when parsing date math string with whitespace
     * Cloudwatch: Add AWS DocDB metrics (#17241)
     * Provisioning: Support folder that doesn't exist yet in dashboard
       provisioning (#17407)
     * Codestyle: Fix govet issues (#17178)
     * @grafana/runtime: expose location update (#17428)
     * Fix: Adds context to list of keys that are not part of query (#17423)
     * Prometheus: Correctly escape '|' literals in interpolated PromQL
       variables (#16932)
     * Explore: Makes it possible to use a different query field per mode
     * DataSourceApi: remove ExploreDataSourceApi (#17424)
     * Fix: change angular loader paths (#17421)
     * Build: specify build flag for `docker-compose up` (#17411)
     * Add a @grafana/runtime package with backendSrv interface (#16533)
     * Database: Initialize xorm with an empty schema for postgres (#17357)
     * docs: configuring custom headers in the dataproxy (#17367)
     * Explore: Queries the datasource once per run query and uses
       DataStreamObserver (#17263)
     * Feature: Adds redux action logging toggle from url params (#17368)
     * Build: Adds e2e tests back to master workflow with better error
       messages and with artifacts (#17374)
     * Explore: Handle datasources with long names better in ds picker
     * Annotations: Improve annotation option tooltips (#17384)
     * InfluxDB: Fixes single quotes are not escaped (#17398)
     * Chore: Bump axios to 0.19.0 (#17403)
     * Alerting: golint fixes for alerting (#17246)
     * Batch disable users (#17254)
     * Chore: Remove unused properties in explore (#17359)
     * MySQL/Postgres/MSSQL: Add parsing for day, weeks and year intervals in
       macros (#13086)
     *  Security: Prevent csv formula injection attack  (#17363)
     * LDAP: remove unused function (#17351)
     * Enterprise: remove gofakeit dep (#17344)
     * Explore: Update time range before running queries (#17349)
     * Build(package.json): improve npm commands (#17022)
     * Chore: upgrade webpack analyser (#17340)
     * NewDataSourcePage: Add Grafana Cloud link (#17324)
     * CloudWatch: Avoid exception while accessing results (#17283)
     * Build: ignore absence of docker-compose (#17331)
     * Build(makefile): improve error handling (#17281)
     * adds auth example for the cli cherrypick task (#17307)
     * docs: remove my email from docs examples (#17325)
     * 16365 change clashing variable names (#17140)
     * Frontend/SeriesData: Fix for convert SeriesData to Table format
     * Frontend/utils: Import has only from lodash (#17311)
     * Frontend/utils: Add missing type  (#17312)
     * update v6.2-beta1 changelog with missing pr (#17308)
     * explore: don't parse log levels if provided by field or label (#17180)
     * HTTP Server: Serve Grafana with a custom URL path prefix (#17048)
     * update latest.json to latest stable version (#17306)
     * release: v6.2.1 changelog update (#17303)
     * Build: Removes e2e-tests from Grafana master workflow (#17301)
     * Build(devenv): correct the context issue (#17291)
     * Build: Enables end-to-end tests in build-master workflow (#17268)
     * Gauge/BarGauge: font size improvements (#17292)
     * Chore: Update jquery to 3.4.1 in grafana ui (#17295)
     * CLI: Add command to migrate all datasources to use encrypted password
       fields  (#17118)
     * Auth Proxy: Log any error in middleware (#17275)
     * devenv: metricbeat and kibana for elasticsearch 7 block (#17262)
     * LDAP: reduce API and allow its extension (#17209)
     * database: retry transaction if sqlite returns database is locked error
     * Tech: Update jQuery to 3.4.1 (#17290)
     * fix typo in (#17285)
     * Feature: do dev environment via makefile (#17136)
     * devenv: adds auth proxy load test (#17271)
     * Table: various minor fixes (alpha panel) (#17258)
     * Singlestat: fixes issue with value placement and line wraps (#17249)
     * Devenv: Update Graphite port in dev datasources (#17255)
     * Chore: bump grafana-ui version (#17256)
     * Release: Updated latest.json
     * Auth: Logout disabled user (#17166)
     * docs: fixes typo in provisioning docs (#17248)
     * CloudWatch: Made region visible for AWS Cloudwatch Expressions (#17243)
     * Panel: Pass transparency prop down to React panels. (#17235)
     * Build: Fix filter for building msi during release (#17236)
     * DataSourcePlugin: Avoid anuglar injector if only one parameter (#17239)
     * Alerting: Support for configuring content field for Discord alert
       notifier (#17017)
     * Explore: Update the way Loki retrieve log context (#17204)
     * Docs: Fix grammar in docs (#17233)
     * LDAP: consistently name the LDAP entities (#17203)
     * Panels: Show Drilldown links in top-left corner of custom React panels
     * Build: Fix final prompt for @grafana/ui npm publish confirmation
     * Docs: Updated versions selector
     * Docs: Example for multiple LDAP servers (#17216)
     * Release: Updated changelog
     * Release: updated changelog with v6.2 entries (#17201)
     * Search: removed old not working search shortcuts (#17226)
     * azuremonitor: revert to clearing chained dropdowns (#17212)
     * Search: changed how search filter on current folder works (#17219)
     * AzureMonitor: docs for multiple subscriptions (#17194)
     * Defer closing of files (#17213)
     * Docs: Add guidelines for PR/commit messages (#17190)
     * Users: Disable users removed from LDAP (#16820)
     * docs: what's new in v6.2 fixes (#17193)
     * DataSourceMeta: add an option to get hidden queries (#17124)
     * Panel: Apply option defaults on panel init and on save model retrieval
     * BarGauge: Fix for negative min values (#17192)
     * Azuremonitor: multiple subscription support for alerting (#17195)
     * AppPlugin: add types for jsonData (#17177)
     * MSI: Generate sha256sum during MSI build process in circleci (#17120)
     * explore: fix null checks (#17191)
     * Fix: Fixes so new data is pushed during live tailing (#17189)
     * testdata: logs scenario (#17182)
     * testdata: scenarios returned are now sorted in a consistent way
     * TablePanel: Check for table using keys (#17185)
     * Fix gosimple issues (#17179)
     * AppPlugin: add an init function (#17150)
     * Fix: Changes WebSocket protocol to wss:// for https (#17173)
     * alerting: golint fixes for alert notifiers.  (#17167)
     * LDAP: add tests for initialBind (#17132)
     * Explore: Adds Live option for supported datasources (#17062)
     * alerting: fix a bunch of lint issues. (#17128)
     * chore: mocks plugin loader for DataSourceSettingsPage tests (#17157)
     * Release: Improved cherry pick task (#17087)
     * Explore: Fix selection/copy of log lines (#17121)
     * Explore: Fix empty space in toolbar on smaller devices (#17110)
     * Explore: display log line context  (#17097)
     * Plugins: expose rxjs matching 6.4.0 (#17148)
     * Chore: fix codespell issue with build (#17144)
     * Feature: LDAP refactoring (#16950)
     * explore: fix issues when loading and both graph/table are collapsed
     * explore: make sure datasource is added to target (#17116)
     * Fix: tighten revive exit code & make it happy (#17127)
     * GraphPanel: Don't sort series when legend table & sort column is not
       visible  (#17095)
     * Chore: Update grafana-ui version to 6.2.0-alpha.0 (#17109)
     * add support for periodically reloading mysql client certs (#14892)
     * Chore: Deduplicate sqlstore transaction code (#17069)
     * Alertmanager: Replace illegal chars with underscore in label names
     * Adjusted documentation for gcs to reflect the code (#16947)
     * fix: Initial url update in Explore should replace existing url history
       #17030 (#17061)
     * Explore: Allow switching between metrics and logs (#16959)
     * Chore: explore possibilities of using makefile (#17039)
     * Chore: Bump jest to 24.8.0 (#17094)
     * Chore: Bump ts-node to 8.1.0 (#17093)
     * Release: Updated changelog
     * backend: replace /pkg/errors with errutil (#17065)
     * Explore: Fixes filtering in Prometheus queries when clicking in Table
     * Remotecache: Avoid race condition in Set causing error on insert.
     * Build: Support publishing MSI to (#17073)
     * InputDataSource: better empty value support (#17075)
     * Panels: Fixed alert icon position in panel header (#17070)
     * GraphPanel: use SeriesData directly (skip legacy transformation)
     * Streaming: support streaming in MetricsPanelCtrl (#17034)
     * Gauge: Fix switching orientation issue when switching from BarGauge to
       Gauge (#17064)
     * serverlock: run tests async should be more linear time wise (#17059)
     * InfoPopover: Fixes transclude undefined error (#17063)
     * Dashboard: Fixes lazy loading & expanding collapsed rows
       on mobile (#17055)
     * fix: Azure Monitor adds missing closing div tag to query editor
     * Chore: Use executable dir instead of pwd in CLI for isDev check
     * Search: Set element height to 100% to avoid Chrome 74's
       overflow (#17054)
     * Docs: adds note about removing session storage (#17003)
     * Chore: remove use of `== false` (#17036)
     * Explore: use @grafana/ui legend (#17027)
     * tech: avoid alias for importing models in alerting (#17041)
     * DataSourcePlugin: support custom tabs (#16859)
     * Dashboard: Fixes scrolling issues for Edge browser (#17033)
     * SeriesData: remove color from Field (#17044)
     * chore: remove x character in explore
     * Dashboard: show refresh button in kiosk mode (#17032)
     * Devenv: Updated gauge test dashboard
     * Chore: reintroduce gosec (#17021)
     * Gauge: tweaks to background color and height usage (#17019)
     * Feature: provide multildap server configuration (#16914)
     * (feat/explore): Support for new LogQL filtering syntax (#16674)
     * fix(explore): Prevent double querying for Prometheus and Loki (#17004)
     * Chore: No implict any fixes (#17020)
     * move log package to /infra (#17023)
     * Chore: Lowered implicit anys limit to 5386
     * Chore: Updated snapshot
     * Select: Fixed isOpen issue
     * Chore: Typescript no-implicit any fixes progress (#17018)
     * GraphPanel: show results for all SeriesData (#16966)
     * Fix: Wrap value of multi variable in array when coming from URL
     * GettingStarted: add key and remove ng-class (#17007)
     * explore: add some extra time for angular query editors to update query
     * Explore: Align Explore with Dashboards and Panels (#16823)
     * Explore: Fix empty result from datasource should render logs container
     * Explore: Fixes zoom exception in Loki/Graph (#16991)
     * PanelEditor: Fix queries tab now showing, wrong skipDataQuery logic
     * DataSourceApi:  convert interface to abstract class (#16979)
     * Panels: Fixed error panel tooltip (#16993)
     * Docker: Prevent a permission denied error when writing files to the
       default provisioning directory (#16831)
     * Notification: attempt to send notifications to all given email
       addresses (#16881)
     * GettingStarted: convert to react panel plugin (#16985)
     * Plugins: Remove dataFormats key and add skipDataQuery (#16984)
     * AlertList: removed icon
     * MetricsPanelCtrl: use shared queryRunner to support query execution
     * TableData: support name (#16983)
     * Changelog: Typo guage -> gauge (#16982)
     * TestData: stream via fetch (#16963)
     * plugins: fix how datemath utils are exposed to plugins (#16976)
     * NewDataSource: Updated page header title
     * fix(prometheus): issue with click label to filter for recording rules
       in Explore
     * Explore: Removes Promise.All from runQueries thunk (#16957)
     * Chore: Add prometheus basic auth proxy (#16882)
     * Snapshot: use given key and deleteKey (#16876)
     * DataSourcePlugins: more generics improvements (#16965)
     * AddDataSource: Updated page design & categories (#16971)
     * Templating: Support selecting all filtered values of multi-value
       variable (#16873)
     * Chore: Add Input stories (#16897)
     * FieldDisplay: Don't use group ui elements in field editors (#16953)
     * GettingStarted: Fixes layout issues, fixes #16926 (#16941)
     * PanelModel: Fix crash after window resize, fixes #16933 (#16942)
     * Singlestat: fixed centering issue for very small panels (#16944)
     * Tests: Adds end-to-end tests skeleton and basic smoke test scenario
     * Chore: Replaces moment with Grafanas DateTime (#16919)
     * InfluxDB: Fix HTTP method should default to GET (#16949)
     * Chore:  Skip unnecessary checks on pre commit (#16946)
     * http: remove dualstack since its deprecated (#16940)
     * devenv: add slow reverse proxy (#16943)
     * AppPlugin: Menu Edit Url Fix (#16934)
     * DataSource Plugins: consistent generics order <TQuery,TOptions>
     * Plugins: update beta notice style (#16928)
     * Chore: update version number for 6.3 (#16927)
     * Plugins: Support templated urls in routes (#16599)
     * changelog: add 5.4.4 release
     * docs: add download link to what's new in v6.2
     * update changelog
     * Update changelog for 6.2.0-beta1
     * AzureMonitor: adds support for multiple subscriptions per datasource
     * docs: what's new in v6.2 (#16909)
     * Chore: ban importing from @grafana/ui in grafana ui files (#16920)
     * BarGauge: New multi series enabled gauge like panel with horizontal
       and vertical layouts and 3 display modes (#16918)
     * alerting: no notification when going from nodata -> pending (#16905)
     * rpm: start grafana after mysqld process (#16917)
     * Build: fix failing grafana/ui build (#16913)
     * BarGauge: Updated test dashboards and threshold fix (#16911)
     * PanelModel: Clear queryRunner on destroy (#16906)
     * Panels: No title will no longer make panel header take up space
     * Elasticsearch: Fix pre-v7.0 and alerting error (#16904)
     * Gauge: Better handling of gauge repeat title (#16886)
     * Refactor: move datemath to grafana/ui (#16890)
     * PanelQueryState: check for existing running query (#16894)
     * devenv: add alert list panel (#16896)
     * Security: Add new setting allow_embedding (#16853)
     * build: fix integer overflow in pkg/tsdb tests on 32bit platforms
     * Security: Responses from backend should not be cached (#16848)
     * Alert: Support variables in Alert List filters (#12583) (#16892)
     * Chore: Lowered implicit anys limit to 5617
     * FieldDisplay: shared options model for singlestat panels (#16703)
     * Refactor: rename statsCalculator to fieldReducer (#16867)
     * PanelModel: expose isInView property to PanelModel (#16877)
     * CSV: escape quotes in toCSV  (#16874)
     * Dashboard: Lazy load out of view panels (#15554)
     * LDAP: Added reload endpoint for LDAP config (#15470)
     * PluginsList: Removed icons and updated snapshots (#16872)
     * Panels: Fixed issue with panel type change and data updates (#16871)
     * Chore: fix modes for non-executable files (#16864)
     * DataSourceSettings: Minor fix for uncontrolled input (#16863)
     * Chore: Lowered implicit anys limit to 5623
     * TestData: Add dashboards to testdata (#16855)
     * Input Datasource: convert from angular config to react ConfigEditor
     * DataSources: minor typescript cleanups and comments (#16860)
     * TestDataDatasource: Add config editor (#16861)
     * App Plugins: support react pages and tabs (#16586)
     * Add Windows MSI generation to build process (#16502)
     * Datasources: add support for POST HTTP verb for InfluxDB (#16690)
     * Add pattern validation in configs (#16837)
     * Search: Enable filtering dashboards in search by current folder
     * FormLabel: allow any rather than just a string for tooltip (#16841)
     * prometheus: fix regression after adding support for tracing headers
     * area/circleci: Speed up circleci build process for branches and pr
     * DataProxy: Restore Set-Cookie header after proxy request (#16838)
     * docs: clarify page parameter version support for folder/dashboard
       search (#16836)
     * Chore: revise some of the gosec rules (#16713)
     * Refactor: consistant plugin/meta usage (#16834)
     * Explore: Use SeriesData format for loki/logs (#16793)
     * Refactor: move NavModel to @grafana/ui (#16813)
     * Auth: Enable retries and transaction for some db calls for auth
       tokens  (#16785)
     * Provisioning: Show file path of provisioning file in save/delete
       dialogs (#16706)
     * Add tracing headers for prometheus datasource (#16724)
     * Config: Fixes bug where timeouts for alerting was not parsed correctly
     * build: removes gopkg files from dev docker file (#16817)
     * Provisioning: Trying to fix failing test (#16800)
     * Table: React table fix rotate support in storybook (#16816)
     * TestData: add log level in dummy message (#16815)
     * removes gopkg.lock from root folder
     * Explore: Support user timezone (#16469)
     * Plugins: rename vizPlugin to panelPlugin (#16802)
     * Plugins: move app/feature/plugin properties into PluginMeta (#16809)
     * Plugins: move PanelPluginMeta to grafana/ui (#16804)
     * Plugins: move datasource specific meta out of the main meta type
     * updates changelog for 6.1.6
     * Fix: Fetch histogram series from other api route (#16768)
     * phantomjs: set web-security to true
     * Chore: Lowered implicit anys limit to 5668
     * build: restore postgres integration tests (#16801)
     * docs: explain correct access control model of GCS buckets (#16792)
     * Chore: Fixed no implicit any Typescript errors (#16799)
     * Feature: introduce LdapActiveSyncEnabled setting (#16787)
     * Plugins: ReactPanelPlugin to VizPanelPlugin (#16779)
     * UX: Improve Grafana usage for smaller screens  (#16783)
     * ThresholdEditor: Minor style fix for smaller screens (#16791)
     * Build: Use isolated modules for ts-jest (#16786)
     * LDAP Refactoring to support syncronizing more than one user at a time.
     * build: removes unused vendored files
     * (fix/explore): remove vertical-align looks better for long logs
     * Chore: bump jQuery to 3.4.0 in grafana/ui (#16781)
     * Devenv: Updated home dashboard and added new influxdb test dashboard
     * Chore: Lowered implicit anys limit to 5946
     * RefreshPicker: minor design update (#16774)
     * Streaming: support streaming and a javascript test datasource (#16729)
     * GraphLegendEditor: use stats picker rather than switches (#16759)
     * Feature: add cron setting for the ldap settings (#16673)
     * Build: Disables gosec until identified performance problems (#16764)
     * Chore: bump jQuery to 3.4.0 including prototype pollution
       vulnerability fix (#16761)
     * elasticsearch: add 7.x version support (#16646)
     * Provisioning: Add API endpoint to reload provisioning configs (#16579)
     * Config: Show user-friendly error message instead of stack trace
     * Chore: Lowered implicit anys limit to 5954
     * Feature: Enable React based options editors for Datasource plugins
     * sqlstore: use column name in order by (#16583)
     * user friendly guide (#16743)
     * Provisioning: Interpolate env vars in provisioning files (#16499)
     * admin: add more stats about roles (#16667)
     * Feature: Migrate Legend components to grafana/ui (#16468)
     * playlist: fix loading dashboards by tag (#16727)
     * CloudWatch: Use default alias if there is no alias for metrics (#16732)
     * Provisioning: Support FolderUid in Dashboard Provisioning Config
     * Refactor: Make SelectOptionItem a generic type to enable select value
       typing (#16718)
     * docs: fix upgrade instructions
     * Chore: Small improvements to grafana-cli (#16670)
     * Chore: Use x/xerrors instead of pkg/errors (#16668)
     * Chore: a bit of spring cleaning (#16710)
     * Fixes #15863 (#16684)
     * Docs: Update notification services (#16657)
     * PanelQueryRunner: add datasource name to queries (#16712)
     * Chore: remove session storage references (#16445)
     * Dashboard: Minor settings UI Update (#16669)
     * Templating: Do not copy hide option (#16696)
     * Docs: Fix advanced variable formatting examples (#16691)
     * QueryEditors: pass PanelData and filtered PanelData to each editor
     * Chore: remove extra logging (#16688)
     * DashboardSrv: export getDashboardSrv to react (#16687)
     * Refactor: split PanelQueryRunner into runner and state (#16685)
     * Docs: Googlechat provisioning config example (#16682)
     * TestDataDatasource: add the query refId to each result
     * AppPlugin: avoid app plugin navigation slowness (#16675)
     * Refactor: improvements to PanelQueryRunner (#16678)
     * Refactor: move getQueryRunner() to PanelModel (#16679)
     * Docs: initial backend plugins development guide (#16631)
     * build: remove dep config files since they are not used anymore
     * Fix typo in
     * refactor: move timeInfo to DataRequestInfo (#16664)
     * QueryRunner: Move queryRunner to panelModel (#16656)
     * PanelQueryRunner: move error handling to QueryRunnerOptions (#16654)
     * refactor: Merge PanelChrome and DataPanel, do query execution in
       PanelQueryRunner (#16632)
     * Search: Fixed search issue introduced in recent PR (#16652)
     * Cloudwatch: fix for flaky tests (#16649)
     * UI: Remove old icons (#16335)
     * Search: Fixes search limits and adds a page parameter (#16458)
     * Chore: Upgrade lodash to v4.17.11 (#16645)
     * Chore: Lock dependencies (#16644)
     * tech: replace bmizerany/assert with stretchr/testify (#16625)
     * Chore: update yarn.lock (#16637)
     * Panel Plugins: pass query request/response to react panel plugins
     * Explore: Adds logs highlighting in Explore on keypress (#16596)
     * Build: adding dependency used by extensions (#16622)
     * TimePicker: Re-add apply button in time picker (#16619)
     * Chore: refactor auth proxy (#16504)
     * Docs: updated help for changelog cli task (#16615)
     * replace dep with go modules (#16017)
     * Docs: Updated changelog for 6.1.4
     * Heatmap: Fixed auto decimals when bucket name is not number but
       contains dots, fixes #13019 (#16609)
     * build: partially replace gometalinter with golangci-lint (#16610)
     * Explore & Dashboard: New Refresh picker (#16505)
     * Build: Fix missing icon typing (#16601)
     * Plugins: added missing prop to type
     * CloudWatch: GetMetricData refactoring & fix label handling (#16383)
     * Chore: prepare our SQL for cockroach db (#16471)
     * AppPlugins: fix app support and add an alpha example (#16528)
     * Switch: made minor styling tweaks to switch to align to 4px grid
     * Docs: minor docs update for old urls
     * Chore: Add more explicit typing (#16594)
     * Chore: Lowered implicit anys limit to 5977
     * Chore: Adds typings to lodash (#16590)
     * PanelEditor: Change Queries heading to Query (#16536)
     * Security: Store datasource passwords encrypted in secureJsonData
     * More development dashboards (#16550)
     * build: upgrades to golang 1.12.4 (#16545)
     * Use package libfontconfig1, instead of libfontconfig (#16548)
     * Adjust Send on all alerts to default label (#16554)
     * Chore: Lower limit of implicit anys to 6676
     * DirectInput: new alpha datasource that lets you enter data via CSV
     * Plugins: expose getBackendSrv() to plugins (#15268)
     * DataPanel: Added built-in interval variables to scopedVars (#16556)
     * TestData: Add minInterval query option
     * Chore: Remove implicit anys for DashboardModel and tests (#16553)
     * Pushover alert, support for different sound for OK (#16525)
     * Chore: Lowered implicit anys limit to 6816
     * CloudWatch: Fix template variable expand bug (#16405)
     * CloudWatch: fix color order (#16408)
     * Plugins: Unifying alpha state & options for all plugins (#16530)
     * Revert "Build: Upgrades to go 1.12.3 (#16491)" (#16544)
     * Annotations: Annotation list style improvements   (#16541)
     * QueryInspector: Now shows error responses (#16514)
     * Build: Upgrades to go 1.12.3 (#16491)
     * Build: Update master version number (#16532)
     * Elasticsearch: Format elasticsearch test dashboard json (#16537)
     * Update jwt regexp to include = (#16521)
     * Chore: docs fixes underscore formatting (#16516)
     * Fix: Pass missing maxDataPoints to query in Explore (#16513)
     * Fix: Recalculate intervals in Explore on run queries (#16510)
     * devenv: add elasticsearch v6 filebeat integration (#16493)
     * devenv: add worldmap panel panels for elasticsearch (#16313)
     * Plugins: Optionally preload some plugins during frontend app boot
     * Panels: Add types for DataList and range (#16500)
     * Chore: Lowered implicit anys limit to 6818
     * PanelData: Rename ColumnStats type to FieldStats (#16494)
     * DataSourceApi: add getCollapsedText(query) to DataSourceApi (#16482)
     * Graph: Add some typescript types for data (#16484)
     * Build: Updates goconvey to work on go1.12 (#16483)
     * Provisioning: Do not allow deletion of provisioned dashboards (#16211)
     * Chore: lower limit for implicit anys to 6829
     * Singlestat-v2/Gauge: Show title when repeating (#16477)
     * Docs: fix grammar in query hint, tests, and documentation (#16444)
     * Heatmap: Fix empty graph if panel is too narrow (#16460)
     * Release: updated latest.json
     * Docs: Updated changelog
     * docs: fixes and update current version
     * Docs: Updated changelog for v6.1.3
     * Graph: fixed png rendering with legend to the right (#16463)
     * Fix: Disables auto open datasource picker on focus (#16398)
     * add some mock/stub guidelines to testing guideline (#16466)
     * Feat: Suggestion list in Explore is virtualized (#16342)
     * Docs: Updated roadmap issue to link to the pinned roadmap issues
     * Graph: Fixed auto decimals in legend values (#16455)
     * Styling: Aligned heading (#16456)
     * add PromQL keyword for adhoc filter (#16426)
     * Singlestat: Use decimal override when manually specified (#16451)
     * Graph: follow-up graph decimals fix, #16414 (#16450)
     * Chore: use remote cache instead of session storage (#16114)
     * Docs: Minor changelog tweak
     * Docs: Updated changelog with v6.1.2 release issues
     * datasource: fix disable query when using mixed datasource (#16409)
     * Graph: Fixed series legend color for hidden series (#16438)
     * Templating: Fixed loading React variable query editor (#16439)
     * Styles: Fixed left menu highlight (#16431)
     * Fix: remove test artefact (#16411)
     * Theme: Reworking button styling (#16362)
     * Graph: Fixed tooltip highlight on white theme (#16429)
     * BarGauge: Round sizing to avoid float widths
     * Graph: Allow override decimals to fully override (#16414)
     * Units: Correctly use the override decimals (#16413)
     * Docs: Remove broken youtube link in timerange reference (#16415)
     * BarGauge: Fixed minor margin issue (#16419)
     * Docs: Updated GitHub PR Template
     * Bar Gauge: Show tile (series name) & refactorings & tests (#16397)
     * Fix: align panel padding between sass & js theme (#16404)
     * Fix: playlist now preserve the correct url query params (#16403)
     * Fix: Graphite query rendering fix (#16390)
     * Fix: Query editor toggle edit mode fix (#16394)
     * Refactor: Plugin exports & data source / panel types (#16364)
     * Chore: Update lockfile (#16380)
     * Alerting: Notification channel http api fixes (#16379)
     * Chore: Add task to find FocusConvey tests (#16381)
     * CloudWatch: Update AWS/IoT metric and dimensions (#16337)
     * Fix: Table Panel fix to re-render panel when options are updated
     * Docs: Fix typo in Prometheus documentation (#16369)
     * build: Fixed incorrect permissions for repo folders in ci-deploy.
     * Docs: remove embedd info about samesite cookie from app, docs only is
     * Chore: Lowered error count limit
     * build: fixes bug in verification script.
     * Tech: Bump typescript and jest (#16354)
     * Automation: Updates to yarn cli cherrypick & changelog tasks (#16357)
     * Feat: Improve embed panel info text (#16344)
     * Fix: Cloudwatch fix for dimension value (#16356)
     * build: Script to check that our repos work and what the latest package
       version is (#16350)
     * Fix: Autoprefixer is now working (#16351)
     * Chore: docs updates to what's new for 6.1 (#16346)
     * build: Fix for renamed package for armv6.
     * Chore: bump storybook and add build script (#16340)
     * Refactor: React Panels to only use SeriesData[] (#16306)
     * Docs: Suggest add-apt-repository to install APT repos (#16333)
     * Units: Add angle units, Arc Minutes and Seconds (#16271)
     * Chore: Lowered implicit any limit to 6850
     * Feat: Adds reconnect for failing datasource in Explore (#16226)
     * docs: improve alert notification channel provisioning (#16262)
     * Build: Moved the failing appveyor file so we can get green builds in
     * Fix: Build report the correct directives before failing (#16312)
     * Fix: input elements autofill background (#16295)
     * Fix: Bring back styles on Switch components when checked
     * Chore: breaks build if certain FrontEnd limits are exceeded (#16301)
     * Fix: Graphite query ast to string fix (#16297)
     * Fix: Template query editor this bind exception fix (#16299)
     * Fix: Alerting Notification channel http api fixes (#16288)
     * Refactor: Move LogLevel and Labels utils to @grafana/ui (#16285)
     * Refactor: Rename Tags to Labels in SeriesData (simple) (#16284)
     * Elasticsearch: Fix view percentiles metric in table without date
       histogram (#15686)
     * Configuration: Improve session_lifetime comments (#16238)
     * Alerting: Makes timeouts and retries configurable (#16259)
     * Fix: Correct SnapshotData typing (#16279)
     * Feat: Angular panels & SeriesData to Table/TimeSeries (#16266)
     * Fix: React Graph & Show message on no data (#16278)
     * Feature: added actionable message in Explore when no datasource
       configured (#16252)
     * Feature: Case insensitive Loki search (#15948)
     * Feat: Singlestat panel react progress & refactorings (#16039)
     * Chore: Implement gosec (#16261)
     * Fix: Updated snapshot unit test that was failing
     * Refactor: Theme & Removed the last rems (#16245)
     * Refactor: Theme input padding variables (#16048)
     * Feat: More robust csv support (#16170)
     * Docs: Fix rpm dependencies example (#16272)
     * Fix: HTML meta tags fix for iOS (#16269)
     * Feature: Introduced CallToActionCard to @grafana/ui (#16237)
     * Refactor: Rename TimeSeriesVM to GraphSeriesXY (#16216)
     * Chore: Implement revive (#16200)
     * InfluxDB: Fix tag names with periods in alerting (#16255)
     * Fix: Table Panel and string values & numeric formatting (#16249)
     * Tech: Patch lib updates, update yarn.lock (#16250)
     * Chore: docs whats new article for the 6.1 release (#16251)
     * Chore: Storybook improvements (#16239)
     * Feat: Introduce Button and LinkButton components to @grafana/ui
     * Chore: changelog adds note for #16234
     * Fix: Prometheus regex ad-hoc filters w/ wildcards (#16234)
     * Chore: changelog notes for #13825,#15205,#14877,#16227
     * Fix: Alert email variable name typo fixed (#16232)
     * Fix: scripts changelog cli per page set to 100
     * Fix: Dashboard history diff & white theme fix (#16231)
     * Merge pull request #16241 from grafana/hugoh/no-implicit-any
     * Chore: Theme consistency, rems => pixels or variables (#16235)
     * Chore: Theme consistency, rems => pixels (#16145)
     * changelog: adds notes for #16229 and #16227
     * Fix: Elasticsearch fix template variables in the alias field (#16629)
     * Fix: TablePanel column color style now works even after removeing
       styles, fixes #16162 (#16227)
     * Docs: Updated changelog for 6.1 release (#16224)
     * Alerting: Notification channel http api enhancements (#16219)
     * Upgrades: Patch updates to yarn lock (#16215)
     * Fix: DatasourceApi query response typing fix (#16214)
     * chore(influx): no point of reading response when bad status (#16212)
     * docs: loki provisioning
     * docs(dev): Update docs about devenv dir (#16208)
     * fix(dashboard): time regions spanning across midnight (#16201)
     * fix(InfluxDB): Reads body and close request body even for error status
       codes (#16207)
     * chore: more TableData to SeriesData renaming (#16206)
     * fix(panels/graph): Default option name for spaceLength was
       accidentally changed (#16205)
     * fix(explore): only show split close button when split is active
     * fix(react2angular): Fixed react to angular wrapper watching function
       expressions causing infinte digest loop, fixes #16194 (#16196)
     * fix(Alerting): Fixed alert rules with eval in day units, fixes #16174
     * fix(panel/table): Fix for white text on white background when value is
     * refactor(grafana/ui): Replace <input />with Input component from
       grafana/ui  (#16085)
     * fix(loki): Hide empty labels column
     * build: fixes publishing version.
     * refactor(data models): Renamed TableData to SeriesData (#16185)
     * chore(core/utils): Add typings to datemath.ts (#16195)
     * only call onPanelMigration when the version actually changes (#16186)
     * feat(explore): make it possible to close left pane of split view
     * feat(Explore): make sure Loki labels are up to date (#16131)
     * build: makes sure grafana.version is available when deploying.
     * fix: added missing event to function signature Fixes: #16055
     * build: refactoring
     * build: updated build container with support for rpi1.
     * build: support for publishing armv6.
     * build: builds armv6 with rpi1 compat gcc.
     * fix: added target and datasource as isMetric property Fixes: #15862
     * chore: Removed implicit anys in react container and test helpers
     * Pamels: Options are always there
     * Panels: Support angular -> react migration via PanelMigrationHandler
     * Panels: Added more tests for change panel plugin
     * Panels: Refactoring how panel plugins sets hooks and components, #16166
     * clarify notifications API docs
     * remove processTimeSeries
     * merge master
     * don't use process timeseries
     * rename stat to show in UI
     * use display value in pie chart
     * keep plugin versions
     * remove panel plugin setters
     * renamed float to flot
     * prevOptions should be optional
     * moved migration hook to its own function
     * Minor refactoring of stats picker / shared singlestat code
     * Makes it possible to navigate back/forward with browser buttons in
       Explore  (#16150)
     * Moved DisplayValueOptions type back, #16134
     * adding check for decimals
     * add one more test
     * Graphite: fixed variable quoting when variable value is nummeric,
       fixes #2078
     * Minor refactoring of #16127
     * Update
     * Graphite: Fixed issue with using series ref and series by tag, fixes
     * move typings to types,
     * Link license corrections
     * remove logging
     * add stat picker to single stat
     * removed option to not check strings
     * drop one level of nesting
     * cleanup and guess all columns
     * Small license correction
     * update cloudwatch metrics/dimensions list
     * Enable sass theme change in Storybook
     * replaced rems with pixels or variables
     * adding test
     * updating usages in singlestat
     * Sorting imports
     * adding function
     * Use grafana's logger implementation
     * another change that didn't come with earlier commit
     * change that didn't come with in last commit
     * reversed dashboard-padding
     * Update CloudWatch metrics/dimension list (#16102)
     * brought back dashboard-padding and panel-padding variables, made
       dashboard-padding more specific
     * replaced rem with pixels or variables
     *  fix(prometheus): Change aligment of range queries (#16110)
     * fix, assign by event.time
     * Minor refactoring of testdata query order PR #16122
     * simplify
     * deduplicate same value annotation
     * cleaner version
     * maintain query order
     * Remove sleeps in test code by overriding time.Now()
     * Update
     * Abstract encrypt/encode and decode/decrypt into their own functions
     * Rename dispatched commands to make them easy to grok
     * show all colums in graph
     * Use structured logging instead of printf
     * Make all http auth setting labels the same width
     * Merge with master, and updated logo and name
     * Rewrote creation of images tag
     * Added missing commas
     * Don't include non-existing image in MS Teams alert
     * cast to column
     * update table data model
     * show all columns in singlestats
     * fix(graphite): nonNegativeDerivative argument hidden if 0, fixes #12488
     * Correct table names of sql storage for remotecache
     * more fixes to snapshot
     * more fixes to snapshot
     * Fixed gofmt issue in PR #16093
     * removed empty space in snapshot
     * fix: Update snapshot related to new jest version
     * fixed snapshot for test
     * Regenerate lockfile due to the amount of merge conflicts.
     * removed dashboard variables, removed headings-font-family variable,
       created theme variables for links and z-index, removed unused class in
       _panel_editor and _dashboard
     * Remove commented code
     * flot pairs
     * add more functions and tests
     * Update org_user.go
     * Minor progress on fixing no-implicit any issues
     * refactor: merged types and updated references
     * Remove leftover from first iteration
     * Only keep certain query params when going to next playlist
     * Snapshot update
     * fix: ts issue on SelectOption test
     * chore: Bump react and react-dom to 16.8.4
     * Update latest.json
     * Update
     * chore: cleaning up noimplicit anys in search_srv and tests progress:
     * Fix threshold editor color picker not working for custom colors
     * Updated comments
     * Updated threshold editor test
     * Re-render gauge / singlestat panels when changing options
     * fix: refactored so members are loaded by TeamPages and use
       hideFromTabs instead of filtering out children in navModel
     * teams: explains the external property of a team membership.
     * fix: fixed snapshots and permission select not beeing able to click
     * fix: new team link goes nowhere for viewers
     * teams: refactor so that you can only delete teams if you are team admin
     * permissions: removes global access to bus from MakeUserAdmin.
     * teams: local access to bus, moving away from dep on global.
     * teams: better names for api permissions.
     * teams: refactor.
     * permissions: refactor.
     * teams: refactor.
     * teams: hide tabs settings and groupsync for non team admins
     * teams: refactored db code.
     * teams: disable new team button if user is viewer
     * refactor: moved test from TeamMembers to TeamMemberRow
     * refactor: splitted TeamMembers to TeamMemberRow
     * teams: comment explaining input validation
     * teams: cleanup.
     * teams: cleanup.
     * dashboards: simplified code.
     * teams: disable buttons for team members
     * teams: moved logic for searchteams to backend
     * teams: viewers and editors can view teams
     * teams: editor/viewer team admin cant remove the last admin.
     * teams: changed permission to permission type instead of int
     * teams: defaulting invalid permission level to member permission level
     * team: uses PermissionType instead of int64 for permissions.
     * teams: editors can't remove the last admin from a team.
     * teams: tests use the new message for modifying team members.
     * team: renames teams.CanUpdate teamguardian.CanAdmin
     * teams: remov permission select for non admin users
     * docs: First take on describing feature toggle
     * config: updated feature toggle name
     * teams: cleanup.
     * dashboard: only admin permission added to dashboard in folder.
     * dashboards: better error handling
     * teams: team listing shows only your teams (editors).
     * teams: teams guard on all teams update methods.
     * teams: added delete team guard
     * teams: removed feature toggle as it is already in middleware
     * teams: added feature toggle and refactor tests
     * teams: cleanup.
     * teams: test refactorings.
     * teams: bugfix, user pointer.
     * teams: start of team update guardian for editors
     * teams: team update test
     * teams: change back to permissionlevel for Member to 0
     * teams: make sure we use TeamPermissionLevel enum
     * teams: update only the selected user
     * teams: only write error message if error
     * teams: enabled so that user can update permission for team members
     * teams: feature toggle component
     * teams: test for update team member.
     * teams: can update team members permission.
     * teams: basic ui for permission in team members view
     * teams: editor added as admin for created teams.
     * teams: editors can work with teams.
     * teams: show teams and plugins for editors that can own
     * teams: make test cases pass again
     * folder: uses service to make user admin of created folder.
     * permissions: broken out func for making creator admin.
     * folders: admin for created folders
     * dashboards: user automatically becomes admin for created dashboards
     * fix(ci): frontend tests was accidentially commented out
     * Use SecretFormField in MSSql and Postgres datasources
     * Add SecretFormField component
     * Add possibility to pass custom input component to FormField
     * Allow angular react bridge to use kebab case attribute names
     * adding story and fixing tests
     * build: migrates the build container into the main repo.
     * build: updated deploy container with crcmod.
     * build: crcmod speedups rsync to gcp for deploy.
     * Update style_guides/
     * remove the error collector
     * Copied from new timepicker and unified component branch
     * docs: renamed file and added redux framework file
     * docs: moved examples to
     * docs: intial draft for frontend review doc
     * Use ora#fail instead of console.log
     * reorder imports
     * test
     * rename to char
     * sorting imports
     * moving
     * Remove .only function
     * Add more patterns to no-only-test task
     * chore: Cleaning up implicit anys in DashboardExporter and tests
       progress: #14714
     * rename reducer to statsCalculator
     * Great progress on bar gauge look
     * Explore: Fix log stats for long labels
     * calculate the column width
     * disable react table cell measure
     * dont test exists in the test... it will fail if not found
     * add random_walk_table scenario
     * adds backend code style guide
     * add test file
     * add startAt to random walk scenario
     * get values from base options
     * use singlestat base where appropriate
     * feature(explore/table): Add tooltips to explore table (#16007)
     * Update changelog
     * Bar gauge gradient mode
     * Bar gauge auto lcd cell count
     * Add check for Env before log
     * Update
     * chore: Cleaning up implicit anys in manage_dashboard.ts and
       manage_dashboard.test.ts progress: #14714
     * chore: Cleaning up implicit anys in app.ts progress: #14714
     * panels: fix loading panels with non-array targets (add tests)
     * changelog: adds note about closing #15836
     * set correct return type
     * panels: fix loading panels with non-array targets (refactor)
     * Bar gauge styling tweaks
     * panels: fix loading panels with non-array targets
     * changelog: adds note about closing #6359 and #15931
     * add partial
     * no inheratance
     * improve single stat display
     * revert most options sharing
     * Refactoring the bar gauge and the orientation modes
     * add migration tests
     * renaming function
     * using refId from panel model
     * Tooltip: show percent instead of value
     * Add check so that header is not sent for anonymous users
     * Update config docs
     * Add custom header with grafana user and a config switch for it
     * changelog: adds note about closing #10816
     * Right tooltip position
     * Add "No data points" message
     * use constants for cache type
     * makes variables template prettier complient
     * Make recently used auth_module test more robust by adding another 'log
     * changelog: adds note about #15744
     * updates old distcache names
     * dont allow inifinite expiration
     * chore: Upgrade all babel related packages that is lagging behind
     * return error if cache type is invalid
     * Add more info to victorOps alert notifications
     * fix: papaparse must have gone missing during rebase
     * chore: Bump jest to 24
     * fix: describe() should not be async
     * fix: Use proper syntax for plugin-syntax-dynamic-import
     * fix: Downgrade ts-node to 8.0.2 due to broken theme generation
     * chore: Bump ora
     * chore: Bump tslint (again)
     * chore: Bump axios
     * chore: Bump npm
     * chore: Bump glob
     * fix: Invalid css
     * chore: Bump clean-webpack-plugin, html-webpack-harddisk-plugin,
     * chore: Bump file-loader and css optimizer webpack plugin
     * chore: Bump css-loader and remove minimize option since its removed in
     * chore: Bump npm packages and lock down some versions
     * chore: Bump mini-css-extract-plugin
     * chore: Lock down versions of expose-loader and html-loader
     * chore: Bump fork-ts-checker-webpack-plugin
     * chore: Prod builds should not cache
     * chore: Replace Uglify with Terser
     * chore: Bump webpack, webpack-bundle-analyzer, webpack-cli and
       webpack-dev-server to latest
     * reuse more gauge settings in bargauge
     * set the unit on time data
     * add error when not found
     * Added metric math docs
     * check types better
     * check types better
     * docs: Change type of 'tags' in annotationQuery result example to list
     * single hook
     * Change import path for social in the tests
     * Change import path for social since it has moved
     * generic repeater
     * generic repeater
     * Remove todo about index on user_id in user_auth because it exists
     * Add function in ds_proxy to handle oauthPassThru headers
     * Remove auth_module settings from oauthPassThru ui
     * Remove auth module from ds_proxy oauth test
     * Get most recent oauth token from db, rather than lookup by auth_module
     * Improve tooltip look
     * explore/logs: Hide empty duplicates column
     * merge master
     * fix for firefox checkboxes not appearing properly, added appearance as
     * Always return most recently used auth_module from GetAuthInfo
     * used regex instead of string replacing
     * Fixed issue with alert links in alert list panel causing panel not
       found errors, fixes #15680
     * Add comments
     * Add simple test for the ColorPicker
     * Use render props pattern in color picker
     * Move ColorPicker trigger to separate component and cleanup css
     * Improved error handling when rendering dashboard panels, fixes #15913
     * fix return type
     * Only send ci metrics to hosted metrics instance
     * adding types
     * Added back branch guard
     * moved delete button from sidebar to general tab and renamed it
     * Refactoring the ci metrics a bit more making it easier to re-use
     * removed unused and very specific variables, also variables with same
       value as general variable
     * reduce loglevel to debug
     * Updated bar gauge snapshot
     * added some comments about state of components things
     * better comments
     * comment cleanup
     * force circleci to try again
     * format
     * touch
     * touch
     * make sure the validator is called before setState
     * API to fix/update properties before load
     * more tests
     * more options in storybook
     * adding simple widget to pick the reducer
     * heatmap: fix for negative values
     * Fixed more typescript no implicit any issues
     * Also push to ci metrics to new shared HM instance
     * move sort to table processing
     * Fixed type issues introduced by adding angular types
     * Typescript noAny fixes, start of a long journey
     * Updated code stats collection
     * Updated path to new script
     * POC on collecting metrics in ci process
     * changelog: add notes about heatmap issues #15683 #14019
     * added two new variables in default theme for panel padding, replaced
       panelhorizontalpadding and variables.panelverticalpadding with new
     * renamed default variables: s -> sm, m -> md, l -> lg
     * removed gf-form-margin variable and replaced with space- variables
       where it was used
     * add table reducer
     * heatmap: able to hide buckets with zero value #12080
     * s -> sm, m -> md, l -> lg
     * heatmap: fix prometheus buckets sorting, closes #15637
     * s -> sm, m -> md, l -> lg
     * removed headings-margin-bottom variable
     * rename to displayValues
     * remove kbn test
     * more tests
     * use new settings
     * fix tests
     * make value processing reusable
     * Call ora instead of instantiating it
     * Added scopedVars argument in datasourceSrv.get in DataPanel
     * MutableColumn
     * cleanup after review
     * rename handleXXX to onXX events
     * torkel feedback
     * onCellClick
     * heatmap: able to reverse Y buckets order, #15683
     * fix(explore/logs) not collapsing whitespace (#15737)
     * Refactoring of multi-value datasource PR #15812
     * fixed minor misstake with dashboard padding
     * removed -margin, replaced with new general variables
     * Move oauth token migrations in user_auth_mig
     * heatmap: fix middle bucket bound for prometheus
     * Refactoring / fixing password hint PR #15868
     * chore: Move sidemenu out of context service and use the logic we have
       in the router already for hiding the sidemenu
     * Fix deduplication results displaying wrong data (#15755)
     * added new space variables to margins in AddPanelWidget,
       add_data_source, dashboard_settings and sidemenu
     * use `Get` instead of `Find`
     * avoid exposing cache client directly
     * add docs about remote cache settings
     * renames distcache -> remotecache
     * renames key to cache_key
     * build steps for cache servers
     * code layouts and comments
     * rename put -> set
     * reverts package.json I made during the flight >.>
     * `memcache` -> `memcached`
     * removes memory as distcache option
     * test redis and memcached during integration tests
     * adds config to default settings
     * avoid exporting test helpers
     * uses set instead of add for memcache
     * adds memory as dist storage alt
     * extract tests into seperate files
     * avoid exposing internal structs and functions
     * heatmap: don't display cut cards
     * heatmap: fix error when series empty
     * heatmap: middle bucket bound option, #15683
     * rotate!
     * added new variables for spacing, set margins in _cards with new
     * better css
     * Revert "Fix Datasource Update to no User/Password"
     * rotate!
     * fix imageurl in notification test
     * add comment
     * attach themes to table story
     * reuse deprecationWarning
     * move to string.ts
     * move stringToJsRegex
     * get field mapping to actually work
     * add variable size storybook
     * cell builder cleanup
     * minor storybook cleanup
     * fix typos
     * autofill space rather than force with/height values
     * return table directly, not the debug info
     * Minor fix in values to histogram conversion
     * Fix histogram x-axis min/max
     * moved utillities to util
     * Change xaxis min and max form input types to number
     * Fix histogram xaxis min/max tests
     * Optionally set histogram x-axis min/max
     * table using MultiGrid
     * cleanup
     * cleanup
     * adding toolbar
     * adding stub table input CSV
     * docs: Fix indentation level for OAuth2 config
     * docs: update
     * merge master
     * docs: update slack alert notification settings
     * docs: update admin and user http api documentation
     * feat(api): support list/revoke auth token in admin/current user api
     * support get user tokens/revoke all user tokens in UserTokenService
     * @grafana/ui - release docs v1 (#15835)
     * Minor refactoring of copy tags when saving feature, #15446
     * Simple implementation for preserve tags, closes #11627
     * Updated prettierignore
     * Refactoring of PR #14772
     * Simple storybook
     * fix typo in pr template
     * add nil/length check when delete old login attempts
     * Minor refactoring of new react text panel
     * Improve rendering
     * fix allow anonymous server bind for ldap search
     * changed all rems to pixels in defaults and template, changed back root
       font size
     * piechart -> pieChart
     * Rename: Piechart -> PieChart
     * Import only what is used from d3
     * less nesting and add test
     * remove type field and add helper functions to check if data isTableData
     * add storybook
     * fixes typo in redis devenv
     * add support for memcached
     * add support for redis storage
     * add garbage collector for database cache
     * test at interface level instead impl
     * cache: initial version of db cache
     * don't include stuff from app/...
     * fix scss
     * rename to Table
     * rename to Table
     * fix type errors
     * move to grafana/ui
     * better sort function
     * use TableData, not interface
     * Make password hint configurable from settings/defaults.ini
     * move toTableData to grafana/ui
     * don't require x & y columns for timeSeries
     * use TableData for timeseries in react
     * Update
     * heatmap: reduce number of legend segments to reasonable value and
       round x values to prevent gaps
     * heatmap: fix legend padding
     * heatmap: fix legend for small values, #14019 #15683
     * status: alpha
     * changed root font to 100%(default 16px), changed font-size from px to
       rem, updated rem sizes in template and default.ts files, removed
       display classes and variables since not used, removed lead class and
       variables since not usedremoved serif font since not used and probably
       never should be used
     * Update core:start cli command to watch theme changes again (#15856)
     * Updated pull request template
     * Updated pull request rtemplate
     * Removed title case from issue template title
     * Updated issue template titles
     * Updated issue templates
     * Updated templates
     * fix: Update error message and replace npm with yarn #15851
     * fix: Make sure we dont add &autofitpanels to the url if it already
       exists #15849
     * fix: Update test snapshot
     * fix: Logo goes Home instead of toggling side menu #15482
     * Update for wrong spell
     * remove _
     * cleanup
     * use pure component
     * return the same panelData unless it changes
     * sortable class
     * Map dataSourceTypeSearchQuery state from redux to search input.
     * move rendering to its own file
     * try virtualized
     * Initial tooltip
     * Minor refactoring of PR #15770
     * Revert "Fix for leaving playlist mode"
     * Alternative fix to detecting when to stop a playlist, fixes #15701 and
     * fix discord notifier so it doesn't crash when there are no image
     * fix: Consistency in unit labels #15709
     * Update latest.json
     * Run prettier
     * position from add panel, dimensions from copied panel
     * Fix donut rendering
     * Run prettier
     * Fix pieType change
     * changelog: add notes about closing #14509 #15179
     * Render svg instead of canvas
     * fix: Add class for input fields with help icon to avoid icon hiding
       the text #15771
     * restore to current folder when restoring old dashboard version
     * fix(renderer): Vendor ansicolor as typescript
     * log phantomjs output even if it timeout and include orgId when render
     * keep size from copied panel and not from add panel widget
     * Added basic cherry pick helping task
     * Prevent search in VizPicker from stealing focus (#15802)
     * fix only users that can edit a dashboard should be able to update
       panel json
     * Updated changelog task
     * Fixed image rendering issue for dashboards with auto refresh, casued
       by missing reloadOnSearch flag on route, fixes #15631
     * use props.replaceVariables rather than templateSrv
     * Updated to add PR author, skip PR issue references
     * Added first iteration/poc of changelog task
     * Enable @grafana/ui version bump based on package.json contents
     * Fixed styling of gicon's in dropdown menus
     * cleanup plugin versions
     * use explore icon
     * fix comments
     * typescript functions on replace
     * remove console.log
     * add ScopedVars to replace function
     * Make datasource variables multiselect and dashboard repeatable
     * set height
     * add test file (ignored)
     * fix variable name
     * use typescrit in angular table
     * use react-table
     * add a basic alpha react table
     * Ensure clean master only when publishing package to npm
     * Remove log
     * Ensuring master branch when performing release
     * upgrade xorm packages to latest versions
     * Expose onQueryChange to angular plugins
     * docker: update prometheus2 block to version 2.7.2
     * use replaceVariables
     * Add a keybinding that toggles all legends in a dashboard
     * fix allow anonymous initial bind for ldap search
     * changelog: adds note for #8253
     * prettier
     * Aftermerge fixes
     * use default min interval of 1m for sql datasources
     * changelog: adds note about closing #15608
     * Fixed scrollbar not visible due to content being added a bit after
       mount, fixes #15711
     * Added comment to Docker file
     * moving
     * style: add gicon-shield to sidemenu class Closes #15591
     * remove `UseBool` since we use `AllCols`
     * fix: Move chunk splitting from prod to common so we get the same files
       in dev as prod
     * fix: update datasource in componentDidUpdate Closes #15751
     * changelog: add notes about closing #15739
     * Moved Server Admin and children to separate menu item on Side Menu
     * update version to 6.1.0-pre
     * Viewers with viewers_can_edit should be able to access /explore
     * Fixed scrolling issue that caused scroll to be locked to the bottom of
       a long dashboard, fixes #15712
     * reordered import
     * Wrapperd playlist controls in clickoutsidewrapper
     * Turn off verbose output from tar extraction when building docker
       files, fixes #15528
     * Hide time info switch when no time options are specified
     * Made sure that DataSourceOption displays value and fires
       onChange/onBlur events (#15757)
     * Updated react select fork to 2.4.1
     * utils: show string errors. Fixes #15782
     * Update
     * Update
     * Minor refactor of cli tasks (core start, gui publishing)
     * Fixed url of back button in datasource edit page, when root_url
       configured (#15759)
     * use onOptionsChange
     * use replaceVariables rather than onInterpolate
     * use updateOptions rather than onChange
     * changelog: add notes about closing #15650
     * changelog: add notes about closing #15765
