[caasp-beta] Calico CNI integration

Ettore Simone ettore.simone at gmail.com
Tue May 15 09:19:13 MDT 2018


I'm trying to integrate Calico as a policy security enforcement at the end
of a simple CaaSP 3.0 deployment without any success.

To simplify the deployment and test we are using a single master, single
worker layout.

Following the official Calico documentation for Canal[1] will result in
<Error creating: pods "calico-node-" is forbidden>.

First, Calico recommend to use the Kubernetes API datastore against the
etcd one. Is there a best practice to follow in CaaSP for it? Should I go
with etcd datastore instead?

Second, are there any one who already adapted the RBAC[2] and
Service/Deployment/DaemonSet[3] to run under SUSE CaaSP?


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