[Deepsea-users] install calamari

Bo Jin bo.jin at suse.com
Mon Jan 9 04:51:28 MST 2017

I deployed a ceph cluster using ses4 deepsea. Now I want to install 
calamari on the master server. I did it but if I open calamari web 
interface it still asks me to use ceph-deploy to all cluster nodes in 
order to get information about cluster and nodes.

But I thought if calamari is using salt and deepsea already deployed 
salt to the cluster nodes and minions why shouldn't calamari just pick 
up the minion information?

Next question is: I installed openattic on a separate node which is not 
salt master. It works so far excep "node" tab in openattic UI. Someone 
told me that for node view openattic must be running on salt master.
So how should openattic and calamari co-exist in a such environment? Or 
what is a best practice to have calamari running in parallel to openattic?

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