     * fix: Kiosk mode should have &kiosk appended to the url #15765
     * changelog: add notes about closing #15077
     * org admins should only be able to access org admin pages
     * only editor/admin should have access to alert list/notifications pages
     * Added MaximumUsedTransactionIDs metric to list of AWS RDS metrics.
     * fix: When in tv-mode, autofitpanel should not take space from the
       navbar #15650
     * devenv: fixes incorrect influxdb config.
     * Fixes #15739
     * Don't mutate seriesList parameter in mergeSeriesByTime (#15619)
     * new stable docs version
     * Fix: #14706 Incorrect index pattern padding in alerting queries
     * fix
     * changelog: adds note about closing #14239
     * fix: prevent datasource json data stored as nil (#15508)
     * changelog: adds note about closing #10506
     * changelog: adds note about closing #15651
     * Return 404 on user not found (#15606)
     * Catch bad regex exception at controller level
     * Prettier fix
     * Add PiechartOptionsBox
     * docs: missing field added to example
     * 11780: invalid reg value can cause unexpected behaviour
     * Fixed right side scrollbar margin on dashboard page
     * fix: Return url when query dashboards by tag
     * Fix prettier
     * Initial rendering
     * Add PiechartType enum
     * Install d3
     * Remove extra props
     * Removed commented code
     * Fixed alias in Cloudwatch Expressions
     * Explore: Enable click on name label
     * Bumping grafana ui version (#15669)
     * Style and grammar fixes
     * big text option
     * Need this to be available for plugins
     * service: fix for disabled internal metrics.
     * docs: 6.0 whats new
     * Toggle stack should trigger a render, not a refresh
     * Updated latest.json with 6.0
     * docs: grafana 6.0 has been released.
     * moves social package to /login
     * moves tracing packge into /infra
     * changelog: adds notes for #14509 and #15179
     * graph: fixes click after scroll in series override menu
     * moves metric package to /infra
     * Explore: Make sure line graphs get different colors
     * stackdriver: change reducer mapping for distribution metrics
     * stackdriver: fix for float64 bounds for distribution metrics
     * update
     * style tweaks
     * Refactoring orientation stuff
     * Refactoring bar gauge
     * Refactoring bar gauge
     * Added missing file
     * refactoring repeater and code in gauge and bar gauge to reuse more code
     * docs: link to azure monitor from what's new in v6.0
     * Fixed value dropdown not updating when it's current value updates,
       fixes #15566
     * docs: tweaks to AzureMonitor docs
     * Added feature toggle to defaults.ini and sample.ini after PR comments
     * Moved variable to config struct after PR comments
     * Added feature toggle editors_can_own
     * updates all cols except created so user and password of the database
       can be chaned to no user and password
     * Fixed bug with getting teams for user
     * Improve Loki logs render with ANSI colors (#15558)
     * grafana/ui 6.0.0-alpha.0 release version bump
     * removed color in color variables names
     * changelog: add notes about closing #15303
     * changelog: add notes about closing #1441
     * update changelog
     * grafana/ui 1.0.0-alpha.0 release
     * Update grafana/ui readme
     * docs: landing page update
     * Bring back plugins page styles
     * docs: layout fixes
     * prettier fix
     * Make published package public by default
     * docs: fix link
     * docs: fix order of datasources in menu/index and update alert support
     * Fixed prettier issue in color picker
     * Update docs to match current npm scripts
     * Added keywords and description go grafana/ui package
     * Fixed failing tests because of circular dependency
     * Fix version and name in grafana/ui package.json
     * Imports updates
     * Implemented scripts for building and releasing grafana/ui
     * changed some more color variables to use variables
     * fixed tests
     * panel: defensive coding that fixes #15563
     * Minor fix/polish to gauge panel and threshold editor
     * copying options between visualizations
     * fixed issue in dark sass template
     * Updated body & page variables to use variables from code theme
     * updated building from source docs
     * fixed snapshots failing in master
     * Synced variable template files
     * fix: mysql query using __interval_ms variable throws error
     * Fixed scrollbar issue introduced in theme changes
     * Fix build
     * minor touch ups
     * Fix heading levels in
     * updated colors in light, dark and theme files, in template file basic
       colors uses variables from dark/light files, also changed  to -basic
       in some files
     * ValueOptions -> PiechartValueEditor
     * Make it build
     * fixes
     * added orientation option
     * export PiechartDataPoint from @grafana/ui
     * change valueOptions
     * get label and color from series
     * prettier fix
     * PieChartDataPoint -> PiechartDataPoint
     * Rename PieChartPanelEditor to PiechartPanelEditor
     * docs: adds Azure Monitor docs
     * Fix blue in dark theme
     * Readme update
     * Minor fixes
     * Review fixes
     * Fixes after merging #15468
     * Pass dashboardModel to PanelCtrl class. Fixes #15541
     * Add piechart to builtInPlugins
     * logo: svg -> png
     * Remove old overwritten sass vars
     * first draft of repeater component
     * docs: howto for recreating our debian repositories.
     * fix: Filter out values not supported by Explore yet #15281
     * Bump Prettier version (#15532)
     * updated theme variables to master
     * updated theme template files variables to master
     * add new issue templates
     * Fixes #15506
     * chore: graph2 panel plugin should use the new ReactPanelPlugin from
     * fix: Have the tab param removed from the url when leaving edit mode
     * reduce loglevel to debug
     * Fixes #15505
     * fix native annotation filtered by template variable with pipe
     * Fixed navbar backbutton padding
     * Updated explore icon and style tweaks Lowered icon size and improved
       paddings, tried to align placement between dashboard and explore
     * Display graphite function name editor in a tooltip
     * Fixing array direction, adding simple render test, fixes #15478 Fixed
       unit test and updated gauge Added migration for threshold order
     * changelog: adds note for #15500
     * fixed page-header-bg
     * cli: chmod 755 for backend plugin binaries
     * reversed most of grays in dark theme
     * Fixes #15477
     * Changed how react panels store their options (#15468)
     * Remove maxDataPoints and interval props from props to remember in
       panel model
     * Fix typo in view mode cykle button
     * Variables regenerated
     * Make clear that variable scss files are generated from templates
     * Fixed spelling issue in templating docs
     * Removed primary class from Add Query button, and changed name of Panel
       Options tab o General Options
     * improved formatting of variable docs
     * Datasource docs for Loki
     * Replace require with import in start task
     * Added enable_gzip documentation (#15322)
     * Add Lux to units
     * Fixed issue with PanelHeader and grid-drag-handle class still being
       applied in fullscreen, fixes #15480
     * Began work on handling panel type switching and keep setting
     * Fixed unit tests
     * Fixed gauge issue that will require migration later and also value
       options editor did not handle null decimals or 0 decimals
     * Added missing Gauge props
     * Bar gauge icon updated
     * Added bar gauge icon
     * Began work on adding options
     * Added basic tests
     * bar-gauge storybook
     * Began experimenting with a bar gauge
     * Also remove nested options prop that was there due to bug
     * Moved gauge value options into a sub oject and made editor more
       generic, will be moved out of gauge pane later and shared between
       singlestat, gauge, bargauge, honecomb
     * Added a ReactPanelPlugin as the interface that react panels export,
       this way react panels have clearer api, and gives us hooks to handle
       migrations and a way for panel to handle panel changes in the future
     * Changed how react panels store their options
     * Fixed prettier issue (#15471)
     * Initial commit
     * Added bar gauge icon
     * Began work on adding options
     * Added basic tests
     * run db tests in all packages
     * bar-gauge storybook
     * new dark-3 became new dark-2, created new lighter dark-3, changed
       panel-bg, empty-cta etc to dark-2
     * Began experimenting with a bar gauge
     * docs: suggested changes
     * docs: fix header
     * fixed handling of alert urls with true flags, fixes #15454
     * Fixed dashboard navbar buttons being visible in fullscreen, fixes
     * Added missing strict type checking options to grafana/ui and fixed
       type errors
     * Extracted common code for diff calculation
     * fix spelling error
     * whats new: rename security section
     * Fix percent_diff calculation when points are nulls
     * Restored loading spinner to DataPanel
     * rearrange bullet points in PR template
     * added another error message scenario
     * link to contributing guidelines in pr template
     * Fixes to error handling and clearing, also publishing of legacy events
       so old query editors work with react panels fully
     * contributing: adds link to help wanted label
     * contributing: adds link to our CLA
     * removes testing instruction from contributing doc
     * docs: move alerting above session
     * docs: mention samesite setting
     * increased blue in dark-1-5, dark-3 and dark-4
     * docs: adds note about new login cookie name
     * changed color for blue light in light theme + small changes in naming
     * Add missing nodemon dependency
     * make bug/feature titles more verbose
     * mentioned closes/fixes for new features
     * docs: improve removal of session storage for what's new in v6.0
     * docs: add upgrade notes for v6.0
     * docs: add note regarding auth proxy and user session requirement
     * docs: fix typo
     * removed more unused variables, restyled scrollbar
     * allow 90 percent of alertTimeout for rendering to complete vs 50
     * Fixed issue with sass variables used from typescript, the prettier
       lowercases export variables
     * using error callback from datapanel instead
     * docs: add availability note regarding non-compliant providers
     * Fixed sass vars template files
     * Added deprecation warning to npm watch script - use start script
     * added new dark variable to dark theme(the color used for page-bg),
       changed some backgroud colors that doesn't use variables to use
       variables, made some slight tweaks to dark variables, fixed so item
       hover is the same as card hover
     * Simple CLI for running grafana in dev env
     * Added common theme variabless generation, created GrafanaThemeCommons
     * contributing: improve guide for bug fixes
     * Changed devenv default data source to testdata
     * added support for influxdb non_negative_difference function in tsdb
     * added support for influxdb non_negative_difference function in tsdb
       for alerting
     * Remove precommit from npm scrips
     * More files that has fixed with prettier
     * Added prettierignore and check script
     * devenv: use grafana:dev image in ha test per default
     * devenv: send nginx logs to loki in ha test
     * devenv: proper fluentd conf for grafana and loki
     * devenv: use grafana/fluent-plugin-loki
     * devenv: trying to make fluentd with inoffical fluent-plugin-loki work
     * fixed issue with updatePopperPosition
     * Prettier had not been running as a precommit hook for some time so had
       to run in on all files again
     * removed _plugins.scss and _settings_permissions.scc, removed unused
       classes in _login.scss, reduced dark variabels in light theme and
       alignied light theme a bit with dark theme, turned blue-gray, dark-3
       and panel-bg variables into one variable and removed gray-7 in dark
     * feat: Add EmptySearchResult ui component and use it in VizTypePicker
     * Revert "feat: Add css-support for invalid form input elements"
     * Revert "feat: Highlight vizpicker input when there are no panels
       matching the search query"
     * Regenerating variabless sas on theme edit v1
     * Fixed a minor plugin json lingering issue
     * Removed some icons in action button Trying to align some title case
     * implement show error in panelcorner
     * Forgot about the snapshots
     * Renamed to FilterInput and added label and search icon
     * feat: Highlight vizpicker input when there are no panels matching the
       search query
     * Updated a few plugin json files with dataFormats
     * feat: Add css-support for invalid form input elements
     * remove comments
     * bubble error from datapanel to panelchrome
     * Changed noQueries to a dataFormats array that will allow a panel to
       define supported formats and prefered (first in array)
     * use authtoken for session quota restrictions
     * Fixed issues with double page body and husky pre-commit hook
     * fix: No need to have edit permissions to be able to "Save as" a
     * Revert "chore: wip: Replace brace with ace-builds to get latest
       version of ace"
     * chore: wip: Replace brace with ace-builds to get latest version of ace
     * fix: Error tooltip should have white text on red background. Not red
       text on red background
     * Move explore selectors to a separate file
     * removes unused session code
     * chore: Rename renderPanel to renderPanelBody
     * chore: Rename renderDataPanel to renderPanel
     * chore: Rename renderHelper > renderDataPanel and move logic to smaller
     * chore: PR feedback, shorten boolean check
     * chore: Rename isDataPanel to noQueries
     * chore: Only show Queries tab for panel plugins with isDataPanel set to
     * feat: Only use the DataPanel component when panel plugin has
       isDataPanel set to true in plugin.json. And fix PanelData when using
     * feat: Add util to convert snapshotData to PanelData
     * feat: Introduce IsDataPanel attribute to plugin.json
     * fix: Add missing typing
     * Fixes #15372 with number input and parseFloat
     * Revert "hard move"
     * chore: PR feedback, shorten boolean check
     * chore: Rename isDataPanel to noQueries
     * Merge with master
     * Found another input that was tied to a regexp
     * Fixes bug #12972 with a new type of input that escapes and unescapes
       special regexp characters
     * enable testing provsioned datasources
     * Fixed elastic5 docker compose block
     * Added one more test case for color resolving helper
     * Fix error caused by named colors that are not part of named colors
     * Fixed issue with gauge requests being cancelled
     * Update package.json
     * changelog: adds note for #15363
     * Move deduplication calculation from Logs component to redux selector
     * style tweak to alert
     * Removed plus icons
     * hard move
     * restoring green CTA
     * Removed double page container
     * chore: Only show Queries tab for panel plugins with isDataPanel set to
     * Removing default thresholds values.
     * adds edition to build_info metric
     * Updated lint-staged
     * changelog: adds note for #14623
     * Fixed double page class on api keys and org details page
     * Color tweaks
     * azuremonitor: don't use make for maps and array
     * changed back to old green in light theme
     * changelog: add notes about closing #15258
     * changelog: add notes about closing #15223
     * changelog: add notes about closing #15222
     * changelog: add notes about closing #15122
     * changelog: add notes about closing #15219
     * changelog: add notes about closing #14432
     * update changelog
     * changelog: adds note for #15131
     * changelog: add notes about closing #15284
     * Fixed issue with light theme introduced by #15333
     * devenv test dashboard
     * minor style update
     * revert ds_proxy timeout and implement dataproxy timeout correctly
     * changelog: adds note about closing #15295
     * azuremonitor: fix auto interval calculation on backend
     * Minor style fixes
     * Remove not related code
     * make sure opentsdb takes dashboard timezone into consideration
     * make sure influx takes dashboard timezone into consideration
     * Do not read store state from toggle panelaction creator
     * make sure graphite takes dashboard timezone into consideration
     * Review changes
     * return series label if selected stat is name
     * Fix plugin loading failure message not being displayed
     * fixes invalid folder check
     * extract notifiers folder creation to new if statement
     * interval: make the FormatDuration function public
     * Fixed missing time axis on graph due to width not being passed
     * make sure notifiers dir exists for provisioning in docker
     * should be able to navigate to folder with only uid
     * renames usage state name for auth token
     * Clear visualization picker search on picker close
     * Update
     * changelog: adds note about closing #15288
     * v1
     * removed extra semi-colon
     * Commented out the Loki dashboard query editor
     * added old green to dark-theme
     * Fixed issue with logs graph not showing level names
     * set secondary to new blue
     * removed unused directive
     * Fixed issue where double clicking on back button closes sidemenu
     * changelog: add notes about closing #8570
     * update changelog
     * changelog: add notes about closing #14233
     * changelog: add notes about closing #15189
     * changelog: add notes about closing #13324
     * azuremonitor: small refactoring
     * azuremonitor: handles timegrain set to auto on backend
     * Navbar back button, no title edit this time
     * provide time range to angular query controllers
     * azuremonitor: add test for dimension filter
     * azuremonitor: refactor azure monitor api code into own file
     * azuremonitor: handle multi-dimensions on backend
     * use timeSrv in metricFindQuery as timeRange
     * remove unnecessary spy
     * azuremonitor: add support for aggregations on backend
     * Fix formatting
     * Add aws ec2 api metrics for cloudwatch
     * Improve usability showing disabled lines in forms
     * Fixed issues with plus button in threshold and panel
       option header, and current state in viz picker, fixes #15329
     * support three letter hex color strings
     * azuremonitor: simple alerting for Azure Monitor API
     * use unique datasource id when registering mysql tls config
     * azuremonitor: builds a query and sends it to Azure on the backend
     * mark packages as Apache license
     * Minor refactoring around theme access
     * Use TS instead of JS to store theme variables at next
     * Do not use js theme variables in sass (poor dev experience for now)
     * Update config mock in metrics panel controller test
     * ldap: refactoring.
     * ldap: fixes #14432. Fix for IPA v4.6.4
     * ldap: adds docker block for freeipa
     * feat: Only use the DataPanel component when panel plugin has
       isDataPanel set to true in plugin.json. And fix PanelData when using
     * feat: Add util to convert snapshotData to PanelData
     * feat: Introduce IsDataPanel attribute to plugin.json
     * fix: Add missing typing
     * slight tweaks
     * fixed explore width-0 issue, fixes #15304
     * Persis deduplication strategy in url
     * Support ANSI colors codes in Loki logs
     * adds usage stats for sessions
     * Panel edit navbar poc
     * make sure to create provisioning/notifiers directory for deb and rpm
     * log root cause error when reading from provisioning directories
     * moves usage stats sender to new package
     * changelog: add notes about closing #15291
     * Removed unnecessary code from ColorPicker and extended theme type
     * Selecting theme variable variant helper function
     * added reducers tests
     * update docs
     * added way to test action called from react component
     * Added annother initDashboard test
     * removes cleanup setting from docs
     * make hourly cleanup the default behavior
     * fix single gauge
     * removed direction and series mode options, cleaned up the code somewhat
     * Simplified condition
     * support json format templating
     * support /api/v1/labels
     * devenv: update ha test and load test
     * run token cleanup job when grafana starts, then each hour
     * Added another error object message detection
     * Fixed some remaining issues
     * Improved dashboard page test
     * Improved dashboard page test
     * Big refactoring for dashboard init redux actions
     * Fix SemVersion.isGtOrEq
     * making changes suggested in review and improving typings
     * fix
     * show timeseries label under gauge
     * Minor cleanup
     * Added test for SASS variable retrieval function from JS definition
     * Updated stories to use new theming
     * move authtoken package into auth package
     * vertical and horizontal, removed mode option
     * move UserToken and UserTokenService to models package
     * Add failing test
     * Rename version_test to version.test
     * change UserToken from interface to struct
     * replaced some hex values with variables
     * some changes i forgot to save in first push in variables.dark
     * removed trailing whitespace
     * removed unused theme variables, removed empty sections, aligned the
       order of sections in the files
     * combine mode with avg value
     * Fix issue with graph legend color picker disapearing on color selection
     * changelog: add notes about closing #12546
     * Added a basic test for initDashboard thunk
     * docs: update annotaions http api
     * azuremonitor: improve autocomplete UX
     * Added DashboardPage tests that tests view mode transition logic
     * azuremonitor: fix autocomplete menu height
     * Revert "chore: Replace sizeMe with AutoSizer in DashboardGrid"
     * Revert "chore: Remove react-sizeme"
     * fix spelling
     * wip: tests
     * middleware fix
     * enhanced expiration logic for lookup token
     * changelog: add notes about closing #15265
     * Address review comments
     * auth token clean up job now runs on schedule and deletes all expired
     * changes needed for api/middleware due to configuration settings
     * change configuration settings in auth package
     * document login, short-lived tokens and secure cookie configurations
     * refactor login/auth token configuration settings
     * remove unused code
     * Added ServerlessDatabaseCapacity metric to list of AWS RDS metrics.
     * changelog: add notes about closing #8207
     * Minor code simplification
     * Delete template.html
     * cloudwatch: Add tests for resource_arn template query
     * cloudwatch: Add resource_arns template query function Implements
       feature request #8207
     * update to aws-sdk-go v1.16.15
     * Updated add panel related flows
     * Update types and themes usage in components
     * Implemented theme context and renamed/moved theme related types
     * refactor panel
     * changelog: adds note for #15182
     * Breaking init dashboard up in to fetch & init
     * stackdriver: fixes #15182
     * Closing timepicker when clicking outside the picker
     * Optimized so we only do checks when dropdown is opened
     * stackdriver: add some more typings
     * Fixed so that we close angular TimePicker when user clicks
       outside the dropdown
     * Moved remove panel logic to dashboard srv
     * first working draft
     * Removed unused controllers and services
     * Improved error handling
     * fix: Update snapshot
     * chore: Explore: Remove inner AutoSizer, spread the size-object to
       width/height, change height type to number
     * chore: Remove react-sizeme
     * fix: Calculation issue with AutoSizer in explore
     * chore: Replace withSize with AutoSizer in explore/Graph.tsx
     * chore: Replace sizeMe with AutoSizer in DashboardGrid
     * Prevent viewers from going into edit mode
     * Expand rows for panels in collapsed rows
     * Basic loading state for slow dashboards
     * Fixes #15223 by handling onPaste event because of bug in Slate
     * Fixed add panel should scroll to top
     * minor layout change, simple render test
     * azuremonitor: improve autocomplete experence
     * docs: fixes #14940
     * Added custom scrollbar and remember scroll pos to jump back to same
       scroll pos when going back to dashboard from edit mode
     * created new color variables, changed primary to blue, changed
       success-btns to primary-btns.
     * azuremonitor: more autocomplete suggestions for built-in functions
     * Updated playlist test
     * added missing typing to explore props
     * added comment to initDashboard
     * improve the stackdriver logo
     * Fixed so onBlur event trigger an QueryChange and QueryExecute if
       values differ
     * Renamed initialQueries to queries
     * Added PATCH verb end point for annotation op
     * move auth token middleware/hooks to middleware package
     * auth package refactoring
     * render after leaving fullscreen
     * added flags to vizpicker from query param
     * Added playlist controls to new react DashNav
     * Fixed lots of loading flow issues and updated solo route page
     * Set page title on dashboard load
     * now /api/login/ping returns Response
     * Added handling of kiosk mode
     * WIP Enable js defined theme to be used in SASS
     * fix: Explore: Query wrapping on long queries #15222
     * azuremonitor: fix where suggestions
     * prepping go to visualization
     * azuremonitor: use kusto editor for App Insights
     * basic layout
     * fixed unit test
     * Made dashboard view state srv panel view state obsolete
     * fix: Set ace editor min height to avoid problem with scrollbar
       overlapping ace content #15122
     * Missed to save
     * fix: Data source picker in panel queries options should
       overlap content below, including ace scrollbar #15122
     * Fixed handling of orgId
     * Fixed template variable value changed handling
     * Fixed bug with removing a QueryRow thats not part of nextQueries
     * Now handles all dashbord routes
     * Replaced intialQueris with queryKeys
     * fix util for splitting host and port
     * azuremonitor: where clause autocomplete
     * azuremonitor: don't go back to dashboard if escape pressed in the
     * azuremonitor: suggest tables initially
     * azuremonitor: add more builtin functions and operators
     * Reverted redux-logger
     * Added more typings
     * added submenu, made sure submenu visibility is always up to date
     * changelog: add notes about closing #14231
     * Removed modifiedQueries from state
     * fixing logging action
     * devenv: switching back using loki master plus various fixes
     * Fix save provisioned dashboard modal
     * Merge with master
     * Refactor of action, actionTypes and reducer
     * More types and some refactoring
     * Alignment of interfaces and components
     * Removed the on every key change event
     * Add AWS/Neptune to metricsMap and dimensionsMap
     * added time picker
     * refactorings and cleanup
     * mssql: pass timerange for template variable queries
     * improving dash nav react comp
     * fixed panel removal
     * Added more buttons in dashboard nav
     * wip: progress
     * Url state -> dashboard model state sync starting to work
     * Dashboard settings starting to work
     * wip: dashboard in react starting to work
     * wip: minor progress
     * wip: dashboard react
     * base64 encode encrypted oauth token fields
     * Add string quote func
     * Remove option used to control within browser
     * Remove length from text columns
     * Add oauth pass-thru option for datasources
     * did not add file, removing centerered
     * Legend toggle should only trigger a re-render, not a refresh
     * first stuff
     * updated snapshot
     * Adding pointer to colorpicker
     * Minor post review changes
     * More style tweaks to panel option group add button
     * Made some style tweaks
     * setting margin on label
     * Make runQueries action independent from datasource loading
     * fixing test
     * add button in header
     * minor fix
     * Made really good progress on loki support in dashboards
     * Temporarily run queries independently from UI state of explore panels
     * Remove extra newline
     * Clearify the Run from master instructions
     * Use slate-plugins from app/features/explore
     * Remove newline && runner plugins
     * Move prism to app/features/explore
     * Restoring explore panels state from URL
     * Remove version.ts
     * introduce samesite setting for login cookie
     * sending paneldata to component, gauge can handle table data
     * always delete session cookie even if db delete fails
     * New solo panel route working in all scenarios I can test
     * Removed unused factory and fixed index based mapper lookup
     * Fixed dashboard row title not updating when variable changed, fixes
     * Removed comment from panel editor
     * signout user if /api/login/ping returns 401 unauthorized
     * must return json response from /api/login/ping
     * adds more tests signing out session
     * changes some info logging to debug
     * wip
     * tailing grafana logs and temporaily using an older build
     * add missing ngInject annotation
     * renames signout function
     * delete auth token on signout
     * typing data
     * changelog: adds note about closing #10780
     * Do not render time region line or fill if colors not provided
     * Fixed row options html template location, fixes #15157
     * creating table data type
     * wip: New react container route for solo panels that supports both
       angular and react panels
     * build: enterprise release co project.
     * Fixed another type of fluent reducerFactory
     * Moved dashboard state components to state folder
     * Moved time_srv to services folder, this should not belong to dashboard
       feature but it is too dependant on dashboard to move it out now, needs
       a bigger refactoring to isolate from dashboard
     * Moved a few things around
     * Removed then clauses, no need to test the test within the test
     * Updated what's new article
     * Added reducerTester, reducer tests and tests
     * Removed ActionTypes and fixed a noPayloadActionCreatorFactory
     * Replace usages of kbn.valueFormats with ui/getValueFormat
     * Refactored Datasources as POC
     * Fix anchor
     * Added download links to docs
     * Updated docs
     * Updated version again
     * Updated version and made some changes to changelog and what's new
     * docs: Added version notice for time range variables
     * Added loki video
     * spell fixes
     * chore: Add typings for react-grid-layout and react-virtualized
     * fix: Don't open panel menu when dragging (react-)panel in dashboard
     * chore: Add missing typings in PanelResizer
     * chore: Fix typings and remove bindings for arrow functions in
     * Updated explore section again
     * Updated explore section
     * fixe merge issue
     * updated what's new article
     * adjusting types to match
     * Add storybook script to run it from root dir
     * Minor change to Action interfaces
     * Simplified inteface for reducerFactory
     * Fixed a small bug and added case sensitivity
     * docs: whats new tweaks
     * Added reducerFactory and tests
     * Minor updates to text and image placements
     * docs: add video link to what's new
     * whats new: note about session storage
     * first implementation
     * Added actionCreatorFactory and tests
     * whats new: provisioning for alert notifiers
     * Rename SetInitialQueries action to QueriesImported
     * Add missing code
     * changelog: adds note for #15129
     * docs: update to what's new
     * docs: wip - what's new for 6.0
     * Minor style fix to button group
     * Fixed failing unit test
     * Added basic docs
     * Minor refactoring and adding some typing
     * changelog: add notes about closing #14709
     * fixed sqlite issue introduced by #14709
     * Change primaryAggregation to crossSeriesReducer in Stackdriver
     * update changelog
     * changelog: add notes about closing #12764
     * fix: Remove legacy title-prop and update document.title when navModel
       is changed #15108
     * Explore: query field should not propagate non-text change
     * Wait for queries to be imported before proceeding with datasource
     * removing alpha
     * Remove commented code
     * Tweaked panel option group styles
     * Import queries before datasource is changed
     * fixed prettier on switch component
     * adding from and to built in variables
     * azuremonitor: adds macros to slate intellisense
     * Fixed issue with explore changeTime redux action not being hooked up,
       fixes #15115
     * Fixed explore query editor styling issues
     * azuremonitor: remove wrong completions
     * azuremonitor: autocomplete on enter
     * Progress on tooltip style update
     * azuremonitor: fix tests
     * devenv: loki provisioned datasource
     * azuremonitor: revert "memory for webpack build"
     * Azure Monitor: replace monaco by slate with initial Kusto syntax
     * docker: block for loki
     * Make language provider cancelable in Loki and Prometheus QueryField,
       to avoid setting state on unmounted component
     * Add util for handling promise cancelation to avoid setting state on
       unmounted components
     * stackdriver: remove beta notice from config page
     * increasing font size on longer strings
     * magic number solution
     * Propagate event to onChange prop in Switch component
     * two minor bug fixes introduced in recent refactorings
     * Minor progress on react query editor support, solving updating query
       persisted state
     * did some styling changes
     * Updated Explore query styles to align them to other query editor to
       make them fit in better
     * chore: Fix typings and add Page-component to FolderPermissions #14762
     * chore: Fix typings and add Page-component to ServerStats #14762
     * chore: Fix typings and add Page-component to AlertRuleList #14762
     * chore: Fix typings and add Page-component to DataSourceDashboards
     * fix: Add plugins to StoreState interface
     * chore: Fix typings and add Page-component to NewDataSourcePage #14762
     * chore: Fix typings and add Page-component to DataSourceSettingsPage
     * chore: Fix typings and add Page-component to FolderSettingsPage #14762
     * test: Updated snapshot
     * chore: Fix typings and add Page-component to TeamPages #14762
     * fix: Add pageName default to avoid "Loading undefined..."
     * changelog: adds note about closing #10487
     * pkg/util/{filepath.go,shortid_generator.go}: Fix golint issues
     * pkg/util/{ip.go,url.go}: Fix some golint issues
     * pkg/util/*: Add missing function comments.
     * docs: updates docs to refer to using uid
     * azuremonitor: increase memory for webpack build
     * gofmt issue
     * moves test files into testdata folder
     * renames alert_notifications -> notifiers
     * changelog: add notes about closing #14711
     * update inline documentation
     * extract parsing of datasource tls config to method
     * extract tls auth settings directive from datasource http settings
     * changelog: add notes about closing #13711
     * changelog: add notes about closing #5699
     * Fix for annotations not clearing when switching dashboards, fixes
     * Import fix
     * build: ignore latest
     * Spelling/grammar fixes in top level markdown files
     * build: publishes armv6 to
     * Removed the initial data source as I could not see it being used
     * Initialize named colors palete lazily
     * Fix thresholds default colors not being applied
     * removes unnessecary db request
     * Making sure we do not pass a long invalid queries and save to state
     * single import for types from @grafana/ui
     * tab/spaces formatting
     * Revert "Updated home dashboard, removed home dashboard header"
     * Fixed wrong line in test
     * Made sure we only resetTypeahead if mounted
     * Delayed explore query loading indicator and implemented minor ux
       improvements to it
     * fixing test
     * support both uid and id for showing/removing notifiers
     * Revert "Use the same panel loading indicator in explore as
       on dashboard's panel"
     * Firing off an action instead of listening to location changes
     * Handle undefined graph and table results
     * enable explore by default
     * Use the same panel loading indicator in explore as on dashboard's panel
     * Prevents query result cleaning when new query trransaction starts
     * Changes after PR Comments
     * Made ExplorerToolbar connected and refactored away responsabilities
       from Explore
     * Removed some split complexity
     * Fixed some more styling
     * Fixed close split look and feel
     * Fixed position of Closesplit
     * Fixed small issue with TimePicker dropdown position
     * Simplified some styles and dom elements
     * Fixed some more with the sidemenu open and smaller screens
     * Fixed so heading looks good with closed sidemenu
     * Restructure of component and styling
     * Refactored out ExploreToolbar from Explore
     * updating state if no panel
     * updated the color palette
     * Fixed reinitialise of Explore
     * changelog: add notes about closing #13929
     * changelog: add notes about closing #14558
     * changelog: add notes about closing #14484
     * changelog: add notes about closing #13765
     * changelog: add notes about closing #11503
     * changelog: add notes about closing #4075
     * changelog: add notes about closing #14722
     * update changelog
     * changelog: add notes about closing #10322
     * changelog: add notes about closing #12991
     * update changelog
     * Update datasource before the loading has started
     * Add cursor pointer to color swatches
     * Fixed import path
     * changelog: adds note about closing #14701
     * upgrade golang to 1.11.5
     * moves timeout tests to an integration test
     * Moving a few things from dashboard folder
     * Correct formatting of sqlstore_test.go
     * pkg/services/dashboards/dashboard_service.go: simplify return
     * Updated url query param encoding to exctly match angular encoding
     * Updated snapshot
     * Added missing props not being passed to scrollbar component, fixes
     * Parse database host correctly when using IPv6
     * Document /api/health
     * some working solution, needs refactor
     * changelog: adds note for #15062
     * Do not update color picker popover position on tab change
     * change default rotate_token_minutes to 10 minutes
     * Rename deprecation warning helper
     * Implemented tests for ColorPickerPopover and NamedColorsPalette
     * fix
     * load test/ha fixes
     * set low login cookie rotate time in ha mode
     * Fix light theme issues with named colors disabled
     * Stories cleanup
     * fix multiple piechart instances bug
     * scripts/build/*: Fix some golint issues
     * scripts/build/*: Fix golint issues Url => URL
     * build: fixes building grafana completely within docker.
     * dont specify domain for auth cookies
     * monaco-kusto: fix imports
     * use @alexanderzobnin/monaco-kusto package for kusto syntax highlight
     * New snapshot reflecting changes
     * Makes the clickable side menu header look great in light theme again
     * org id fix for load test
     * user auth token load tests using
     * add global datasource proxy timeout setting
     * moves cookie https setting to [security]
     * Azure Monitor: build monaco with webpack WIP
     * Use Switch to control y-axis in series color picker
     * Move Switch component to grafana-ui
     * improves readability of loginping handler
     * Bug Fix #14961
     * minor styling changes to gaps, font-size and width
     * makes sure rotation is always higher than urgent rotation
     * use defer to make sure we always release session data
     * Enable custom picers on color color picker popovers (for y-axis
       support in legend picker)
     * feat: Use CustomScrollbar in explore #14752
     * chore: Better comment
     * chore: Remove comment and unneeded export
     * fix: Enable -webkit-scrollbar related css when there's no
       overlay scrollbar #14807
     * fixes broken test
     * Make series overrides color picker display correctly
     * removes unused/commented code
     * removes old cookie auth configuration
     * makes auth token rotation time configurable
     * Update story for NamedColorsPalette
     * Update imports of NamedColorsPalette
     * Restore missing styles
     * Fixed issue with color name retrieval not being aware of current theme
     * Fixed dashboard import issue after move
     * Moved add panel panel and renamed it to add panel widget
     * Fixed react key warning for loki start page
     * Moved row options to it's own component folder
     * Removed old query inspector (that was opened by clickin error in panel
       title) think the new query insector from Queries tab can replace this
       old one.
     * Moving files to better locations
     * Disable query should trigger refresh
     * added docs entry for check_for_updates config flag, fixes ##14940
     * Loki query editor is starting to work, had to make changes to explore
       query field in order to update query from the
       outside without unmount between
     * store oauth login error messages in an encrypted cookie
     * Removed sass import of spectrum.scss
     * replaced palette colors with current palette adjusted for dark and
       light theme
     * Remove spectrum.js vendor dependency from grafana/ui
     * changed light-theme tool-tip to be a bit lighter, trying different
     * Fix hide timeout for color picker
     * Rename colorsPalette util to namedColorsPalette
     * Make small swatches react to theme changes
     * redirect logged in users from /login to home
     * Explore: Fix scanning for logs
     * Update styles of selected named color swatch
     * restrict session usage to auth_proxy
     * Implement pointer component for spectrum palette sliders
     * minor updates
     * Make default color picker close on trigger mouse leave
     * Moved ad hoc filters and upload directive
     * Added deprecation warning to old color picker API props. Moved named
       color support handling to color popovers
     * changed color for label tooltips from blue/red-yellow gradient to
     * Moved dashboard srv and snapshot ctrl
     * Moved share modal
     * Moved dashboard save modals to components folder
     * Moved unsaved changes service and modal
     * Removed unused alertingSrv
     * Moved view state srv to services
     * Moved timepicker to components
     * Moved submenu into components dir
     * Moved dashboard settings to components
     * Moved dashboard permissions into components dir
     * Moved history component, added start draft of frontend code style guide
     * fix: Use custom whitelist for XSS sanitizer to allow class and style
     * Reduce padding in color picker popover
     * Began work on improving structure and organization of components under
       features/dashboard, #14062
     * Fix a typo in changelog
     * Implemented new spectrum palette
     * Update
     * use resetfolder instead so it shows current folder
     * Updated home dashboard, removed home dashboard header
     * fixes nil ref in tests
     * add setting for how to long we should keep expired tokens
     * stores hashed state code in cookie
     * creates new config section for login settings
     * based on encodeURIComponent() using strict RFC 3986 sub-delims
     * fix: Dispatch the correct action (#14985)
     * passing middleware tests
     * Stories update for color picker
     * Make named colors optional in color picker, enable named colors in
       graph legend series picker
     * Storybook - add actions addon
     * fixes:#14282 - Do not change folder for persisted dashboards
     * extract auth token interface and remove auth token from context
     * Fixed issues with the sanitizie input in text panels, added docs,
       renamed config option
     * build: removes arm32v6 docker image.
     * Updated version in package.json to 6.0.0-pre1
     * build: armv6 docker image.
     * build: skips building rpm for armv6.
     * build: builds for armv6.
     * CustomScrollbar - expose underlying's react-custom-scrollbars API to
       allow scroll tracks config.
     * Explore: mini styling fix for angular query editors
     * Removed unused props & state in PromQueryField
     * chore: Remove logging and use the updated config param
     * chore: Reverse sanitize variable so it defaults to false
     * feat: wip: Sanitize user input on text panel
     * fix: Text panel should re-render when panel mode is changed #14922
     * Minor rename of LogsProps and LogsState
     * Splitted up LogLabels into LogLabelStats and LogLabel
     * Make popover hide delay configurable to enable better UX
     * Stories - fix import
     * Enable new color picker in Gauge and Thresholds editor, use
       ThemeProvider instead of ContextSrv
     * Updated table tests to new behavior for colors (values are always
       rendered as hex/rgb)
     * Make named colors usable in angular code pt 1
     * Story updates
     * Update grafana/ui exports
     * Refactor color picker to remove code duplicartion (introduced
       colorPickerFactory). Allow popver position update on content change
     * Fix lint
     * Updated stories
     * Rendering arrows for color picker, applying color changes to time
     * Fix TS errors
     * Stories updates
     * Unified color picker API, allowed for color specified for theme
       selection, updated code to changes in PopperController API
     * Get rid of unused renderContent prop on PopperController
     * Enabled knobs for storybook and implemented some stories
     * Lint fix
     * Render series color picker with correct theme
     * Added config provider to be able to access config easily from   react
     * Migrating color pickers to Popper from drop.js pt1
     * Updates to Popper to be positions correctly within window
     * Move tooltip themes to Tooltip component making
       Popper/PopperController theme agnostic
     * WIP Basics of named color picker
     * Refactored out LogRow to a separate file
     * Removed strange edit
     * Added link to side menu header and fixed styling
     * Moved ValueMapping logic and tests to separate files
     * more auth token tests
     * Fixed data source selection in explore
     * Added refId to missing queries on panel model init
     * adds cleanup job for old session tokens
     * Fixed loading of default query editor
     * Changed null logic for range value mappings after PR comments
     * fix tests after renaming now
     * Added check for null value in ValueMappings and added tests
     * s/print/log
     * avoid calling now() multiple times
     * passing auth token tests
     * fixed trailing whitespace
     * handle expired tokens
     * fixed circleci script run path for gometalinter
     * Fixed circleci name for gometalinter exec step
     * moved script and added exit_if_fail
     * Moved gometalinter to a script instead of seperate commands in
       circleci file, removed megacheck and added staticcheck
     * set userToken on request when logging in
     * moves initWithToken to auth package
     * set cookie name from configuration
     * Added function hasAccessToExplore in ContextSrv and refactored tests
     * change rotate time
     * mixor fixes
     * dead code
     * fix ip address parsing of loopback address
     * removes commented code
     * moves rotation into auth since both happens before c.Next()
     * fix: Viewers can edit means that viewers have acces to Explore #14281
     * Add loop counter for full refresh in playlist
     * decreased panel height in edit mode
     * toggle collapse when clicking on collapse state text
     * Query editor row style update & sass cleanup
     * Delete .all.ts at neomake_22624_74.ts
     * Further refinements of typings
     * more typings work around data query and data source
     * wip: progress on adding query types
     * wip: more typings
     * wip: typings
     * Revert "Specify expected encoding for access/secret key"
     * Moved add query button to the right
     * Updated removing notification channel by uid
     * Check that alert notification with id already exists in notification
     * change enabled to true
     * Fixed scrollbar issue where it jumped to the top
     * Added test case dashboard
     * fix: Hack for getting the same height in splitted view, view could use
       refactor IMHO #14853
     * Minor refactoring and name changes
     * Fixed issue with explore angular query editor support introduced by
       recent angular query editor changes
     * Redid logic for fontcolor and thresholds in Gauge and added tests
     * Make sure we do not change -Infinity
     * Passed the theme to Gauge
     * Added tests for formatted value
     * Small refactor of Gauge and tests
     * Added typings and refactored valuemappings code
     * Moved Gauge to ui/components
     * Preparing move to ui/viz
     * Fixed getFontColor, added tests and fixed thresholds logic
     * Removed baseColor
     * add timeout test for alert handling.
     * remove maxage from session token
     * fix broken code
     * fix cannot set cookie when response is written
     * began work on react query editor props and integration
     * Added data source type to explore state
     * updated snapshot
     * renaming DataSource type to DataSourceSettings and moved to grafana ui
     * Fixed issue with team and user picker, fixes #14935
     * Moved data source and data query types
     * Moved plugin types to @grafana/ui
     * log fix
     * inital code for rotate
     * wip: moved plugin exports
     * build: usage instruction for repo test.
     * build: comments
     * Minor fix scrollpos when duplicating
     * build: updates ci deploy.
     * build: fixes the path for gsutil and gcloud.
     * build: fixes permissions issue.
     * removed unused props from angular query component interface
     * Additional query editor row tweaks
     * Query editor row in react is working
     * shortening callback functions
     * Explore: Fix datasource selector being empty with single datasource
     * Scroll to top when visualization picker is opened
     * Made scrollbar have scrollTop and setScrollTop props so we can control
       scroll position
     * build: only build amd64 for enterprise.
     * azuremonitor: guard for when switching from monaco editor
     * azuremonitor: move files into grafana
     * Query editor row react progress, buttons working
     * build: test script for rpm repo.
     * chore: Replace the deprecated SFC with FC
     * chore: Wrap footer with React's memo hoc
     * chore: Reduce code duplication by letting the page component adding
       the header and taking care of the page title
     * mini stylefix to select component
     * - quick typo fix
     * removing Label and going with FormLabel
     * Use light theme in storybook
     * Toggle edit mode works
     * login users based on token cookie
     * test: Update snapshots and mocks
     * build: deb repo update test usage instructions.
     * fix: Use Page component on "Api Keys" and "Preferences" under
     * build: uploads binaries before metadata in deb repo.
     * feat: Generate page titles from navModel
     * test: Updated snapshots
     * chore: Better way of getting the body node
     * chore: Reactify footer
     * fix: Add Pages component to Plugins and TeamList
     * fix: Configuration: Users should also use the Page component
     * feat: Possibility to change document title on pages using the Page
     * fix: Add CustomScroller on DataSources page
     * fix: Proper types for linter
     * test: Snapshot update
     * fix: Fix import path after Scrollbar move to @grafana/ui
     * POC of page layout component
     * Added uid to AlertNotification json
     * Converted notification id to uid via fmt for old alert notification
     * Returned id for alert notifications which were created without uid
     * Formatted errors to err
     * Using func InitNotifier for verifying notification settings
     * Added uid for alert notifications
     * Renamed validation funcs for alert notification
     * Commented alert_notifications sample config
     * Instantiating notifiers from config before using
     * Added parameter org_name of alert notification to documentation
     * Added orgName parameter for alert_notifications
     * Added alert_notification configuration
     * redoing input props
     * another minor style change
     * More style tweaks to thresholds
     * fix: Manually trigger a change-event when autofill is used in
       webkit-browsers #12133
     * move styling
     * renaming after pr feedback
     * minor style change
     * wip: testing new query editor row design
     * Removed snapshot
     * Refactored ValueMappings
     * Moved ValueMappings to grafana/ui/component and renamed it
     * Moved Label to grafana/ui/components
     * build: repo update testable and more robus.
     * Experimenting with generating doc for ui component
     * Move action properties to payload
     * Fixed small bug with entries outside the min max values
     * Fixed NaN issue when parsing
     * Remove BasicGaugeColor from state
     * Fixed so that we can not change base threshold
     * Fixed so added threshold colors are always unique
     * Fixed issue with changing value not changing index
     * Fixed styling for small screens
     * Reordered the input row
     * Fixed the circle
     * Fixed styling
     * Refactored logic in ThresholdEditor
     * File organization, action naming, comments
     * Fix reducer issues
     * Connect Explore child components to store
     * Update comments
     * Move types to types/explore
     * Save state in URL and fix tests
     * Allow multiple Explore items for split
     * WIP Explore redux migration
     * Fixed a bug with prefix and suffix not showing when using value
     * fixing imports, minor fix on mapping row
     * test and minor fix on mapping row
     * updated snapshot
     * Added suffix interpolation
     * Scrollbar select fix
     * Remove duplicated import
     * Initial commit
     * changelog: adds note for #14795
     * Move ColorPicker leftovers to @grafana/ui
     * inject login/logout hooks
     * begin user auth token implementation
     * utils
     * fix: It should be possible to scroll in the unit picker before
       selecting a value #14871
     * fix go fmt
     * [Feature request] MySQL SSL CA in datasource connector
     * removes debug2 logging
     * removes error2 logger
     * WIP: good progress on react query editor support
     * Updates to latest checking.
     * 5.4.3 changelog
     * changelog: adds ntoe about closing #12864
     * fix that alert context and result handle context do not use the same
       derived context.
     * docs: add a title to the Explore docs
     * stackdriver: converts some variables from any to types
     * FormGroup component and implements
     * Restored http settings directive that was hidden in an unused angular
       controller page
     * stackdriver: small fixes after reactifying
     * changelog
     * stackdriver: add help text for bucket alias
     * Prometheus: Fix annotation step calculation
     * stackdriver: fixes space before caret icon in query editor
     * Fixed Syntax for folder permission's JSON
     * avoid infinite loop in the dashboard provisioner
     * build: fixes release problems.
     * changelog: add notes about closing #5968
     * wip: another wip commit
     * Moved panel editing components to it's own folder
     * removed old unused angular stuff, rename
     * wip: react query editors
     * Move panel width/height calculation to PanelChrome
     * Updated singlestat to use new value format function syntax and
       capitalized unit categories, fixes #12871
     * build: build specific enterprise version when releasing.
     * Fixed Gauge being cropped when resizing panel
     * units: adds back velocity units. Fixes #14851
     * Fix bug tls renegociation problem in Notification channel (webhook)
     * Fix Error 500 on unexisting /api/alert-notification/<id>
     * updated snapshot
     * Minor renames and other fixes
     * pushover: add support for attaching images (closes #10780)
     * panel option section moved to grafana-ui and new panel
       option grid component
     * Simplified folder structure in grafana-ui lib
     * Addedd assertions about raw time range when panel time
     * Panel time override tests
     * add feedback to what interval is being used (calculated in the backend)
     * use typings for ds and template srv
     * value formats: another rename and updates code to use new valueFormats
     * value formats: renamed folder
     * Reverted move of defaults for GaugePanelOptions
     * refactoring alias by
     * Move Select styles to grafana/ui
     * Moved defaultProps to ui/components
     * Moved the rest of Threshold dependencies to ui/components
     * Renamed Threshold files
     * Renamed Thresholds to ThresholdsEditor
     * Moved Thresholds and styles to grafana/ui/components
     * Removed default export for colors
     * Fixed typings
     * Small change in SeriesColorPickerPopoverProps
     * Moved colorpicker to ui/components
     * Fixing test and small refactor
     * Moving to grafana ui, fix issue with TestRuleResult
     * Fix panel time overrides not being applied fully
     * access scope directly from this. update tests
     * build: makes sure all builds use the latest container.
     * changelog: docker images for arm.
     * Renamed Select related components: Picker* to Select*, Option* to
     * build: removes curl install from build.
     * build: tags arm as well as amd64 as latest.
     * Docker image for ARM
     * Fixing TS and updating snapshot
     * make sure frequency cannot be zero
     * refactoring. fix broken test
     * Migrate Select components to @grafana/ui
     * provide angular directive scope props correctly
     * docker: enable flux in influxdb docker block
     * Moved Thresholds and styles to grafana/ui/components
     * Update
     * 11503: escape measurement filter regex value
     * 4075: Interpolate tempvar on alias
     * rename
     * fixing unitpicker
     * removing tests
     * React graph panel options component rename
     * Minor refactor of Gauge panel
     * Revert "Docker image for ARM"
     * Revert "build: fixes docker push."
     * build: fixes docker push.
     * feat: Add brand as tooltip theme and use it on panel edit tabs #14271
     * Docker image for ARM
     * fix broken test
     * chore: Remove ScrollBar component, superseded by CustomScrollbar
     * Update storybook static files option to load statics correctly
     * unregister event listener correctly
     * Changes after PR comments
