SUSE-CU-2022:690-1: Security update of bci/dotnet-sdk

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Sat Apr 23 09:19:17 UTC 2022

SUSE Container Update Advisory: bci/dotnet-sdk
Container Advisory ID : SUSE-CU-2022:690-1
Container Tags        : bci/dotnet-sdk:5.0 , bci/dotnet-sdk:5.0-23.35 , bci/dotnet-sdk:5.0.16 , bci/dotnet-sdk:5.0.16-23.35
Container Release     : 23.35
Severity              : important
Type                  : security
References            : 1158955 1159131 1161007 1162882 1167603 1182252 1182645 

The container bci/dotnet-sdk was updated. The following patches have been included in this update:

Advisory ID: SUSE-SU-2021:4063-1
Released:    Tue Dec 14 13:58:09 2021
Summary:     Security update for icu.691
Type:        security
Severity:    important
References:  1158955,1159131,1161007,1162882,1167603,1182252,1182645
This update for icu.691 fixes the following issues:

- Renamed package from icu 69.1 for SUSE:SLE-15-SP3:Update. (jsc#SLE-17893)
- Fix undefined behaviour in 'ComplexUnitsConverter::applyRounder'

- Update to release 69.1
  - For Norwegian, 'no' is back to being the canonical code, with
    'nb' treated as equivalent. This aligns handling of Norwegian
    with other macro language codes.
  - Binary prefixes in measurement units (KiB, MiB, etc.)
  - Time zone offsets from local time with new APIs.
- Don't disable testsuite under 'qemu-linux-user'
- Fixed an issue when ICU test on 'aarch64 fails. (bsc#1182645)
- Drop 'SUSE_ASNEEDED' as the issue was in binutils. (bsc#1182252)
- Fix 'pthread' dependency issue. (bsc#1182252)

- Update to release 68.2
  - Fix memory problem in 'FormattedStringBuilder'
  - Fix assertion when 'setKeywordValue w/' long value.
  - Fix UBSan breakage on 8bit of rbbi
  - fix int32_t overflow in listFormat
  - Fix memory handling in MemoryPool::operator=()
  - Fix memory leak in AliasReplacer

- Add back icu.keyring.
- Update to release 68.1
  - PluralRules selection for ranges of numbers
  - Locale ID canonicalization now conforms to the CLDR spec including edge cases
  - DateIntervalFormat supports output options such as capitalization
  - Measurement units are normalized in skeleton string output
  - Time zone data (tzdata) version 2020d

- Add the provides for libicu to Make .Net core can install successfully. (bsc#1167603, bsc#1161007) 
- Update to version 67.1
  - Unicode 13 (ICU-20893, same as in ICU 66)
    - Total of 5930 new characters
    - 4 new scripts
    - 55 new emoji characters, plus additional new sequences
    - New CJK extension, first characters in plane 3: U+30000..U+3134A
    - New language at Modern coverage: Nigerian Pidgin
    - New languages at Basic coverage: Fulah (Adlam), Maithili,
      Manipuri, Santali, Sindhi (Devanagari), Sundanese
    - Region containment: EU no longer includes GB
    - Unicode 13 root collation data and Chinese data for collation and transliteration
  - DateTimePatternGenerator now obeys the 'hc' preference in the locale identifier
  - Various other improvements for ECMA-402 conformance
  - Number skeletons have a new 'concise' form that can be used in MessageFormat strings
  - Currency formatting options for formal and other currency display name variants
  - ListFormatter: new public API to select the style & type
  - ListFormatter now selects the proper “and”/“or” form for Spanish & Hebrew.
  - Locale ID canonicalization upgraded to implement the complete CLDR spec.
  - LocaleMatcher: New option to ignore one-way matches
  - acceptLanguage() reimplemented via LocaleMatcher
  - Data build tool: tzdbNames.res moved from the 'zone_tree' category to the 'zone_supplemental' category
  - Fixed uses of u8'literals' broken by the C++20 introduction of the incompatible char8_t type
  - and added a few API overloads to reduce the need for reinterpret_cast.
  - Support for manipulating CLDR 37 unit identifiers in MeasureUnit.

- Drop icu-versioning. (bsc#1159131)
- Update to version 66.1
  - Unicode 13 support
  - Fix uses of u8'literals' broken by C++20 introduction of incompatible char8_t type.

- Fixed an issue when Qt apps can't handle non-ASCII filesystem path. ([bsc#1162882)
- Remove '/usr/lib(64)/icu/current'. (bsc#1158955)

The following package changes have been done:

- libicu69-ledata-69.1-7.3.2 added
- libicu69-69.1-7.3.2 added
- libgdbm4-1.12-1.418 removed
- libicu-suse65_1-65.1-4.2.1 removed
- libicu65_1-ledata-65.1-4.2.1 removed
- perl-5.26.1-15.87 removed
- update-alternatives- removed
- vim-8.0.1568-5.17.1 removed
- vim-data-common-8.0.1568-5.17.1 removed

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