[sle-beta] Beta 3 ?

Waite, Dick (External) Dick.Waite at softwareag.com
Thu Nov 23 04:54:20 MST 2017

Many Thanks Martin,

Grand to see some SUSE people are not on a"Thanksgiving" holiday ;o)

I did try to access your links but to both I got:

"The user name is not valid or is not eligible to use this feature"

I do have a userid/password to access the Beta but not these url's..

So from what you say, yesterday was still a good day for Beta3, quite pleased about that 'cos it would be a little impolite not to let the many volunteers who are Beta testing SUSE code at no cost that they could use the time for their own use.

Many Thanks for the dates of the two extra Betas.

Question if I may, do you know which Beta will allow the use of "Update" and or "Migrate" our machines from SLES12 to SLES15 ? I have ran a number of new installs and given feed back, but it's getting my SLES12 machines onto SLES15 that is the big point for the company.

and ... is there any Docu on how this "Update" "Migrate" is to be run, the words we have at the moment say there will be an update "in due course", which does suggest they way we did do it for SLES12 is not going to be the way with SLES15.

Again many thanks for the very good words and I'll try and get a working user/pass to access the urls posted.


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On Thu, Nov 23 2017, Dick Waite wrote:
> Grand New Thanksgiving Day,
> Will we see Beta 3 today ?
> Planned Releases
> Our plan is to release 5 Betas, 3 Release Candidates and one GMC from 27th October 2017 to 19th April 2018.
> Scheduled releases:
>   *   Beta 1 — 27-10-2017
>   *   Beta 2 — 09-11-2017
>   *   Beta 3 — 22-11-2017
>   *   Beta 4 — 07-12-2017
>   *   Beta 5 — 18-01-2018
> more dates to be announced

Yesterday Kai linked a slide-deck with schedule info for partners to the
PM page on our wiki:


In addition to the above, It has Beta6 scheduled on 2018-02-01 and Beta7
on 2018-02-15.  And of it is apparently ready to be directly sent to our
NDA partners.

For reference, the PM page I'm speaking about is
https://wiki.microfocus.net/index.php?title=SUSE/Product_Management (I
set wiki to send me notifications of changes, that's how I know.)  There
is also a new SLE 15 roadmap slide-deck but I did not go through it.



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