     * Removed unused refClassNameprops from Propper
     * Fixed a small bug when toggling items in toolbar
     * build: deploys enterprise to its own repo.
     * build: inline docs
     * build: publishes beta releases to separate repos.
     * refactoring
     * build: makes repo update enterprise compatible.
     * build: uses official deployment image.
     * build: adds aptly and createrepo to deploy tools.
     * build: handles unexpected cases.
     * build: only adds the correct packages to the repo.
     * build: rpm repo deploy.
     * build: repo update input error.
     * build: release of debs to our debian repo.
     * Added tests for TestRuleButton
     * Removed Test Rule button from Angular and view
     * Added TestRuleButton
     * Hint for user on when the repeat is applied
     * Removes unnecessary warnings from webpack output about missing exports
     * Use factors for max repeated panels per row
     * Fixing TS errors and updating snapshot
     * Move Portal to @grafana/ui
     * chore: Move sass code related to custom scrollbar into @grafana/ui
     * Post merge updates
     * chore: Move CustomScrollbar to @grafana/ui #14759
     * changed light theme page background gradient
     * WIP
     * Max number of repeated panels per row
     * wip
     * Make tooltips persistent when hovered
     * docs: rpm/deb beta repo.
     * update snapshot
     * add form grow
     * fix: Clean up per PR feedback. Thanks @dprokop
     * removing duplicated things
     * minor code refactor
     * splitting into more files
     * Moved AlertTab and StateHistory to app/features/alerting
     * fix: When loki is default data source, datasource is passed as
       undefined to QueryOptions #14667
     * remove redundant max-width. it's already declared in
     * add typing for metric descriptor
     * Removed unused Popover component
     * Update components to fit updated PopperController API
     * make templateSrv a prop
     * Refactored withPoper HOC to PopperController using render prop
     * use correct event handler name convention. register directive on
     * fix: Remove the onRenderError prop and add an ErrorBoundary component
     * replace fragment with empty jsx tags
     * refactoring tests
     * ugly fix. will be removed later on
     * adds note for #13914 and #14581
     * moved all units
     * fix: GraphPanel should be a PureComponent
     * fix more broken tests
     * feat: Display error when plot fail to render
     * wip: fix broken tests
     * adding more units and functions
     * Remove the jump effect on run query button
     * ugly temporary fix for scope issue. will be removed later
     * refactoring
     * fix filter bug
     * fix: Light theme corner bg color update
     * set max width on the whole menu list instead
     * bind array instead of function
     * feat: Add "theme" to Tooltip
     * Notify user on query error
     * Revert "Revert "add max width to group header description""
     * Revert "add max width to group header description"
     * remove not used property
     * fix broken tests
     * use correct type for select option
     * set issearchable default value to true
     * make variable type more slim
     * remove group name from select component. let the parent set group name
     * move component to components dir. also move directive registration out
       from datasource
     * add template variable type
     * rename template variables prop
     * rename selected prop
     * rename searchable prop
     * improve component performance
     * add max width to group header description
     * remove debug logging
     * rollback test state to before template variables were added
     * cleanup
     * move template variable logic to component
     * remove extra arrow div
     * fix condition that expands group if it has a selected child. also make
       it possible to pass expanded as a prop
     * align input widths
     * remove console log
     * rename directive
     * remove linebreak
     * remove old group heading
     * use new generic picker
     * remove on metric type change
     * fix remove filter bug
     * use same color for label as in explore dropdown
     * cleanup query filter
     * update failing tests
     * remove redundant default value
     * use new option group in aggregation directive
     * remove redundant default value
     * wip: add option group component
     * wip: add basic option header
     * Wrap react select component in angular directive
     * updated scrollbar snapshot
     * remove not used files
     * Fixed new gometalinter issues
     * fix JSON in responses for Admin API documentation
     * 14722 - removing unnecessary arn check that breaks assume role feature
       in other AWS partitions
     * Fixed issue with cut legend in firefox & mobile devices, fixes #14744
       and #14489
     * Some cleanup
     * EqualFold()
     * forgot go fmt
     * pull connection string args from url instead
     * Add mean on distribution as well
     * docs: updated debian and centos repo.
     * Fix stackdriver aggregation series merge
     * first stuff
     * Updated documentation for new macros
     * Minor refactoring of EditorTabBody
     * Fixed timepicker css issue introduced by PR #14700 and remove hotfix
       from 297241c
     * AlertTab style fixes
     * Updated alert tab layout & markup
     * Changed datasource list page default layout mode
     * Fixed timepicker css issue introduced by PR #14700
     * Added macros to mysql
     * FIxed syntaxis mistake unixEpochNanoFrom and unixEpochNanoTo
     * Added previous macros to mssql
     * Added unixEpochNanoTo and unixEpochNanoFrom macros to postgresql
     * Renamed unixEpochFilterNano to unixEpochNanoFilter
     * cleanup
     * add aggregation tests
     * add tests
     * Fix issue with value disappearing when selecting stat
     * Fixing issue with value color being wrong
     * initial design for way to build value formats lazily and a backward
       compatability layer via Proxy
     * fix template variable bug
     * Don't cut off subsecond precision for postgres macros
     * Nanosecond timestamp support postgresql
     * remove not used file
     * Fixed new gotmetalinter warning
     * add support for defining additonal database connection string args via
     * clear history
     * cleanup. remove comments, not used files etc
     * state history tab
     * fix broken tests
     * use correct type for select option
     * set issearchable default value to true
     * make variable type more slim
     * remove group name from select component. let the parent set group name
     * move component to components dir. also move directive registration out
       from datasource
     * add template variable type
     * rename template variables prop
     * rename selected prop
     * rename searchable prop
     * improve component performance
     * add max width to group header description
     * remove debug logging
     * rollback test state to before template variables were added
     * cleanup
     * move template variable logic to component
     * remove extra arrow div
     * fix condition that expands group if it has a selected child. also make
       it possible to pass expanded as a prop
     * align input widths
     * remove console log
     * rename directive
     * remove linebreak
     * remove old group heading
     * use new generic picker
     * remove on metric type change
     * fix remove filter bug
     * use same color for label as in explore dropdown
     * cleanup query filter
     * update failing tests
     * remove redundant default value
     * use new option group in aggregation directive
     * remove redundant default value
     * wip: add option group component
     * wip: add basic option header
     * Wrap react select component in angular directive
     * s/initialDatasourceId/initialDatasource/
     * add alert in react instead of angular
     * Fixed issues with panel size in edit mode, fixes #14703
     * hide protip if not defined
     * fix filter bug
     * add help text component
     * Tweak datetime picker layout for mobile
     * Explore: Remember last use datasource
     * Update yarn.lock
     * Logs data model: add more log levels
     * Review feedback
     * Explore: fix loading indicator z-index on panel container
     * Loki: change query row to be single field again
     * Explore: logging UI style fixes
     * Loki: query limit configurable in datasource
     * Removed rxjs compat
     * ldap: adds extra debug logging
     * reactify annotation query editor
     * adds orgId to user dto for provisioned dashboards
     * Update rxjs
     * closes the body properly on successful webhooks
     * makes cache mode configurable
     * Fix general tab typos
     * added node-sass as dev dependency, needed after I removed grunt-sass
     * Husky and sasslint fixes, fixes #14638
     * Added a form component to @grafana/ui
     * created visualizations folder
     * Fixed JQuery typing issues
     * Typings issues
     * wip: moving react graph component to grafana/ui
     * Don't do a full frontend release build in test-frontend job, added
       typescheck (tsc noEmit) instead, fixes #14639
     * Moved sass for component to @grafana/ui lib
     * Moving a couple of types to @grafana/ui
     * Testing moving out one type to grafana/ui
     * Increased margin between controls in logs panel, fixes #14637
     * Fixed dashboard links not updating after variable or time range
       change, fixes #14493
     * Fixed group button tooltip placement from auto to bottom, fixes #14634
     * Removing erroneous backtick in docs
     * Updating docs for auth_proxy whitelist CIDR support
     * Add timestamp back to log entry type
     * Update public/app/plugins/datasource/loki/result_transformer.ts
     * Loki: fix timestamp field
     * Fixed panel height & scroll issue with flexbox in firefox, fixes #14620
     * remove segment srv prop
     * use ds template srv reference
     * remove not used stuff
     * add event handler
     * add help component
     * Add support for InfluxDB's time zone clause (backend)
     * note to future me
     * delete works
     * grunt test task update
     * Add support for InfluxDB's time zone clause
     * @grafana/ui lib now contains one components, seperate lint & tsc steps
     * changelog: add notes about closing #14519
     * Grafana ui lib is starting to work
     * typings and renamings
     * breaking up grafana into multiple packages poc
     * add project and help component
     * add alias by component
     * add alignment periods component
     * cleanup aggregation picker
     * move alignment population code to parent component. make alignment a
       stateless component instead.
     * flatten target obj
     * Grafana ui library poc
     * elasticsearch: support bucket script pipeline aggregations
     * Add units for blood sugar concentration 💉
     * on deselect when reducer is set to none
     * add alignment component
     * Fixes undefined issue with angular panels and editorTabs
     * changelog: adds note about closing #14562
     * refactor aggregation picker
     * use render props pattern
     * Update field name
     * Add documentation
     * use template variable prop
     * cleanup
     * Rename the setting and add description
     * export init notifier func
     * render editor toolbar buttons
     * Increase recent and starred limit in search and home dashboard, closes
     * changelog: adds note about closing #14486
     * Panel help view fixes
     * rewrite angular view
     * Add min/max height when resizing and replace debounce with throttle
     * changelog: adds note about closing #14546
     * Adding tests for auth proxy CIDR support
     * fix only add column if not exists for mysql
     * changelog: adds note about closing #14109
     * fix handling of indices with multiple columns (mysql)
     * fix only create/drop database indices if not exists/exists
     * fix signed in user for orgId=0 result should return active
       org id
     * Another take on resizing the panel, now using react-draggable
     * only update session in mysql database when required
     * Raise datasources number to 5000
     * improve component performance
     * add max width to group header description
     * copy props to state to make it visible in the view
     * remove debug logging
     * rollback test state to before template variables were added
     * cleanup
     * move template variable logic to component
     * remove extra arrow div
     * refactor to not crash when no links
     * updating snaps
     * renaming component
     * panel help working
     * snapshots: Close response body after error check
     * fix condition that expands group if it has a selected child. also make
       it possible to pass expanded as a prop
     * align input widths
     * Update sample and default configs
     * Add OAuth provider flag to indicate if it's broken
     * Register BrokenAuthHeaderProviders if needed
     * Add units for Floating Point Operations per Second
     * remove console log
     * rename directive
     * remove linebreak
     * remove old group heading
     * use new generic picker
     * remove on metric type change
     * fix remove filter bug
     * use same color for label as in explore dropdown
     * cleanup query filter
     * update failing tests
     * remove redundant default value
     * use new option group in aggregation directive
     * remove redundant default value
     * wip: add option group component
     * wip: add basic option header
     * Wrap react select component in angular directive
     * Minor update
     * Make sure panel id is unique since some datasources (Graphite) will
       cancel ongoing requests with the same panel id
     * changelog: adds note about closing #14548
     * Adding CIDR capability to auth_proxy whitelist
     * Minor cleanup now that angular panel edit is no longer
     * Gauge option form markup fixes
     * toolbaritems viztab
     * filter out table responses that don't have columns and rows
     * enable goto explore from query panel editor for all datasources
     * started with component for generic panel help
     * moves migrations to /sqlstore/migrations
     * adds integration tests to ci build
     * renames main lock function
     * clean up integration tests
     * change from db_text to nvarchar
     * adds server lock package
     * initial verison of server lock
     * Minor react graph panel refactorings and fixes
     * sorting tests for change value
     * Fixes issues with user and team picker
     * fixing coloring
     * upgrade to golang 1.11.4
     * remove printed index
     * updating test
     * adding threshold
     * Refactoring react graph
     * updated dropdown typeahead to place down instead of up, works better
       when inside scrollable area
     * minor style tweak
     * propagate initial state back to explore query runner
     * Update
     * Update
     * minor style fixes
     * Updated snapshot
     * Switched to react-select fork
     * ldap: upgrades go-ldap to v3
     * table: fixes #14484. Renders epoch string if date column style
     * changelog: adds note for #14483
     * Fix for no metrics panels, now goes to viz tab and does not show
       queries tab
     * minor style fix
     * minor change to table panel edit options
     * minor tweaks to text panel
     * Fixes and cleanup
     * Show predefined time ranges as first in timepicker on small screens
     * code cleanup in add panel, and switched off grid css transforms to fix
       z-index issuse
     * minor tweaks to alert tab
     * fixed name of alert tab
     * removed unnessary test
     * updated add panel a bit
     * minor style fix
     * updated snapshot
     * fixes to unit picker
     * updates on thresholds component
     * remove check on axis.used in flot #13765
     * Added custom scrollbar to select component
     * removed a test that isn't neccessery any more
     * replaced content in addpanelpanel with three buttons that can create
       new panel, paste copied panel, and add a new row, to paste panel one
       must copy one first, code is still quite rough
     * fixed cloudwatch issue
     * select refactor fixes
     * gauge working without thresholds
     * changin colors
     * explore using data source picker
     * fixing issue with copy invite link
     * getting closer with no thresholds
     * renamed folder to select
     * User picker using common select componnet
     * wip: unifying select components
     * fixing input unit test failure
     * fixed issue with switching panels
     * refactored panel-option-section into react component
     * removed console log
     * updated styles
     * starting with threshold refactor
     * wip: convert angular directives to react components
     * wip: style change progress
     * Update latest.json
     * wip: styles are starting to come together
     * wip: styles
     * wip: testing new styles
     * wip: style changes
     * fixed ordering changing panel types, fixes issues with loading panel
     * moving min/max to gauge options
     * log error when resolvePath
     * wip: minor style changes
     * wip: changes
     * break out metric picker and filter
     * migration: renames logging ds to loki ds in data_source table
     * loki: updates the logo
     * fixing tests
     * mixing color when
     * wip
     * wip
     * remove on metric type change
     * things are working
     * fix remove filter bug
     * use same color for label as in explore dropdown
     * cleanup query filter
     * changelog: add notes about closing #8843 #11175
     * fixed unit tests
     * update failing tests
     * remove redundant default value
     * wip
     * wip
     * redone state
     * display value map or range map
     * add oauth_auto_login setting to defaults file
     * use new option group in aggregation directive
     * wip
     * remove redundant default value
     * Adding mixed query
     * Check with lowercase
     * wip metrics tab changes
     * changelog: adds note about closing #13754
     * wip: making things work again
     * React-select refactorings
     * wip: add option group component
     * wip: add basic option header
     * wip: react select css refactoring
     * docs: fix broken link on explore page
     * wip
     * changing type and started on Gauge
     * fix threshold test
     * Adding label
     * styling on dropdowns
     * Using drop down instead
     * Filter tags select box on text input #14437
     * fixed id bug
     * Using an id to identify mappings
     * Change KeyboardNavigation from hoc to render prop component
     * Clean up hoc and extend component props automatically
     * Let VizTypePicker use the keyboard navigation hoc
     * Moved more metrics tab to react
     * Wrap react select component in angular directive
     * Don't show heading for first tab
     * snapshots: Add support for deleting external snapshots
     * docs: explore
     * snapshots: Move external snapshot creation to backend
     * snapshots: Add external_delete_url column
     * Add keyboard navigation to datasource picker via a hoc.
     * Use react's onKeyDown event on the input instead of event listener on
     * Explore: Improved line parsing for logging
     * fixed typings and remove
     * updated publish script
     * Unmount component when fading out to reset its state, such as search..
     * Variable rename. Did not make sense at all.
     * Fix styling for vizPicker keyboard nav and change so only arrow
       up/down is OK to use
     * fixed styling
     * Start adding keyboard navigation to VizPicker
     * use links instead of bridge network
     * fix time regions bugs
     * fixed issue with colorpicker position above window, fixes #14412
     * fixed issue with singlestat and repeated scopedVars, was
       only working for time series data sources, and only if there was any
        series, now scoped vars is always set, fixes #14367
     * fix search tag issues, fixes #14391
     * Clear query models when changing data source type, fixes #14394
     * fixed issue with grid responsive mode
     * fixed max height issue not being respected by react select dropdown
     * removed side menu for column styles, added small header to column
       styles with a border
     * Use correct variable name in fail text
     * Fix search field styles
     * Enable search also after editing
     * Explore: Split logging query into selector and search
     * Fix logs panel meta wrap
     * Explore: dont pass all rows to all rows, fixes profiler
     * Explore: Logging dedup tooltips
     * Explore: Hide scanning again after result was found
     * Explore: Fix timepicker inputs for absolute dates
     * Switch to global match for full browser support of escaped custom vars
     * Allow backslash escaping in custom variables
     * Fixed issue with logs graph and stacking
     * align yellow collor with graph in logs table
     * minor style change
     * Add the AWS/SES Cloudwatch metrics of BounceRate and ComplaintRate.
       Pull request #14399
     * logs style polish
     * allow sidemenu sections without children still have a hover menu/header
     * explore logs options styling
     * transparent toggle style and new button group style
     * Toggle buttons
     * render a value mapping row
     * removed side menu from display options, kept overrides in display
       options, moved thresholds and time regions to its
       own section in visualization
     * changelog: adds note about closing #11221
     * removes unused code
     * fixes merge error
     * remove result format. might add this later
     * filter out build in datasources. add unit test
     * click on dashboard title moves you back to dashboard instead of search
     * graphInterval needs to update after query execution, fixes #14364
     * Explore: Parse initial dates
     * Aligned styling of stats popover/box with rest of grafana & minor css
     * Remove Explore > "New tab" from sidebar
     * initialize empty variables array in constructor so that datasources
       can use the array in explore
     * Prometheus: Make result transformer more robust for empty responses
     * add table support flag in influx config
     * add scoped vars to query options
     * Rebase fixes
     * Explore: Logging line parsing and field stats
     * fixed unit tests
     * made unknown color theme aware and sync with graph color, some minor
     * initial stuff
     * Explore: improve error handling
     * use render props instead of cloneElement
     * sort of a hacky way to figure if the small variation should be used
       for the label
     * add basic button group component, using the the same label style as is
     * Restore PluginEditCtrl accidently removed
     * explore logs styling
     * wip: alternative level styling & hover effect
     * wip: explore logs styling
     * more detailed error message for loki
     * If user login equals user email, only show the email once #14341
     * UserPicker and TeamPicker should use min-width instead of fixed widths
       to avoid overflowing form buttons.  #14341
     * wip: explore logs styling
     * restoring monospace & making sure width are correct when hiding columns
     * fixed logs to time series calculation issue, increased bucket size,
       fixes #14248
     * Always open panel links in new window if user asked for it #14333
     * Changing from PureComponent to Component to re-render on link updates
       made in Angular #14333
     * minor tweaks, now table renders faster and changes less on second
       stage rendering
     * explore logs css refactoring, step1
     * explore logs styling poc, WIP
     * Fix transparent option #14333
     * Add prop key to panelPropsString to avoid a bug when changing another
       value and the render doesnt trigger
     * loki: adds proper error handling for config page
     * renames Grafana Logging ds to Loki
     * Pass some panel props down as strings to trigger render #14333
     * Trigger panel.render on title, description, links change #14333
     * Put issue number to test code
     * Fix bug what updating user quota doesn't work
     * Fix bug what updating org quota doesn't work
     * public/app/plugins/*: Fix some misspell issues
     * public/sass/*: Fix misspell issue
     * public/app/features/*: Fix some misspell issues
     * public/app/core/*: Fix some misspell issues
     * Fix small typo
     * fix snapshots
     * Added isDefault switch on settings
     * fix to switch component
     * Rename BodyPortal to Portal and accept prop "root" which is where the
       portal should be placed
     * Create a portal and use it with our popper component (tooltip and
       popover) to avoid potential
     * add icon
     * explore data source selector fix
     * Update css to use the border-radius variable and add a new variable
       for the popper's distance to its ref
     * Update
     * fix for panel-initialized event not being called
     * refactored and added tests for panel model remember properties
     * redact value for plugin proxy routes
     * pkg/*: Fix misspell issues
     * fix for panel embedding. Solo panel height was not correctly set. Made
       panel--solo into panel-solo class. in develop branch we have remove
       the need for the panel class
     * added support for influxdb cumulative_sum function in tsdb
     * Use buildTableConstraint instead of buildSchemaConstraint to find the
       datatype of a column if using a table from a different database schema
     * Readme: We should write Node.js the same way in all places in the
     * Small tooltip css-adjustments and add css for position "bottom-start"
       used by the panel header corner
     * Explore: Display duplicate row count as number
     * Adapt styles
     * Explore: Logging query live preview of matches
     * added max-widths to explore start pages boxes
     * Alert tab fails when datasource method targetContainsTemplate doesnt
       exist #14274
     * improve comments
     * fixed promql and loggging syntax so all punctuation chars are treated
       the same, remove hover move
     * remove all query empty related code. root cause of the problem was to
       fix hasNonEmptyQuery
     * Let the cached props from previous visualization be the masters,
       unless specified in keepLatestProps const
     * POC on how to save away settings from a viztype and restore when
       switching back to it #14274
     * remove redudant spread
     * Set query empty condition in render function. Also clear query
       transactions when no valid query is present
     * Remove query empty from model
     * fixed logging start page
     * Use popover styles for stats popover
     * Fine tune stats styles
     * Tests for label stats calculation
     * Explore: Logging label stats
     * stop scanning when clear all button is clicked
     * build: update latest when pushing docker.
     * Use origin meta
     * only display scan button if there is at least one existing selector
       that returned an empty result
     * minor refactoring
     * Explore: return to grid layout for logs table
     * Add VizPicker search #14274
     * changelog: add notes about closing #11067
     * fixed grabage in markup
     * fix: align input backgrounds for code editors
     * fixedUnit for Flow:l/min and mL/min
     * feat: #11067 prevent removing last grafana admin permissions
     * another style fix for broken dark theme word highlight
     * fix time regions using zero hours
     * Misc styling fixes to explore: start page, slate code editor colors,
       text highlight in auto completeter suggestion
     * Revert commit
     * only make it possible to scan for older logs if there is at least one
       non failing selector
     * update package.json to next version
     * Stick to .tsx? for babel file test
     * changelog: add notes about closing #13815
     * changelog: add notes about closing #14246
     * arrow function
     * changelog: add notes about closing #12653
     * fix for add/remove labels
     * Hid "Forgot your password" link from login menu when reset is disabled
     * Prevent password reset when login form is disabled or either LDAP or
       Auth Proxy is enabled
     * fix for initial options
     * minor css fixes
     * update changelog
     * update latest.json to latest stable version
     * new stable docs version
     * minor css fix
     * redid props for gauge options
     * dataproxy: Override incoming Authorization header
     * changelog: add notes about closing #14228
     * Explore: Show logging errors from backend
     * change obj order when merging so that correct format is being used
     * Explore: Fix logging query parser for regex with quantifiers
     * Update
     * Fixed typo in function name
     * Explore: Fix label and history suggestions
     * tidy import
     * let each sql datasource handle timeFrom and timeTo macros
     * style changes for panel placeholder (move and resize) effect
     * never load fallback query field. remove commented code
     * add an error alert component that will be displayed when there was an
       error loading ds in explore
     * fix: minor style changes, removed hover scale increase
     * react-panel: Add nullcheck to prevent error on datasources without
       meta options
     * react-panel: Options button should always be enabled now when Time
       Range-options are there
     * react-panel: Move time range options to its own component and render
       it under the options button instead
     * created color enum
     * make sure target obj is not destructured so that angular copy of
       objected can be mutated
     * Review feedback
     * react-panel: Add test for Input with validation on blur
     * react-panel: Input validation should be optional
     * react-panel: Clean up input validation and increase code readability
     * react-panel: Time range options moved to "Queries" tab
     * react-panel: Remove mock response button for now
     * react-panel: Remove comments and improve readability in render()
     * react-panel: Use correct type for children prop to avoid the use of
       fragments <></>
     * react-panel: Remove json-formatter-js since we will continue with the
       "patched" version
     * react-panel: Move all query inspector logic into QueryInspector
       component and start with the "Mock response"
     * react-panel: Toggle Expand/Collapse json nodes in Query Inspector
     * react-panel: Add CopyToClipboard-component and separate QueryInspector
       to its own component from QueriesTab
     * react-panel: Trigger panel refresh when opening inspector. Add
     * react-panel: Replace JSONFormatter npm package with the current monkey
       patched JsonExplorer
     * react-panel: Clean up the JSONFormatter and make sure it updates both
       on mount and when props update
     * react-panel: Get real datasource query for query inspector
     * react-panel: Create component for JSON formatting and use it on query
     * changelog: add notes about closing #14167
     * make getAll return array instead of object
     * remove obsolete test
     * Update
     * Add AWS/CodeBuild namespace for CloudWatch datasource
     * Fixed styling issues with new checkbox style
     * Fix other misspell issues
     * docs/*: Fix misspell issues
     * Fix misspell issues
     * Explore: Logging render performance
     * remove log
     * min and max value
     * update gauge on remove threshold
     * user added thresholds state
     * console logs and code layout
     * pass data correctly to event handler
     * revert Label change
     * update color on gauge when changing
     * remove explore check - make it possible to load all datasources
     * add table support flag for stackdriver
     * add table support flag for prometheus
     * add table support flag for postgres
     * add table support flag for opentsdb
     * add table support flag for mysql
     * add table support flag for mssql
     * add table support flag for logging
     * add table support flag for graphite
     * added google_tag_manager_id from defaults.ini
     * removed extra whitespace
     * Update
     * added new icons, fixed so different icons in different themes, added
       animation to hover on icons, styled choose visualization and
       datasource for both themes, made som styling adjustments to whole
       panel editor
     * sorting tests
     * remove border
     * color indicator
     * add new flag in order to be able to indicate whether the datasource
       has native support for tables
     * prevent explore from crashing when table is not present in response
     * Explore: Logging label filtering
     * Logging: fix query parsing for selectors with multiple labels
     * using percentage to not hide search when smaller screen
     * build: explaining the linux build.
     * check for null with toLocalString (#14208)
     * Fix elastic ng-inject (build issue) (#14195)
     * add current editor to panel targets
     * Added stop scan button
     * Explore: Scan for older logs
     * color picker
     * remove time srv initialization
     * restructure imports
     * get intervals from explore function
     * unregister all query editor event listeners
     * remove comments
     * temp remove until stackdriver implements explore
     * sort on value
     * use default range from time picker
     * Requested Backend changes, removed link in popover description for the
       offset field
     * Remove confusing <> from variable intro
     * includes ranges correctly in the options object
     * docker: Upgrades base packages in the images.
     * small fixes
     * logic for adding rows, styling
     * chore: correct pause-all-alerts auth in docs
     * Requested Backend changes, added details to popover description for
       the offset field
     * Explore: Fix JS error when switching between 2 prometheus datasources
     * color touches
     * Add support for Offset in elasticsearch datasource, date_histogram
       aggregation, fixes grafana #12653
     * Fix tests to account for sortText
     * build: always test publisher.
     * build: packages linked to
     * Fix tests to account for loglevel long names
     * Explore: Filter logs by log level
     * styling
     * created test for some functions
     * update changelog
     * mock interval data
     * fix handle of elasticsearch 6.0+ version
     * rename variable
     * hide row specific buttons when query editor is rendered from explore
     * add support for explore events
     * minor style fix
     * minor fixes
     * docs: various fixes of what's new in v5.4
     * use plugin_loader directly instead of using the wrapper
     * docs: fix old ldap url redirect
     * fixed issue with babel plugin proposal class properties that initiated
       properties to void 0. This breaks angularjs preAssignBinding which
       applies bindings to this before constructor is called. Fixed by using
       fork of babel plugin.
     * Explore: make query field suggestions more robust
     * Fix abbreviations of Litre/min and milliLitre/min (#14114)
     * Sort Prometheus range suggestions by length
     * docs: what's new in v5.4
     * Explore: swtiching to logging should keep prometheus labels in case of
     * tweaks to gf-inline-form style PR #14154 change
     * adding back button
     * styling tweaks
     * initial commit
     * docs: signout_redirect_url description in auth overview
     * minor style changes
     * Sticky footer for all pages
     * edit mode styling
     * edit mode styling
     * edit mode styling
     * Added comments
     * style tweaks
     * render and sort
     * return actual error if failing to update alert data
     * Fix issue with deleting a query (empty string not updating)
     * Fix history rendering for DataQuery
     * margin when listing multiple gf-form should be right
     * styling progress
     * Fix a typo
     * panel edit ux experiments
     * changelog: add notes about closing #14150
     * temporary fix for starting grafana not running systemd
     * cloudwatch: handle invalid time ranges
     * cloudwatch: recover/handle panics when executing queries
     * Combine query functions
     * Renamed targets to queries
     * added icons for panel-edit side menu
     * updates time range options for alert queries
     * format: remove </input> and align tabs
     * updating state
     * Explore: Introduce DataQuery interface for query handling
     * Fix set utilities for explore section
     * typos in docs/sources/alerting/
     * typos in docs/sources/alerting/
     * fixed failing graph tests
     * gfdev: fixes unparseable for duration
     * fixed issue with new legend not checking if
     * gfdev: adds alert always in pending state
     * docs: adds example timeline for alerting for
     * build: docker build for ge.
     * react-panel: Avoid duplicate keys
     * added alert tab to new react panel editor
     * update path to alerting for image
     * started on thresholds
     * react-panel: Add data source "options". Needs UX, WIP.
     * update release publish script links
     * fixes to view mode for panels, can now go back as before
     * Add visibility toggle for explore graph series
     * what's new in v5.4 placeholder
     * fix label and default threshold
     * react-panel: Add data source "help"
     * fix for issue with error view in production builds
     * changelog: adds note for #13561
     * update changelog
     * stackdriver: remove not used variable
     * fixed menu to go to panel view mode
     * stackdriver: use angular dropdown so that we can restrict user input
     * stackdriver: make sure object type queries are also checked for
       vtemplate variables
     * minor style update
     * changelog: adds note about closing #13577
     * adds basic auth configuration to default.ini
     * added header section to legacy tabs
     * stackdriver: reset defaults.ini
     * changelog: add notes about closing #14120
     * changelog: add notes about closing #14129
     * switch slider changes
     * linters.
     * build: correct filters for ge build artifacts.
     * build: releaser supports releasing only some artifacts.
     * Revert "docs: building Grafana on arm."
     * Add doc for api "GET /api/users/:id/teams"
     * Re-organize packages and add basic auth test
     * Revert "Update google analytics code to submit full URL not just path"
     * Add Cloudwatch/CloudHSM Metrics and dimensionMaps
     * remove react warning
     * added chekbox and other tweaks
     * refactor options, show labels and markers
     * docs: building Grafana on arm.
     * stackdriver: add query keyword to service, metric and project since
       these were the only fields in the editor that was missing it in the
       whole editor
     * Explore: POC dedup logging rows
     * stackdriver: add query keyword style to query fields
     * stackdriver: fix failing test
     * stackdriver: reimplementing service variable query type
     * Revert "typo fix"
     * typo fix
     * prefix and suffix
     * decimals
     * update snapshot
     * stackdriver: fix failing tests
     * changelog: add notes about closing #13352
     * changelog: add notes about closing #13810
     * changelog: add notes about closing #13605
     * changelog: add notes about closing #13876
     * changelog: add notes about closing #13946
     * changelog: add notes about closing #13555
     * changelog: add notes about closing #13425
     * changelog: add notes about closing #13655
     * stackdriver: update docs
     * stackdriver: add support for template variables
     * react-panel: Finish the data source search on query tab and start
       moving switch-data-source-logic from angular
     * linter.
     * fixed issue switching back from mixed data source, introduced by react
       panels changes
     * build: minor refactor.
     * build: fixes a bug where nightly rpm builds would be handled as stable.
     * some touch ups on unit
     * go meta lint errors
     * update changelog
     * builds: introduces enum for relase type.
     * fix group sync cta link
     * picker and functionaliy
     * fixed issue with panel size when going into edit mode
     * stackdriver: join resource and metric labels. split them in values and
     * changelog: add notes about closing #13924
     * build: table-driven tests for publisher.
     * fix id returned from google is a string
     * changelog: adds note about closing #7886 & #6202
     * changelog: adds note about closing #11893
     * Fix param
     * Add GET /api/users/:id/teams for orgAdmin
     * Tooltip should be able to take up space when used on an absolute
       positioned element
     * minor fixes
     * panel-header: Move the corner information in the panel header to its
       own component
     * changelog: add notes about closing #12550
     * fix selected home dashboard should show as selected even though its
       not starred
     * panel-header: Move the panel description/links/error container outside
       of panel header to not interfere with the react-grid stuff
     * reload browser after preferences been updated
     * panel-header: Unmount popper when not needed.
     * fix snapshot tests
     * panel-header: Updated snapshots for popper
     * panel-header: Add fade in transition to tooltip
     * Trying to reduce the amount of duplication with preferences
     * panel-header: Make it possible to style the reference element and fix
       so panel description looks good
     * filter out alpha plugins in api call, fixes #14030
     * panel-header: Simplify condition
     * panel-header: Avoid undefined classNames and use the real panel
     * panel-header: Updates for the new react-popper api and make it
       possible to hover the tooltip popper without it closing
     * panel-header: Bump @types/react, @types/react-dom, react, react-dom,
       react-popper to latest versions
     * panel-header: Display description in modal
     * update changelog
     * changelog: add notes about closing #11977
     * changelog: add notes about closing #6367
     * docs: team http api update
     * [elasticsearch] Do not set a placeholder to index name, if it's
       already specified.
     * changelog: adds note about closing #14043
     * fixed issue with save.
     * fixed mutability issue in dashboard dropdowns
     * Explore: Fix table pagination styles
     * team preferences ui
     * feat: team preferences
     * Explore: Dont set datasource in state if navigated away
     * fix switching from es raw document metric breaks query editor
     * alerting: reduce the length of range queries
     * Mitigate XSS vulnerabilities in Singlestat panel
     * Retain decimal precision when exporting CSV
     * Added Id to BasicUserInfo returns
     * Added google oauth account id
     * switch style tweaks
     * Explore: collapsible result panels
     * removing test page
     * format value
     * default value
     * created classes for new checkbox and variables
     * Prometheus: fix rules expansion
     * handle default value
     * various fixes to angular loading
     * Explore: POC for datasource query importers
     * build: enabled darwin build.
     * expand groups when searching
     * build: darwin compatible build env.
     * maxHeight and style overrides
     * moved slider into label to make it clickable, styled slider in dark
       and light theme, created variables for slider
     * fix: dont setViewMode when nothing has changed
     * fix redirect issue, caused by timing of events between angular
       location change and redux state changes
     * fix datasource testing
     * panel options now load even when changing type
     * fixed issues when changing type, need to remove event listeners and
       cleanup props
     * build: refactoring.
     * React edit mode for angular panels progress
     * minor fixes
     * fixed order of time range tab
     * Update ReadMe.
     * Update google analytics code to submit full URL not just path
     * devenv: elasticsearch datasources and dashboards
     * fix pipeline aggregations on doc count
     * changelog: add notes about closing #5930
     * fixed alert tab order and fixed some console logging issues
     * Add tooltip
     * some progress on groups and options
     * changed time region color modes
     * panel-header: Move the corner information in the panel header to its
       own component
     * changelog: add notes about closing #12550
     * fix pending alert annotation tooltip icon
     * alert rule have to be pending before alerting is for is specified
     * fix selected home dashboard should show as selected even though its
       not starred
     * build: internal metrics for packaging.
     * panel-header: Move the panel description/links/error container outside
       of panel header to not interfere with the react-grid stuff
     * alerting: improve annotations for pending state
     * reload browser after preferences been updated
     * panel-header: Unmount popper when not needed.
     * fix snapshot tests
     * panel-header: Updated snapshots for popper
     * panel-header: Add fade in transition to tooltip
     * Trying to reduce the amount of duplication with preferences
     * stackdriver: revert project test stuff
     * stackdriver: revert test code
     * panel-header: Make it possible to style the reference element and fix
       so panel description looks good
     * adds pending filter for alert list page
     * adds pending state to alert list panel
     * alertmanager: adds tests for should notify
     * Extracted language provider variables for readibility
     * devenv: graph time regions test dashboard
     * fix time regions mutable bug
     * set default color mode
     * filter out alpha plugins in api call, fixes #14030
     * alerting: support `for` on execution errors and notdata
     * poc: handling panel edit mode in react even for angular panels poc
     * panel-header: Simplify condition
     * wip: minor update
     * minor fix
     * css update to switch slider
     * tests for supporting for with all alerting scenarios
     * should not notify when going from unknown to pending
     * Fix formatting and remove enabled toggle
     * panel-header: Avoid undefined classNames and use the real panel
     * wip: switch slider test
     * panel-header: Updates for the new react-popper api and make it
       possible to hover the tooltip popper without it closing
     * panel-header: Bump @types/react, @types/react-dom, react, react-dom,
       react-popper to latest versions
     * Add basic authentication support to metrics endpoint
     * panel-header: Display description in modal
     * minor panel options type fix
     * docs: description about graph panel time regions feature
     * update changelog
     * changelog: add notes about closing #11977
     * changelog: add notes about closing #6367
     * docs: team http api update
     * wip: adding general tab for react panel edit mode
     * [elasticsearch] Do not set a placeholder to index name, if it's
       already specified.
     * devenv: graph time regions test dashboard
     * create time regions solely based on utc time
     * started on options and groups
     * fix: added events to MetricsTabCtrl to closer mimic MetricsPanelCtrl
     * minor css change
     * Moved query manipulations from metrics controller to metrics tab so
       they are more easily shared between angular and react panels
     * fixed panel focus for react panels
     * minor changes to react panels
     * changed how size is calcualted and propagated and added proper
       interval calc to DataPanel
     * changelog: adds note about closing #14043
     * first stuff
     * pkg/cmd/grafana-server/server.go: Check sendSystemdNotification return
     * pkg/cmd/grafana-server/server.go: check serviceGraph.Provide() errors
     * pkg/cmd/grafana-server/main.go: Fix error value not checked
     * wip panel size handling
     * fixed issue with save.
     * fixed mutability issue in dashboard dropdowns
     * adced clickoutside wrapper
     * fixed singlestat guage ceneterd dot rendering issue
     * refactoring back the interval calculation, needs to be different for
       react panels
     * fix case where timeshift and time override is used
     * wip: refactoring interval and time override handling
     * updates latest to 5.3.4
     * changelod: add release date for 5.3.3 and 5.3.4
     * devenv: graph time regions test dashboard
     * graph: Time region support
     * Explore: Fix table pagination styles
     * devenv: update alerting with testdata dashboard
     * stackdriver: use arrow functions
     * stackdriver: use new naming convention for query editor all over
     * adds redis devenv block
     * restore user profile preferences
     * changelog: add notes about closing #13328 #13949
     * updates macaron session package
     * minor react panels refafactor
     * removed console.log
     * some cleanup of unused stuff and type fixes
     * completed work on panel not found view
     * Clarify wording of playlist protip
     * team preferences ui
     * feat: team preferences
     * Explore: Dont set datasource in state if navigated away
     * Explore: Don't suggest term items when text follows
     * wip: panel plugin not found
     * fixed scrollbar autohide prop
     * wip: panel-header: On panel refresh, get new timeRange from timeSrv,
       not the old one from the state
     * wip: panel-header: Avoid null returning to get better code
       readability. High five @ peterholmberg
     * wip: panel-header: Remove the TimeData type
     * wip: panel-header: Add proper typings to maxDataPoints and interval +
       remove code in comment
     * wip: panel-header: Move getResolution and calculateInterval into
       utils-functions and use the same code from react and angular
     * wip: panel-header: Start implementing the applyPanelTimeOverrides in
       the react panels by moving it to a util, make it pure and call it from
       angular and react.
     * import changes
     * updated text styling when switching views
     * Add `gofmt -s` to CircleCI
     * minor fixes based on code review
     * Fix gofmt issues
     * Add pic into actionCard message
     * minor style fixes & polish
     * minor update
     * disable custom webkit scrollbar styles
     * refactoring & cleaning up css
     * Minor progress on edit mode
     * improve dropdown pane connetion to tab toolbar
     * Add megacheck to gometalinter CircleCI target
     * pkg/tsdb/influxdb/influxdb.go: Fix surrounding loop is unconditionally
     * scripts/build/release_publisher/publisher_test.go: Fix trivial
       megacheck warning.
     * draw gauge
     * data source picker demo state
     * stackdriver: remove service query tyhpe
     * stackdriver: correct aligner name
     * fix in to not render multiple labels
     * stackdriver: typescriptifying props
     * stackdriver: remove redundant try catch
     * Update
     * Adjust UI depth of query statistics
     * stackdriver: rename query function
     * stackdriver: rename query variable
     * stackdriver: remove debug log
     * stackdriver: add documentation for the template query editor
     * stackdriver: test saved variable
     * stackdriver: fix failing tests
     * stackdriver: remove services query type
     * stackdriver: update tests
     * stackdriver: add tests for render snapshop and default query type
     * stackdriver: remove lodash since object assign will do the trick
     * stackdriver: make sure we don't crash when selected service doesnt
       have a value
     * stackdriver: add simple render test
     * stackdriver: rename params
     * stackdriver: remove not used prop
     * stackdriver: persist template variable definition
     * stackdriver: add default value for query type
     * stackdriver: pass query definition from react, making it possible to
       use another definition than the query string
     * stackdriver: make it possible to use alignment period template variable
     * stackdriver: make it possible to use aligner template variable
     * stackdriver: make it possible to use aggregation template variable
     * stackdriver: make it possible to use aggregation template variable
     * stackdriver: make it possible to use metric type template variable
     * stackdriver: set currentdatasource when editview is enabled
     * stackdriver: return correct value
     * stackdriver: reset query value on datasource changed
     * stackdriver: fix default value bug
     * stackdriver: extend label width
     * stackdriver: revert refactoring
     * stackdriver: extract variables for pickers
     * stackdriver: cleanup
     * stackriver: rename interface
     * stackriver: use type for state
     * stackdriver: rename state vars
     * stackdriver: extract common function
     * stackdriver: streamline the way labels are refreshed when a new value
       is picked in the dropdowns above
     * stackdriver: handle default state
     * stackdriver: refactor dropdown component
     * stackdriver: replace components with basic stateless select
     * stackdriver: remove not used func. wrap query in exception
     * stackdriver: reload all child dropdown and update selected accordingly
     * stackdriver: improve default state handling
     * stackdriver: use standard naming convention for selects
     * stackdriver: streamline label change
     * stackdriver: refactor TemplateQueryComponent
     * stackdriver: use enum for query type
     * stackdriver: add aggregation query
     * stackdriver: add alignment periods
     * stackdriver: add aligner query
     * stackdriver: add resource types query
     * stackdriver: add support for resource label queries
     * stackdriver: return friendly display name
     * stackdriver: add metric labels query
     * stackdriver: move response parsing to datasource file
     * stackdriver: return values for services and metric types
     * stackdriver: rename default component
     * stackdriver: more renaming
     * stackdriver: refactoring - rename react components and file structure
     * stackdriver: remove not used code
     * stackdriver: add selector components for service and metric type
     * stackdriver: refactor stackdriver query ctrl
     * stackdriver: make sure default template query editor state is
       propagted to parent angular scope
     * stackdriver: conditional template component rendering
     * stackdriver: add react component for template query editor
     * stackdriver: make it possible to load react plugin components from
       template query page
     * stackdriver: add basic directive for loading react plugin components
     * Preserve suffix text when applying function suggestion
     * wip: progress on edit mode ux with tabs
     * can render something
     * don't drop the value when it equals to None
     * changelog: adds note about closing #13993
     * Remove Origin and Referer headers while proxying requests
     * Refactored log stream merging, added types, tests, comments
     * docs: improve helper test for `For`
     * alerting: adds docs about the for setting
     * panel-edit-ux-tabs on top alternative
     * Add new option to set where to open the message url
     * added loading state
     * Fixes #13993 - adds more options for Slack notifications
     * fix switching from es raw document metric breaks query editor
     * add auth.proxy headers to sample.ini
     * add auth.proxy headers to default.ini
     * refactored how testing state was handled, using redux for this felt
       way to require way to much code
     * adds debounce duration for alert dashboards in ha_test
     * fixed issue with reducer sharing url query instance with angular router
     * fixed exporter bug missing adding requires for datasources
       only used via data source variable, fixes #13891
     * minor text change in export modal
     * build: removes unused.
     * clear test box if success
     * Fixed issues introduced by changing to PureComponent
     * Added testing state in reducer
     * further refactoring of #13984
     * minor fix
     * refactorings and some clean-up / removal of things not used
     * Update docs/sources/permissions/
     * Fix typo in docs/sources/reference/
     * experimental option boxes
     * ux: changed panel selection ux
     * move enterprise down in menu
     * wip: panel-header: Fix shareModal compatibility with react and angular
     * wip: panel-header: Remove custom menu items from panels completely
     * wip: panel-header: Reverted a lot of code to pause the "custom menu
       options" for now
     * wip: panel-header: More merge conflicts during cherry pick
     * wip: panel-header: More merge conflicts during cherry pick
     * Update docs/sources/permissions/
     * Update docs/sources/permissions/
     * Update docs/sources/permissions/
     * Update docs/sources/http_api/
     * Update docs/sources/enterprise/
     * Update docs/sources/enterprise/
     * Update docs/sources/enterprise/
     * Update docs/sources/enterprise/
     * Update docs/sources/enterprise/
     * Update docs/sources/enterprise/
     * minor change
     * wip: panel-header: More merge conflicts
     * Fix loglevel tests for Explore loggging
     * wip: panel-header: Merge conflicts
     * wip: panel-header: Fragment not needed anymore
     * wip: panel-header: Add possibility to add custom actions to the menu
       by passing them in as props
     * wip: panel-header: Separate all panel actions to its own file so we
       decouple them from react
     * wip: panel-header: Start implementing the Toggle legend, but its not
       taken all the way
     * wip: panel-header: Change DashboardPanel to a PureComponent to avoid
       unwanted rerenders
     * wip: panel-header: Refactor so "Share" use the same code in
     * wip: panel-header: Add "Edit JSON" functionality + make sure everyone
       using the json editor pass in the model property instead of the scope
       property when triggering the json modal
     * wip: panel-header: Add "Copy" functionality
     * wip: panel-header: Add "Duplicate"
     * wip: Add "Share" to the react panels
     * wip: panel-header: Move code existing in both angular+react to utility
     * wip: panel-header: Remove panel
     * Mobx is now Redux
     * wip: Initial commit for PanelHeaderMenu
     * changelog: add notes about closing #13903
     * changelog: add notes about closing #13932
     * unify log level colors between rows and graph
     * Graph log entries by log level
     * fix selecting datasource using enter key
     * Adaptive bar widths for log graph
     * changelog: add notes about closing #13970
     * build: fixes
     * build: publisher handles nightly builds.
     * rename and mark functions as private
     * drag handle css
     * moved drag handle
     * fixed options
     * Time selection via graph
     * minor code style change
     * basic panel options working
     * Adding Cloudwatch AWS/Connect metrics and dimensions
     * wip: react panel options architecture
     * export: provide more help regarding export format
     * build: minor publisher fixes.
     * extract store from configurestore
     * added actions
     * build: publishes grafana enterprise to
     * changelog: adds note about closing #13322
     * build: publisher uses local time.
     * build: publisher supports both local and remote.
     * build: publisher can find artifacts from local sources.
     * build: refactor releaser.
     * build: prepares release tool for finding local releases.
