[sle-beta] gmc install on aarch64

Oliver Kurz okurz at suse.de
Sat Jul 22 01:16:05 MDT 2017

On Friday, 21 July 2017 23:20:59 CEST Tomaž Borštnar, Softergee wrote:
> OK, installed SP3 GMC with LVM (no encryption). Then I tried to
> reinstall it with Encrypted LVM and I get error -3014 like encryption
> was not set up properly and reason was perhaps wrong password. The same
> as on LEAP 42.3.
> This is on Lenovo X230 and x64 codebase.
> Tomaž Borštnar, Softergee je 21. 07. 2017 ob 21:01 napisal:
> > There must be something in SP3/Leap 42.3 regarding partitioning. I had
> > Leap 42.3 installed with LVM, but without encryption. Later I wanted to
> > reinstall the maachine with encrypted LVM and got the similar error
> > (3000 something)  saying that I did not provide proper keys! Which is
> > weird, because it was not encrypted in the first place. Finally I
> > deleted all LVM stuff and created one simple partition without LVM,
> > started install and then reinstall it with proper encrypted LVM and it
> > worked! I will test with SP3 installer as well.

This sounds like it is related to
There seems to be problems when trying to install a cryptlvm installation on 
an old non-encrypted LVM.


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