SUSE-CU-2022:518-1: Recommended update of bci/bci-init

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Tue Apr 5 08:58:49 UTC 2022

SUSE Container Update Advisory: bci/bci-init
Container Advisory ID : SUSE-CU-2022:518-1
Container Tags        : bci/bci-init:15.3 , bci/bci-init: , bci/bci-init:latest
Container Release     : 11.52
Severity              : moderate
Type                  : recommended
References            : 1194642 

The container bci/bci-init was updated. The following patches have been included in this update:

Advisory ID: SUSE-RU-2022:1107-1
Released:    Mon Apr  4 17:49:17 2022
Summary:     Recommended update for util-linux
Type:        recommended
Severity:    moderate
References:  1194642
This update for util-linux fixes the following issue:

- Improve throughput and reduce clock sequence increments for high load situation with time based 
  version 1 uuids. (bsc#1194642)

The following package changes have been done:

- libblkid1-2.36.2-150300.4.20.1 updated
- libfdisk1-2.36.2-150300.4.20.1 updated
- libmount1-2.36.2-150300.4.20.1 updated
- libsmartcols1-2.36.2-150300.4.20.1 updated
- libuuid1-2.36.2-150300.4.20.1 updated
- util-linux-2.36.2-150300.4.20.1 updated
- container:sles15-image-15.0.0-17.11.20 updated

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