     * build: improved release publisher dry-run.
     * build: use build workflow id instead of build number. (#13965)
     * alerting: delete alerts when parent folder is deleted
     * refactor dashboard alert extractor
     * for: use 0m as default for existing alerts and 5m for new
     * panel options wip
     * Exposing digest from angular component
     * adds tests for extracting for property
     * minor fix
     * changelog: add notes about closing #13606
     * devenv: table panel links
     * renames `debouceduration` to `for`
     * introduce state `unknown` for rules that have not been evaluated yet
     * fixes go meta lint issue
     * wire up debounce setting in the ui
     * adds db migration for debounce_duration
     * introduces hard coded deboucing for alerting
     * always execute the user teams query
     * handle error before populating cache
     * build: fixes gcp push path.
     * alerting: adds tests for the median reducer
     * add minimal permission
     * typo fix for "has"
     * Gitlab -> GitLab
     * changelog: adds note about closing #13945
     * Add tests covering alternate syntax for aggregation contexts
     * Handle suggestions for alternate syntax aggregation contexts
     * fix terms agg order deprecation warning on es 6+
     * fix failing tests
     * removed file I added accidentally
     * fixed to template PR issues, #13938
     * alerting: increase default duration for queries
     * Explore: Logging graph overview and view options
     * Load hash based styles in error.html, too
     * Add [hash] to filename of grafana.{light,dark}.css
     * minor tweak to back to dashboard buttons
     * Fix minor JSON typo in HTTP API docs
     * remove replaced components
     * reverting babel change
     * remove this
     * removed these unused components
     * reverting script change
     * updated snap
     * tests
     * minor doc tweaks
     * updated enterprise page
     * Added new backend setting for license file
     * updating state and save
     * make permission sub items in sidemenu cleaner
     * changelog: add notes about closing #13925
     * Explore: fix metric selector for additional rows
     * fix for responsive rule for footer
     * Updated login page logo & wordmark and responsive behavior
     * added new workmarks
     * fixed react whitespace warning on teams page
     * renamed org files to match new naming guide
     * moved profile pages to it's own feature folder
     * moved new teams page
     * reload page after preferences update
     * Add delta window function to postgres query builder
     * Increase Telegram captions length limit.
     * docs: enhanced ldap
     * Explore: async starts of language provider
     * listen for changes in angular land and propagate that back to react
     * docs: fix datasource permissions keywords
     * build: grafana enterprise docker image.
     * added caching of signed in user DB calls
     * added actions
     * IE11 fix for legend tables below graph
     * cleaned up render
     * renders angular component
     * updated api keys snapshot
     * restored transition
     * removed logging call
     * add table column date format
     * fixed memory leaks and minor refactoring
     * build: gpc credentials added to deploy.
     * changelog: add notes about closing #13762
     * update changelog
     * build: deploys to gcp.
     * build: deploys to gcp. (#13911)
     * datasource permission http api
     * restructure administration/permissions page into a section with sub
     * Fix TimePicker test by enforcing UTC on date string
     * updated view to use angular loader
     * Explore: repair logging after code restructuring
     * docs: schema -> database
     * build: deployment ci container. (#13902)
     * docs: mysql
     * minor progress
     * Make Explore plugin exports explicit
     * add functionality to override service in registry
     * moved state
     * register datasource cache service with proper name
     * revert application lifecycle event support
     * changelog: adds note about closing #13876
     * Add new build info metrics that contains more info (#13876)
     * JS tooling: run TS grunt tasks only when files changed
     * revert file name change
     * remove unused code
     * log error on datasource access denied
     * include teams on signed in user
     * application lifecycle event support
     * refactor datasource caching
     * Fix cell coloring
     * Fix bug with background color in table cell with link
     * add dashnav responsive rule to hide tv button on smaller screens
     * Implement oauth_auto_login setting
     * Explore: fix copy/paste on table cells
     * rename type
     * using label component
     * Pluggable components from datasource plugins
     * fixed type
     * removed angular code
     * test and some refactoring
     * build: adds branch info to binary build
     * now that css is loaded sync again I can remove some styles from index
       html body css
     * WIP babel 7
     * Revert to sync loading of css, sometimes js loaded before css which
       caused issues
     * Update grafana_stats.json
     * Makefile: dependency-driven target to build node_modules
     * removes old invalid release guide
     * added missing alpha state prop to graph2 panel
     * minor update
     * added switch form component
     * updated graph tests dashboard
     * fixed width of panel edit mode
     * Fix query hint tests after refactor
     * Fixing issue 13855
     * Add tests to cover PlaceholdersBuffer and sum hint
     * Add sum aggregation query suggestion
     * fixes to angular panel edit mode
     * Reduce re-renderings when changing view modes
     * updated singlestat logo
     * more ux progress
     * Add tests to cover aggregation context cases
     * Fix label suggestions for multi-line aggregation queries
     * panel edit mode changes
     * Update snapshots.
     * Use jest.fn instead of string.
     * Explore: error handling and time fixes
     * ux experiments
     * build: builds grafana docker for enterprise at release.
     * Add code to flot that plots any datapoints which to not have neighbors
       as 0.5 radius points  - fixes
     * adding default value and update actions
     * build: ge build fix.
     * build: grafana enterprise docker. (#13839)
     * moved state to redux, renamed entities
     * testing panel edit ux idea
     * changelog: add notes about closing #13769
     * add test
     * cache region result
     * use default region to call DescribeRegions
     * fix: updated backend srv to use appEvents and removed parts of
     * simple select
     * build: correctly adds enterprise to the filename. (#13831)
     * docs: improve ES provisioning examples
     * changelog: adds note about closing #13723
     * stackdriver: don't set project name in query response since default
       project is now loaded in its own query
     * Optimize the Dingding match values format
     * Add Dingding message type to support mass text notification
     * graph legend: fix table padding
     * Moved prom language features to datasource language provider
     * Split text template into variable
     * Add match values into Dingding notification message
     * graph legend: fix phantomjs rendering when legend is on the right
     * fix for annotation promise clearing, bug introduced last week when
       merging react panels step1
     * fix panel solo size
     * mysql: fix timeFilter macro should respect local time zone
     * load preferences
     * support template variable in stat field
     * only look in current database in findMetricTable
     * graph legend: fix table alignment
     * fix dingding doc error
     * fixed routes and page
     * graph legend: minor refactor
     * Added types to query rows
     * update latest.json to latest stable version
     * changelog: update
     * cleaned up the flow
     * changelog: add notes about closing #13280
     * delete provisioning meta data when deleting folder
     * Update the regex-matching in templateSrv to work with the new
       variable-syntax and be more flexible to regex-changes #13804
     * changelog: add notes about closing #13600
     * changelog: update
     * Move the variable regex to constants to make sure we use the same
       reg… (#13801)
     * docs: fix tutorials index page. Fixes #13799
     * graph panel: fix legend alignment
     * Explore: fix graph resize on window resize
     * changelog: adds note for #13691
     * docs: fix tutorials index page. Fixes #13799
     * Resource type filter (#13784)
     * Fix race condition on add/remove query row
     * moving things
     * typing changes
     * changelog: add notes about closing #13764
     * pkg/tsdb/stackdriver/stackdriver.go: Fix regular expression does not
       contain any meta characters.
     * pkg/tsdb/graphite/graphite.go: Fix regular expression does not contain
       any meta characters.
     * pkg/login/ldap.go: Fix warning comparison to bool constant
     * Added margin and correct border radius
     * Fix rebase, fix empty field still issuing query problem
     * Changelog: Adds curl to docker image in 5.3.2
     * fix: another fix for #13764 , #13793
     * Submit query when enabling result viewer
     * Get query hints per query transaction
     * docker: adds curl back into the docker image for utility. (#13794)
     * Explore: query transactions
     * connected to store, self remove logic
     * fix: kiosk url fix, fixes #13764
     * changelog: add notes about closing #13633
     * changelog: add notes about closing #13666
     * fix: Text box variables with empty values should not be considered
       fa… (#13791)
     * renaming things
     * graph legend: review fixes
     * add debug logging of folder/dashbord permission checks
     * sync mysql query editor template with postgres
     * add char as datatype for metric and group columns
     * build: indentation mistake.
     * build: fixes filename issues.
     * fix injecting dependencies to graph legend directive
     * changelog: adds note for #13669
     * docs: update debian installation instructions
     * stackdriver: some tweaks to the text on the config page and in docs
     * stackdriver: refactoring request builder
     * stackdriver: remove not used struct
     * stackdriver: remove not needed scope
     * stackdriver: add provisioning example for gce authentication
     * stackdriver: add documentation for gce default account authentication
     * stackdriver: change name of authentication type
     * stackdriver: improve config page info box documentation
     * stackdriver: prevent backend query from being made when there are not
       yet any defined targets
     * stackdriver: fix failing tests
     * stackdriver: improve error handling
     * graph legend: fix legend when series are having the same alias
     * stackdriver: remove not used query file
     * stackdriver: remove test datasource query. use ensuredefaultproject
     * stackdriver: remove debug comments
     * stackdriver: improve error handling in the datasource
     * stackdriver: fix typo
     * stackdriver: add debug logging
     * stackdriver: fix broken braces
     * stackdriver: fix broken condition after rebase
     * stackdriver: use constant instead of variable
     * stackdriver: remove debug log
     * stackdriver: fix failing test
     * stackdriver: use gce variable
     * stackdriver: add variable for gce authentication type
     * stackdriver: get default project from backend. also ensure default
       project could be retrieved when authentication type is gce
     * stackdriver: only load default project from backend if it's not
       available on the target. this might happen when using gce
       authentication and provisioning
     * stackdriver: display error message if project name is not present in
       jwt file
     * stackdriver: only load project name if it's not already stored in the
       ds info json
     * stackdriver: add default value for authentication type
     * stackdriver: wip - remove debug code
     * stackdriver: improve ui for toggling authentication type
     * stackdriver: only get default token from metadata server when applying
     * stackdriver: only get default token from metadata server when applying
     * stackdriver: make backend query a pure test datasource function
     * stackdriver: add status code
     * stackdriver: wip - return metric descriptors in the format
       of tablew
     * stackdriver: wip - get metric descriptors in the backend
     * stackdriver: wip - add logic for retrieving token from gce metadata
       server in the auth provider
     * stackdriver: wip - add very basic checkbox for gce auto authentication
     * stackdriver: break out project name resolving into its own function in
       the stackdriver.go file
     * stackdriver: wip - temp remove jwt token auth
     * stackdriver: wip - always use gce default account for stackdriver
     * stackdriver: wip - add scope and remove debug code
     * stackdriver: WIP - test retrieving project id from gce metadata
     * skip jwt token auth if privateKey is empty
     * fetch token from GCE metadata server
     * Revert "for development"
     * for development
     * graph legend: fix quotes displaying
     * graph legend: minor refactor
     * Enterprise crosscompilation (#13783)
     * component working
     * graph legend: fix rendering after legend changes
     * graph legend: refactor, fix another review issues
     * fix: DataPanel isFirstLoad state fix
     * Fix click-based selection of typeahead suggestion
     * ux: remove duplicate placeholder attribute
     * initial work to add shortcut to toggle legend - generic
     * scripts/build/publish.go: Fix warning on err variable.
     * pkg/services/alerting/reader.go: Fix should use for range instead of
       for { select {} }.
     * pkg/middleware/middleware.go: Fix empty branch warning.
     * pkg/plugins/plugins.go: remove ineffective break statement.
     * fix order for mysql, remove postgres specific code
     * using react component
     * Explore: reuse table merge from table panel
     * graph legend: refactor, move behaviour logic into component
     * stackdriver: add default project to provisioning documentation
     * adjust meta data queries for mysql
     * fix references to postgres datatypes
     * graph legend: review fixes
     * changelog: add notes about closing #13667
     * changelog: add notes about closing #13718
     * fixed gofmt issue after go update
     * fix cannot receive dingding alert bug
     * fix: fixed variable srv tests
     * stackdriver: only add unit to resonse obj if it has a value
     * make interpolateVariable arrow function
     * fix: another set of fixes for refresh
     * fixed issue with template refresh
     * Fix tslint errors
     * stackdriver: fix failing tests
     * stackdriver: make sure unit is not returned to the panel if mapping
       from stackdriver unit to grafana unit can't be made
     * Fix variable highlighting
     * Fixed yarn.lock (previous merge took out integrity)
     * changelog: add notes about closing #13710
     * wip: enterprise docs
     * allow unit override if cloudwatch response unit is none
     * Revert "don't overwrite unit if user set"
     * don't overwrite unit if user set
     * changelog: add notes about closing #13674
     * fix LDAP Grafana admin logic
     * graph legend: remove unused code
     * graph legend: refactor
     * docs: cleanup of how to build for docker.
     * Review feedback, increased height
     * changelog: add notes about closing #12342
     * update changelog
     * remove not used file
     * simplify code
     * Explore: fix render issues in split view
     * A list of where to make changes when upgrading Go and Node.js (#13693)
     * tests
     * Update PromQueryField tests to address fixed bug
     * Fix typeahead behaviour for QueryField
     * permissions: cleanup.
     * hooked up actions
     * Explore: Use react-table as table component
     * created view
     * docs: installing custom plugins in docker.
     * Document oauth_auto_login setting
     * changelog: add notes about closing #13692
     * postgres: use arrow function declaration of interpolateVariable
     * Use closure for calling interpolateVariable
     * changelog: add notes about closing #12308
     * Add socket support for mysql data source
     * changelog: adds note about closing #12330 and #6696
     * remove addpermissions component
     * cloudwatch: return a distinct list of regions
     * docs: update cloudwatch iam policy description
     * removes d in disableResolvedMessage
     * removed snaps
     * alerting: tests default value for disable resolve message
     * re-add hard coded region list
     * update doc due to client layout change
     * clean up tests
     * fix gofmt, add test, correct noted concerns with default value
     * fix gofmt, add test, correct noted concerns with default value
     * changelog: add notes about closing #13629
     * add encrypt connstr param conditionally on the value chosen via GUI.
     * graph legend: add color picker (react)
     * removing datasource permissions states from grafana
     * update latest.json to latest stable version
     * update changelog
     * build: Upgraded nodejs to 8 on appveyor
     * codestyle
     * rename UI Option, align with control, update tests
     * pausing for now
     * Remove unwanted char
     * Fix incorrect alt text on logo
     * return default region list from backend
     * don't merge hard coded region list
     * add error message
     * get regions from after datasource save
     * show all CloudWatch regions
     * get region list from ec2:DescribeRegions
     * fix concurrent map writes
     * update, don't remove 'Known Issues' docs section.
     * update provisioning docs.
     * fix new setting default value handling.
     * rename new JSON data attrbute.
     * changelog: add notes about closing #13464
     * changelog: add notes about closing #13553
     * update changelog
     * doc(documentation) license
     * doc(documenation)
     * add channel option to disable the resolved alert (OK Message) that is
       sent when condition returns to normal.
     * Can render graph
     * Add 'encrypt' setting to MSSQL data source.
     * rendering settings
     * build: makes sure is available when deploying.
     * Fix grammar in log message
     * changelog: add notes about closing #13641 #13650
     * Escape typeahead values in query_part
     * Escape values in metric segment and sql part
     * changelog: add notes about closing #13628
     * update .bra.toml for using latest bra version
     * progress on react time series infra
     * wip: began first steps for a react graph component
     * various fixes to to queries tab (in react mode)
     * react panels query processing
     * react panels: got data
     * working on react data / query exectution
     * changed DataPanel from HOC to use render props
     * fixing unit tests
     * Removed reference to (SDK Readme) on the development
       page as the file that it points to no longer exists. This addresses an
       open issue on the repo
     * Adding tests
     * Adding time clockms and clocks
     * pkg/cmd/grafana-server/main.go: remove os.Kill as it cannot be trapped
     * changed to plain errors further down the alerting validation model so
       error did not get double wrapping in ValidationError
     * alerting: propagate alert validation issues to the user instead of
       just 'invalid alert data' message
     * updated gitignore
     * fix for graph time formating for Last 24h ranges, fixes #13650
     * pkg/services/sqlstore/user_auth_test.go: comment unused users slice
     * fixed a typo
     * fixed a typo
     * fix: label values regex for single letter labels
     * created component for http settings
     * removes debug log.
     * make sure to add all variable nodes to dag before linking variables
     * changelog: adds note for #13607
     * updated jest to 23.10
     * Adds backend hooks service so extensions can modify index data
     * fix route issue
     * removed unused setting variable
     * minor setting refactorings
     * renamed extension point in the frontend
     * updated circleci build-container version
     * minor change to cloudwatch code formatting
     * minor ux fix for new select
     * fmt
     * grafana/grafana#13340 complete oauth doc
     * changed property name to UserWasDeleted and added an assert for it
     * Update check for invalid percentile statistics
     * pkg/services/alerting/notifiers/telegram.go: check error before close.
     * pkg/tsdb/*: Fix do not pass a nil Context
     * devenv: fix influxdb block
     * docs: refer to v5.3 instead of v5.2
     * removed unsused function
     * docs: stackdriver fixes after review
     * fix mutability bug, removed unused constructor
     * stackdriver: check if array is empty to prevent filter from crashing.
       This closes #13607
     * Handle DescriptionPicker's initial state #13425
     * stackdriver docs: metric query editor and annotations
     * Update snapshots after merge
     * Requests for ds via backend blocked for users without permissions.
     * Removes unused code.
     * Remove CTA when CTA-action is clicked instead of a /new route #13471
     * Add fancy delete button for ApiKeys.
     * Add form to both the CTA page and the regular list.
     * Add onClick handler to CTA.
     * Updated tests for new protip.
     * Updated protip, not sure what to write there.
     * Update tests for ApiKeys CTA screen.
     * changelog: add notes about closing #13616
     * Show CTA if there are no ApiKeys, otherwise show table.
     * Extract ApiKeyCount from state.
     * made it possible to have frontend code in symlinked folders that can
       add routes
     * Added Loading state on org pages
     * fix phantomjs render of graph panel when legend as table to the right
     * changelog: add notes about closing #13172
     * add test for es alert when group by has no limit
     * poc: frontend extensions
     * added the UserWasRemoved flag to make api aware of what happened to
       return correct message to UI
     * Remove user form org now completely removes the user from the system
       if the user is orphaned
     * remove tab
     * bug fix
     * Update time_series_query.go
     * changelog: add notes about closing #11711
     * add admin page to show enterprise license status
     * docs: add version notes
     * tests
     * Css fix for selected option
     * User without permission to a datasource won't see it.
     * Updated test snapshot #13425
     * Initialize Explore datasource correctly
     * Refactors ds permissions to a filter.
     * Remove the fixed widths and make it possible to pass it in as a prop
       instead #13425
     * User filtering now works properly at the backend #13425
     * Removed old code #13425
     * Rename css class "gf-form-select2" to "gf-form-select-box" #13425
     * Use new class names #13425
     * Fixes for the tag filtering in the search #13425
     * Start implementing the upgraded react-select in the tag filter box
     * fix /api/org/users so that query and limit querystrings works
     * Bump grafana/build-container to 1.2.0
     * Revert "Lock down node version to see if we get rid of the circleci
       build issue"
     * Revert "Try to remove circleci cache to see if that solves the build
     * Try to remove circleci cache to see if that solves the build issue
     * Generate yarn.lock from older yarn
     * Revert "Add node version output for debugging"
     * Add node version output for debugging
     * Lock down node version to see if we get rid of the circleci build issue
     * Lock down webpack to 4.19.1 to avoid issue with webpack-cli
     * Bump react-select to 2.1.0 #13425
     * Updated lockfile to get rid of build error #13425
     * Add frontend filtering of users in user picker #13425
     * Replace $white with a color working in both themes #13425
     * Replace System.import() with import() to get rid of warning
     * Clean up css for react-select v2 #13425
     * Upgrade Datasources-picker on Explore page #13425
     * Enable trailing on the debounce in the TeamPicker (same as in
       UserPicker) #13425
     * Update typescript notifications #13425
     * Update (js-) tests and snapshots for react-select 2 #13425
     * Remove variables not used #13425
     * wip: Remove code for old react-select component #13425
     * wip: The pickers are stateful nowadays, no need to pass in the current
       value #13425
     * wip: Upgrade react-select #13425
     * set v5.3 as root docs
     * disable permissions
     * whatsnew: adds image for Stackdriver
     * fixing weird arrow in select
     * update latest.json to 5.3.0
     * changelog: set date for 5.3.0 release
     * fixing permission rows
     * changelog: add notes about closing #13575
     * enable permissions for data source
     * Use correct naming convention
     * Fix typo
     * Provide more information about what's included in the Stackdriver
     * changelog: add notes about closing #13575
     * cloudwatch: return early if execute query returns error
     * fix tab switching
     * add test for automatically unit set
     * fix crach bug
     * fix id validation
     * refactoring after review comments
     * changelog: adds note for #13559
     * added setting top hide plugins in alpha state
     * wip: fixed issues now things are starting to work as before for
       angular panels
     * pausing permissions list
     * Block graph queries from being queued until annotation datasource
       promises resolve
     * Redone with DataSourcePermissions
     * remove datasource permission admin for now
     * reverted AddPermissions
     * Explore: highlight typed text in suggestions
     * Update (#13572)
     * stackdriver: update docs, showing how to escape private key and use
       yaml multiline strings
     * modified AddPermissions component
     * set unit for CloudWatch GetMetricStatistics result
     * Remove duplicate labels in the datasource query
     * render drag handle only in edit mode
     * ux: minor update to look of stackdriver query help
     * changelog: adds note for #13495
     * add to dependencies, update
     * adding permissions component
     * reverted back and using angular for settings and dashboards
     * stackdriver: improve filter docs for wildcards and regular expressions
     * stackdriver: always use regex full match for =~ and !=~operator
     * stackdriver: add tests from regex matching
     * stackdriver: always use regex full match for =~ and !=~operator
     * stackdriver: test build filter string
     * stackdriver: test that no interpolation is done when there are no
     * stackdriver: remove debug logging
     * stackdriver: add more tests
     * stackdriver: fix broken substring. also adds tests
     * stackdriver: remove not necessary helper functions
     * stackdriver: interpolate stackdriver filter wildcards when asterix is
       used in filter
     * stackdriver metric name fix. Fixes #13562
     * Fixed nav model
     * fix for influxdb annotation issue that caused text to be shown twice,
       fixes #13553
     * wip: restoring old angular panel tabs / edit mode
     * ux: final fixes to new datasource page
     * Fix text overflow on playlist search  #13464
     * docs: fix minor typos
     * ux: more minor ds setting tweaks
     * ux: more minor ds setting tweaks
     * ux: tweaks to add datasource page and datasource settings page
     * Fixed typo in query editor placeholder text.
     * Explore: do not show default suggestions after expressions
     * Explore: trigger a query field render to fix highlighting
     * Explore: compact state URLs
     * fix gofmt tests output
     * removed duplicate route
     * Use size-me to resize explore Graph, added types
     * algorithm to find new name if it exists
     * ux: misc react migration fixes and info box style improvement
     * docs: new variable type text box that allows free text input
     * docs: annotations tag filter with template variable support
     * docs: whats new in 5.3 - a few tweaks
     * mysql: note about connection max lifetime and wait_timeout
     * Explore: reset typeahead on cursor move
     * Explore: resize graph on window resize
     * Fix rate function hint for series with nulls
     * Extract query hints
     * Prevent Explore from updating when typing query
     * Avoid new metrics options being passed selector, made PromField pure
     * Perf on query field and typeahead
     * Dont rebuild datasource options on each render
     * changelog: add notes about closing #13326
     * react-2-angular: added generic angular directive loader util that can
       be used from react
     * search data source types
     * mini fix
     * css: minor fix to search
     * bump master version to 5.4.0-pre1
     * provisioning: adds more logging about failed to deletion
       of provisioned dashboards
     * various fixes and improvements
     * changelog: set date for 5.3.0-beta3 release
     * build: fix for invalid pathing for release publisher
     * changlog: adds note about closing #13551 and #13507
     * new grid layout add data source
     * test: updated react snapshot
     * ux: minor tweak to link
     * stackdriver: adds missing nginject attribute
     * docs: better wording and docs links.
     * Fix issue with updating role permissions #13507
     * fixed toggle buttons
     * dataproxy should forward a trailing slash to proxy
     * add datasource proxy test to verify trailing slashes are forwarded
     * centered dashboard icon in search with flexbox
     * mssql: fix tests
     * build: automatically publish releases to
     * updated after pr feedback
     * pkg/tsdb/postgres/postgres_test.go: pass context.Background() instead
       of nil
     * pkg/tsdb/mysql/mysql_test.go: pass context.Background() instead of nil
     * pkg/tsdb/mssql/mssql_test.go: pass context.Background() instead of nil
     * adjust mssql tests
     * pkg/tsdb/elasticsearch/client/client_test.go: pass
       context.Background() instead of nil
     * added data source type type
     * pkg/services/alerting/notifiers/telegram_test.go: pass
       context.Background() instead of nil
     * remove generic macros from macros_test and add integration test for
       generic macros
     * Revert "Revert "Org users to react""
     * Revert "Org users to react"
     * add postgres test for global macros
     * add test
     * stackdriver heatmap support
     * added slow queries scenario to test data source, added new panel test
       dashboard with slow queries
     * Fix "appropriate"-typo
     * Update configuration doc to include socket at server
     * move timeFrom, timeTo, unixEpochFrom and unixEpochTo macros to
     * wip: began work on support for testdata tables & annotations support
     * docs: connection limits for sql datasources
     * ux: put connection limits under own section
     * fiddling with validation
     * changelog: adds note about closing #13492
     * view and route
     * wip: made sqlstore dialect accessable from outside
     * better comment about state changes
     * get or create alert notification should use transaction
     * use notification state id instead of notifier id
     * merges defaultShouldNotify and ShouldNotify
     * move version conflict logging for mark as complete to sqlstore package
     * removed duplicate route
     * improve local variable name
     * avoid exporting notificationState and notificationStateSlice
     * avoid sending full notification state to pending/complete
     * deleting obsolete things
     * Make max open, max idle connections and connection max life time
     * snap
     * fix after merge from master
     * rename GetNotificationStateQuery to GetOrCreateNotificationStateQuery
     * reminder: uses UpdatedAt to track state changes.
     * snaps
     * invitees
     * changed from RFC to PureComponent
     * devenv: add postgres ha test config example
     * wip: going in circles
     * typo in sample.ini
     * pkg/tsdb/cloudwatch/credentials.go: Remove unnecessary variable
     * pkg/cmd/grafana-server/main.go: '_ = <-ch' simplified to '<-ch'
     * pkg/tsdb/stackdriver/stackdriver_test.go: return simplified
     * Fix megacheck issue unused code.
     * invites table
     * Update
     * use alert state changes counter as secondary version
     * wip: data source permissions hooks
     * docs: stackdriver version notice.
     * tests
     * added default prop instead of specifying prop
     * filter users in selector based on search
     * Moved explore helpers to utils/explore
     * Explore: jump to explore from panels with mixed datasources
     * functions and tests
     * cleanup alert_notification_state when deleting alert rules and channels
     * don't notify if notification state pending
     * remove unused code
     * stackdriver: set default view parameter to FULL
     * stackdriver: no tags for annotations (yet)
     * stackdriver: add help section for annotations
     * devenv: enable some debug logging for ha test setup
     * alert -> ok with reminders enabled should send
     * stackdriver: revert an accidental commit for text template variable
     * Added test for url state in Explore
     * Make Explore a pure component
     * first crude display
     * stackdriver: remove metric.category alias pattern
     * stackdriver: remove commented code
     * stackdriver: unit test group by and aggregation dropdown changes
     * stackdriver: make it impossible to select no aggregation when a group
       by is selected
     * Explore: Store UI state in URL
     * stackdriver: add relevant error message for when a user tries to
       create a template variable
     * stackdriver: make sure labels are loaded when service is changed in
     * stackdriver: change info logging to debug logging
     * stackdriver: change pattern for annotation to metric.value
     * stackdriver: add support for bool values
     * stackdriver: add support for int64 values
     * stackdriver: use correct default value for alignment period
     * stackdriver: fix reducer names
     * fix set sent_at on complete
     * snaps
     * noop services poc
     * implemented general actionbar
     * handle pending and completed state for alert notifications
     * stackdriver: fix froamt annotation text for value
     * stackdriver: make it possible to use point values of type string
     * No need to get alert notification state in ShouldNotify
     * using constant
     * added no datasources added
     * stackdriver: broadcasting through $scope doesnt work anymore since
       query_filter_ctrl is now a sibling directive to
       query_aggregation_ctrl, so broadcasting is now done using $rootScope
     * wip: test get alert notification state
     * wip: send and mark as complete
     * components, test, removed old not used files
     * wip: impl so that get alertstate also creates it if it does not exist
     * fix: preloader element issue
     * Adding AWS Isolated Regions
     * wip
     * stackdriver: pattern formatting for annotations
     * stackdriver: fix alignment period bug
     * stackdriver: set first metric as selected if no metric could be
       retrieved from the target
     * stackdriver: wip annotation support
     * Compile TS of the whole project to detect type errors
     * stackdriver: update tests
     * stackdriver: es6 style directive, avoid using scope
     * deletez
     * refactoring: slight changes to PR #13247
     * revert rename
     * stackdriver: fix typescript error
     * stackdriver: remove not needed alignment option
     * using constant
     * stackdriver: extract out filter, metric type directive
     * stackdriver: add unit tests to resolve unit function
     * rename to pluginlistitem
     * fixing types
     * stackdriver: convert most common stackdriver units to grafana units if
     * sqlstore: add support for checking if error is constraint validation
     * rewrote to use react.sfc
     * explore: fixes to dark theme, fixes #13349
     * Remove angular code related to API Keys and point the route to the
       React component #13411
     * Open modal with API key information after key is added #13411
     * Add tests for the reducers & selectors for API keys #13411
     * Update test-snapshot, remove dead code #13411
     * Add tests for ApiKeysPage #13411
     * Add "search box" and a "add new" box to the new API Keys page #13411
     * Pick up the type from app/types
     * Pick up the type from app/types
     * Move User type out of UserPicker and into app/types
     * wip: Reactify the api keys page #13411
     * add support for mysql and postgres unique index error codes
     * implement sql queries for transactional alert reminders
     * stackdriver: fix typescript errors
     * stackdriver: pass interval from panel to backend
     * stackdriver: remove debug logging
     * stackdriver: update docs so that they align with alignment period
       rules in stackdriver gui
     * stackdriver: update alignment period rules according to stackdriver
     * stackdriver: set target to be raw query
     * stackdriver: publish docs to v5.3 (not root)
     * initial rename refactoring
     * changelog: adds note about closing #12534
     * devenv: grafana high availability (ha) test setup
     * stackdriver: use more appropriate test data
     * Add goconst to CircleCI
     * fix: also set dashboard refresh to false
     * simplified fix for 12030
     * prevent refresh on fixed time window
     * using more variables
     * stackdriver: fix broken test
     * stackdriver: workaround for the fact the jest definitions does not
       include not
     * stackdriver: docs update
     * stackdriver: WIP - implement stackdriver style auto alignment period.
       also return the used alignment period and display it in the query
     * stackdriver: distinct grafana auto from stackdriver auto in alignment
     * stackdriver: use correct name for variable
     * stackdriver: remove montly from alignment periods
     * Added constant
     * tests
     * stackdriver: add alignemnt period
     * stackdriver: make sure service and metric display name is used instead
       of value when loading a saved query editor
     * alerting: move all notification conditions to defaultShouldNotify
     * stackdriver: use correct event name
     * stackdriver: fix broken tests
     * stackdriver: update aggregation and alignment before refreshing when
       changing metric
     * stackdriver: use correct naming convention
     * stackdriver: get value type and metric kind from metric descriptor
       instead of from latest metric result
     * filter NULL values for column value suggestions
     * changed to first and last child
     * imguploader: Add support for ECS credential provider for S3
     * stackdriver: adds on-change with debounce for alias by field
     * cli: fix init of bus
     * Remove .dropdown-menu-open on body click fixes #13409
     * stackdriver: improve aggregation logic
     * stackdriver: fix failing test
     * stackdriver: wip: split metric dropdown into two parts - resource and
     * first test
     * stackdriver: remove console.log
     * filter plugins and layout mode
     * stackdriver: typescriptifying controller
     * render list
     * stackdriver: break out aggretation logic into its own directive and
       controller. also adds tests for new dropdown population logic
     * Remove option r from ln command since its not working everywhere
     * fix: updated tests
     * using variable
     * Fix spelling of your and you're
     * Changed setting to be an alerting setting
     * created test for graph disclaimer
     * Remove non-existing css prop
     * fix: Legend to the right, as table, should follow the width prop.
       Removing css conflicting with baron's width calculation. #13312
     * stackdriver: populate alignment and aggregation dropdowns based on
       metric type and value type
     * docs: postgres gif.
     * limit number of time series show in explore graph
     * docs: whats new for 5.3
     * rendering: Added concurrent rendering limits
     * stackdriver: fix test after parameter added to constructor
     * stackdriver: skeleton for more query types on the backend
     * stackdriver: better error handling for getLabels
     * stackdriver: move getLabels from query_ctrl to datasource
     * Run all sql data source queries for one panel concurrently
     * removed border, cleaned up css and fixed class naming
     * devenv: fix uid for bulk alert dashboards
     * Explore: moved code to app/features/explore
     * target gfdev-prometheus datasource
     * stackdriver: fix bug when multiple projects connected to service
     * devenv: adds script for creating many dashboards with alerts
     * stackdriver: refactoring - extract out filtersegments component
     * stackdriver: alias patterns WIP
     * Fix goconst issues
     * When stacking graphs, always include the y-offset so that tooltips can
       render proper values for individual points
     * provisioning: changed provisioning default update interval from 3 to
       10 seconds
     * Update render.js
     * Update render.js
     * Fix metric segment
       options displays after blur
     * docs: improve oauth generic azure ad instructions
     * invalidate access token cache after datasource is updated
     * Fix datbase > database
     * Fix changed want md5 hash
     * Revert Fahrenheit to Farenheit
     * Fix some typos found by codespell
     * Fix misspell issues
     * fix: use same User-Agent header as in other places in grafana when
       making external requests
     * docs: changed Json Web Token wording to be just JSON key file
     * added beta notice
     * created switch button for org users that can toggle between users and
     * pkg/tracing/tracing.go: replace deprecated cfg.New function
     * stackdriver: remove WIP tests
     * pkg/services/sqlstore/user.go: empty branch
     * pkg/tsdb/elasticsearch/response_parser.go: simplify redundant code
     * pkg/tsdb/elasticsearch/client/search_request.go: simplify loop with
     * Explore: remove closing brace with opening brace
     * Explore: show series title in tooltip of legend item
     * Explore: dont rate-hint on rate queries
     * Explore: Fix metric suggestions when first letters have been typed
     * Fix misspelled authentication in Auth overview doc
     * fix reader linux test
     * resolve symlink on each run
     * stackdriver: add templating support for metric, filter and group by
     * wip: panel options idea2
     * stackdriver: use group by fields to create default alias
     * make sure we don't add the slash twice
     * Update render.js
     * devenv: fix docker blocks paths
     * Updated phantomjs render script to take full height screenshots
     * devenv: re-add missing docker-compose files
     * Explore: Fix label suggestions for recording rules
     * Explore: Fix click to filter for recording rule expressions
     * Don't use unnest in queries for redshift compatibility
     * pkg/tsdb/elasticsearch/client/client.go: use time.Since instead of
     * pkg/plugins/dashboards_updater.go: Simplify err check
     * pkg/services/sqlstore/alert_notification.go: Simplify err check
     * remove the test that does not do anything
     * add the trailing slash
     * stackdriver: add custom User-Agent header
     * stackdriver: remove hardcoding of test project name
     * updated
     * set maxworkers 2 for frontend tests
     * removes codedov refs
     * disable codecov
     * add a test
     * Fix setting test
     * stackdriver: improve query look
     * moves /tests to /pkg/plugins
     * stackdriver: add alignment period to query controller
     * stackdriver: making sure we dont pass too big alignmentPeriods to the
       stackdriver api
     * stackdriver: fix broken tests
     * stackdriver: adds default value for alignment period
     * stackdriver: use alignment period that is passed from frontend. if set
       to auto, use value provided from the panel. also added tests for
       alignment period
     * stackdriver: use alignment that is passed from frontend in the query
     * stackdriver: adds advanced options collapse to query editor with the
       possibility to select secondary aggregation and alignment
     * removes testdata from getting started
     * stackdriver: fix init labels bug
     * moves benchmark script to devenv
     * moves docker/ to devenv/docker
     * changelog: adds note about closing #9735
     * docs: add version disclaimer for postgres query editor
     * moves files from /tests to more appropriate folders
     * docs: template variable support for annotations
     * Update
     * pkg/services/sqlstore: Fix sess.Id is deprecated: use ID instead.
     * pkg/services/sqlstore: Fix x.Sql is deprecated: use SQL instead.
     * fix: increased team picker limit to 50, closes #13294
     * rename folder
     * Add documentation for PostgreSQL query builder
     * stackdriver: improve query editor to handle no data better
     * stackdriver: fixes in query editor
     * stackdriver: type rename
     * display team member labels
     * new column for team_member table
     * fix hipchat color code used "no data" notifications
     * stackdriver: makes sure filter dropdown doesnt crash if clicked before
       values are loaded
     * fixes strange gofmt formatting
     * stackdriver: adds null check to query
     * gdev: added test dashboard for polystat panel
     * Explore: Add multiline syntax highlighting to query field
     * stackdriver: add support for filtering to backend
     * Hotfix for Explore (empty page after running query)
     * stackdriver: add filters to query editor
     * ldap: made minor change to group search, and to docs
     * stackdriver: fixes remove option in filter
     * dsproxy: add mutex protection to the token caches
     * metrics: starts some counters at zero
     * tech: remove all mobx stuff
     * stackdriver: wip - filters for query editor
     * stackdriver: adds remove group by option
     * stackdriver: improve segments for group bys in query editor
     * stackdriver: load time series meta data for group by dropdown
     * stackdriver: make sure distinct labels are returned. also added test
     * stackdriver: fix failing test
     * stackdriver: test get metric types
     * stackdriver: wip - group bys
     * stackdriver: update logo
     * stackdriver: ux for config page, docs updated
     * upload: make the button text configurable
     * stackdriver: add simple readme
     * stackdriver: reverse points array to be in ascending order
     * stackdriver: adds support for primary aggregations
     * stackdriver: better error handling and show query metadata
     * stackdriver: tests for parsing api response
     * stackdriver: add first test for parsing frontend queries
     * Stackdriver: Fix weird assignment
     * Stackdriver: Use metric type from query controller state
     * Stackdriver: Set target correctly
     * Stackdriver: Break out parse response to its own func
     * Stackdriver: Use ds_auth_provider in stackdriver. This will make sure
       the token is renewed when it has exporired
     * Stackdriver: Restructured ds proxy tests
     * stackdriver: fix test
     * Stackdriver: Add new file
     * Stackdriver: Start breaking out apply route to its own file
     * Stackdriver: Parsed url params
     * Stackdriver: Parse datapoints correctly
     * Stackdriver: Add backed query using
     * Stackdriver: Prettify json
     * Stackdriver: Move data to target
     * Stackdriver: Load example metric and start parsing response
     * Stackdriver: Exposing stackdriver backend api
     * Stackdriver: Use new access token API
     * Stackdriver: Temporary exporting token lookup
     * Stackdriver: Loads project name and metrics descriptions into the
       query controller
     * Stackdriver: Corrected field title and removed debug logging
     * Stackdriver: Removed debug logging
     * Stackdriver: Improved feedback for when a JWT is already uploaded in
       the ds config page
     * docs: first draft for stackdriver datasource
     * dsproxy: implements support for plugin routes with jwt file
     * Stackdriver: Added test for getProjects
     * Stackdriver: Refactored api call to google resource manager
     * Stackdriver: Add scope for google resource manager
     * Stackdriver: Fixed error message from google resource manager
     * Removes comment
     * Adds skeleton for loading projects from google resource manager
     * Adds unit tests to test datasource
     * Implemented datasource test
     * Fixed broken if statement
     * Adds jwt token signing google auth
     * Improved user experience
     * Upload: Fixing link function in directive
     * Adds poc code for retrieving google auth accesstoken
     * Build new stackdriver frontend script
     * Add stackdriver backend skeleton
     * Adds stackdriver frontend skeleton
     * Use datasource cache for backend tsdb/query endpoint (#13266)
     * added underline to links in table
     * fix: add permission fixes
     * test: added simple dashboard reducer test
     * feat: dashboard permissions are working
     * Fix gauge display accuracy for "percent (0.0-1.0)"
     * use pluginName consistently when upgrading plugins
     * removes old unused examples (#13260)
     * fix: added loading screen error scenario (#13256)
     * changelog: add notes about closing #11555
     * Interpolate $__interval in backend for alerting with sql datasources
     * anonymous usage stats for authentication types
     * disabling internal metrics disables /metric endpoint
     * wip: dashboard permissions to redux
     * renames PartialMatch to MatchAny
     * fix: add folder permission fix
     * fix: fixed tslint issue introduced in recent prometheus PR merge
     * Folder pages to redux (#13235)
     * folder permissions in redux
     * minor fix
     * fix test
     * add annotation option to treat series value as timestamp
     * wip: first couple of things starting to work
     * fix: added reducer test
     * Adhoc-filtering for prometheus dashboards (#13212)
     * docs: include active directory ldap example and restructure
     * First pass at a text based template var, getting feedback from devs
     * fix: url update loop fix (#13243)
     * wip: working on reducer test
     * fix: gofmt issues
     * fix: added loading nav states
     * redux: moved folders to it's own features folder
     * fix theme parameter not working problem while prefer theme set to
       light (#13232)
     * fix: added type export to fix failing test
     * fix: fixed typescript test error
     * mobx -> redux: major progress on folder migration
     * another circleci fix
     * Another circleci fix
     * changed gometalinter to use github master
     * commented out metalinter as gopkg is having issues
     * wip: folder settings page to redux progress
     * Fix prometheus label filtering for comparison queries (#13213)
     * Upgrade react and enzyme (#13224)
     * enable partial tag matches for annotations
     * put folder name under dashboard name, tweaked aliginments in search
     * support template variables with multiple values
     * Teams page replace mobx (#13219)
     * renames jest files to match new convention
     * upgrade of typescript and tslint and jest (#13223)
     * fix nil pointer dereference (#13221)
     * removes protoc from makefile
     * wip: folder to redux
     * changelog: note about closing #11681
     * Adding Centrify configuration for Oauth
     * wip: progress on redux folder store
     * wip: moving option tabs into viz tab
     * fix: changing edit / view fullscreen modes now work
     * actions for group sync
     * initial render/refresh timing issues
     * team settings
     * wip: began folder to redux migration
     * test for team member selector
     * flattened team state, tests for TeamMembers
     * refactor: moved stuff into new features dir manage-dashboards
     * move: moved styleguide to admin
     * fix: fixed singlestat test broken due to file move
     * moved folders from features into the main feature folder they belong to
     * Add jsonnet with grafonnet-lib to provisioning docs
     * fix: Dashboard permissions now shows correctly, fixes #13201
     * redux: do not use redux logger middleware in production builds
     * Allow oauth email attribute name to be configurable (#13006)
     * Document required order for time series queries (#13204)
     * refactor: changed AlertRuleItem pause action to callback
     * Fix query builder queries for interval start
     * team members, bug in fetching team
     * renaming things in admin
     * graph legend: use refactored version of scrollbar, #13175
     * Teampages page
     * refactoring: custom scrollbars PR updated, #13175
     * scrollbar: use enzyme for tests instead of react-test-renderer
     * changelog: add notes about closing #13121
     * fix code formatting
     * Fix quoting to handle non-string values
     * scrollbar refactor: replace HOC by component with children
     * graph legend: scroll component refactor
     * scrollbar refactor: replace HOC by component with children
     * adds usage stats for alert notifiers (#13173)
     * changelog: typo
     * docs: what's new in v5.3 placeholder
     * tests for withScrollBar() wrapper
     * tests for withScrollBar() wrapper
     * changelog: restructure and add 5.3.0-beta1 header
     * changelog: add notes about closing #13157
     * wrapper for react-custom-scrollbars component
     * graph legend: use 'react-custom-scrollbars' for legend scroll
     * wrapper for react-custom-scrollbars component
     * docs: sql datasources min time interval
     * changelog: note about closing #10424
     * docs: minor fixes
     * docs: Updated auth docs
     * docs: updated
     * spelling errors
     * make default values for alerting configurable
     * Adding Action to view the graph by its public URL.
     * changelog: order changes by group (ocd)
     * changelog: add notes about closing #13030
     * added radix rule and changed files to follow rule (#13153)
     * set search query action and tests
     * docs: default paths in the docker container.
     * delete team
     * added only-arrow-functions rule and changed files to follow new rule
     * load teams and store in redux
     * build: uses 1.1.0 of the build container.
     * creating types, actions, reducer
     * Only authenticate logins when password is set (#13147)
     * refatoring: minor changes to PR #13149
     * Add min time interval to mysql and mssql
     * build: updated build-container with go1.11.
     * added no-conditional-assignment rule and changed files to follow new
     * fix test failures for timeInterval
     * document postgres min time interval
     * Add min time interval to postgres datasource
     * Changed functions to arrow functions for
       only-arrow-functions rule. (#13131)
     * mobx: removed unused SearchStore
     * fix: Updated test
     * redux: minor changes to redux thunk actions and use of typings
     * Reactify sidebar (#13091)
     * Changed functions to arrow functions for
       only-arrow-functions rule.
     * removed unused mobx state
     * changed functions to arrowfunctions for
       only-arrow-functions rule (#13127)
     * fix: fixed home dashboard redirect issue when behind reverse proxy,
       fixes #12429 (#13135)
     * tests
     * Changed functions to arrow functions for
       only-arrow-functions rule.
     * improve remote image rendering (#13102)
     * handle new variables created not yet added
     * changelog: add notes about closing #10095
     * graph legend: implement series toggling and sorting
     * docs: postgres provisioning
     * changelog: adds note about closing #13125
     * fixed title prefix, fixes #13123 (#13128)
     * Reopen log files after receiving a SIGHUP signal (#13112)
     * Fixed a bug in the test and added test for filter alert rules
     * graph legend: react component refactor
     * added Bitcoin as a currency option
     * added new-parens rule (#13119)
     * cli: avoid rely on response.ContentLength (#13120)
     * some basic selector tests
     * fixed testcase
     * pausing alert
     * docs: v5.2 upgrade notice, ref #13084
     * changelog: add notes about closing #7330
     * extend from purecomponent
     * remove log
     * actions and reducers for search filter
     * added rule use-isnan and and updated file to follow new rule (#13117)
     * added no-namespace and no-reference rules (#13116)
     * added no-angle-bracket-type-assertion rule and updatet files to follow
       rule (#13115)
     * Updated rules for variable name (#13106)
     * update wording and punctuation  (#13113)
     * redux: improved state handling
     * redux: progress
     * wip: load alert rules via redux
     * refactor: changed nav store to use nav index and selector instead of
       initNav action
     * moving things around
     * Fix array display from url
     * wip: solid progress on redux -> angular location bridge update
     * wip: moving things around
     * wip: moveing things around
     * wip: redux refactor
     * pass timerange in meta data queries
     * ignore information_schema tables
     * added jsdoc-format rule and fixed files that didn't follow new rule
     * set member-access and no-var-keyword to true, removed public in two
       files (#13104)
     * fix: for text flickering in animation on chrome on windows
     * graph legend: minor refactor
     * use quoting functions from MysqlQuery in datasource
     * render query from query builder
     * graph: make table markup corresponding to standards
     * graph: legend as React component
     * wip: redux
     * redux: wip progress for using redux
     * fixed so preloader is removed when app is loaded
     * removed console.log
     * separated fade-ins for logo and text, tweaked delays and timing for
       fade-in animations
     * docs: minor updates, more work to do
     * ux: minor fixes to loading screen
     * start implementing mysql query editor as a copy of postgres query
     * reset metric column when changing table
     * fix timeFilter resetting when changing table
     * when changing table, refresh panel once after columns have been changed
     * added pro-tip text, removed pro-tip link
     * fixed styling for background and text, added intro animation, added
       fade in to text
     * fix timecolumn handling when table changes
     * set default for timeGroup in query builder to $__interval
     * when changing table reset columns
     * fix metric column suggestions
     * fix suggestions for metric column
     * Return correct path for OpenBSD in cli's returnOsDefault (#13089)
     * updated changelog
     * New TV Mode, dashboard toolbar update (layout change & new cycle view
       mode button) (#13025)
     * added this:any to functions and changed functions to arrowfunctions
     * feat: loading css async & inline svg
     * Explore: keep query when changing datasources (#13042)
     * changed var to let in 50 files (#13075)
     * changed var to let in last files (#13087)
     * tsconfig: started on setting noImplicitThis to true
     * tsconfig: format file
     * document postgres version and TimescaleDB option
     * tslint: added 1 more rule, #12918
     * tslint: added 2 more rules and removed unused component, #12918
     * tslint: added a new tslint rule
     * added rule prefer const to tslint (#13071)
