[Deepsea-users] Official DeepSea package repositories

Lenz Grimmer lgrimmer at suse.com
Tue Jul 4 07:36:29 MDT 2017


I'm currently working on updating the upstream openATTIC 3.x
installation documentation to reflect the requirements of having a Ceph
cluster that has been deployed using DeepSea.

Which is the official/up to date package repository on OBS that users of
the upstream packages should be using for installation?

A search for "DeepSea" on OBS yields the following likely candidates:


The package in Eric's "swiftgist" home project (which used to be the
default location) is at version 0.7.13, while the one in the
ceph:luminous project is currently at 0.7.15, but it also contains a
0.7.11 tarball, but that one does not seem to be used by the RPM spec file.

The one in filesystems:ceph/deepsea is at version 0.7.11, too.

I assume that for openATTIC 3.x and Ceph Luminous, the package in
filesystems:ceph:luminous/deepsea is the correct one to use, correct?



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