[Containers] Availability of SLES docker images

Aleksa Sarai asarai at suse.com
Wed Mar 2 01:10:36 MST 2016

On 03/02/2016 06:28 PM, Bell, Bob (ENG Nashua) wrote:
> Are there SLES Docker images available to the general public?  Yes, I
> know about the sles12-docker-image RPM that gives /me/ the
> /usr/share/suse-docker-images/sles12-docker.x86_64-*.tar.xz image.  But
> what about for the community?  Or at least maybe select subgroups of the
> community?

No, they aren't AFAIK. We do have Leap images though (opensuse:leap), 
and since Leap is the publically available version of SLES, is that 

> I’m working with the Git LFS team, and they don’t have RPMs for any SUSE
> release.  I’d love for them to be able to build and supply a SLES 12 RPM
> (and an openSUSE one would be nice, too).  The maintainer’s requirement
> to build and support Git LFS for a distribution is to be have to have a
> Docker container where he can build and test the Git LFS binary.

Is there a reason we can't just give them an openSUSE docker image (from 
the registry) and then adapt the build script they give us? Also, since 
we have Leap, surely that's sufficiently similar to SLES to be 
indistinguishable from a "making a preliminary build script" perspective?

Or are you suggesting that a SLES package will be maintained by an 
external party?

Aleksa Sarai
Docker Core Specialist
SUSE Australia

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