     * dep ensure (#13074)
     * hide Query Builder button for table panels
     * check for correct quoting of multiple singlequotes
     * changed var to const 2 (#13068)
     * changed var to const (#13061)
     * update latest.json to latest stable version
     * docs: corrected docs description for setting
     * remove min time interval from datasource config
     * remove unneeded queryOptions
     * changelog: add notes about 4.6.4 and 5.2.3 releases
     * fix quoting
     * strip quotes when auto adding alias
     * handle quoting properly for table suggestion
     * link to github instead
     * recheck timecolumn when changing table
     * update filter macro on time column change
     * string formating fixes
     * go fmt fixes
     * Moved tooltip icon from input to label #12945 (#13059)
     * added empty cta to playlist page + hid playlist table when empty
     * changed from rotating to bouncing, maybe to much squash and stretch
     * Update
     * make default mode for table panels raw editor
     * improve description for timescaledb option
     * Review feedback.
     * use series matchers to get label name/value
     * changelog: add notes about closing #12865
     * fixed so validation of empty fields works again
     * added a loading view with a spining grafana logo
     * fix handling of variable interpolation for IN expresions
     * tslint: tslint to const fixes part3 (#13036)
     * tslint: more const fixes (#13035)
     * tslint: changing vars -> const (#13034)
     * tslint: autofix of let -> const (#13033)
     * fix: minor fix to changing type
     * upgrades to golang 1.11
     * wip: angular panels now have similar edit mode and panel type
       selection enabling quick changing between panel react and angular
       panel types
     * add min interval to postgres datasource
     * wip: major change for refresh and render events flow
     * fix: going from fullscreen fix
     * wip: minor fixes
     * copy and docs update for alert notification reminders
     * change/add tests for alerting notification reminders
     * wip: trying to align react & angular edit modes
     * WIP Update tslint (#12922)
     * changelog: add notes about closing #12952 #12965
     * build: fixes rpm build when using defaults.
     * docs: reminder notifications update
     * changelog: add notes about closing #12486
     * docs: changes
     * created a section under administration for authentication, moved ldap
       guide here, created pages for auth-proxy,
       oauth, anonymous auth, ldap sync with grafana ee, and
       overview, moved authentication guides from configuration to, added
        linksin configuration page to guides
     * fixed so animation starts as soon as one pushes the button and
       animation stops if login failed
     * added link to getting started to all, changed wording
     * tests: fix missing tests (with .jest suffix)
     * docs: alerting notification reminders
     * update copy/ux for configuring alerting notification reminders
     * heatmap: fix tooltip bug in firefox
     * fix tableSegment and timeColumnSegment after table suggestion
     * Update
     * sql: added code migration type
     * changelog: add notes about closing #11890
     * Explore: Apply tab completion suggestion on Enter (#12904)
     * Show min-width option only for horizontal repeat (#12981)
     * Fix bulk-dashboards path (#12978)
     * add suggestions for reminder frequency and change copy
     * don't write to notification journal when testing notifier/rule
     * remove unnecessary conversion (metalinter)
     * fix after merge with master
     * Refresh query variable when another variable is used in regex field
     * Webpack tapable plugin deprecation (#12960)
     * unify quoting
     * dsproxy: interpolate route url
     * prefill editor with first metric table
     * only allow 1 filter macro in where clause
     * fix timeColumnType assignment
     * make suggested filter macro depend on type
     * use unixEpochGroup macro for unix timestamp
     * alerting: inline docs for the slack channel.
     * Replacing variable interpolation in "All value" value
     * changelog: add notes about closing #12229
     * cleaning up test data
     * changelog: add notes about closing #12892
     * docs: es versions supported
     * devenv: update sql dashboards
     * when value in variable changes, identify which variable(s) to update
     * removed inverse btn styling and added bgColor to generic
       oauth and login buttons, added styling so log in button
        uses dark theme inverse btn styling both for dark and light theme
     * suggest operators depending on datatype
     * Doc - fix title level
     * Update doc about repeating panels
     * Doc - fix broken link
     * build: beta versions no longer tagged as latest.
     * docs: cleanup.
     * docs: docker and restarts.
     * update persisted parts on param change
     * persist datatype information
     * Don't do value suggestions for numeric and timestamp
     * created a class for loading buttons, added a button for when login
       slow on login page
     * rename postgres_query.jest.ts to .test.ts
     * fix variable escaping
     * autodetect timescaledb when version >= 9.6
     * build: duplicate docker run-script removed.
     * detect postgres version for saved datasources
     * Set User-Agent header in all proxied datasource requests
     * use pointer cursor for buttons in query editor
     * docs: cloudwatch dimensions reference link.
     * require postgres 9.4+ for ordered set aggregate functions
     * add postgres version to datasource config
     * only show first/last aggregate when timescaledb is enabled
     * keep jsonData in PostgresDatasource
     * docs: remove message property in response from get alerts http api
     * changelog: add notes about closing #5623
     * build: cleanup
     * should allow one default datasource per organisation using provisioning
     * build: fixes rpm verification.
     * docs: add grafana version note for gitlab oauth
     * docs: gitlab: add note about more restrictive API scope
     * social: gitlab_oauth: set user ID in case email changes
     * docs: document GitLab authentication backend
     * social: add GitLab authentication backend
     * build: verifies the rpm packages signatures.
     * changelog: add notes about closing #12224
     * added guide for logging in to grafana for the first and how to add a
     * docs: update
     * feat: add auto fit panels to shortcut modal, closes #12768
     * changelog: add notes about closing #12680
     * docs: update postgres provisioning
     * Remove dependencies
     * Rename test files
     * changelog: add notes about closing #12598
     * add version disclaimer for TimescaleDB
     * document TimescaleDB datasource option
     * Use variable in newPostgresMacroEngine
     * Remove Karma scripts and docs
     * changelog: add notes about closing #10705
     * fix: ds_proxy test not initiating header
     * Don't pass datasource to newPostgresMacroEngine
     * Remove tests and logs
     * Fix for Graphite function parameter quoting  (#12907)
     * don't render hidden columns in table panel (#12911)
     * fix: added missing ini default keys, fixes #12800 (#12912)
     * refactor timescaledb handling in MacroEngine
     * change: Set User-Agent to Grafana/%Version% Proxied-DS-Request
       %DS-Type% in all proxied ds requests
     * Remove comment
     * Cleanup
     * All tests passing
     * Class to function. Half tests passing
     * Karma to Jest: graph (refactor) (#12860)
     * tech: removed js related stuff now that 99% is typescript (#12905)
     * Add React container
     * changelog: add notes about closing #12805
     * fix redirect to panel when using an outdated dashboard slug (#12901)
     * Add commit to external stylesheet url (#12902)
     * build: increase frontend tests timeout without no output
     * fix: Alerting rendering timeout was 30 seconds, same as alert rule
       eval timeout, this should be much lower so the rendering timeout does
       not timeout the rule context, fixes #12151 (#12903)
     * changelog: add notes about closing #12476
     * now hides team header when no teams + fix for list hidden when only
       one team
     * Rename to HeatmapRenderer
     * Mock things
     * Explore: Fix label filtering for rate queries
     * add $__unixEpochGroup to mssql datasource
     * add $__unixEpochGroup to mysql datasource
     * Add $__unixEpochGroup macro to postgres datasource
     * changed const members to filteredMembers to trigger get filtered
       members, changed input value to (#12885)
     * get timecolumn datatype on timecolumn change
     * changelog: add notes about closing #12882
     * Removes link to deprecated docker image build
     * Add mocks
     * fix datatype query
     * Changelog update
     * docker: makes it possible to set a specific plugin url.
     * Add support for $__range_s (#12883)
     * Refactor setting fillmode
     * Update
     * Fix typo
     * Explore: label selector for logging
     * Replace element
     * Rewrite heatmap to class
     * Explore: still show rate hint if query is complex
     * Explore: Filter out existing labels in label suggestions
     * Add note for #12843
     * Fix initial state in split explore
     * replaced with EmptyListCta
     * Begin conversion
     * changed messaging
     * mention time_bucket in timescaledb tooltip
     * keep legend scroll position when series are toggled (#12845)
     * replaced confirm delete modal with deleteButton component in teams
       members list
     * [wip]added empty list cta to team list, if statement toggles view for
       when the list is empty or not
     * Update
     * Fix padding for metrics chooser in explore
     * fix rebase error
     * revert passing ctrl to testDatasource
     * change timescaledb to checkbox instead of select
     * add timescaledb option to postgres datasource
     * build: fixes png rendering in the docker based docker-image build.
     * remove duplicated /tmp entry in .dockerignore
     * move run script, update README
     * produce an image compatible with grafana-docker
     * More efficient builds and some fixes to the Go binaries
     * Simple Docker-based build option
     * Add example OR search_filter to docs
     * Explore: expand recording rules for queries
     * Explore: Query hints for prometheus (#12833)
     * Convert URL-like text to links in plugins readme
     * skip target _self to remove full page reload
     * use uid when linking to dashboards internally in a dashboard
     * add previous fill mode to query builder
     * added more info about the teams
     * removed mock-teams, now gets teams from backend
     * changelog: add notes about closing #12756
     * add api route for retrieving teams of signed in user
     * devenv: update sql dashboards
     * team list for profile page + mock teams
     * changelog: add notes about closing #11270
     * Fixing bug in url query reader and added test cases
     * fix missing *
     * rename last fillmode to previous
     * change fillmode from last to previous
     * return proper payload from api when updating datasource
     * Review feedback
     * changelog: update #12768
     * Remove window
     * Fix url param errors
     * Explore: Metrics chooser for prometheus
     * Add clear row button
     * Add clear button to Explore
     * Explore: show message if queries did not return data
     * Fix closing parens completion for prometheus queries in Explore
     * Update
     * Update
     * Update
     * switched to lowercase
     * replaced escape() call, renamed formatter to be more expressive
     * Smaller docker image (#12824)
     * build: failing to push to docker hub fails the build.
     * Reversed history direction for explore
     * Explore: Add history to query fields
     * unix socket docs
     * Explore: facetting for label completion (#12786)
     * docs: how to build a docker image.
     * Remove Karma test
     * All tests passing
     * Add mock constructor
     * Begin conversion
     * Convert query control
     * Convert datasource
     * refactor: take submenu into account PR #12796
     * refactor: renaming variables, refactoring PR #12796
     * refactor: moving code around a bit, refactoring PR #12796
     * Remove weird import
     * Disable submenu when autopanels is enabled
     * Extract to own method
     * Use  and add keybard shortcut
     * Add temporary url parameter
     * Replace floor with round
     * Go with just single margin compensation
     * Add margin and padding compensation
     * Remove weird import
     * Fit panels to screen height
     * dont break default parameters for functions
     * fix suggestion query
     * renamed slate unit tests to .jest.ts
     * Remove simple tests
     * Support client certificates for LDAP servers
     * Begin conversion
     * Add click on explore table cell to add filter to query (#12729)
     * dont order for aggregate
     * build: makes it easier to build a local docker container.
     * add moving average to query builder
     * adjust frontend test
     * use $__timeGroupAlias macro
     * specify grafana version for last fill mode
     * add fillmode "last" to sql datasource
     * build: disables external docker build for master and release.
     * build: complete docker build for master and releases.
     * build: removes unused args to docker build.
     * build: imported latest changes from grafana-docker.
     * build: attach built resources.
     * build: builds docker image from local grafna tgz.
     * build: new workflow for PR:s and branches.
     * docker: inital copy of the grafana-docker files.
     * changelog: add notes about closing #1823 #12801
     * Add auto_assign_org_id to defaults.ini
     * changelog: add notes about closing #12749
     * changelog: add notes about closing #12766
     * adjust test dashboards
     * remove info logging
     * added two new classes for color, fixed so link has value color
     * changelog: add notes about closing #12063
     * Add new Redshift metrics and dimensions for Cloudwatch datasource
     * changelog: add notes about closing #12752
     * changelog: update
     * Improve iOS and Windows 10 experience (#12769)
     * add series override option to hide tooltip (#12378)
     * changelog: add notes about closing #12785
     * removed table-panel-link class
     * removed table-panel-link class and add a class white to modify
       table-panel-cell-link class
     * add warning when switching from raw sql mode
     * add more prominent button for switching edit mode
     * document $__timeGroupAlias
     * add $__timeGroupAlias to mysql and mssql
     * fix custom variable quoting in sql* query interpolations
     * add compatibility code to handle pre 5.3 usage
     * Change to arrow functions
     * Add all tests to one file
     * changelog: add notes about closing #12561
     * Remove angularMocks
     * All tests passing
     * replaced style with class for links
     * Add $__timeGroupAlias to postgres macros
     * adjust test dashboards
     * remove alias from postgres $__timeGroup macro
     * changelog: add notes about closing #12762
     * fix: team email tooltip was not showing
     * fix: test data api route used old name for test data datasource, fixes
     * removed a blank space in div
     * fixed color for links in colored cells by adding a new variable that
       sets color: white when cell or row has background-color
     * changelog: add notes about closing #12300
     * Weird execution order for the tests...
     * fixed test result
     * added urlescape formatting option
     * changelog: add notes about closing #12744
     * changelog: add notes about closing #12727
     * add aws_dx to cloudwatch datasource
     * also fixed "Watt per square metre"
     * fixed that missing one
     * add version note to metric prefix and fix typo
     * devenv: update sql dashboards
     * mssql: update tests
     * fix usage of metric column types so that you don't need to specify
       metric alias
     * Begin conversion
     * changelog: update
     * changelog: add notes about closing #12747
     * Add missing tls_skip_verify_insecure (#12748)
     * rename special to windows
     * add first and last support
     * refactor function handling in query builder
     * refactor column function handling
     * consistent nameing fro group and select
     * mssql: add logo
     * add tests for metric column prefix to mssql
     * add metric column prefix test for mysql
     * document metric column prefix in query editor
     * document metric column prefix for mysql and mssql
     * Remove extra mock
     * Karm to Jest
     * correct volume unit
     * Remove lo
     * Test passing. Remove Karma
     * adjust metric prefix code to sql engine refactor
     * add testcase for metric column as prefix
     * Use metric column as prefix
     * Fix emit errors
     * Fix test
     * Add async/await
     * refactor schema query generation
     * removed unused class from the deletebutton pr
     * frontend part with mock-team-list
     * Update test for local time
     * update devenv datasources and dashboards for sql datasources
     * Begin conversion
     * use const for rowlimit in sql engine
     * Cleanup
     * Remove Karma file
     * All tests passing
     * All except one passing
     * remove tableschema from query builder ui
     * changelog: add notes about closing #12731
     * elasticsearch: support reversed index patterns
     * update devenv datasources and dashboards for sql datasources
     * mssql: use new sql engine
     * mysql: use new sql engine
     * postgres: use new sql engine
     * refactor sql engine to make it hold all common code for sql datasources
     * Pass more tests
     * Refactor Explore query field (#12643)
     * Begin conversion
     * All tests passing. Remove Karma test.
     * Almost all tests passing
     * Add tslib to TS compiler
     * docs: using interval and range variables in prometheus
     * Two passing tests
     * Update
     * Start conversion
     * changelog: add notes about closing #12533
     * changelog: add notes about closing #12668
     * changelog: update
     * changelog: add notes about closing #12668
     * fix for typeahead background, increased lighten
     * added position absolute and some flexbox so I could remov changes in
       display and setTimeout, added tests and types, did some renaming
     * fix invalid reference
     * minor fixes
     * fix failing test due to time diff issues
     * Remove comments
     * remove unneeded comment
     * Remove old influx stuff
     * changelog: add notes about closing #12489
     * changelog: add notes about closing #12551
     * changelog: add notes about closing #12533
     * Karma to Jest
     * Begin conversion
     * changelog: add notes about closing #12589
     * changelog: add notes about closing #12636 #9827
     * Remove influx qeury_ctrl jest, as it is already completed
     * Test fail depending on test order
     * Karma to Jest: begin influx query_ctrl
     * Make beautiful
     * Karma to Jest: completer
     * Remove comments and Karm test
     * Karma to Jest
     * Pass more tests
     * changelog: add notes about closing #12644
     * fix code style
     * docs: mentation that config changes requires restart.
     * return 400 if user input error
     * changing callback fn into arrow functions for correct usage of this
     * Fix requested changes
     * Add templating docs for
     * Add docs about global variables in query template variables
     * Figuring out why it doesn't initialize
     * Add support for interval in query variable
     * Add jest file
     * Change to arrow functions
     * Add graph_ctrl jest
     * changelog: add notes about closing #12691
     * Update kbn.ts
     * Add jest test file
     * Id validation of CloudWatch GetMetricData
     * Fix timezone issues in test
     * fix window function query without group by
     * changelog: adds note for #11487
     * add order by to metadata queries
     * set explicit order for rate and increase
     * escaping ssl mode on postgres param
     * fix pre gui queries shortcircuit
     * Add unit test for InfluxDB datasource
     * Support timeFilter in templating for InfluxDB
     * Datasource for Grafana logging platform
     * removed blue-dark variable with blue-light in light-theme, blue
       variable now has same value as blue-dark had before, should fix issue
       with any low contrast issues with blue in light-theme, this made
       query-blue variable unnecessery removed it, added variable for
       variable dropdown highlight background
     * removed import appEvents
     * built a component for delete button in tables, instead of using a
       modal to confirm it now does it in the row of the table, created a
       sass file for the component, the component uses css transitions for
     * fix: postgres/mysql engine cache was not being used, fixes #12636
     * added: replaces added to grafana
     * fix: datasource search was not working properly
     * add groupby when adding first aggregate
     * docs: minor docs fix
     * Fix label suggestions in Explore query field
     * pluginloader: expose flot gauge plugin
     * alert: add missing test after refactor
     * Handle query string in storage public_url (#9351) (#12555)
     * HTTP API documentation +fix when updating a playlist (#12612)
     * Explore: calculate query interval based on available width
     * Use url params for explore state
     * Dont parse empty explore state from url
     * Fix default browser th font-weight
     * Adding eval_data to alerts query results
     * ldap: Make it possible to define Grafana admins via ldap setup, closes
     * nginx: update to docker block
     * minor fix for legacy panels
     * Remove string casting for template variables in prometheus
     * ldap: docker block readme update
     * Make prometheus value formatting more robust
     * Update
     * Devenv testdata dashboards (#12615)
     * fix test for query generation
     * dont run queries if target has no table set
     * add query to find metric table
     * add popover for metric column
     * rename PostgresQueryBuilder to PostgresMetaQuery
     * dont expand variables in rawSql
     * filter datatype for groupby suggestions
     * fix rate special function when using group by
     * remove unused import
     * refactor adding sqlPart
     * remove render code from sql_part
     * fix bug in query generation with metricColumn
     * refactor PostgresQuery
     * refactor PostgresQueryCtrl
     * refactor PostgresQueryCtrl and PostgresQuery
     * refactor addGroupBy and removeGroupByPart
     * use let for variable declaration
     * Add templateSrv to PostgresQuery tests
     * add tests for query generation
     * Reverted $q to Promise migration in datasource_srv
     * Allow settting of default org id to auto-assign to (#12401)
     * Remove unused SASS variables (#12603)
     * fix: panel embedd scrolbar fix, fixes #12589 (#12595)
     * fix tests for postgres datasource
     * Set datasource in deep links to Explore
     * send timerange with metricFindQuery
     * Explore Datasource selector
     * changed you to your (#12590)
     * indent generated SQL
     * Add comments
     * Fix freezing browser when loading plugin
     * handle counter overflow and resets in rate
     * partition by metricColumn when using increase
     * add rate and increase special functions
     * wip: another baby step, another million to go
     * skip backend request if extended statistics is invalid. (#12495)
     * Refactor team pages to react & design change (#12574)
     * (prometheus) prevent error to use $__interval_ms in query (#12533)
     * fix: folder picker did not notify parent that the initial folder had
       been changed, fixes #12543 (#12554)
     * Add support for skipping variable value in URL, fixes #12174 (#12541)
     * Update
     * Update
     * Update
     * Update
     * Don't build-all for PRs
     * Refactor value column SQL generation
     * Refactor metric column sql generation
     * fix: requests/sec instead of requets (#12557)
     * Add folder name to dashboard title (#12545)
     * Fix css loading in plugins (#12573)
     * Refactor group by query generation
     * Refactor where clause generation
     * refactor SQL generation for value columns
     * Refactor time column sql generation
     * Refactor render function on PostgresQuery
     * prepare sql part for special functions
     * set query gui as default handle old panels gracefully
     * Added BurstBalance metric to list of AWS RDS metrics.
     * dont throw exception for unknown types
     * Prevent scroll on focus for iframe
     * add alias when adding group by
     * Add new sequential color scales
     * add aggregates when adding group by
     * add column alias when add aggregate function
     * move go vet out of scripts and fixing warning (#12552)
     * fix enter in sql_part_editor
     * fix editing expression parts
     * wip: you can now change panel type in edit mode
     * rename inputBlur to switchToLink
     * react panels: working on changing type
     * Cleanup and remove some jest.fn()
     * fix spelling
     * add current value to dropdown if its not in resultset
     * Revert "show current value in dropdown when its not part
       of list"
     * Remove irrelevant tests and templateSrv stub
     * show current value in dropdown when its not part of list
     *  redid redux poc, old branch was to old and caused to many conflicts
     * wip: redux poc
     * fix diff and percent_diff (#12515)
     * improve error message
     * generate unique id when variable is multi
     * support GetMetricData
     * dep ensure
     * update aws-sdk-go
     * Update lodash/moment version (#12532)
     * fix: minor css change
     * wip: minopr progress on react panel edit infra
     * Tabs to spaces in tslint (#12529)
     * wip: minor progres on react panels edit mode
     * add None to metric column suggestions
     * handle pre query gui queries gracefully
     * dont break on panels that dont have rawQuery set
     * refactor transformToSegments
     * devenv: updated devenv provision scripts
     * wip: viz editor started
     * ux: minor fix/tweak to inactive view mode, think logo should be
       visible & fixes dashboard title alignment
     * changelog: add notes about closing #12379
     * Fix datasource sorting with template variables
     * another baby step
     * changelog: add notes about closing #12484
     * changelog: add notes about closing #12506
     * rename quoteLiteral to quoteIdentAsLiteral
     * changelog: add notes about closing #12506
     * fix links not updating after changing variables
     * remove unused function removeSelect
     * put updateParam back in
     * fix where clause generation
     * remove hardcoded $__timeFilter, make macros functional in where clause
     * remove dead code, make label more flexible
     * fix constraint removal
     * react-panels: minor progress on data flow
     * dont autoquote, suggest quoted values if requried
     * prometheus heatmap: fix unhandled error when some points are missing
     * fix caret for help button is ds http settings
     * do not autoquote identifiers
     * fix group by ui
     * changelog: add notes about closing #11618 #11619
     * fix where constraint handling
     * remove dead code from sql_part fix where clause query generation
     * Add mock to test files
     * Create new instance in beforeEach
     * Remove comments
     * Karma to Jest: Cloudwatch datasource
     * Karma to Jest: MySQL datasource
     * Karma to Jest: postgres datasource
     * Basic cleanup
     * Add mocks in test file
     * Remove q and stub
     * Add Jest stubs
     * Remove async
     * Remove logs and comments
     * Start elastic ds test conversion
     * run enterprise build only on master for now
     * refix the settings indentation
     * update stats admin doc
     * fix json indentation
     * include where constraints in query generation
     * remove unnecessary conversions
     * rearrange elements of query builder
     * mv query_part to sql_part
     * changelog: update
     * changelog: add notes about closing #11818
     * changelog: add notes about closing #12460
     * changelog: add notes about closing #8186
     * changelog: add notes about closing #12379
     * changelog: add notes about closing #12362
     * devenv: open ldap docker block now prepopulating data with correct
       member groups
     * ci: Only publish grafana enterprise packages tagged with enterprise.
     * Make table sorting stable when null values exist (#12362)
     * Fix bar width issue in aligned prometheus queries (#12483)
     * correct example (#12481)
     * ldap: improved ldap test env with more structured users and groups
     * test: fixed usage of wrap in tests.
     * ci: typo
     * ci: publishes grafana enterprise to s3.
     * refactoring: making api wrap public
     * refactoring: enterprise build/hooks refactorings (#12478)
     * Karma to Jest: datasource_srv (#12456)
     * fix: #12461 introduced issues with route registration
       ordering, adding plugin static routes before plugins package had been
        initiated (#12474)
     * omit extra template refresh (#12454)
     * wip: minor progress on DataPanel
     * Improve extensions build.  (#12461)
     * [mysql] fix $__timeGroup rounding (#12469)
     * [mssql] fix $__timeGroup rounding (#12470)
     * [postgres] fix timeGroup macro rounding (#12468)
     * pkg/social/github: Allow changing of userinfo data (#12471)
     * notifications: dont return error if one notifer failed
     * use sqlPart for ui parts
     * avoid calling os.Exit outside main.go (#12459)
     * update mysql/mssql query/annotation help sections
     * docs: update folders api
     * Changed documentation for MSSQL and MySQL to reflect macro changes
     * docs: update scripted dashboard for v5
     * docs: update scripted dashboard for v5
     * docs: update organisation http api
     * docs: upd windows installation
     * notifications: send notifications synchronous
     * notifications: read without tran, write with tran
     * registry: adds more comments
     * registry: adds comments to interfaces
     * changelog: update
     * changelog: update
     * changelog: add notes about closing #12438
     * alerting: only log when screenshot been uploaded
     * fixes typos
     * Reverted yarn.lock to master
     * Used PostgreSQL TSDB as a model the set up the __timeFilter,
       __timeFrom, and __timeTo macros for Microsoft SQL and MySQL
     * changelog: add notes about closing #12444
     * Revert "auth proxy: use real ip when validating white listed ip's"
     * changelog: adds note for #11892
     * changelog: add notes about closing #12430
     * fix footer css issue
     * Karma to Jest: 3 test files (#12414)
     * fix: log close/flush was done too early, before server shutdown log
       message was called, fixes #12438
     * react panels wip
     * Karma to Jest: value_select_dropdown (#12435)
     * support passing api token in Basic auth password (#12416)
     * Add disabled styles for checked checkbox (#12422)
     * changelog: add notes about closing #11920
     * changelog: add notes about closing #11920
     * changelog: update
     * docs: upd what's new in v5.2
     * docs: update index with link to what's new in 5.2 instead
       of 5.0
     * wip: react panels editor mode, tabs working
     * changelog: add notes about closing #12385
     * react panels wip
     * feat: panels v2, metrics-tab loading
     * docs: upd what's new in v5.2
     * docs: upd what's new in v5.2
     * login: fix layout issues
     * build: yarn should be included out of the box on circle ci
     * notifier: handle known error first
     * ensure that if the dasboardID is negative, it will not bypass the
       checking of the right (#12398)
     * changelog: add notes about closing #11968
     * Webpack 4 (WIP) (#12098)
     * Make pre/postfix coloring checkboxes inactive when gauge is active
     * removes unused return object
     * handle "dn" ldap attribute more gracefully (#12385)
     * Update
     * Fix typo
     * Switched MySQL and MSSQL macros for timeFilter and related to use
       BETWEEN and calculate UNIX time server side instead
       of database side. Fixes #11618 #11619
     * docs: update installation instructions
     * routing: raise panic if duplicate routes are added
     * routing: allows routes to be added to existing groups
     * changelog: add notes about closing #11868
     * enhance error message if phantomjs executable is not found
     * fix: annnotation api & sql issue
     * changelog: add notes about closing #12248
     * set correct text in drop down when variable is present in url using
     * Light improve of massive delete annotation api (#12390)
     * Fix 12248
     * Fixing wrong /public path, relative to the script, that
       would avoid webpack from cleaning previous builds. (#12351)
     * changelog: add notes about closing #12383
     * changelog: adds note about closing #12313
     * Return a 404 when deleting a datasource through the API if it doesn't
       exist and add a test for it to confirm #12313
     * Set $rootScope in DatasourceSrv
     * Add options to colorize prefix and postfix in singlestat
     * devenv: adds dashboard with multiple rows
     * changelog: adds note about closing #10971
     * Pass configured/auth headers to a Datasource.
     * Karma to Jest: history_ctrl. .gitingore: .vs/
     * changelog: add notes about closing #12359
     * build: fix signing of multiple rpm packages
     * docs: what's new in v5.2 and docker installation updates
     * tech: adds comments about route register code
     * changelog: add notes about closing issue
     * Karma to Jest: history_ctrl. Update version: ts-jest
     * changelog: add notes about 5.2.0-beta2
     * changelog: add notes about closing #12240
     * changelog: add notes about closing #12256
     * changelog: add notes about closing #11792
     * changelog: add notes about closing #12315
     * dashboard: fix drop down links
     * wip: react panels, query editor loading from react PanelEditor view
     * fix regressions after save modal changes of not storing time and
       variables per default
     * wip: react panel minor progrss
     * updated
     * Karma to Jest: history_srv (#12341)
     * react panels minor progress
     * make sure to process panels in collapsed rows when exporting dashboard
     * changelog: add notes about closing #3132
     * docs: update installation instructions
     * react panel minor progress
     * ldap: add note about config in Grafana
     * ldap: add note to dockerfile
     * changelog: add notes about closing #12343
     * docs: Plugin review guidelines and datasource auth pages
     * remove unused argument in default scenario of guardian test
     * fix: fixed permission issue with api key with viewer role in
       dashboards with default permissions
     * wip: react panel makeover mini progress
     * Karma to Jest: time_srv (#12303)
     * Karma to Jest: team_details_ctrl (#12321)
     * Fix error in InfluxDB query
     * expose functions to use sessions
     * changelog: adds note about closing #11607
     * test commit for checking github permissions
     * changelog: add notes about closing #12278
     * changelog: add notes about closing #11076
     * snapshot: copy correct props when creating a snapshot
     * added comment to reason the id tag
     * set current org when adding/removing user to org
     * changelog: add notes about closing #10707
     * Include the vendor directory when copying source in to Docker (#12305)
     * changelog: adds note about closing #12199
     * adds tests for journaling sql operations
     * use epoch to compare timestamp
     * adds inTransactionCtx that calls inTransactionWithRetryCtx
     * merge create user handlers
     * transactions: start sessions and transactions at the same place
     * adds info about eval/reminder interval
     * tests for defaultShouldNotify
     * cloudwatch: handle invalid time range
     * notifications: make journaling ctx aware
     * make sure to use real ip when validating white listed ip's
     * Adding Cloudwatch AWS/AppSync metrics and dimensions
     * notifications: gather actions in one transaction
     * changelog: adds note about closing #12286
     * sql: adds tests for InTransaction
     * bus: noop should still execute fn
     * removes unused code
     * bus: Dispatch now passes empty ctx if handler require it
     * bus: dont start transaction when creating session
     * bus: dont mix ctx/classic handlers
     * bus: DispatchCtx can now invoke any handler
     * refactoring: renamed AddCtxHandler to AddHandlerCtx PR #12203
     * refactoring: transaction manager PR #12203
     * fixes typo in code
     * check if admin exists or create one in one transaction
     * replace begin/end with wrapper function
     * bus: support multiple dispatch in one transaction
     * docs: adds info about grafana-dev container
     * changelog: add notes about closing #12282
     * Added Litre/min and milliLitre/min in Flow (#12282)
     * remove papaparse dependency
     * list name is deleteDatasources, not delete_datasources
     * remove internal influx ifql datasource
     * Document the endpoint for deleting an org
     * tests: rewrite into table tests
     * influxdb: adds mode func to backend
     * Fix queryfield wrapper css
     * Fix Queryfield metrics field missing
     * batch DOM reads from query field typeahead
     * hint support for typeahead
     * Make suggestions an object
     * Trigger typeahead on Ctrl-Space
     * refactor Explore query field
     * changelog: add notes about closing #11484
     * changelog: add notes about closing #11233
     * Remove import
     * Fix PR feedback
     * Removed papaparse from external plugin exports
     * Karma to Jest: query_builder
     * dsproxy: move http client variable back
     * Karma to Jest: threshold_mapper
     * Expose react and slate to external plugins
     * Karma to Jest: threshold_manager
     * Karma to Jest: query_def, index_pattern
     * Remove import
     * Karma to Jest: elastic_response
     * changelog: notes about closing #12189
     * #11607 corrected file cleanup test
     * #11607 removed unnecessary conversion (from gometalinter)
     * Improve test readability
     * #11607 fixed formatting
     * #11607 Cleanup time of temporary files is now configurable
     * moved link icon in panel header
     * Karma to Jest: playlist_edit_ctrl
     * Karma to Jest: exporter
     * Update
     * changelog: add notes about closing #10796
     * added id tag to Panels for html bookmarking on longer Dashboards
     * dashboard import to folder: minor fixes
     * Docs: output location from build script
     * Correct Provisioning documentation link
     * dsproxy: allow multiple access tokens per datasource
     * Mock core in jest-setup
     * Docs: Update Build from Source
     * Convert tests from Karma to Jest
     * changelog: add notes about closing #11963
     * save-modal save button (#12047)
     * Karma to Jest: graph-tooltip
     * removed QueryOptionsCtrl references
     * update latest.json to 5.1.3
     * use ng-if
     * hot-fix ifql testdatasource()
     * triggers grafana-docker master build
     * changed som variables to values so it's the same for dark and light
       theme, added special styling for login text, link and input (#12196)
     * mattn/go-sqlite3 v1.6.0 to v1.7.0
     * changelog: add notes about closing #11074
     * fixed so panel title doesn't wrap and  (#12142)
     * graph: fix legend decimals precision calculation
     * Use Passive eventListener for 'wheel' (#12106)
     * removes more unused code
     * removes unused code
     * nicer collapsed row behaviour (#12186)
     * remove DashboardRowCtrl (#12187)
     * add panel on enter
     * autoFocus the search filter
     * adds missing return statement
     * Fix typo: eleasticsearch -> elasticsearch (#12184)
     * Annotations support for ifql datasource
     * dashboard: improve import UX for non-editor users
     * Template variable support for ifql datasource
     * Use cut to trim down the SHA1.
     * show import menu in sidenav, dashboard search and manage dashboards
     * Fix metrics panel test by adding config mock
     * Respect explore settings in config ini
     * Add .html to resolve extensions
     * Version the tarball uploaded to s3 and tell the next step about it.
     * dashboard: import into current folder from manage folder page
     * dashboard: add Import button to manage page
     * dashboard: import to folder
     * Query helpers for IFQL datasource
     * alerting: fixes broken table rename
     * docs: docker secrets available in v5.2.0
     * Remove round-robin urls in ifql DS
     * IFQL range variable expansion
     * alerting: renames journal table to alert_notification_journal
     * alerting: move queries from evalcontext to notifier base
     * alerting: invert sendOnce to sendReminder
     * changelog: add notes about closing #11657
     * alerting: remove zero units from duration
     * alerting: only check frequency when not send once
     * always show server admin link in sidenav if grafana admin
     * update google auth config docs
     * changelog: add notes about closing #11525
     * fix: fixed problem with expanding access mode help in ds settings
     * dep: use master branch for plugin model
     * alerting: fixes invalid error handling
     * fixed so default is all and general only show dashboards
     * changelog: add notes about closing #11882
     * added s to folderId in params
     * renamed variable in tests
     * added comment, variableChange -> variableValueChange
     * added a test
     * added if to check if new variable has been added
     * Gravatar fallback does not respect 'AppSubUrl'-setting (#12149)
     * change admin password after first login
     * changelog: adds note about closing #11958
     * revert: reverted singlestat panel position change PR #12004
     * Revert "provisioning: turn relative symlinked path into absolut paths"
     * provisioning: turn relative symlinked path into absolut paths
     * changelog: adds note about closing #11670
     * elasticsearch: sort bucket keys to fix issue wth response parser tests
     * docs: what's new in v5.2
     * made folder text smaller
     * Implement code review changes
     * Bug fix for repeated alerting even on OK state and add
       notification_journal cleanup when alert resolves
     * Fix tests
     * Fix multiple bugs
     * Revert changes post code review and move them to notification page
     * Feature for repeated alerting in grafana
     * InfluxDB IFQL datasource
     * changelog: add notes about closing #11167
     * docs: docker secrets support. (#12141)
     * alerting: show alerts for user with Viewer role
     * datasource: added option no-direct-access to ds-http-settings
       diretive, closes #12138
     * provisioning: adds fallback if evalsymlink/abs fails
     * tests: uses different paths depending on os
     * renames intervalSeconds to updateIntervalSeconds
     * changelog: add notes about closing #5893
     * removed italic
     * changelog: add notes about closing #11500, #8168, #6541
     * Alert panel filters (#11712)
     * docs: update alerting docs with alerting support for elasticsearch
     * added span with folder title that is shown for recently and starred,
       created a new class for folder title
     * provisioning: makes the interval for polling for changes configurable
     * provisioning: only update dashboard if hash of json changed
     * remove dead code
     * elasticsearch: minor refactor
     * changelog: update
     * changelog: add notes about closing #10748, #8805
     * save modal ux improvements  (#11822)
     * changelog: add notes about closing #11515
     * provisioning: only provision if json file is newer then db
     * Guard /explore by editor role on the backend
     * make path absolute before following symlink
     * provisioning: follow symlinked folders
     * test: fixes broken test on windows
     * changelog: add notes about closing #11771
     * changelog: add notes about closing #11971
     * Fix singlestat threshold tooltip (#12109)
     * build: only runs db related tests on db.
     * build: integration testing postegres on ci.
     * build: mysql integration testing on ci.
     * Fix karma tests that rely on MetricsPanelCtrl
     * changelog: Second epochs are now correctly converted to ms.
     * Fix panel menu test
     * Restrict Explore UI to Editor and Admin roles
     * Fix CSS to hide grid controls in fullscreen/low-activity views
     * changelog: add notes about closing #11645
     * Support InfluxDB count distinct aggregation (#11658)
     * provisioning: enable relative path's
     * changelog: note about closing #11858
     * devenv: improve readme
     * provisioning: place testfiles within testdata folder
     * changelog: add notes about closing #11494
     * Add new regions to handleGetRegions function (#12082)
     * PR: minor change to PR #12004 before merge
     * fix: refactoring PR #11996 and fixing issue #11551 16706hashkey in
       json editors
     * devenv: script for setting up default datasources
     * tech: updated react-grid-layout to latest official release, closes
     * Fix cache busting for systemjs imports for plugins
     * devenv: scripts for generating many unique dashboards
     * docker: new block for elasticsearch6
     * changelog: add notes about closing #12087
     * sql: seconds epochs are now correctly converted to ms.
     * add validation of uid when importing dashboards
     * fix: add track by name in annotation list to avoid $$hashKey in json
     * changelog: adds note about closing #9703
     * go fmt fixes
     * configure proxy environments for Transport property
     * Show create dashboard link if at least editor in one folder
     * graphite: avoid dtracing headers in direct mode
     * Fix sourcemaps for webpack hot config
     * return better error message when err is ErrSmtpNotEnabled
     * elasticsearch: handle if alert query contains template variable
     * changelog: adds note about closing #9847
     * Sparklines should scale to the data range (#12010)
     * Split webpack dev config into dev and hot
     * Upgrade webpack loaders (#12081)
     * pin versions of xorm to resolve sql tests
     * build: fixes broken path for bra run
     * use sql builder for the get system stats sql query
     * fix directly specified variable rendering
     * remove unused function renderAdhocFilters
     * send param in callback for get-param-options
     * Fix #9847 Add a generic signout_redirect_url to enable
       oauth logout
     * make separator configurable
     * fix error message
     * Changed Prometheus interval-alignment to cover whole panel range
     * alerting: refactor tests
     * add usage stats for datasource access mode
     * Review feedback (heading, typos)
     * add additional usage stats metrics
     * add tests for sending usage stats
     * Integrated dark theme for explore UI
     * elasticsearch: adds some more/better debug logging to client
     * changelog: fix broken link to contributor
     * changelog: adds note about closing #11788
     * The old code for centering removed
     * Backend image rendering as plugin (#11966)
     * Fix typo in
     * build: updates publisher to support arm archs for deb and rpm.
     * Explore split view
     * Fixed custom dates for react timepicker
     * Explore: Design integration
     * Explore: time selector
     * Fix dashboard snapshot deletion (#12025)
     * fix names of foreign arch packages
     * elasticsearch: handle NaN values
     * elasticsearch: metric and pipeline agg setting json encoding fix
     * elasticsearch: query interval override fix
     * elasticsearch: default interval fix
     * Document table row merge for multiple queries
     * elasticsearch: pipeline aggregation fix for json encoding
     * build: always build for all platforms.
     * fix: remove deadcode to make gometalinter happy
     * elasticsearch: refactor query handling and use new es simple client
     * elasticsearch: new simple client for communicating with elasticsearch
     * elasticsearch: refactor and cleanup
     * build: removes deploy from nightly while testing it.
     * update
     * Fix ResponseParser for InfluxDB to return only string values
     * Conditionally select a field to return in ResponseParser for InfluxDB
     * build: clean up the workflow filters.
     * Revert "Conditionally select a field to return in ResponseParser for
     * Revert "Fix ResponseParser for InfluxDB to return only string values"
     * Revert "move queryTimeout option to common setting"
     * move queryTimeout option to common setting
     * add query timeout option for Prometheus
     * build: crosscompilation for nightlies and releases.
     * set style for registered query components
     * make param wrapper configurable
     * fix metric column when using group by
     * separate label in template from type
     * use sql part component
     * use sql part component
     * add sql_part component
     * Singlestat value: vertical alignment fix
     * Added Swiss franc currency
     * quote column name in buildValueQuery
     * return values quotes for suggestions in where expression
     * test: moves test files to testdata folder
     * build: downloads and bundles phantomjs for darwin and windows.
     * build: publisher updated to support more architectures and OSs.
     * build: saves artifacts with the build
     * build: crossplatform build with packages.
     * build: script for tagging and pushing a release
     * codespell: fixes
     * fix: fixed some minor startup logging issues
     * Sqlstore refactor (#11908)
     * Adds constant description for units
     * test: increase expire time to avoid tz issues in tests
     * explore: fixes #11953
     * migrated files to ts, removed unused functions from lodash_extended
     * docs: installation pages for 5.1.3
     * changelog: add note for #11830
     * legend: fixes Firefox/baron scroll bug
     * wrote classes
     * migrated to ts
     * use canMakeEditable
     * allow to add annotation for non editable dashboard
     * scroll: temporary fix for double scrollbar issue
     * backend plugins: log an error if parsing meta field failed
     * backend plugins: expose meta field
     * fixes following first code review
     * add useful note to alerting api docs
     * improve alerting api docs sample responses
     * Prometheus step alignment: shift interval only on jitter
     * Use babel and hot loader only in yarn start
     * docs: removes notes about beeing introduced in 5.0
     * lock caniuse-db version to resolve phantomjs rendering issue
     * Update
     * move database-specific code into dialects (#11884)
     * refactor: tracing service refactoring (#11907)
     * fix typo in getLdapAttrN (#11898)
     * docs: update installation instructions targeting v5.1.2 stable
     * changelog: add notes about closing #11862, #11656
     * Fix dependencies on Node v10
     * Update
     * changelog: add notes about closing #10338
     * Phantom render.js is incorrectly retrieving number of active panels
     * singlestat: render time of last point based on dashboard timezone
     * Fix for #10078: symbol "&" is not escaped (#10137)
     * Add alpha color channel support for graph bars (#10956)
     * interpolate 'field' again in Elasticsearch terms queries (#10026)
     * Templating : return __empty__ value when all value return nothing to
       prevent elasticsearch syntaxe error (#9701)
     * http_server: All files in public/build have now a huge max-age (#11536)
     * fix: ldap unit test
     * only error log when err is not nil
     * rename alerting engine to service
     * case-insensitive LDAP group comparison (#9926)
     * changelog: add notes about closing #11813
     * docs: updated changelog
     * fix XSS vulnerabilities in dashboard links (#11813)
     * PR: ux changes to #11528
     * renames alerting engine to match other services
     * allow analytics.js to be cached, enable anonymizeIP setting (#11656)
     * Revert "Add baron scrollbar to a node managed by gafana (#11850)"
     * decrease length of auth_id column in user_auth table
     * fixed svg background (#11848)
     * Add baron scrollbar to a node managed by gafana (#11850)
     * Fix CSS asset loading for yarn start (HMR) (#11855)
     * fix: fixed gometalinter issues with Discord PR
     * docs: update installation instructions targeting v5.1.1 stable
     * fix root_url in docs & comments (#11819)
     * changelog: 5.1.1 update
     * fix: loading of css url (images/fonts)
     * Support for local Docker builds
     * Update
     * support additional fields in authproxy (#11661)
     * better handling for special chars in db config (#11662)
     * Fix/improved csv output (#11740)
     * Update
     * Update
     * Update
     * Remove preceding `/` from public JS path (#11804)
     * Add panel scrolling docs (#11826)
     * escape pipe symbol same way as in templating docs
     * changelog: add notes about closing #11616
     * added left:unset to counter left:0 in recent react-select release
     * fixed text color in light theme
     * changelog: add notes about closing #11800
     * test if default variable interpolation is effective when no specific
       format is specified
     * changelog: notes about closing #11690
     * changelog: add notes for ##11754, #11758, #11710
     * scroll: remove firefox scrollbars
     * Add missing items to Gopkg.lock
     * pipe escape try #3
     * use ascii code for pipe symbol to not mess up markdown table
     * try to fix table
     * dont shadow format passed in as function parameter
     * fix: removed manully added http server from inject graph as it is now
       a self registered service
     * fix: removed unused channel
     * fix: comment spell fix
     * fix: fixed race condition between http.Server ListenAndServe &
       Shutdown, now service crash during startup correctly closes http
       server every time
     * refactoring: lots of refactoring around server shutdown flows, making
       sure process is terminated when background service has crashed
     * refactor: provisioning service refactoring
     * Metrics package now follows new service interface & registration
     * Revert "Opportunities to unindent code (unindent)"
     * scroll: fix scrolling on mobile Chrome (#11710)
     * changelog: add notes about closing #11625
     * remove jest it.only to not skip important tests
     * fixed so all buttons are styled not just small ones, fixes #11616
     * --amend
     * fix: improved handling of http server shutdown
     * add test for prometheus table column title
     * Fix url encoding, expand template vars, fix TS hacks
     * Explore: Add entry to panel menu to jump to Explore
     * changelog: notes about closing #11498
     * Initial Baby Step to refactoring settings from global vars to instance
     * table: fix for padding
     * graph histogram: fix invisible highest value bucket
     * dashboard: show save as button if can edit and has edit permission to
     * new property for current user indicating if edit permissions in folders
     * increase length of auth_id column in user_auth table
     * fix dropdown typeahead issue
     * Use opportunities to unindent code (unindent)
     * Outdent code after if block that ends with return (golint)
     * Remove redundancy in variable declarations (golint)
     * fix: minor fix to plugin service shut down flow
     * appveyor: uppercase the C drive in go path
     * docs: further documents changes to the docker image. (#11763)
     * disable ent build to avoid slowing down build speed
     * Explore: add support for multiple queries
     * Fixed settings default and explore path
     * Refactoring PluginManager to be a self registering service (#11755)
     * fix: removed log calls used while troubleshooting
     * refactor: refactoring notification service to use new service registry
     * Enable Grafana extensions at build time.  (#11752)
     * revert renaming of unit key ppm
     * fix to match table column name and order
     * Import and typescript fixups
     * Settings to enable Explore UI
     * tech: removes unused code
     * Explore WIP
     * add deadcode linter to circleci
     * pkg: fix deadcode issues
     * build.go: fix deadcode issues
     * docs: update current version to 5.1
     * docs: update installation instructions targeting v5.1.0 stable
     * changelog: update for v5.1.0
     * fix so that google analytics script are cached
     * prometheus: convert metric find query tests to jest
     * prometheus: fix variable query to fallback correctly to series query
     * removed height 100% from panel-container to fix ie11 panel edit mode
     * replaced border hack carot with fontawesome carot fixes #11677
     * dev: Mac compatible prometheus block. (#11718)
     * mssql: fix value columns conversion to float when using timeseries
     * postgres: fix value columns conversion to float when using timeseries
     * mysql: fix value columns conversion to float when using timeseries
     * sql datasource: extract common logic for converting value column to
     * added pointer to show more, reset values on new query
     * docs: add known issues section for mssql documentation
     * force GET for metadataRequests, w/ test
     * Renamed helperRequest and removed positional args
     * Move function calls w/ side-effects to componentDidMount
     * changed test name and dashboardMock code
     * fixed test
     * add ineffassign to circleci gometalinter check
     * pkg/components: fix ineffassign issues
     * pkg/cmd: fix ineffassign issues
     * pkg/log: fix ineffassign issues
     * pkg/services: fix ineffassign issues
     * removed import config
     * fixed so user who can edit dashboard can edit row, fixes #11466
     * Fixes signing of packages.
     * db: fix failing user auth tests for postgres
     * changed rps to reqps
     * bump version
     * added button to show more preview values for variables, button runs a
       function that increases options limit, fixes #11508
     * Added requests/sec(throughput)
     * use inherited property from api when rendering permissions
     * return inherited property for permissions
     * pkg/tsdb: fix ineffassign isues
     * fix circleci gometalinter test
     * Sort results from GetDashboardTags
     * Add silent option to backend requests
     * docs: escape asterisk in Graphite docs
     * docs: disable quoting option for MSSQL
     * docs: fix example for graphite tag query
     * docs: spelling
     * docs: add missing backtick for mysql/postgres
     * docs: fixes for table in variable docs
     * build: fixes release deploy
     * changelog: adds releaste date for 5.1.0-beta1
     * graphite: convert ds test to jest
     * build: removes gometalinter
     * cli: adds os and arch headers
     * slightly better example
     * adjust timeFilter, timeFrom and timeTo macro examples
     * docs: what's new improvements
     * docs: what's new improvements
     * docs: what's new
     * docs: fix typos
     * docs: what's new
     * docs: whats new
     * docs: more info prometheus heapmap to whats new
     * docs: improve what's new in v5.1
     * docs: what's new in v5.1 draft
