[sle-beta] Some questions about supported packages

Vincent Moutoussamy vmoutoussamy at suse.com
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Let’s have this discussion off the list.
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> On 13 Nov 2017, at 15:27, Sherry Crandall <scrandall at cray.com <mailto:scrandall at cray.com>> wrote:
> I got the following question from a developer here.
> " Do we have an idea as to which of the modules will be covered via our SLES agreement?  For the system management mission, we’re very much looking at needing things like container support (not necessarily the whole CAAS offering, but certainly the equivalent of the current Virtualization:containers repository) and other common components that are not currently in the base OS offering (including surprising omissions like RabbitMQ and support for the Go language and libraries)."
> Thanks,
> Sherry
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