[sle-beta] How to completely display pattern contents?

Thorsten Kukuk kukuk at suse.de
Wed Nov 22 10:34:03 MST 2017


On Wed, Nov 22, Alexander Hass wrote:

> Hi All,
> I am wondering how to completely display the contents of a pattern.
> On SLE 12 for example 'zypper pattern-info base' used to display all 
> dependent packages, where SLE 15 does ony list the included 'meta' packages:

It works the same way, as you can see on the output of 
"zypper pattern-info base": shadow, rpm, util-linux, ...

> So how to display the full list - or how to at least resolve the packages pulled 
> by the 'meta' package like 'patterns-base-base' for example?

I have to admit, the patterns implementation is not really easy to
The RPM package "patterns-base-base" is the pattern "base". 
So "zypper pattern-info base" shows you the informations about the
pattern "base" provided by the RPM "patterns-base-base". That you see
see RPM "patterns-base-base" in the required list of the pattern "base"
is, because the pattern needs this RPM which provides itself as pattern.
I know that's very confusing and leads quite often to problems, if people
do different things to the pattern and RPM at the same time.

The pattern provided by patterns-base-minimal_base can now be displayed
with "zypper pattern-info minimal_base".

But, there is a much easier solution:

"zypper info --requires --recommends patterns-base-base"

And now you have to go recursive through the list:
"zypper info --requires --recommends patterns-base-base patterns-base-minimal_base"

This is not really different from SLE12.


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