     * Add weback-dev-server with hot/hmr support
     * build: only lint the pkg folder
     * changelog: adds note about closing #11476
     * dev: only build server with bra run
     * add gometalinter to circleci
     * comment unused struct fields
     * remove unused variables detected by varcheck
     * fix typo
     * docs: describes variable formatting options
     * docs: graphite template variables for tag queries
     * docs: describes new variable formatting syntax
     * changelog: notes about closing #10427
     * move jest test file to specs
     * make add panel panel scrollbar adjust when panel/dashboard grid are
     * style: code simplifications
     * build: introduce -dev flag optimal for building in development mode
     * changed copied message and added forced render for width change
     * removed padding and moved carrot
     * changelog: adds note about closing #11613 and #11602
     * cleanup, make sure users are always synced with ldap
     * Specify expected encoding for access/secret key
     * make sure user's default org is kept up to date
     * fix: sign in link should have target self to trigger full page reload,
       fixes #11626
     * codespell: exclude by words instead of files
     * remove old comment
     * org role sync tests
     * refactor authproxy & ldap integration, address comments
     * pass DN in ldap test
     * tests for user auth module
     * fix ldap test
     * restructure GetUserByAuthInfo
     * error handling
     * use Result in GetAuthInfoQuery
     * switch to passing ReqContext as a property
     * cleanup
     * switch to Result
     * update auth proxy
     * fixes
     * fix tests
     * shared library for managing external user accounts
     * fix: Label font weight should be semi bold, fixes #11629
     * docs: typos
     * graphite: adds tests for tags and tag_values functions
     * docs: update provisioning documentation
     * changelog: notes about closing #10883
     * changelog: adds note for #11553
     * dev: only build server with bra run
     * changelog: adds note for #11173
     * added forceupdate to grid item so addpanel items rezie instantly,
       renamed function to copyPanel, fixed panel items height issue
     * revert changes of add panel button to require save permission
     * changelog: fix typo
     * changelog: notes about closing #11572
     * Fix issues with metric reporting (#11518)
     * changelog: notes about closing #10747
     * fix: Row state is now ignored when looking for dashboard changes
     * disable codecov comments
     * add some more sort order asserts for permissions store tests
     * Revert "build: remove code cov"
     * Revert "removes codecov from frontend tests"
     * docs: update postgres macro functions documentation
     * tsdb: update query and annotation editor help texts for postgres
     * changelog: notes about closing #11578
     * calculate datetime for timeFrom and timeTo macro in go
     * set default for sslmode to verify-full in postgres datasource editor
     * add some more sort order asserts for permissions store tests
     * Use sort.Strings() (gosimple)
     * Remove unused return value assignment (gosimple)
     * Remove unnecessary fmt.Sprintf() calls (gosimple)
     * Merge variable declaration with assignment (gosimple)
     * Use fmt.Errorf() (gosimple)
     * Simplify make() (gosimple)
     * Use raw strings to avoid double escapes (gosimple)
     * Simplify if expression (gosimple)
     * Simplify comparison to bool constant (gosimple)
     * Simplify error returns (gosimple)
     * Remove redundant break statements (gosimple)
     * fix unconvert issues
     * variable: fix binding bug after ts conversion
     * add GetFromAsTimeUTC and GetToAsTimeUTC and use them in timeFilter
     * fix merge conflict
     * remove changes to module.ts from this branch
     * migrated dropdown-typeahead to ts (#11499)
     * changelog: adds note for #11556
     * changelog: adds note for #11133
     * dashboard: better size and alignment of settings icons
     * bra should use the proper build script
     * moved version in help menu to top
     * docs: elasticsearch and influxdb docs for group by time interval
       option (#11609)
     * changelog: improved docker image
     * docs: new docker image in Grafana 5.1.0.
     * added fix for test
     * addeds test for sort order
     * Show Grafana version and build in Help menu
     * changlelog: notes about closing issues/pr's
     * sqlds: fix text in comments for tests
     * add codespell to circleci
     * removes codecov from front-end tests
     * wip: writing tests for permission sorting
     * changelog: adds note about closing #11228
     * remove postgresversion and convert unix timestamp in go
     * Support deleting empty playlist
     * Grafana-CLI: mention the plugins directory is not writable
       on failure
     * make timefilter macro aware of pg version
     * add postgresVersion to postgres settings
     * changelog: adds note for #11530
     * Documentation spelling fix
     * docs: fix codespell issues
     * public: fix codespell issues
     * conf: fix codespell issues
     * blocks: fix codespell issues
     * fix codespell issues
     * scripts: fix codespell issues
     * pkg: fix codespell issues
     * provisioned dashboard validation should be made when importing a
     * provisioned dashboard validation should not be made from provisioning
     * remove comment/unused variable
     * docs: improves provisoning example for postgres
     * docs: add mssql provisioning example
     * docs: improves provisoning example for each datasource
     * ordered user orgs alphabeticaly fixes #11556
     * permissions sorting fixed + icon same size as avatrs
     * docs: update mssql with azure sql database support
     * changelog: adds note for #11569
     * docs: update default annotation limit when querying api
     * Mention the ?inactive parameter in the docs
     * Add another URL param «inactive» which works like «kiosk» but with
     * tsdb: remove unnecessary type casts in sql data sources macro engines
     * tsdb: sql data sources should handle time ranges before epoch start
     * change annotation limit from 10 to 100
     * remove mistakenly added styles
     * fix right side legend rendering in phantomjs
     * scrollbar: fix so no overflow for legend under graph
     * build: remove code cov
     * scrollbar: fixes continuation scrolling for iOS
     * added styling to fontawesome icons so they have same size as the other
     * Improve wording
     * Add minimal IAM policy example for CloudWatch data source
     * PR comments
     * docs: fix typo of default port for mssql
     * minor scrollbar fixes
     * scrollbar: remove unused div
     * dashboard: show baron scrollbar in dashboard panel when mouse is over
     * fix so that page scrollbars can be scrolled by keyboard on page load
     * fix so that dash list panel are rendered correctly
     * panel: add baron scroller to correct element
     * Windows build updated to go1.10.
     * scrollbar: use native scroll for page
     * converted functions to arrow functions
     * folders: fix permissions in folder picker component
     * permission: fix user with org viewer save/move permissions
     * alerting: handle invalid json format
     * docker: change mysql container so that it uses utc
     * mysql: use a datetime column with microsecond precision in test
     * tsdb: improved floating point support when converting sql time column
       to epoch (ms)
     * added @ngInject
     * provisioning: dont override permissions
     * provisioning: simplify db query
     * mssql: fix precision for time columns in time series query mode
     * postgres: support running multiple postgres integration tests
     * postgres: fix precision for time columns in time series query mode
     * mysql: fix precision for time columns in time series query mode
     * mysql: mysql tests should use a db server with UTC
     * provisioning: fixes broken tests
     * tsdb: add support for more data types when converting sql time column
       to epoch (ms)
     * provisioning: check provisiong before saveCmd
     * provisioning: fixes typo
     * provisioning: adds error handling
     * added @ngInject
     * playlist: add missing nginject attribute
     * Update to contain correct annotations api path
     * removed console.log
     * docs: update after #11531
     * docs: improves provisoning example text
     * fix test
     * convert graphite epoch to ms
     * skip mssql fix
     * add mssql and mysql
     * don't convert to uint64
     * scrollbar: fix phantomjs rendering error
     * prevent angular from evaluating {{hostname}} in tooltip (#11514)
     * using millis for annotations too
     * data source: rename direct/proxy access mode in data source settings
     * Fix ResponseParser for InfluxDB to return only string values
     * Conditionally select a field to return in ResponseParser for InfluxDB
     * docs: fixes typo
     * docs: updated debian distro in install docs to stretch, closes #11527
     * Revert files
     * Fix after merge
     * Make dashboard JSON editable
     * guardian: when updating permissions should verify existing permissions
     * api: allow authenticated users to search current org users and teams
     * css: quick fix after IE11 changes
     * scrollbar: fix add panel height bug
     * scrollbar: styles cleanup
     * migrating to ts
     * fixed sidemenu icon issue created by earlier pr
     * added icons for viewer and editor, fixed add permission team avatar
     * singlestat: Fix optimization in setTableColumnToSensibleDefault
     * influxdb: Check before assuming first column to be 'time'
     * provisioning: fix tests for save provisioned dashboard modal
     * provisioning: ux fixes when saving provisioned dashboards
     * graphite: use a query when testing data source
     * migrated metric_segment to ts
     * scrollbar: fix search scroller in mobile view
     * scrollbar: fix graph legend height
     * changelog: adds note for #11165
     * migrated dash_class to ts
     * migrated segment_srv to ts
     * removed indent for manage dashboards
     * scrollbar: fix potential memory leaks in event handlers
     * skip migration if it is a big number
     * Use curly brackets around hyperlink help text #11478 (#11479)
     * scrollbar: fix dashboard width updating for different modes
     * scrollbar: remove perfect-scrollbar and add baron to package list
     * scrollbar: fix dashboard width bug
     * scrollbar: fix 'legendScrollbar.destroy is not a function' error
     * Alerting: Fixing mobile notifications in Microsoft Teams
     * created closeDropdown function, renamed appevent, added second
       appevent for open timepicker
     * permissions: return user and team avatar in folder permissions api
     * permission: generate team avatar url with default
     * migrated playlist-routes to ts
     * migrated last all.js to ts
     * scrollbar: fix Firefox scroll position restore
     * Notes for closing #7119
     * changelog: adds note for #11128
     * variables: adds test for variable sorting
     * Add case-insensitive sort for variables.
     * graphite: fixes #11434
     * settings: fixes test
     * changed from margin to padding
     * fixes for avatar on adding permission and size for gicon
     * scrollbar: fix side menu on mobile devices
     * changed variable for tabbed close btn hover, and changed text-strong
       variable for lighttheme, removed commented out variable
     * mssql: typos in help sections
     * docs: spelling
     * added if to onAppevent, renamed appevent, add appevent to applyCustom
       and setRelativeFilter
     * Webpack Grafana plugin template project to links (#11457)
     * scrollbar: fix Firefox issue (white stripe on the right of scrollbar)
     * scrollbar: fix legend rendering issues
     * Initially move to baron scrollbar
     * rm panel.type  constrain from threshold_mapper.ts (#11448)
     * No need for node_modules/bin in npm run-script (#11449)
     * changelog: adds note about closing #11555
     * add article
     * fix some typos
     * docker: add users and groups to ldap block
     * timepicker now closes without exiting edit/view mode, close order:
       modal, timepicker, view
     * migrated graph_tooltip to ts
     * started migration to ts
     * Fix #10555 #6888 Better escape for Prometheus variables
     * bounnd the esc key to exit timepicker
     * print to stderr since logger might not exist
     * settings: return error instead of ignoring it
     * docs: adds provisioning examples for all datasources
     * Fixed typo in
     * docs: rpm install page - update to centos 7
     * docs: install pages for v5.0.4
     * removed padding for icons and added margin
     * changelog: another update for v5.0.4
     * changelog: update for v5.0.4
     * changelog: adds note about closing issues
     * fixed graphpanel editmode and custom width for right side legend for
     * alerting: bad default state for notifiers
     * Clarified formatting multiple values doc
     * Add Google Hangouts Chat notifier.
     * dashboard: allow alerts to be saved for new/provisioned dashboards
     * add response_parser test
     * add fallback for gravatar in org/admin view
     * tech: migrates to none deprecated mail lib
     * docs: not about email notifications and local img store
     * alert: fixes broken link back to grafana
     * docs: update table plugin documentation with value/range to text
     * cleanup and add more test
     * table panel: additional fixes for value to text mapping
     * add value to text mapping
     * provisioning: better description for provisioned save modal
     * dashboards: reject updates of provisioned dashboards
     * notes about closing #9210
     * fixed alignment in search + fixed issue ie popup
     * changelog: adds note about closing #11102
     * sidemenu fix for internet explorer 11, changed icon width/height to
       pixels and added height to logo
     * docs: prometheus ds, remove "new in v4.3" note
     * remove categories from queryPart
     * fix a terms bug and add test
     * remove unused import
     * handle aggregate functions more generic
     * Add new currency - Czech koruna
     * docs: update heatmap and prometheus docs, #10009
     * provisioning: improve UX when saving provisioned dashboards
     * styled login page for ie11
     * - pipeline aggs support - add some test
     * support non-nested menu entries
     * provisioning: removes id from dashboard.json
     * Handle Interval Date Format similar to the JS variant
     * Use net.SplitHostPort to support IPv6
     * add missing word to graphite docs
     * set right series name
     * Missed the 'p d' hint in the popup-menu
     * Add hints for the 'pd' Duplicate Panel command from PR #11264
     * remove README changes
     * finished CODING PHASE 1
     * wip
     * notes about closing #11306
     * cleanup
     * changelog: unix socket permissions
     * Adjust permissions of unix socket
     * docs: fix typos
     * docs: update postgres, mysql and mssql documentation
     * docs: update graph panel documentation
     * docs: tweaks
     * changelog: adds note about closing #5855
     * remove dashboardId check... i can't figure out how the tests work
     * get circle to run tests again
     * add dashboardId to test
     * remove api tests
     * fix operator
     * remove constraint from sqlstore
     * move dashboard error to API (not sql)
     * legend: small refactoring
     * changelog: adds note about closing #11278
     * docs: spelling
     * docs: add intro paragraph to provisioning page
     * Cleanup CircleCI V2 Conversion
     * Make golint happier
     * dooh
     * update the updated column!
     * using circle as my tester
     * using circle as my tester
     * adding tests, but they arent running locally
     * changelog: notes for #1271 and #2740
     * graph: minor fixes to y-axes alignment feature
     * added save icon to save buttons
     * removed trash can icon from save buttons
     * mysql: skip tests by default
     * Return actual user ID in UserProfileDTO
     * convert epoch to milliseconds
     * adding updated column
     * mssql: update query editor help
     * mysql: fix precision for the time column in table/annotation query mode
     * postgres: fix precision for the time column in table/annotation query
     * mssql: fix precision for the time column in table/annotation query mode
     * mssql: remove UTC conversion in macro functions
     * mssql: fix timeGroup macro so that it properly creates correct groups
     * small screen legend right also work like legend under in render + set
       scrollbar to undefined in destroyScrollbar so it doesnt become
       disabled when toggeling between right and under
     * dashboard version cleanup: more tests and refactor
     * Make golint happier
     * fixed so legend right works like legend under on small screens
     * adding created column
     * Alerting: move getNewState to EvalContext
     * minor refactor of dashboard version cleanup
     * refactor: dashboard version cleanup
     * limit number of rows deleted by dashboard version cleanup
     * fix dashboard version cleanup on large datasets
     * docs: add variable regex examples (#11327)
     * graphite: adds more traces for alerting
     * sql datasource: extract common logic for converting time column to
       epoch time in ms
     * docs: details about provisioning elastic
     * update email default year and name
     * dataproxy: adds dashboardid and panelid as tags
     * Alerting: Add retry mechanism and its unitests
     * docs: spelling
     * snapshot: fix legend rendering bug
     * session: update defaults for ConnMaxLifetime
     * snapshots: removes errors for empty values in ViewStore
     * Allocated to a separate alignment block. Replaced the attribute of the
       second axis by the attribute of the axes.
     * Expose option to disable snippets
     * changed var to const, changed to string interpolation
     * mssql: adds test for time should be ms in table mode
     * Remove unused kibana images
     * changed var to const
     * changelog: adds note about closing #11114 & #11086
     * mssql: convert tests to jest
     * mssql: fix precision for time column in table mode
     * converted file to ts
     * changelog: notes about #10093 and #11298
     * dashboard: fix phantomjs panel rendering in collapsed row
     * Fixed unit test.
     * Changed the way this feature was activated. And changed tolltip.
     * Added validation of input parameters.
     * converted file to ts
     * docs: update using mssql in grafana
     * fix: only run gofmt on pkg directory omitting vendor directory
     * fix: dep ensure. now without gofmt on ventor directory
     * mssql: add integration test to verify stored procedure usage
     * mssql: encrypt password in database
     * mssql: remove dynamic construction of metric column and
       other columns
     * docker: pin microsoft/mssql-server-linux to 2017-CU4 tag
     * docs: improve guide for high availability
     * fix: only run gofmt on pkg directory omitting vendor directory
     * test
     * mssql: cleanup and minor refactor
     * mssql: allow host without port and fallback to default port 1433
     * docker: update test dashboard for mssql tests
     * mssql: cleanup and minor changes
     * Missed thanks in changelog
     * Adds pagerduty api update to changelog.
     * mssql: update readme
     * mssql: update test dashboard
     * docs: Using Microsoft SQL Server in Grafana
     * mssql: remove logos for now
     * docs: mssql documentation will go into another branch targeting next
       minor version
     * Updated roadmap for 5.1
     * Minor format changes
     * Changed Swedish and Icelandic currency
     * fix failed tests for dashboard view state
     * dashboard: fix rendering link to panel in collapsed row
     * docs: update install docs for 5.0.3
     * changelog: 5.0.3
     * mssql: add alternative logo without text
     * mssql: strip inkscape from logo
     * mssql: minor improvements of query editor help
     * mssql: skip rendering of mssql logos until we have a valid logo
     * docker: add test dashboard for mssql tests based on test data
       generated by integration test
     * mssql: additional integration tests
     * mssql: support money, smallmoney and decimal data types
     * mssql: update plugin.json, added description and name MSSQL ->
       Microsft SQL Server
     * added indent to dashboards inside folder in search dropdown, and added
       indent to dashboard icon in search item
     * session: fork Macaron mysql session middleware
     * database: expose SetConnMaxLifetime as config setting
     * database: fixes after xorm update
     * database: update xorm to v0.6.4 and xorm core to v0.5.7
     * prometheus editor: variable autocomplete support (PR #9988)
     * made a keyboard shortcut to duplicate panel
     * docs: update mssql documentation
     * mssql: disable mssql integration tests per default
     * mssql: timeGroup fill support added.
     * mssql: add timeGroup integration test
     * alertmanager: /Creating/Sending/
     * mssql: adds fill to timeGroup macro.
     * allow any database for influx proxy
     * remove
     * alertmanager: handle resolved alerts, nodata, and execution errors
     * add regex search of username and password in urls, which are replaced
       by strings.Replace
     * notitfiers: avoid ShouldNotify duplication
     * fix merge error
     * alertmanager: if there are no alerts to send, do nothing
     * docker: change port for prom random data scrape target
     * mssql datasource: wip
     * docker: mssql and mssql tests blocks with common build context
     * fix lint problems
     * fix lint problems
     * fix lint problems
     * read aggregate functions from database
     * add buildAggregateQuery
     * Update
     * docker: fake-data-gen:latest updates
     * Resolved conflict
     * docs: more details about slack notifier
     * properly handle IN queries
     * docs: updates latest release for docs
     * changelog: improve description of closed issues
     * renderer: avoid redirect render requests
     * changelog: adds notes about 5.0.2
     * dashboard: fix import dashboard with alert rule
     * middleware: recover and retry on session start
     * alerting: supports extracting alerts from collapsed panels
     * join multivalue variables with ,
     * revert special handling for IN
     * put values for IN in parens
     * dont quote where constraints
     * docker: add test dashboard for mssql for visualizing data generated by
     * add regex operators
     * mssql datasource: support for timeGroup macro function
     * Added Kilopascals(kPa) under pressure
     * Added W/m2(energy) and l/h(flow)
     * folders: should be possible to browse folder using only uid
     * remove unused setting
     * dashboards: should be possible to browse dashboard using
       only uid
     * mssql datasource: additional data type tests
     * docker: add mssql block
     * Added icon for iOS web app
     * changelog: add note about closing #8151
     * alerting: adds back the link to grafana.
     * Fix CI
     * Modify Grafana Pagerduty notifier to use Pagerduty API V2
     * graph: minor refactor of histogram mode PR #8613
     * changelog: adds note about closing #11220
     * style: dont expose func outside package
     * teams: removes quota on route
     * changelog: adds note about closing #11143
     * changelog: adds note about closing #11107
     * Second to HH:mm:ss formatter (#11105)
     * changelog: adds note about closing #10009
     * docs: fix an outdated link to Prometheus's doc
     * Added concentration units and "Normal cubic metre"
     * Corrected work for graphs created before this feature.
     * Replaced array values to variables yLeft and yRight for easy reading
     * Rename test file according module name.
     * prometheus: fix bug introduced by #9859 (httpMethod is undefined)
     * prometheus: add tests for heatmap mode
     * prometheus: datasource refactor
     * Fix urls in plugin update_checker logs
     * changelog: adds note about closing #10029
     * docs: add team api link from http api reference page
     * added test for sorting and filtering
     * changelog: adds note about closing #9859
     * Refactoring
     * set default value of httpMethod
     * support POST for query and query_range
     * cleanup where segment handling
     * remove limit
     * handle variables in where constraints
     * Adding Timeticks unit
     * properly quote where constraint parts
     * quote schema and table
     * docs: minor fix for dashboard http api documentation
     * build: cleanup
     * build: removes custom work dir in deploy.
     * build: upgrades build pipeline from CircleCI 1.0 -> 2.0 (#11162)
     * github: test new issue tempalte
     * dev: update dev prometheus2 to 2.2.0
     * changelog: adds note about closing #10925
     * docs: update latest to 5.0.1
     * push 5.0.1 to package cloud
     * changelog: adds release date for 5.0.1
     * bump master build to 5.1.0-pre1
     * move quota to dedicated service
     * Fix indent
     * docker: add prometheus/example-golang-random to docker-compose blocks
     * Fix the code to match the documentation.
     * rename Context to ReqContext
     * fix, set default highResolution setting
     * changelog: note about closing #11145 and #11127
     * docs: adds note about closing #10632
     * removes commented code
     * removes unused variables
     * upgrade to go 1.10
     * alerting: fixes validation error when saving alerts in dash
     * add csv templating format
     * docs: note about closing #11046
     * docs: adds note about #10942
     * heatmap: add explanation of Time series buckets mode
     * Add color to prefix and postfix in singlestat
     * replaced if with classNames
     * heatmap: able to set upper/lower bucket bound manually
     * heatmap: refactor
     * added media breakpoint to legend-right
     * Documentation: path "~/go" to "$GOPATH"
     * Update
     * add panel to list now copy, started on jest
     * docs: improves docs for alert rules
     * heatmap: fix Y axis and tooltip decimals and units issues
     * Append test to check not zero level.
     * Add bs-tooltip to Y-Align element.
     * move Context and session out of middleware
     * only use jwt token if it contains an email address
     * scrolling: faster wheelspeed
     * docs: improves provisioning description
     * changelog: adds note about closing #10975.
     * changelog: adds note about closing #7107
     * changelog: adds note about closing #11103
     * changed background for mobile menu background on light theme,
       increased font size in and added border-right in menu
     * heatmap: fix tooltip count and bucket bound format
     * alerting: Limits telegram captions to 200 chars.
     * changelog: note about closing #11097
     * hide row actions for viewers
     * fixes invalid link to profile pic when gravatar is disabled
     * changelog: adds note about closing #11016
     * fix: restores white resize handle for panels, fixes #11103
     * changelog: adds note about closing #11063
     * fix typo in heatmap rendering.ts (#11101)
     * docs: add v5.1 to versions
     * docs: fill for mysql/postgres
     * ignore iteration property when checking for unsaved changes
     * changelog: notes for #11055 and #9487
     * use net/url to generate postgres connection url
     * made drop-menu into link
     * heatmap: sort series before converting to heatmap.
     * use metricColumn in query builder
     * set rawSQL when rendering query builder query
     * fix group by column
     * clean up aggregation functions
     * fix variable interpolation
     * rename field to column
     * Fix Prometheus 2.0 stats (#11048)
     * docs: removed beta notice in whats new article
     * remove spaces around arguments of macros
     * remove spaces around arguments before calling macro expansion
     * docs: update current version to 5.0
     * docs: update install pages for v5.0.0
     * update version to 5.0.1-pre1
     * changelog update for 5.0.0 stable
     * Add metrics that triggered alert to description
     * build: updated version
     * heatmap: hide unused Y axis controls for tsbuckets mode
     * heatmap: format numeric tick labels in tsbuckets mode
     * heatmap: add rendering tests for tsbuckets mode
     * Fix Github OAuth not working with private Organizations (#11028)
     * login: hide sign up if configured so. Fixes #11041
     * permissions: fix validation of permissions before update
     * dashboard: add permission check for diff api route
     * permissions: remove client validation and handle server validation
     * dashboards: change dashboard/folder permission error messages
     * dashboards: handle new guardian error responses and update tests
     * folders: handle new guardian error responses and add tests
     * dashboards: don't allow override of permissions with a lower precedence
     * Alerting: Fix OK state doesn't show up in Microsoft Teams (#11032)
     * grammar fix, add dir, and remove redundant info
     * heatmap: use series names as top or bottom bounds, depends
       of datasource
     * heatmap: refactor
     * heatmap: add few tests for histogram converter
     * fix: changed react-grid-layout to use grafana fork to a commit before
       706901e5745a39f, this fixes all the panel movement bugs, fixes #10831
     * heatmap: fix Y bucket size calculation for 'tsbuckets' mode
     * gave scroll-canvas-dashboard 100% height in kiosk-mode, fixes #11010
     * docs: update to install pages for beta5
     * changelog: update for v5.0.0-beta5
     * added admin icon and permission member definitions(role,team,user)
     * build: update to version 5.0.0-beta5
     * [doc] Fix extra alerting options in installation->configuration
     * yarn: update lock file with tarball change
     * build: use tarball instead of git commit for tether drop
     * improve maintainability
     * docs: fix type in datasource http api
     * docs: adds accesskey and secret to securejsonfields
     * support [[variable:type]] syntax
     * offer template variables for tags
     * feature for issue #9911
     * Added radiation units
     * docs: update shortcut docs
     * dashboards: remove non-supported keyboard shortcuts for
       delete/collapse row
     * dashboards: fix keyboard shortcut for expand/collapse rows
     * dashboards: fix keyboard shortcut for remove panel
     * snapshots: fixes cleanup of old snapshots
     * docs: minor folder http api changes
     * Update
     * Update
     * heatmap: fix bucket labels shift
     * heatmap tooltip: fix bucket bounds for 'tsbuckets' mode
     * heatmap tooltip: fix count decimals
     * heatmap: fix tooltip histogram for 'tsbuckets' mode
     * heatmap: use buckets from histogram with 'tsbuckets' mode
     * dashboards: created/updated and createdby/updatedby should be set
       before save
     * Add unit tests.
     * Refactoring code
     * Fix save as dashboard from folder to General folder (#10988)
     * changed name of copy tab to paste
     * added no copies div
     * prometheus: tests for heatmap format
     * dashboards: cleanup
     * folders: use folder api for retrieving folder
     * dashboards: fix batch dashboard/folder delete response
     * fix: elasticsearch terms size now allows custom values again, fixes
     * added highlighter, fixed setState and changed back flex to spacea
     * folders: fix create folder in folder picker
     * added tabs and searchfilter to addpanel, fixes#10427
     * snapshots: change to snapshot list query
     * prometheus: initial heatmap support
     * docs: update http api index
     * docs: dashboard and folder permissions http api
     * docs: folder http api
     * permissions: use updated api endpoint for dashboard permissions
     * fix typos in api, acl to permissions
     * folders: rename folder_acl in api to folder_permission
     * dashboards: change api route for dashboard permissions
     * folders: fix typo
     * folders: extend folder service tests
     * dev: docker-compose setup for prom2.
     * folders: folder api tests
     * fix: scrollbar position now to max right pos, fixes #10982
     * Fixes for heatmap panel in Grafana 5 (#10973)
     * docs: updated cloudwatch docs add dimension filter as a
       option for dimension_values query.
     * folders: folder permissions api tests
     * dashboards: make fake dashboard guardian available to
       other packages
     * fix: added new known data source plugins, and minor migration fix for
       v1 dashboards
     * folders: folder permission api routes
     * folders: fix api error mapping
     * folders: basic integration tests for folders
     * folders: use new folder service in folder api routes
     * folders: new folder service for managing folders
     * dashboards: created date should be set when creating a folder/dashboard
     * fix: fixes to signup flow, fixes #9816
     * Refactoring code. Change Y-Zero to Y-Level.
     * fix: fixed github oauth login with allowed orgs filter, fixes #10964,
       reverts #10851
     * fix: plugin dashboard did not get plugin id after import
     * feat(ldap): Allow use of DN in user attribute filter (#3132)
     * added scroll to org list modal (#10960)
     * added an if to check for null to sort null as 0 (#10961)
     * fix: alert history list now shows on graphs with manually added
       annotation events, fixes #10968
     * provisioning: dont ignore sample yaml files
     * docs: updated for changelog and docs with beta4
     * Correct typo in DashboardInputMissingError
     * build: updated build version to v5.0-beta4
     * graph: added 0.5 point radius option
     * Shouldn't be able to overwrite a dashboard if you don't have
       permissions (#10900)
     * influxdb: escape backslashes in tag values (for alerting)
     * [elasticsearch] Allow nested fields for annotation source (#10936)
     * changed m3 and dm3 to fixedUnit, fixes #10920 (#10944)
     * migrate panels in collapsed rows (#10948)
     * Share zero between Y axis.
     * Add hook processRange to flot plugin.
     * login: migration fix.
     * login: uses epochs for login throtting.
     * fix: fixed redirect after save, fixes #10946
     * fix: esc key now closes panel edit/view mode as usual, fixes #10945
     * docs: updated to beta3
     * alerts: refactoring tests
     * alerting: pausing alerts modifies updated.
     * test: added integration test for #10941
     * refactoring: alert rule query refactoring (#10941)
     * updated version to v5-beta3
     * db: reduce name column size in dashboard_provisoning
     * teams: adds some validation to the API
     * docs: status code changes for Team API
     * docker: add test dashboards for mysql and postgres for visualizing
       data generated by fake-data-gen
     * cli: download latest dependency by default
     * Revert "removes dependencies install for plugins"
     * migrate minSpan (#10924)
     * Close modal with esc (#10929)
     * repeat row: fix panels placement bug (#10932)
     * docs: team API. Closes #10832
     * Update sample.ini
     * Update ldap.toml
     * Update
     * Minor typo fix
     * plugins: update meta data for all core plugins
     * alert notifiers: better error messages.
     * support cloudwatch high resolution query
     * chore: adds comment for exported function
     * updated download links
     * docs: Updated changelog
     * updated package.json version
     * fix: more phantomjs fixes
     * fix: refactoring #10922
     * Fix phantomjs legend rendering issue, #10526
     * mark redirect_to cookie as http only
     * dashboard: whitelist allowed chars for uid
     * updates readmes for mysql and postgres (#10913)
     * Set default threshold axis to 'left' for panels created before this
     * provisioning: adds setting to disable dashboard deletes
     * tech: dont print error message on 500 page
     * removes dependencies install for plugins
     * tests: makes sure we all migrations are working
     * provisioning: uses unix epoch timestamps. (#10907)
     * improve error message for invalid/unknown datatypes (#10834)
     * add AWS/States Rekognition (#10890)
     * Dashboard acl query fixes (#10909)
     * wip: dashboard acl ux2, #10747
     * permissions: refactoring of acl api and query
     * bug: return correct err message
     * initial fixes for dashboard permission acl list query, fixes #10864
     * provisioing: always skip sample.yaml files
     * provisioning: handle nil configs
     * sql: removes locale from test to mirror prod.
     * adds tests that validate that updated is correct
     * provisioning: code formating
     * provisioning: adds logs about deprecated config format
     * provisioning: support camelcase for dashboards configs
     * provisioning: support camcelCase provisioning files
     * API Integration Tests via jest (#10899)
     * ux: refactoring #10884
     * Invalid url in docs
     * Duplicate typo fixed
     * add 13-24 for min width (#10891)
     * sass/base: import from current dir in _fonts.scss (#10894)
     * fix: removed logging
     * fix: sql search permissions filter fix
     * provisioning: Warns the user when uid or title is re-used. (#10892)
     * Minor typo fix
     * new dashboard is now hidden from viewer, fixes #10815 (#10854)
     * fixed bg gradient, fixes #10869 (#10875)
     * login: fix broken reset password form (#10881)
     * moved div in code
     * added buttons and text to empty dashboard list
     * docs: spelling.
     * docs: update dashboard permissions http api docs
     * Cloudwatch dimension_values add dimension filter.
     * dashboard: always make sure dashboard exist in dashboard acl http api
     * Fix #10823 (#10851)
     * provisioning: better variable naming
     * ux: minor tweak to grid resize handle color
     * teams: use orgId in all team and team member operations (#10862)
     * permissions: might have a solution for search
     * Fixes for graphite tags editor (#10861)
     * fix: clear items list before fetching permissions list
     * provisioning: dont return error unless you want to cancel all
     * provisioning: createWalkFn doesnt have to be attached to the
       filereader anymore
     * provisioning: update sample config to use path
     * provisioning: avoid caching and use updated field from db
     * update regarding running tests
     * update regarding running tests
     * docs: minor docs update
     * docs: updated docs landing page
     * provisioning: delete dashboards before insert/update
     * user picker should only include users from current org (#10845)
     * Correct code style.
     * db test: allow use of env variable for database engine to run tests for
     * dashboard and folder search with permissions
     * provisioning: fixed bug in saving dashboards.
     * dashboard: fix delete of folder from folder settings tab.
     * append test to thresholds on right axis
     * Update logic for create/update dashboard, validation and plugin
       dashboard links (#10809)
     * added width class to add member choose (#10835)
     * add where constraint handling
     * add query_builder
     * docs: adds uid to dashboard.json reference docs
     * Fix #7107
     * fix: initial fix for #10822
     * fix: folder redirect after creation
     * dashfolders: fixes #10820
     * fix: fixed bug with redirect after new dashboard saved, related to
       buggy angularjs location path/url and base href, fixes #10817
     * docs: describe uid for dashboard provisioning
     * fix: removed old shortcut that does not exist, fixes #10802
     * build: fixed recovery test
     * fix: css fix, found a better way to fix #10772
     * fix: minor build fix
     * fix: error handling now displays page correctly, fixes #10777
     * heatmap tooltip: minor refactor
     * fix: changed dashboard title length to match slug length, will fix
       mysql index size issue, fixes #10779
     * docs: added graphite section
     * docs: minor update
     * graph panel: fix csv export (series as col) (#10769)
     * org-switcher: should redirect to home page (#10782)
     * embedded panel: hide side menu during init (#10788)
     * docs: update http api for api index, dashboard, folder and dashboard
     * scroll: css for #10722
     * dashlist: scroll fix when no header
     * docs: video fix
     * Update changelog with deprecation notes of http api
     * redirect "permission denied" requests to "/" (#10773)
     * docs: fix
     * scroll: use wheelpropagation. Ref #10772
     * docs: update dashboard model, persistent urls and api changes in
       what's new in v5
     * docs: fix download link
     * docs: minor update
     * docs: adds http api dashboard permissions
     * docs: updated whats new
     * docs: update dashboard model, new url structure and api changes in
       what's new in v5
     * build: updated publish script
     * docs: update docs with download links
     * build: increased version to beta1
     * fix: fixed permission list caching issue, fixes #10750
     * Stale permissions (#10768)
     * adds unique index for org_id+folder_id+title on dashboards (#10766)
     * docs: fix links in HTTP API Reference page
     * dashboards: render correct link for folder when searching for
       dashboards (#10763)
     * fix panel menu caret placement (#10759)
     * permissions: fix link to folder from permissions list
     * dashboard: fix loading of snapshot and scripted dashboard (#10755)
     * changes to new urlformat for home dashboard (#10738)
     * fix: alert list links did not work, changed dashboardUri to Url, this
       is breaking api change in alert api (#10756)
     * docs: typos and wording.
     * ux: hide sidemenu in kiosk mode, and while playlist is playing, fixes
     * dashboard: fix redirect of legacy dashboard url's
     * make metricColumn functional
     * add metric column selector
     * docs: add spaces to timeseries example
     * fix: restored tags to search
     * fix frontend validation for creating new folder and import dashboard
     * #10724 Fix whitespace
     * poc: merge sync
     * #10724 Fix finding the x bucket
     * docs: dashboard provisioning
     * handle new error message
     * removes uid when using 'save as'
     * dashfolders: rename Root folder to General. Closes #10692
     * Light theme icon color (#10730)
     * folders: use new folder api in frontend
     * folders: changes and updated tests after merging permissions and new
       url structure
     * folders: rename api files
     * dashboards: revert logic of returning 404 in dashboard api if it's a
       folder for now
     * db: fix failing integration tests for mysql and postgresql
     * docs: add examples for dashboard permissions
     * Update search datasource by name API path
     * fix for dashboard/folder url's when having a sub path in root_url
     * ux: added max width to dashboard settings views
     * add gofmt as precommit hook
     * dashfolders: adds test for permission store
     * dashfolders: adds permission modal to dashboard settings
     * register handler for get dashboards by slug
     * make it easier for dashboards to generate ur;
     * changes dashboard url in alertlist
     * alert: use new url format
     * Improve logging in the phantomjs renderer (#10697)
     * route params from angular to view store should be updated
       on routeChangeSuccess
     * repeat panel: process repeats when row is expanding (#10712)
     * folders: changes needed due to merge
     * docs: removed section with session table sql, that is not needed
     * ux: fix for responsive breakpoints and solo mode showing sidemenu
     * support multiple histogram series
     * docs: moved whats new article to master
     * ux: fixed issue with zoom on graph caused scroll, fixes #10696
     * dashboard: refactor logic for retrieving url for folder/dashboard
     * update text, fix a few typos
     * dashboards: update dashboard/folder url if browser url is not the same
       as from backend
     * dashboards: when restoring a dashboard to an older version, set
       current uid
     * dashboards: fix updating folder so that correct url is returned
     * dashboards: remove slug property in dashboard search responses
     * folders: change the front end route for browsing folders
     * dashboards: add validation to delete dashboard by slug
     * dashboards: new route for deleting dashboards by uid
     * plugins: return table with empty rows array insteaf of nil
     * retry uid generation
     * fix: use replace when redirecting to new url
     * ux: Change input width of UserPicker and TeamPicker in AddPermissions
       component #10676
     * viewstore: fix test after merge
     * tests: Add TeamPicker test and update TeamPicker/UserPicker snapshots
       so they match the latest classNames update #10676
     * dashfolders: fix for folder picker
     * ux: Add an optional className to the UserPicker and TeamPicker #10676
     * dashfolders: fixes #10671. Allow Editors default access to Root.
     * docs: added redirect from old provision page, #10691
     * tests: Move tests from Permissions to AddPermissions #10676
     * tests: Update tests in PermissionsStore and rem out the
       Permissions-tests for now #10676
     * docs: added permissions page and updated folder docs
     * dashfolders: text change
     * dashfolders: special case for folders in root
     * add groupby to querybuilder remove unused aggregations
     * gofmt...
     * spelling
     * Verifies requirement of id in dashboards.
     * ux: POC - Update "Add permissions" design and add a fancy animation
     * ensure dashboard title is unique in folder
     * docs: Remove obsolete Ansible rule (#10689)
     * docs: Fix outdated provisioning link (#10690)
     * Renamed "Period" to "Min period" in CloudWatch query editor (#10665)
     * created cta-bg variable and changed bg color on light theme (#10693)
     * Repeat panels when row is expanding (#10679)
     * dashboards: make scripted dashboards work using the old legacy urls
     * dashboards: redirect from old url used to load dashboard to new url
     * docs: updated whats new
     * playlist: fixes #10254
     * dashboards: add new default frontend route for rendering a dashboard
     * alerting: small refactoring
     * dashfolders: POC - Use separate component for "Add permission" #10676
     * removes uniqnes check on slug when saving dashboards
     * Drops unique index orgid_slug from dashboards.
     * plugins: return empty tables array insteaf of nil
     * url: fix for boolean querystring parameters
     * moved icon (#10681)
     * docs: updated whatsnew
     * docs: progress on whats new article
     * docs: updated version
     * docs: fixed order of sidemenu
     * test: fixes failing test in go1.10
     * dashboards: fix links to recently viewed and starred dashboards
     * dashboards: use new *url* prop from dashboard search for linking to
     * dashboards: when saving dashboard redirect if url changes
     * dashboards: add new default frontend route for loading a dashboard
     * dashboards: return url in response to save dashboard. #7883
     * dashboards: ensure that uid is returned from getSaveModelClone
     * alertlist: disable pause button when user does not have permission
     * dashboards: revert adding api for retrieving uid by slug
     * util: remove retry logic in shortid_generator
     * dashboards: add url property to dashboard meta and search api responses
     * dashboards: api for retrieving uid by slug. #7883
     * dashboards: add support for retrieving a dashboard by uid
     * dashboard: change unique index for uid to include org_id
     * dashboards: return uid in response to creating/updating a dashboard.
     * dashboards: extract short uid generator to util package. #7883
     * dashboard: fix failing test. #7883
     * dashboard: generate and include uid in dashboard model. #7883
     * db: add migrations for creating a unique index for uid. #7883
     * db: add migrations for generating uid for existing dashboards. #7883
     * db: add new column uid to the dashboard table. #7883
     * enhance render function
     * add postgres_query.ts
     * moved icon (#10681)
     * dashfolders: remove inline styles
     * fixed width of images and removed gifs and fixed text a bit in search
     * docs: fixed order of sidemenu
     * test: fixes failing test in go1.10
     * new gifs for search
     * docs: adds more info about whats new in v5
     * docs: updated versions.json
     * alerting: add permission check in api for pausing alerts
     * query builder changes
     * dashfolders: adds comment for dashboard api tests
     * more query builder components
     * docs: added versions file
     * dashfolders: adds comment for dashboard acl test
     * api: extract api test code to common_test.go
     * repeat panel: minor refactor
     * WIP: folder api. #10630
     * changed img for shortcuts
     * replaced img in export_import and sharing
     * Fix horizontal panel repeat. Fix #10672.
     * dashfolders: Add min-width to align icons in permissions list and some
       margin between icon and text #10275
     * ui: Fix Firefox align issue in dropdowns #10527 (#10662)
     * fix: InfluxDB Query Editor and selecting template variable in where
       clause caused issue, fixes #10402, fixes #10663
     * dashfolders: link to folder for inherited permissions
     * test: Update Tooltip test to check for className support
     * changed img-link for timerange imgs and some text
     * fix: remove repeated rows when repeat was disabled. (#10653)
     * test: Update Popover test to check for className support
     * dashfolders: Get rid of unused import #10275
     * dashfolders: Use grafana's question mark instead of FA's and use the
       react tooltip instead of angular's #10275
     * dashfolders: Add className to Tooltip component
     * fix: don't show manually hidden sidemenu after view mode toggle
     * dashfolders: css class as parameter for Picker
     * dashfolders: select with description for permissions
     * fix: show sidebar after mouse wheel scrolling (#10657)
     * fix: tweak of PR #10635
     * ux: minor tweak of #10634
     * plugins: only set error if errorstring is not empty
     * Revert "Fix typeahead to avoid generating new backend request on each
       keypress. (#10596)"
     * call render in query
     * dashfolders: add help popover. Add folder title for inherited
     * dashfolders: use react component for dashboard permissions
     * added hash rate units for monitoring mining processes
     * replaced input with gf-form-dropdown
     * reverted media queries
     * graphite: fix nested alerting queries (#10633)
     * fix for sm
     * added media break for md and sm
     * dashfolders: add disabled Admin permission to list
     * tech: upgrade to golang 1.9.3
     * Locks down prometheus1 to v1.8.2 in live-test.
     * fix typo in parameter. (#10613)
     * dashfolders: autosave permissions on change (remove update button)
     * changelog: move all 4.7 changes into 5.0
     * changed some img-links, updated text for annotated img, more work on
       whats new in v5.0
     * changelog: be more explicit about backwards compatibility
     * WIP: Protect against brute force (frequent) login attempts (#10031)
     * dashfolders: fix tests for ViewStore after merge
     * Fix typeahead to avoid generating new backend request on each
       keypress. (#10596)
     * fix vertical panel repeat (#10619)
     * graph: fix series sorting issue (#10617)
     * dashfolders: New snapshot since we changed from defaultValue to value
       per latest React documentation #10275
     * refactor: Replace _.find with Array.prototype.find()
     * dashfolders: Convert mobx observable to js objects and remove the
       observer() since we want to use the component
       outside the react/mobx world #10275
     * dashfolders: Clean up more variables and move newType, aclTypes and
       permissionOptions to the store #10275
     * dashfolders: Remove variables not used and pass in the real
       dashboardId #10275
     * dashfolders: Remove those 2-line-components from PageHeader to make it
       easier to read and make sure components listening to the mobx state
       are wrapped with
       observer() #10275
     * dashfolders: Add support for breadcrumbs in NavStore #10275
     * dashfolders: Rename UserPicker folder => Picker. Inject the
       permission-store in the FolderPermissions-container instead of the
       Permissions component, add the PermissionsStore to the RootStore and
       and the error-message to the Permissions-store #10275
     * dashfolders: Add Permissions information box #10275
     * dashfolders: Fix page max width #10275
     * dashfolders: Update jest tests with backendSrv #10275
     * dashfolders: Add a Team Picker component and use it on the dashboard
       permissions page #10275
     * dashfolders: Working user picker on the dashboard permissions page
     * dashfolders: Send down backendSrv to the react components #10275
     * dashfolders: Re-use the API of the angular user picker instead, which
       is reusable #10275
     * provisioning: delete dashboards from db when file is missing
     * dashfolders: Remove the PermissionsInner-strategy since we have a
       container for this route now #10275
     * dashfolders: Permissions are injected via MST so it needs to be
       defined as optional #10275
     * dashfolders: Add FolderPermissions container and make sure isFolder is
       passed to PermissionsStore #10275
     * dashfolders: Always get dashboardid and backendsrv from props #10275
     * dashfolders: Rem code to avoid tests to fail #10275
     * wip: More on the permissions. Left are team picker and user picker,
       tests and error messages #10275
     * fix: mobx-react-devtools is a dev dependancy #10275
     * dashfolder: wip: More wip on acl.html2permissions.tsx #10275
     * dashfolders: wip - Move Permissions into React #10275
     * variables: lint fix
     * variables: fix when datasource returns error
     * fixes broken phantomjs rendering
     * added varibale to table hover, lightend colors for table light theme,
       fixes #10609 (#10611)
     * added whats new v5, changed link in notifications, removed row from
       getting started
     * fixes minor typo
     * provsioning: dont stop grafana due to missing
     * Disable prefix and postfix font size when gauge mode is enabled
     * docs: improve docs for image uploaders
     * cfg: remove local as default image uploader
     * docs: Add haproxy example for running behind reverse-proxy
     * provisioning: enables title changes for dashboards
     * Cloudwatch: add support for multi instances (#10570)
     * ux: minor change, added import dashboard link to dashboard search side
     * tech: adds/removes in vendor folder according to dep 0.4.0.
     * docker: sync local time and timezone to mysql_tests block
     * dashfolder: fix for sqlite test
     * dashfolder: fix for mysql test
     * mysql: pin the mysql dependency
     * tech: ignore /public and /node_modules
     * tech: ignore /data folder for dep
     * docs: first draft of dashboard folders docs
     * plugins: map error property on query result
     * stats: send amount of stars as stats
     * tech: avoid using deprecated functions
     * style: minor code style changes
     * dashboards: save provisioning meta data
     * provisioing: add lookup table provisioned dashboards
     * refactor: minor css class naming change of #10505
     * refactor: minor refactoring of PR #10560
     * cloudwatch: fix ebs_volume_ids by create a client-session before call
       ec2:DescribeInstances. (#10566)
     * docker: use mysql and postgres from latest fake-data-gen
     * Update OpsGenie Notifier to support different api domains.
     * 10583 panel resize icon fix (#10585)
     * dashboards: Fix issue with first click when expanding folder in search
     * cfg: adds info about local img uploader to docs
     * docs: adds info about local img uploader
     * changelog: adds note about closing #6922
     * changelog: note about closing #9664
     * changelog: adds note about closing #9770
     * start query builder ui
     * Disable instead of hide mode options when line/points is unchecked
     * dashfolders: show folders use can save to in picker
     * dashfolders: fix bug in save as modal
     * Add lumens unit
     * add docs for configuring OAuth with Auth0 and Azure AD
     * install dep instead of govendor on setup
     * remove unused code from vendor
     * migrate from govendor to dep
     * fix: cloudwatch corrected error handling so original error is not
       thrown away
     * go fmt
     * support for decoding JWT id tokens
     * ds: updated ds nav
     * feat: ds edit fix
     * feat: ds edit nav
     * Generic Oauth Support for ADFS (#9242)
     * Recommend a limit on database query
     * Adjusted the border color on the buttons in dashboard nav, fixed alert
       email text area width, fixed padding-top issue
       on dashboard settings aside
     * dashfolders: stop user locking themselves out of a folder
     * dashfolders: add breadcrumbs to NavStore
     * codestyle: extract code into methods
     * mysql: convert numbers to text for annotation tooltip
     * mysql: update to use ColumnTypes interface in new version
     * mysql: update mysql driver to latest master
     * gofmt my dear friend
     * ux: updated react-layout-grid
     * plugins: send secureJsonData unencrypted
     * Make file_reader follow symlinks
     * dashboards as cfg: property path replaces folder
     * moves datasource plugin model to grafana/grafana_plugin_model
     * Update package.json
     * fix: fixed build issue
     * fix: multi valued query variables did not work correctly, fixes #10539
     * move graphite /functions parsing into gfunc.ts
     * remove duplicate sass rules
     * fix tests & some display issues
     * fix: graphite func editor fixes, this component is messy and ugly as
     * fix: minor fixes
     * fix: restored previous behavior of form_dropdown, this fixes all my
       observerd bugs with the dropdown behavior
     * fix: query editor needs to wait for function definitions to load
     * fix issue with metric find & functions being loaded multiple times
     * interpolate variables in tags & values during autocomplete
     * fix typo
     * update rst2html
     * fix line length, run jscs & jshint in precommit
     * function description formatting
     * tooltips for function definitions
     * support specifying tag_values("<tag>") as graphite template query
     * use typeahead value in graphite find requests
     * send prefix when auto-completing tags
     * add button to trigger evaluation of tag queries
     * sync function categories with graphite-web
     * work on tag dropdown behavior
     * support for loading function definitions from graphite
     * Update
     * Update
     * Update default_task.js
     * Clearer naming for dashboard provisioning config.
     * ux: dashboard nav and settings tweaks
     * Tag filters in search (#10521)
     * fix: save as enter key now works and folder selection also works,
       fixes #10464
     * use context over
     * docs: small update to IIS proxy docs
     * added a variable for grid color and if statment to switch colors,
       fixes #10509 (#10517)
     * dashboards as cfg: logs error when trying to import dashboard with id
