[Deepsea-users] Antw: Re: Add management of disks/devices that already have partitions

Michael Bukva Michael.Bukva at suse.com
Sun Jul 2 20:38:37 MDT 2017

[ Disclaimer: deepsea & Ceph newbie ;) ]

How can I tell that deepsea has ignored, as opposed to ‘failed to detect’ certain disks?

That sub-problem, is actually *the* problem for relative newbies IMO.

Doing Stuff to disks aggressively is often not a good idea (!) Urging an admin to do Stuff to disks just at the moment they are under pressure to press “deploy” is a less bad idea that comes with added complexities, as discussed well on this thread. A third option is simply to tell folks what you did. A ‘silent ignore’ of disks is not that. Naïve or not, I hope ‘documenting ignores’ for clarity is a low impact enhancement for deepsea relative to other approaches.


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Thanks - commented there!


Am 30.06.2017 um 12:30 schrieb Eric Jackson <ejackson at suse.com<mailto:ejackson at suse.com>>:
The issue is https://github.com/SUSE/DeepSea/issues/259, but we have not had
the time to write anything for this.

On Friday, June 30, 2017 01:31:28 AM Martin Weiss wrote:

as far as I have understood deepsea - it ignores all disks / devices

that already have partitions.

This causes an additional effort to clean these disks manually before
they can show up in profiles.

Would it be possible to enhance deepsea „not“ to ignore these disks?

IMO it would be great to discover them and add them to the proposals -
maybe in a separate section of the files like „already partitioned“.

Then in a further step these disks could be specified / moved in the
profiles by an administrator what then would allow to clear / use them
with deepsea during deployment stage in case they are specified to be an
OSD filesystem/journal/wal/db... (deepsea could clean the disks before
putting OSD data on them).

IMP such a feature would allow a more complete disk management with


Fine until somebody uses this feature to wipe their data for which they
have no backup. Automating disk-zapping/filesystem-wiping is a tricky

Is it a higher risk in case we provide a framework around this within
deepsea or in case the customer uses manual steps?

IMO - In case we would have this support in deepsea we could add checks and
verifications and make it easier and safer for the admin and ensure he is
not deleting the OS or existing OSD data..


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