     * code style fixes
     * dashfolders: bugfix after rename
     * dashfolders: bugfix after rename
     * Adds Table in backend datasource contract.
     * fix: share snapshot controller was missing ngInject comment, fixes
     * Use URLEncoding instead of StdEncoding to be sure state value will be
       corectly decoded (#10512)
     * Optimize metrics and notifications docs
     * Optimize cli and provisioning docs
     * imguploader: Add support for new internal image store (#6922)
     * docs: Guide for IIS reverse proxy
     * changelog: adds note about closing #9645
     * telegram: Send notifications with an inline image
     * telegram: Switch to using multipart form rather than JSON as a body
     * telegram: Fix a typo in variable name
     * dashfolder: refactor breadcrumbs in PageHeader
     * dashfolders: convert folder settings to React
     * Adds Tables types to protobuf
     * fix: alert list pause/start toggle was not working properly
     * fix template variable selector overlap by the panel (#10493)
     * Review tsdb protobuf contract
     * dashboard: Close/hide 'Add Panel' before saving a dashboard (#10482)
     * supports windows compatible plugin binaries
     * fix: removed unused param
     * Fix variables values passing when both repeat rows and panels is used
     * moved angular-mocks out of dependencies
     * ux: minor change to alert list page
     * ux: minor word change to alert list
     * fix: updated snapshot test
     * moves plugin proxy to plugin package
     * Add eu-west-3 in cloudwatch datasource default's region (#10477)
     * fix: Make sure orig files are not added to git again #10289
     * improves name for plugin logger
     * fix: Remove conflict file #10289
     * text panel: fix $apply already in progress error (#10486)
     * uses pluginmanagers log instead of global
     * 10389 react tooltip components (#10473)
     * test: Updated snapshot for UserPicker jest test #10289
     * ux: When adding a new panel we should scroll to top until we figure
       o… (#10417)
     * removes commented code
     * naming fixes and added test file
     * makes datasource handshake more explicit
     * backend plugins: improves logging
     * dashfolders: show/hide create folder or dashboard buttons
     * dashfolders: fix mergeconflict error
     * dashfolders: prettify
     * dashfolders: check permissions for new dashboard
     * dashfolders: allow any signed in user to get list of teams
     * fix gofmt warning
     * dashfolders: permissions for saving annotations
     * dashfolders: disable save button after save of acl
     * dashfolders: on folder page, hide tabs if not has admin permission
     * dashfolders: remove role requirements on dashboard routes
     * dashfolders: must have admin permission to save/see dash acl
     * dashfolders: prettify on tests file
     * dashfolders: permissions tab in dashboard settings
     * dashfolders: permissions tab for dashboard folders
     * fix for unsaved changes popup on tab close/refresh
     * fix: Clean up logging and remove unused css #10289
     * fix: Rename directive user-pickerr (yes two r's) to select-user-picker
     * fix: Accidently added the conflict files (#10289)
     * test: Add snapshot tests for UserPicker and UserPickerOption (#10289)
     * fix: Add interface for props to UserPickerOption (#10289)
     * ux: POC on new select box for the user picker (#10289)
     * dashboard: fix opening links in new tab (#10465)
     * alert list: fix rendering timeout when share panel (#10467)
     * fix missing profile icon (#10469)
     * More fixes for relative urls when running Grafana under a different
       sub path (#10470)
     * put in the Highlighter
     * moved state handling for search to store
     * Delete CopyQuery.png
     * Delete tgr288gear_line6.pdf
     * fix: added back colors to rootScope, fixes #10462
     * fixed the subUrl bugs from
       701 with folder/settings/teams etc.
     * added /** @nginject */
     * Fix typo in error message
     * updated snapshot
     * styling fix
     * added highlight to search
     * Updates go-stack to v1.7.0.
     * docs: adds note about tlsSkipVerify to docs
     * fixed regex issue
     * made a view of filtered list
     * updated jest file and snapshot
     * Remove silly noise
     * Update tests to match new reality, and rejig the implementation a bit
       to truly work as desired
     * Align queries to prometheus with the step to ensure 'rate' type
       expressions get consistent results
     * plugin: fix path for app plugins on windows
     * added search function
     * new styling and markup
     * cleanup: removed unused typescript typings import
     * new add alert notification channel icon
     * mobx: poc in using each store as individual prop on the react
       containers (#10414)
     * fix: Change max size of panel JSON editor so button is shown on
       smaller screens, #10346 (#10415)
     * poc: began react panel experiments, step2
     * poc: began react panel experiments, step2
     * Add AWS/AmazonMQ namespace metrics to CloudWatch tsdb (#10407)
     * add docs for using oauth login with OneLogin (#10385)
     * Update built_in_plugins.ts
     * poc: began react panel experiments
     * added empty list cta to notification channels, fixes 10393 (#10400)
     * mobx: fixed issue with view store, and added missing snapshot
     * tech: enzyme container test working
     * tech: enzyme container test working
     * react: trying to get enzyme and mobx tests working
     * tech: url and query mobx store so now react components and containers
       can read and modify url path and query via mobx store
     * tech: alert list react migration progress
     * fix info popover, #10302 (#10377)
     * fix move dashboard variables, #10347 (#10375)
     * dashfolders: relative links should work when root_path is specified
     * fix mixed datasource add query button, #10316 (#10361)
     * tech: react mobx progress
     * Doc version and schemaVersion properties of dashboards
     * tech: began reworking alerting list to mobx
     * tech: progress on react pages
     * prom: fixes broken test
     * prom: make $__$interval the first suggested range vector
     * fixes log typo
     * imguploader: log if the configuration is invalid
     * changelog: adds note about closing #8955
     * renderer: avoid calling Handle twice
     * migrated file to ts
     * dashboards as cfg: moves dashcash into its own file
     * dashboards as cfg: create dashboard folders if missing
     * fixed error
     * migrated files to ts
     * tests: for skipping with hidden folders
     * Implement Azure Blob external image uploader
     * migrated datasource to ts
     * tech: minor progress on mobx state tree & react containers, working on
       unit testing
     * Fix tooltip unit when legend isn't shown (#10348)
     * refactor: minor refactoring of PR #10236
     * don't save dashboard on make editable, #10236
     * fix scripted dashboard loader, #10350 (#10351)
     * new aws region cn-northwest-1 (#10353)
     * Dashboard: View JSON improvements  (#10327)
     * refactor: tried to simplify and also minimize scope a bit for #10323
     * ignore trailing whitespace (#10344)
     * (prometheus) show label name in paren after
     * dont spawn new subprocess while shutting down
     * Fix small singlestat value display
     * fix: fixed issue with optimized build, fixes #10333
     * migrated file to ts (#10328)
     * plugins: restart killed plugins
     * query result should be a map
     * prom: removes limitation of one query per tsdb call
     * changelog: adds note about closing #10222
     * pagerduty: fixes invalid default value
     * fix: remove unused code
     * dashboard: copy panel to clipboard
     * pagerduty: adds test for reading auto resolve setting
     * code formatting fix
     * migrated files to ts + fixed specfile
     * tech: cleaned up unused stuff
     * ux: removed unused stuff form style guide
     * prettier: ran on all files again, sorry. now settings are defined in
     * tech: mobx tests
     * Add avatar to team and team members page (#10305)
     * Various dashboard folders improvements (#10309)
     * mobx: progress on poc
     * test for plugin path builder
     * merge backend datasources and datasources
     * use int64 for timestamps
     * fixes invalid valud/timestamp order
     * fix: unit test fixed
     * prettier: change to single quoting
     * ux: minor name change to search sections
     * db: fix postgres regression when comparing boolean columns/values
     * dashboard: delete row improvements
     * poc: mobx test
     * fix missing comma in documentation output example
     * fix broken link (#10291)
     * minor fixes and formatting after review
     * dashfolders: use validation service for folder creation and dashboard
       import. #10197
     * dashfolders: support creating new folder when moving dashboards. #10197
     * dashfolders: support creating new folder when saving a dashboard.
     * dashfolders: support creating new folder in dashboard settings. #10197
     * dashfolders: support creating new folder from the folder picker. #10197
     * poc: mobx poc
     * tech: ran prettier on all scss files
     * tech: ran pretttier on all typescript files
     * search: closes dash search when selecting current dashboard (#10285)
     * fix: Original dashboard link from snapshot should be an a-tag, not a
       button (#10269) (#10283)
     * dashboard: fixes #10262
     * added new to new dahsboard and folder
     * test: Update test with new component signature
     * pushover: update default message
     * delete unused icon files
     * fix: The /logout route should always full page reload (#10277)
     * tech: added prettier to precommit
     * ux: Add icon to selected option in PageHeader navigation
       on small screens, update select boxes for Firefox so the arrow to the
        right is aligned with the other select boxes (#10190)
     * ux: Fix color picker positioning when scrolled down to the bottom of a
       page (#10258) (#10271)
     * test: remove unused code
     * alerting: make alert extractor backwards compatible
     * alerting: move test json into files
     * Use strings.TrimPrefix to make sure relative url doesn't start with
       forward slash
     * Update
     * fix: Navigation on small screens when Grafana is installed in a sub
       directory (#10252) (#10261)
     * cloudwatch: fixed optimized build issue, fixes #10174
     * fix text panel rows limit (#10246)
     * use ace editor in panel edit (#10245)
     * docs: mysql example with macro
     * docs: mysql macros update
     * fix: reduced team name column length, fixes #10244
     * ux: Add missing icon for login with grafana-com, fixes #10238 (#10249)
     * Kinesis Metric Capitalization
     * merge backend-datasource and datasource type
     * dashfolder: nginject fix
     * teams: missing nginject attribute
     * grid: disable resize and drag on non editable dashboards, closes #10235
     * logging: removed logging from panel loader
     * menu: fixed create default url
     * fix: dont show settings for viewers
     * prometheus: change default resolution to 1/1
     * fix: viewers can edit now works correctly
     * fix: fixed minor ux and firefox issues, fixes #10228
     * ux: minor fixes
     * profile: use name or fallback for profile page
     * fix: sidemenu profile main text is now username instead of name
     * build: update master version to 5.0.0-pre1
     * dashfolder: change to migration text
     * ux:s sidemenu icon rules
     * teams: add team count when searching for team
     * changed background color for infobox and new blues in light theme,
       light theme now uses blue-dark in panel query (#10211)
     * ux: fixed navbar issue when sidemenu closes
     * ux: minor position change for layout selector, fixes #10217
     * fix: view json from share modal now works, #10217
     * ux: used new add data sources icon
     * dashfolders: styling of selected filters
     * dashfolders: styling of selected filters
     * dashfolders: fix moving plugin dashboard to folder
     * changelog: adds note about closing #9170
     * dashfolders: fix folder selection dropdown in dashboard settings
     * fix for merge conflict
     * add links for large cta
     * resolve merge conflict
     * dashfolders: bulk move/delete improvements
     * snapshots: fixed snapshot issues, fixes #10214
     * docs: include all notifiers type
     * replaced old table with filter-table, removed edit button, made whole
       rows to links
     * playlist: fixed playlist buttons in dashboard header, fixes #10213
     * docs: update latest version to 4.6.3
     * ux: minor changes to search input
     * Magnifying glass on search fields #10188 (#10206)
     * templating: made templateSrv globally accessable as ES6 module,
       DashboardRow can not interpolate row title
     * fix: ignore row clones in schema migration
     * proxyds: delete cookies except those listed in keepCookies
     * dshttpsettings: Move whitelisted cookies to end of config page
     * proxyds: failing test for keepCookies
     * dshttpsettings: add field for cookies that should be kept
     * dashfolders: /dashboards should render index page with a 200 OK
     * update version for packagecloud
     * dashfolders: bulk move/delete improvements
     * add release date for 4.6.3
     * fix: after removed file
     * dashfolder: fix after backendSrv change
     * dashboard: fix test after merge conflict
     * orgswitcher: update test
     * Avoid ID validation before provisioning dashboards
     * annotation icon fix
     * udpate dark json icon
     * dashboard settings icons
     * replace icon on dashboard list (fa-th-large - looked squished) with a
       smaller version of dashbord icon. This may not be the best way to do
       the css, so it's a separate commit
     * new icons created and added to nav
     * changelog: adds note about closing #7481
     * fixes broken unit test
     * alertmanager: endAt should only be used if we have the correct value
     * alertmanager: code style
     * alerting: reduce log level for notifiers
     * Alertmanager notifier: add "metric" labels if no tags
     * Alertmanager notifier: make it match the new notifier interface
     * support alertmanager
     * Replace Read Only Editor role with ViewersCanEdit setting (#10166)
     * dashfolders: bulk move dashboards synchronously
     * dashfolders: remove error message when moving to the same folder.
     * teams: Fixes to edit team page
     * ux: minor text change to #10177
     * made template link look like input (#10198)
     * minor tweaks
     * execute process directly instead of creating sub shell
     * Dashboard grid fixes (#10194)
     * refactor: minor change to #10199
     * fix broken 'd r' shortcut (refresh dashboard) (#10199)
     * ux: updated login page
     * fixes switching org when url contains orgId querystring param
     * build: fixed build issue
     * ux: refactoring login page change
     * navmodel: fix for signout link on pref page
     * change protip to go to manage dashboards
     * search: worked on search results
     * added select-wrapper to where it was missing for unified look
     * changelog: adds note about closing #10151
     * ux: wip - Login animation POC (#9879)
     * changelog: adds note about closing #9318
     * ux: Move "Sign up" and "Reset password" to its own pages - and remove
       all inline styling (#9879)
     * fixes broken alert eval when first condition is using OR
     * ux: org user management changes
     * removes unused property
     * fixed edit team header, fixes #10172
     * changed width to input fields (#10184)
     * ux: added search box to ds list page, closes #10106
     * ux: change members to users
     * plugins: fixed plugin edit page and plugin page
     * dashfolders: Minor css fixes for bulk edit
     * dashfolders: Minor css fixes for bulk edit
     * docs: SSL Mode config settings for Postgres
     * dashfolder: settings page for folder
     * removes verbose logging
     * fix: FolderId and IsFolder when saving dashboard
     * ux: fixed inactive view mode and removed animation
     * removed unused declaration
     * updated dashlink editor, now has list
     * fix: Handle state when no password is entered on registration page
     * adding support for sgl native time datatypes
     * added missing cases for DATETIME datatype
     * ux: move add member into its own page (#10167)
     * Add a per-notifier ShouldNotify()
     * minor fix for #10136
     * Fix graph legend scroll (#10169)
     * fix colorpicker colors order (width issue) (#10170)
     * graphite: remove check so that query is sent even for possible non
       leaf nodes
     * fix: fixed build failure
     * ux: Use the previously renamed classes (#9879)
     * fix: fixed dashboard api tests
     * fix: don't detect graphite version before it's saved
     * updated new dashboard folder
     * ux: style tweaks
     * ux: Update ui of login buttons via third parties and add link to sign
       up page (#9879)
     * redesigning links editor
     * ux: search look update
     * tech: updated version for react-grid item
     * build: fixed unit test failure
     * Extracted row matching function and added comments
     * allow overriding dashboards from api
     * redesigning links editor
     * graphite: minor fix for PR #10142 the query was being sent for every
       segmen t you selected before you completed the metric path
     * build: fixed broken test
     * refactor: minor change to panel json fix PR #10156
     * Move panel JSON editor to modal dialog (#10156)
     * ux: minor updates to dashboard settings
     * ux: dashboard settings updated
     * new dashboard and folder in search (#10152)
     * avatar: avoid concurrent map writes
     * redesign dashlinks
     * fix: fixed issue with optimized build grid directive missing ngInject
       comment, fixes #10161
     * annotations: allows template variables to be used in tag filter
     * Add default message for Pushover notifications
     * refactor: format files by gofmt
     * ux: Adjust margins when external auth providers are enabled (#9879)
     * ux: dashboard settings progress
     * ux: dashboard settings work progress
     * dashfolders: new dashboard with folder selected
     * ux: wip - Push pixels for new login, remove inline styling, change so
       we use media queries using min-width instead of max-width and make
       sure it looks ok across all screen sizes (#9879)
     * ux: dashboard settings work progress
     * backend plugins: manage plugins lifecycle with context
     * ux: dashboard settings progress
     * ux: dashboard settings progress
     * ux: dashboard settings progress
     * backend plugins: dont swallow errors
     * fix: fixed failing test
     * backend plugins: cleanup protobuf files
     * ux: dashboard settings progress
     * backend plugins: add more datasource params
     * Type-agnostic row merge in table transform for multiple queries
     * ux: dashboard settings progress
     * ux: fixed navbar and sidemenu z-index issue and improved responsive
     * code style
     * implement upstream changes
     * fix: fixed build failure
     * changelog: adds note about closing #10131
     * Explicitly specify default region in CloudWatch datasource (#9440)
     * add encoding param
     * wait for all sub routines to finish
     * fix function re-ordering broken in #9436
     * add missing value fill code to mysql datasource
     * hyphenhyphen
     * support metric trees of varying depth, never send '.select metric' to
     * simplify function parameter addition
     * ux: dashboard settings progress
     * fix typo
     * ux: minor changes
     * implement missing value fill functionality for postgres
     * allow optional 3rd argument to timeGroup to control filling missing
     * ux: navbar progress
     * improve handling of query references
     * build: fix for tslint
     * ux: form styles polish, improvement but can be better
     * pass tsdbQuery to transformToTimeSeries and transformToTable to get
       access to selected frontend timerange
     * demonstrate parseTarget issue
     * fix: fixed panel size rerendering issues
     * pass Query to MacroEngine Interpolate
     * ux: work on dashboard settings views
     * dashfolders: Do not allow loading a folder as a dashboard
     * fix: Remove console.log
     * dashfolders: Folder picker should set correct default values. Fixes
     * refactor: user groups to teams, replace rest mentions
     * refactor: user groups to teams, rename backend files
     * refactor: user groups to teams, rename frontend files
     * refactor: rename User Groups to Teams
     * changelog: adds ntoe about closing #10111
     * ux: forms style font size change
     * ux: dashboard settings progress
     * postgres: change $__timeGroup macro to include "AS time" column alias
     * new timepicker is working
     * dashfolders: Create nav model for folder page client side #10083
     * ux: minor change to new folder page
     * fix for search dropdown on small screen + icon overlapping fix (#10091)
     * ux: added react scrollbar component and added it to add panel panel
     * tech: updated ngreact and with custom PR applied
     * refactoring: #10130
     * Revert "Don't animate panels on initial render (#10130)"
     * Don't animate panels on initial render (#10130)
     * refactoring: fixing bug when all values are null
     * fixes broken test
     * dashfolders: Hide search input area when showing CTA. #10083
     * ux: graph legend refactoring
     * improve error handling for datasources as cfg
     * improve sample datasource.yaml
     * make gitignore more generic
     * grid css transforms: minor refactor (#10128)
     * dashboard grid: enable CSS transforms (#10125)
     * fixes issue with datasource/dash as cfg and gitignore
     * refactoring: changing how graph height and legend height is
       calculated, using flex box seems to actually work, #10079
     * dashfolders: create folder page
     * refactor: removed graph height from legend decimal calc
     * dashfolders: css fix
     * fixes failing tests
     * dashfolders: New Dashboard Folder page
     * fix: move components tests to specs folder
     * Fix go fmt
     * kill plugin processes when grafana shuts down
     * fix: v5 sidemenu & link to shortcuts now works, fixes #10087
     * separate plugin impl and proto files
     * correct comments
     * add hclog wrapper for grafanas logger in plugins
     * add go-plugin deps to vendor
     * initial version of proto files
     * changelog: breaking regardless what your running
     * changelog: better styling
     * removes last pieces of dashboard.json
     * refactor: sidemenu toggle & hiding logic
     * changelog: note about closing #5269 and #9654
     * dashboards as cfg: update docs to use /provisioning
     * dashboards as cfg: move dash/ds config files to /provisioning/*
     * dashboards as cfg: copy dash/ds files if missing
     * dashboards as cfg: include cfg files in dist packages
     * dashboards as cfg: avoid walking fs in parallel
     * dashboards as cfg: type
     * dashboards as cfg: disable loading dashboards from disk by default
     * dashboards as cfg: wire up dashboard repo
     * dashboards as cfg: use gocache for caching
     * dashboards as cfg: expose dashboard service as interface
     * dashboards as cfg: move saving logic for dashboards into its own
     * dashboards as cfg: revert minor changes
     * dashboards as cfg: move dashboard saving into its own service
     * dashboards as cfg: minor tweaks
     * dashboards as cfg: make dashboard none editable by default
     * dashboards as cfg: more tests
     * dashboards as cfg: code cleanup
     * dashboards as cfg: read first cfg version
     * removed row to center footer (#10115)
     * ux: minor cleanup
     * mysql: pass timerange for template variable queries (#10071)
     * dashboard: fix edge case with keyboard nav in dashboard search. #10100
     * Solves problem with Github authentication restriction by
       organization membership when the organization's access policy is set
        to "Access restricted". "Access restricted" policy should not stop
        user to authenticate.
     * graph: fix legend height calculation
     * postgres: pass timerange for template variable queries (#10069)
     * graph: move auto decimals calc to ticks.ts and use it for legend
       values format.
     * Resolves grafana/grafana:#9309
     * dashboard: fix linting and formating - #10100
     * dashboard: keyboard nav in dashboard search - closes #10100
     * graph: refactor (don't render twice)
     * handle native postgres datetime types in annotation queries (#9986)
     * treat any text column in timeseries query as metric name unless column
     * Fixing tabs for Grafana 5 - #10082 (#10103)
     * other panels now hidden, fixes 10088 (#10102)
     * fixed 404 for grafana5 + now responsive (#10101)
     * dashboard: fix search results tests #10083
     * dashboard: Show CTA for empty lists/folders #10083
     * dashboard: Dashboard folder page wip #10083
     * prom: enable min interval per panel
     * Fix merge issue on multi-query table transforms
     * graph: fix karma tests
     * graph: render legend before graph
     * added tooltip, fixes #10092 (#10097)
     * graph: refactor
     * graph: convert legend.js to typescript
     * fixing a few fromattings
     * adding mssql docs
     * docs: link from cfg page to provisioning
     * reduce app icon by 3px on home dashboard - wasn't lining up properly
       with starred/recently viewed dasboard list properly
     * ux: minor style tweaks to cards and sidemenu icons for white theme
     * ux: tweaked light theme and made page container more fluid
     * dashboard: dashboard search results component. closes #10080
     * docs: added utm_source for link from ds list page to docs page
     * updating the query editor's syntax highlighting mode to sqlserver
     * fixed grey colors in light-theme, added new variables, played a bit
       with blue
     * v5: removed permissions from dashboard cog dropdown, closes #10068
     * nav: updated nav item id for manage dashboards
     * refactoring PR #10068
     * dashboard: migrations for repeat rows (#10070)
     * Backwards-compat for multi-query table transform
     * graph: make legend scrollable
     * removes unused properties
     * Making the multi-query table transform the default table transform
     * ux: updated padding
     * ux: Add CTA for empty lists
     * move import menu item to the original place
     * move DashboardImportCtrl tests to jest
     * Move import dashboard from modal to the page
     * refactor: minor refactoring of  #10027
     * new grays for light theme
     * sidemenu: responsive sidemenu view for smallest breakpoint
     * add _tests for mssql data source
     * ux: tabs update
     * Tests for multi-query table transform
     * ux: updated modal header design
     * ux: progress on time picker dropdown version
     * fix templating undefined error (#10004)
     * tweaks to add panel panels
     * ux: updated dashboard nav
     * MSSQL Data Source
     * add server only build target "build-srv"
     * ux: dashboard setings progres
     * add Cloud Alchemy Ansible role
     * started on dashboard settings refactor
     * ux: add new panel and dash nav improvements
     * Added basic table transformer test
     * typo :boom:
     * influxdb: pass tags to alerting from influxdb client
     * ux: dashboard nav update
     * ux: new dashnav design
     * ignore /conf/**/custom.yaml files
     * repeat row: refactor
     * Fix dashboard menu overlapping (#10044)
     * Add multiquery_table table transform
     * typo :boom:
     * move systemd ready notification to server.go
     * changelog: adds note about closing #10024
     * page header now on 99% of pages
     * navigation: more progress on new page header
     * ux: new page-header design, most pages beside admin done
     * fixed sass warnings
     * ux: made plugins page work
     * Use systemd notification where applicable
     * progress on page header
     * tweaked color on heatmap. still not there, but more vibrant
     * ux: new page header progress
     * added bundled dashboards
     * ux: progress on new page header
     * dashboard: when changing route, scroll to top
     * grafana-10039: fix query time range ends in the past
     * ux: work on page header
     * Revert "prometheus nested query support"
     * ux: updating header design for pages
     * fix: when navigating, scroll to top
     * repeat row: add more tests
     * ux: new page header design
     * tweak background size
     * new test svg background, minor form tweaks
     * ux: search filter box
     * ux: changed body default font size to 13px
     * test: fix failing postgres test
     * Added border radius and tightened up the folder boxes. Still needs to
       have the bottom margin expanded to 8px when in opened state (this
       needs @torkelo)
     * test: speedup mysql and postgres integration tests by 10-20x
     * repeat row: expose scopedVars to row panels
     * ux: search design update
     * repeat row: handle collapsed rows
     * notifier: Fixes path for uploaded image for Slack notifier
     * formatting in build file
     * dashboard: initial repeat row implementation
     * prometheus nested query support
     * fix render http[get] params error
     * test: close file before deleting
     * Restore Page Footer after migration to new scrollbar #9652
     * export view json now templatized, fixes #10001
     * dashfolders: Add a helper for creating a dashboard folder
     * dashfolders: revert automatic creation of folders for plugins
     * styling changes for light theme
     * grid: use single column layout for mobile devices (#9999)
     * fix panel solo mode (#10002)
     * dashlist: handle recent dashboards removed from backend
     * dashfolders: don't create app folder on dashboard import if already
     * dashfolders: create app folder on dashboard import
     * datasource: fix merge conflict - restore dashboards tab
     * search fix and update buttons on dashboard list page
     * fix: removed table background
     * build: fixed lint issue
     * fixed link i specs-file
     * Improve dashboard grid layout migration WIP (#9943)
     * test fix
     * updated libs and fixed new typescript errors
     * dashlist: Support for clear all filters
     * migrated viewstatesrv to ts
     * added yarn.lock file back
     * ux: table design work
     * panel: open panel menu by click on header
     * ux: search progress
     * worked on search
     * migrated four files from js to ts
     * migrated four files to ts, addd some code to config to make it work
     * Update
     * Update
     * ux breadcrumb work
     * ux: sass fixes and polish
     * dashlist: Support for check/uncheck all
     * Migrate gfunc to ts (#9973)
     * migrated admin files to ts (#9975)
     * migration of org files from js to ts (#9974)
     * sass tweaks
     * dashlist: When searching should reset checked state to false
     * More js to ts (#9966)
     * dashlist: change scrollbar to new perfect scroll directive
     * docs: Improve delete snapshot documentation
     * ux: fixed sass issue
     * sass refactoring and updating styles for list item elements
     * dashlist: style list to be same as dash search
     * css tweaks and cleanup
     * removing gemini scrollbar and replacing with perfect scrollbar, muuuch
     * dashlist: starred filter search
     * ux: tweaked panel color and dashboard background is same as page
     * removed call to unused function in panel_ctrl
     * scrollable panels works better with perfect-scrollbar
     * Update latest.json
     * Optimized number of lines fetching in log file initialisation
     * work on scrollable panels
     * converted 3 .js files to .ts (#9958)
     * docs: adds docs for pausing all alerts
     * Removing file that got committed by accident
     * scrollable panels: fix initial content size (#9960)
     * Delete LICENSE.txt
     * dashlist: adds tag filter select (GitHub style)
     * [GCS] Support for gcs path
     * dashlist: toggle folders
     * dashboard: fix test for folderIds
     * allows head requests for /api/health endpoint
     * dashlist: fix tag filtering and some css
     * fix: fixed issue with metric segment introduced in graphite tags query
       editor PR
     * progress on  scrollable panels work
     * mysql: add data source support for Azure MySql
     * fixed unit tests
     * fix: alert list panel now works correctly after adding manual
       annotation on dashboard, fixes #9951
     * Elasticsearch max_concurrent_shard_requests parameter for es 5.6+
     * prom: add prom2 dashboard as bundled dashboard
     * show top 5 max scrape durations by job, and fix legend format
     * fix scrape duration, add rule eval iteration stats, and reorg a bit
     * fix data source var and remove node_exporter dependency
     * First draft of a Prometheus 2.0 Stats dashboard
     * prom: initial docker block for prometheus 2
     * tweak tabs:
     * color fix
     * make grays cooler
     * dashlist: started fixing js/css after design changes
     * updated search
     * more work on search
     * minor update to dashboard search
     * converted test-files to jest
     * improved search srv
     * converted influx-series to TS, converted test to jest
     * dashboard search
     * working on dashboard search
     * Move the loading flag to PanelCtrl (#9929)
     * graph: disable zoom in non-timeseries modes (#9914)
     * changed padding to pixels, fixes #9916 (#9924)
     * Use correct moments format for Showing last us time instead of value
       test (#9923)
     * Don't import JSON dashboards from hidden directories.
     * new design for login
     * fix: build & tests
     * search: add expanded folders
     * influxdb: another minor refactor of #9474
     * refactor: refactoring InfluxDB query builder with policy PR #9473
     * refactor: refactoring InfluxDB query builder with policy PR #9473
     * docs: added versions_to_keep to config docs, #9671
     * refactoring: minor refactor of clean up dashboard history PR #9882
     * fix: fix for avatar images when gzip is turned on, fixes #5952
     * elasticsearch: default version to 5.x
     * Adding a user in a specified organisation uses the admin API
     * panels: add css tweaks for scrollable panels
     * dashboard history clean up: avoid potential SQL injections
     * search: refactor search sql into a builder class
     * changelog: note about closing #9798
     * removes invalid comment
     * api: fix so that datasources functions returns Response
     * changelog: note about closing #1789
     * fix: Use Response as return type
     * fix: return id from api when creating new annotation/graphite
       annotation, fixes #9798
     * datasources as cfg: adds docs for all jsondata and secure_json fields
     * graphite: minor changes
     * text panel: make scrollable
     * panels: general property which makes panel scrollable
     * datasources as cfg: convert yaml map into json for jsonData
     * fix: fix cloudwatch metricFindQuery error that stopped it working
       completely, fixes #9876
     * dashlist: css adjustments for scrollbar
     * dashlist: fix resizing after mode switching
     * dashlist: add scrollbar
     * dashlist: fix panel resizing
     * docs: update metrics api path
     * changelog: adds note about closing #1871
     * fixes: #1871 Dropdown starred (#9490)
     * dont loose subsecond precision when dealing with timestamp
       or (#9851)
     * graphite: progress on new query editor
     * datasource as cfg: fixes typos
     * docs: format cfg mgt tools as table
     * docs: adds more info about provisioning
     * datasource as cfg: update docs to include globbig
     * datasource as cfg: show deletes first in example
     * datasource as cfg: support globbing
     * datasource as cfg: enable editable ds's
     * datasource as cfg: add org_id to example config
     * tweak docs
     * datasource as cfg: adds readonly datasources
     * datasource as cfg: refactor to use bus
     * datasource as cfg: test for reading all properties
     * datasource as cfg: adds provisioning docs
     * datasource as cfg: rename feature to provisioning
     * datasource as cfg: improve name for this feature
     * datasource as cfg: refactor tests to use yaml files
     * datasource as cfg: ignore datasource all ready exist for inserts
     * datasource as cfg: add support for securedata field
     * datasource as cfg: setting for purging datasources not in cfg
     * datasources as cfg: tests for insert/updating datasources
     * datasource as cfg: basic implementation
     * More energy units (#9743)
     * Add feet to the length menu (#9889)
     * middleware: recovery handles panics in all handlers
     * sql: small fix to error handling
     * graphite: progress on new query editor
     * changelog: make prom fixes more explicit
     * dashboard history clean up: add tests
     * tech: ignore debug.test file created by VS Code
     * dashboard history: refactor after review
     * changelog: adds note about closing #9777
     * prom: add support for default step param (#9866)
     * properly escape components of connection string (#9850)
     * refactor: changed string slicing to strings.TrimPrefix, #9862
     * dashboard history: clean up dashboard version history
     * build: fixed jshint error
     * sync documentation, add remark about to_timestamp and redshift (#9841)
     * fix: Html escaping caused issue in InfluxDB query editor, could not
       pick greater than or less then operators, fixes #9871
     * changelog: adds note about closing #8523
     * teams: removes print statement
     * Add Microsoft Teams notifier
     * docs: update building from source doc with node-gyp
     * heatmap: fix tooltip in "Time series bucket" mode, #9332 (#9867)
     * fix: Table panel now renders annotations correctly. Fixes #9842 (#9868)
     * build: fixes build and jest tests on Windows
     * fix cloudwatch ec2_instance_attribute (#9718)
     * graph: the stack & legend sort sync was not working correctly, the
       z-index sorting that happened in after the legend sort order was
       applied and messed with the order even though the sort function
       returned zero for all entries, combined the sort function to one sort
       function, fixes #9789 (#9797)
     * not ok option to alert list, fixes: #9754
     * changelog: note about closing #9661
     * return empty array for no datapoints
     * fix query inspector for cloudwatch
     * Add AWS/NetworkELB to cloudwatch definitions
     * changelog: note about closing #9784
     * test: adds tests for password encodiing
     * use SHOW RETENTIONS to test influxdb connection (#9824)
     * Use hex.EncodeToString to encode to hex
     * Added missing documentation for auth.proxy (#9796)
     * fix date test (#9811)
     * docker: expose statsd endpoint for graphite block
     * update lib/pq (#9788)
     * Update the config key to database_log_queries so it is more
       descriptive, as suggested in #9785.
     * graph: don't change original series name in histogram mode, #8886
     * MySQL Performance when using GF_DATABASE_URL Set MaxIdleConn and
       MaxOpenConn when using the GF_DATABASE_URL configuration. Also added
       GF_DATABASE_DEBUG flag to print SQL statements and SQL execution
       times. See #9784 for the details.
     * Update
     * colorpicker: fix color string change #9769 (#9780)
     * refactor: alert list panel fixes and no alerts message, rewrite of PR
     * feat: refactoring hide time picker PR #9756
     * search: began writing test for new search
     * changed class name for no-alerts
     * chore(docs): update the search Query Example
     * ux: search progress
     * dashfolders: fix for dashlist nav
     * reduce docker-compose header version
     * ux: progress on new search
     * ux: minor changes
     * ignore docker-compose.yaml
     * docs: update latest release to 4.6.1
     * packages: update published package version
     * option to hide Time picker, fixes #2013
     * fix: panel view now wraps, no scrolling required, fixes #9746
     * changelog: set release date for 4.6.1
     * changelog: adds note about closing #9707
     * fix default alias
     * add period alias
     * plugins: fix for loading external plugins behind auth proxy, fixes
     * testdata: added manual entry mode to test data
     * new design for no alerts in alert-list, fixes #9721
     * fix: fixed compiler error from #9676
     * converted ng_model_on_blur.js to ts, deletedkeyboard_manager.js (#9676)
     * docs: update testdata enable explanantion
     * MAINTAINER is deprecated, now using LABEL
     * Update
     * Adding energy, area, and acceleration units (#9336)
     * tests: migrated tests for link_srv to jest, #9666
     * Transitioning fig to docker-compose v3
     * tests: migrated tests for link_srv to jest, #9666
     * fix for dashboard tag link bug, fixes #9737 (#9739)
     * github: dont require bug/fr in title
     * changelog: adds note about closing #9713
     * converted confirm_click.js to .ts (#9674)
     * Update codecov.yml
     * change default sslmode for postgres to verify-full (#9736)
     * fix: color picker bug at series overrides page, #9715 (#9738)
     * Update
     * tech: switch to golang 1.9.2
     * always quote template variables for mysql when multi-value is allowed
     * always quote template variables for postgres when multi-value or
       include (#9714)
     * fix: dashboard links dropdown toggle did not update view, fixes #9732
     * docs: adds prom grafana dashboard
     * graphite: tag is required for values autocomplete
     * dashfolders: bulk edit tag filtering
     * Correct help message of api_dataproxy_request_all_milliseconds
     * changelog: adds note about closing #9645
     * changelog: adds note about closing #9698
     * ace editor for text panel
     * dashboards: bulk edit delete
     * tech: add missing include
     * dashboards: fix link to bulk edit
     * sql: remove title from annotation help
     * changelog: adds note about closing #9681
     * fix: undefined is not an object evaluating this., #9538
     * [Bug Fix] Opentsdb Alias issue (#9613)
     * fix: graphite annotation tooltip included undefined, fixes #9707
     * Alertlist: Inform when no alerts in current time range
     * save as should only delete threshold for panels with alerts
     * graphite: tags and values autocomplete based on @DanCech PR to
     * changelog: note for #9596
     * add __timeGroup macro for mysql (#9596)
     * updated icons
     * docs: fix link
     * ux: testing 3px panel border radius
     * more link fixes
     * fixed link issues
     * renamed file
     * converted inspect_ctrl.js to ts (#9673)
     * converted dashboard_loaders.js to .ts (#9672)
     * declared any to info in declaration
     * converted analytics.js to ts, minor code formatting fix to timer.ts
     * docs: updated download links
     * docs: update alerting with new data sources
     * changelog: spelling
     * plugins: added backward compatible path for rxjs
     * ux: updated singlestat default colors
     * prometheus: fixed unsaved changes warning when changing time range due
       to step option on query model was changed in datasource.query code,
       fixes #9675
     * docs: updated changelog
     * fix: firefox can now create region annotations, fixes #9638
     * changelog: adds note about closing #9639
     * set release date for 4.6.0
     * grid: work in progress on row repeats
     * dashfolders: rough draft of bulk edit
     * converted linkSrv.js to linkSrv.ts
     * docs: update docker installation docs
     * grid: minor changes
     * converted outline.js to outline.ts (#9658)
     * converted timer.js to timer.ts (#9656)
     * datasource as cfg: typo
     * Create codecov.yml
     * datasource as cfg: explain why cmd.version can be higher
     *   #edit_grafana_organisation_apis_doc (#9651)
     * add a phantomjs execution status to log if errors happens, e.g. OOM
       killer kills it (#9644)
     * grid: worked on row options modal and row removal
     * dashboard: fix home dashboard getting started panel
     * Fix typo in template help tab
     * replace store.js with store.ts, test for store.ts (#9646)
     * tests: added test for DashboardRow
     * docs: update first page with data source guides
     * docs: document annotations for postgres/mysql
     * docs: update for template variables
     * changelog: spelling
     * Allow for multiple auto interval template variables (#9216)
     * changelog: adds note about closing #9645
     * tech: remove rabbitmq event publisher
     * changelog: note for #9030
     * dont quote variables for mysql and postgres datasource (#9611)
     * asscoiate comment with name
     * Update
     * ux: row collapse / expand starting to work
     * changelog: adds note about closing #9640
     * alerting: only editors can pause rules
     * prom: adds pre built grafana dashboard
     * changelog: adds note about closing #9636
     * fix: another fix for playlist view state, #9639
     * ux: updated icons
     * shore: migrating config/settings.js to typescript
     * fix: fixed playlist controls and view state, fixes #9639
     * Fixed #9636
     * shore: removed unused old system conf file
     * Use d3 from node_modules (#9625)
     * update log15 (#9622)
     * docs: update whats-new-in
     * changelog: small text change
     * changelog: v4.6.0-beta3 released
     * tech: annotations refactor, add tests for regions processing (#9618)
     * Move #9527 to 4.6.0-beta3
     * build: disable jest on precommit hook -windows fix
     * build: fix all npm run commands for Windows
     * plugins: fixes path issue on Windows
     * build: tryingt of fix windows build issue
     * tests: removes commented tests
     * graph: invert order when sorting by legend
     * fix: escape series name in graph legend, added aliasEscaped to time
       series model to reuse escape, fixes #9615
     * build: fixed gofmt issue and addd mock response feature
     * prometheus: enable gzip for /metrics endpoint
     * build: split circle test shell scripts
     * datasources: change to optimisic concurrency
     * build: reduced webpack log output and remove race flag from go tests
     * build: set max workers to 2 for jest
     * build: log heap usage
     * build: another build fix
     * tests: migrated two more tests to jest
     * build: fixed build failure
     * build: reworking pre commit hook
     * build: added precommit
     * fix: fixed tslint validation error
     * test: added first react snapshot test
     * docs: another docs fix
     * docs: fix docs redirect for older datasources index page, fixes #9609
     * [Tech]: Start migrating to Jest for tests (#9610)
     * Fix typo in init.d script
     * graphite: auto detect version
     * graphite: improved version comparison
     * graphite: split tags and functions into 2 rows when seriesByTag used
     * graphite: add tags to dropdown and switch to tag editor if selected
     * plugins: expose dashboard impression store
     * ux: minor ux tweaks
     * Sort series in the same order as legend in graph panel (#9563)
     * fix: fixed save to file button in export modal, fixes #9586
     * mysql: add usage stats for mysql
     * run go fmt
     * Add a setting to allow DB queries
     * note for #9527
     * modify $__timeGroup macro so it can be used in select clause (#9527)
     * Fix heatmap Y axis rendering (#9580)
     * prometheus: add builtin template variable as range vectors
     * Note for #5457
     * fix: fixed prometheus step issue that caused browser crash, fixes #9575
     * changelog: adds note about closing #9551
     * fix: getting started panel and mark adding data source as done, fixes
     * pluginloader: esModule true for systemjs config
     * Fixes for annotations API (#9577)
     * ux: new fixes
     * Grafana5 light (#9559)
     * When Messasge field is set for an alert, map it to the
       output field in a Sensu check result. If Message is empty, send
        "Grafana Metric Condition Met"
     * ux: work on rows
     * fix vector range
     * allow ":" character for metric name
     * build: added imports of rxjs utility functions
     * grid: row work
     * fix template variable expanding
     * annotations: quote reserved fields (#9550)
     * fix: fixed color pickers that were broken in minified builds, fixes
     * ux: align alert and btn colors
     * docs: doc updates
     * remove duplicative prometheus function
     * remove label match operator from keyword.operator
     * remove label match operator from keyword.operator
     * remove extra state push
     * fix typo
     * newgrid: row progress
     * styleguide: fix link in index
     * api: fix for dashboard version history
     * textpanel: fixes #9491
     * graphite: datasource refactor
     * csv: fix import for saveAs shim
     * grid: minor progress on new row concept
     * ux: add panel progress
     * alert_tab: clear test result when testing rules
     * ux: worked on add panel function
     * plugins: expose more util and flot dependencies
     * (cloudwatch) fix cloudwatch query error over 24h (#9536)
     * Add autofocus tag for username field on login.html (#9526)
     * show error message when cloudwatch datasource can't add
     * ux: minor button changes
     * CloudWatch: Add ALB RequestCountPerTarget metric
     * ux: color tweaks
     * ux: testing out new icons
     * set nightly version to v4.7.0-pre1
     * changelog: adds release date for v4.6.0-beta1
     * ux: minor fixes
     * grid: fixed grid width issues
     * grid: repeat refactoring and unit tests
     * Missing dot in aws credentials path
     * newgrid: added constants, changed grid to 24 cols, added tests for
       panel repeats
     * docs: doc updates
     * grid: minor progress on panel repeats
     * changed name back to use underscore instead of camelcase, need to
       think more about this
     * fixed dashboard sorting
     * newgrid: worked panel duplicate
     * fix: various fixes for new grid
     * dashgrid: fix or skip tests for repeat rows
     * dashboardgrid: disable dynamic_dashboard_srv for now
     * ux: style tweaks
     * newgrid: various fixes
     * If retention policy is set for influxDB, preprend that to the
       measurement name for exploration queries.
     * newgrid: fixed migration code to new grid
     * docker: updated our graphite docker container
     * grid: edit/view now works
     * dashboard: fixes for panels without rows
     * webpack: changed devtools setting to stop exceptions
     * fix: ignore upgrading dashboard grid when there are no rows
     * grid: fixed migration for rows without height
     * ux: minor fix sidemenu
     * newgrid: progress on fullscreen/edit view modes
     * search: fix search to limit dashboards better
     * grid: fixed geting started panel pos
     * grid: progress on react grid
     * grid: progress on new grid, resize & saving layouts works
     * grid: minor progress
     * tech: got angular component to load inside react grid
     * grid: need to find a way to add angular component inside react
     * ux: initial react grid poc
     * graphite-tags: refactor, improve performance - remove unnecessary
       parseTarget() calls
     * graphite-tags: add tests
     * graphite-tags: refactor, use <gf-form-dropdown> instead of
     * graphite-tags: initial tag editor
     * Update kbn.js
     * Update kbn.js
     * fixes
     * Use B/s instead Bps for Bytes per second
     * fix merge issue
     * develop: fixed more broken tests, couple still failing
     * ux: alternative row design
     * newgrid: fixes to default home dashboard
     * ux: minor fixes
     * ux: new grid progress
     * grid: minor progres on new grid
     * grid: minor progres on new grid
     * ux: minor button changes
     * ux: minor updates
     * ux: changed cta button style
     * minor fix
     * ux: added scroll to two pages
     * minor fix for page-h1
     * grid work
     * progress on rows as panelsW
     * fixed unit tests
     * minor user avatar stuff
     * started on rows as panels in single grid
     * minor user list cahnge
     * users view update
     * ux: color tweaks
     * Moved around the columns a bit
     * ux: dashboard stuff
     * ux: minor changes
     * ux: sidemenu animation duration
     * ux: fixed sidenav issues
     * ux: sidemenu toggling
     * ux: sidenav fixes and dashboard search changes
     * ux: switching orgs now works through modal
     * ux: making org visibile in profile view
     * ux: more nav work
     * ux: nav fixes & polish
     * ux: more nav work
     * ux: more nav work
     * ux: navigation work
     * ux: sidenav fixes and dashboard search changes
     * ux: more work on sidemenu
     * Silly gradient added a placeholder. no more experimentation to be done
       here until Trent has a pass at it
     * ux: scrollbar stuff
     * Added drop shadown for sticky scrolling, moved colors into dark and
       light variables
     * Reduced size of breadcrumbs, additional form styling. Colors still
       need to be adjusted
     * Starting to play with new form styles
     * ux: minor scroll fix
     * ux: removed custom scrollbar look
     * ux: reduced size of sidemenu icons a bit
     * ux: testing fixed sidemenu and breadcrumbs
     * ux: minor navbar update
     * ux: new breadcrumb progress
     * ux: wip
     * ux: new page header look wip
     * ux: testing roboto font
     * ux: use flexbox for sidenav, put logo in sidenav
     * moving panels betwen rows are starting to work
     * grid: progress on row support
     * grid: new grid fixes
     * new-grid: fixed destory issues
     * grid: remove panel works
     * grid: updated gridstack to use grafana fork
     * feat: new grid fixes
     * minor fixes
     * updated
     * feat: new grid system progressW
     * ux: minor panel menu fix
     * ux: minor panel menu tweaks
     * ux: tweaks to new panel menu
     * updated
     * dashfolders: inherited permissions for dashboards
     * dashfolders: handle permission changes when saving/moving dashboards
     * added code from #8504, and #8021
     * dashboard folder search fix
     * dashfolders: fix user group picker + cleanup
     * dashfolders: rename refactor
     * dashfolders: validation for duplicates in acl modal
     * minor update
     * ux: style tweaks, trying out non italic headers
     * ux: nav changes
     * added sidemeu stuff
     * dashfolders: use canadmin permission in settings menu
     * dashfolders: tests for permission modal
     * dashboard acl fixes
     * acl fixes
     * dashfolders: new admin permission needed to view/change acl
     * acl: more acl work
     * dashfolders: filter search based on child dash permissions
     * dashfolders: allows phantomjs rendering for alerting
     * dashfolders: allow overflow-y for modals
     * dashfolders: security for png rendering
     * dashboard acl stuff
     * dashboard acl work
     * dashboard acl
     * working on dashbord acl stuff
     * WIP: first draft of permissionlist panel
     * dashboard acl
     * dashboard acl work
     * WIP: fix js tests for acl
     * WIP: fix folder-picker for dashlist
     * dashboard acl work
     * refactoring: dashboard folders
     * dashboard acl modal
     * WIP: adding roles - not finished
     * refactoring: moving dashboards acl migrations to its own folder
     * WIP: fix acl route
     * refactoring: renaming
     * folders: changed api urls for dashboard acls
     * refactoring more renaming
     * refactoring renaming dashboard folder operations
     * dashboard_folders refactoring
     * refactoring dashboard folder security checks
     * dashboard guardian refactoring starting to work
     * dashboard folders acl work
     * refactoring dashoard folder guardian
     * WIP: refactor user group modal
     * refactoring: Dashboard guardian
     * WIP: remove unused test file
     * WIP: refactor dash search and remove extra query
     * WIP: move guardian logic for search into the sql query
     * WIP: remove dashboard children on delete
     * dashboard_folders: refactoring picker and folder selection in
       dashboard settings & save as menu
     * WIP: adds API check to stop folders being included in folders
     * use gf-form-dropdown in user picker
     * WIP: add test for add user group permission
     * WIP: can edit dashboard permission
     * WIP: clean up after user and org user delete
     * WIP: remove permissions when deleting global user
     * dashboard_folders: updated
     * WIP: delete dependent permissions on user group delete
     * dashboard_folders: fixes to user picker & group picker
     * dashboard_folders: fixes to user & group picker
     * minor update
     * WIP: permission checking for dash version api methods
     * ux: gridstack poc
     * Gridstack: testing
     * WIP: check permissions for delete/post dashboard
     * WIP: fixes after version history merge
     * ux: nav experiments
     * WIP: add permission check for GetDashboard
     * ux: side nav experiments
     * WIP: fix test after merge conflict
     * WIP: fix go fmt error
     * WIP: user + user-group pickers for permissions
     * WIP: API - add dash permission
     * WIP: user-picker directive
     * WIP: Permission Type as string in permission query
     * WIP: fixes after navbar changes
     * WIP: dashlist in template for new folder
     * WIP: refactor folder-picker for dashlist
     * WIP: dashboard search by folder + toggle for list or tree mode
     * WIP: adds folder-picker to save as dialog
     * WIP: use metric-segment for folder picker
     * WIP: add dummy root folder to folder picker
     * WIP: Create new dashboard button in dash search
     * WIP: permissions moved to settings tab. Adds folder dropdown to
       general settings tab
     * WIP: add parentid to getdashboard query result
     * WIP: dashboard search by type (folder or dash)
     * WIP: fix after upstream sqlstore refactoring
     * WIP: rollback
     * WIP: delete permission in API
     * WIP: user group additions
     * WIP: remove browse mode for dashboard search
     * WIP: get Dashboard Permissions
     * WIP: add open/closed folders icons for dash search
     * WIP: Can remove dashboard permission - sql
     * WIP: limit GetAllowedDashboards sql query with a where in
     * WIP: Add or update Dashboard ACL
     * WIP: guardian service for search
     * dashboard: sort search with dash folder first
     * WIP: add some TS types
     * WIP: edit user group page
     * WIP: API methods for add/remove members to user group
     * WIP: add update user group command
     * WIP: add new group, needs to be redone
     * WIP: add user group search
     * WIP: add usergroup commands and queries
     * WIP: rough prototype of dashboard folders
     * ux: very early start to new sidemenu
     * ux: very early start to new sidemenu
     * ux: minor tweak to faintness of icons of panel menu caret
     * ux: minor progress on panel title menu makover
     * use the original options parameter
     * use targets[0] as the options
     * pass the options along with a _seriesQuery
     * pass database parameter in the options
     * allow setting the database
     * ux: more work on panel menu
     * ux: panel title ux improvements poc
     * Sending image
     * Discord integration

   Changes in grafana-natel-discrete-panel:
   - Add recompress source service
   - Add set_version source service
   - Enable changesgenerate for tar_scm source service
   - Update to version 0.0.9:
     * split commands
     * put back the history

   Changes in openstack-aodh:
   - Add %_tmpfilesdir to %files

   Changes in openstack-barbican:
   - Add %_tmpfilesdir to %files

   Changes in openstack-cinder:
   - Add %_tmpfilesdir to %files

   Changes in openstack-gnocchi:
   - Add %_tmpfilesdir to %files

   Changes in openstack-heat:
   - Add %_tmpfilesdir to %files

   Changes in openstack-ironic:
   - Add %_tmpfilesdir to %files

   Changes in openstack-magnum:
   - Add %_tmpfilesdir to %files

   Changes in openstack-manila:
   - Add %_tmpfilesdir to %files

   Changes in openstack-monasca-agent:
   - Add dependency:
     * fdupes
     * pwdutils and shadow-utils for useradd/groupadd
   - remove rpm-packaging integration

   - Add %_tmpfilesdir to %files

   Changes in openstack-murano:
   - Add %_tmpfilesdir to %files

   Changes in openstack-neutron:
   - Add %_tmpfilesdir to %files

   Changes in openstack-neutron-vpnaas:
   - Add %_tmpfilesdir to %files

   Changes in openstack-nova:
   - Add
     - (bsc#1175484, CVE-2020-17376)

   - Add 0001-rbd_utils-increase-_destroy_volume-timeout.patch (bsc#1154434)
     - Fix for

   Changes in openstack-sahara:
   - Add %_tmpfilesdir to %files

   Changes in python-google-api-python-client:

   - Add pr-201.patch . This enables also older oauth2client versions.

   - update to 1.5.0:
     - Release to support oauth2client >= 2.0.0.
     - Fix file stream recognition in Python 3 (#141)
     - Fix non-resumable binary uploads in Python 3 (#147)
     - Default to 'octet-stream' if mimetype detection fails (#157)
     - Handle SSL errors with retries (#160)
     - Fix incompatibility with oauth2client v2.0.0 (#182)
     - Add automatic caching for the discovery docs.
     - Add the googleapiclient.discovery.Resource.new_batch_http_request
     - Python 3 support.
     - Small bugfix release.
     - Fix an infinite loop for downloading small files.
     - Fix a unicode error in error encoding.
     - Better handling of `content-length` in media requests.
     - Add support for methodPath entries containing colon.
     - Quick release for a fix around aliasing in v1.3.
     - Add support for the Google Application Default Credentials.
     - Require python 2.6 as a minimum version.
     - Update several API samples.
     - Finish splitting out oauth2client repo and update tests.
     - Various doc cleanup and bugfixes.
     - We've added `googleapiclient` as the primary suggested import name,
       and kept `apiclient` as an alias, in order to have a more appropriate
       import name. At some point, we will remove `apiclient` as an alias.
     - Due to an issue around in-place upgrades for Python packages, it's not
       possible to do an upgrade from version 1.2 to 1.3. Instead,
       attempts to detect this and prevents it. Simply remove the previous
       version and reinstall to fix this.
     - The use of the gflags library is now deprecated, and is no longer a
       dependency. If you are still using the
       function then include gflags as a dependency of your application or
       switch to
     - Samples have been updated to use the new apiclient.sample_tools, and
       no longer use gflags.
     - Added support for the experimental Object Change Notification, as
       found in the Cloud Storage API.
     - The oauth2client App Engine decorators are now threadsafe.
     - Use the following redirects feature of httplib2 where it returns the
       ultimate URL after a series of redirects to avoid multiple hops for
       every resumable media upload request.
     - Updated AdSense Management API samples to V1.3
     - Add option to automatically retry requests.
     - Ability to list registered keys in multistore_file.
     - User-agent must contain (gzip).
     - The 'method' parameter for httplib2 is not positional. This would
       cause spurious warnings in the logging.
     - Making OAuth2Decorator more extensible. Fixes Issue 256.
     - Update AdExchange Buyer API examples to version v1.2.
     - Add PEM support to SignedJWTAssertionCredentials (used to only support
       PKCS12 formatted keys). Note that if you use PEM formatted keys you
       can use PyCrypto 2.6 or later instead of OpenSSL.
     - Allow deserialized discovery docs to be passed to
     - Make ResumableUploadError derive from HttpError.
     - Many changes to move all the closures in apiclient.discovery into real
       classes and objects.
     - Make from_json behavior inheritable.
     - Expose the full token response in OAuth2Client and OAuth2Decorator.
     - Handle reasons that are None.
     - Added support for NDB based storing of oauth2client objects.
     - Update grant_type for AssertionCredentials.
     - Adding a .revoke() to Credentials. Closes issue 98.
     - Modify oauth2client.multistore_file to store and retrieve credentials
       using an arbitrary key.
     - Don't accept 403 challenges by default for auth challenges.
     - Set httplib2.RETRIES to 1.
     - Consolidate handling of scopes.
     - Upgrade to httplib2 version 0.8.
     - Allow setting the response_type in OAuth2WebServerFlow.
     - Ensure that dataWrapper feature is checked before using the 'data'
     - HMAC verification does not use a constant time algorithm.
   - Fix description
   - Update BuildRequires and Requires
   - Use Source from pypi

   Changes in python-Pillow:
   - Add 0019-FLI-overflow-error-fix-and-testcase.patch
      * From upstream, backported
      * Fixes CVE-2016-0775, bsc#965582
   - Add 0020-Fix-OOB-reads-in-FLI-decoding.patch
      * From upstream, backported
      * Fixes CVE-2020-10177, bsc#1173413
   - Add 0021-Fix-bounds-overflow-in-JPEG-2000-decoding.patch
      * From upstream, backported
      * Fixes CVE-2020-10994, bsc#1173418
   - Add 0022-Fix-bounds-overflow-in-PCX-decoding.patch
      * From upstream, backported
      * Fixes CVE-2020-10378, bsc#1173416

   Changes in rubygem-crowbar-client:
   - Update to 3.9.3
     - Enable restricted commands for Cloud 7 (bsc#1117080, CVE-2018-17954)

Patch Instructions:

   To install this SUSE Security Update use the SUSE recommended installation methods
   like YaST online_update or "zypper patch".

   Alternatively you can run the command listed for your product:

   - SUSE OpenStack Cloud 7:

      zypper in -t patch SUSE-OpenStack-Cloud-7-2020-2911=1

Package List:

   - SUSE OpenStack Cloud 7 (aarch64 s390x x86_64):


   - SUSE OpenStack Cloud 7 (noarch):


   - SUSE OpenStack Cloud 7 (x86_64):



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