[sle-beta] [ANNOUNCE] SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 Release Candidate 3 is out!

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Tue Apr 17 12:04:58 MDT 2018

Here it comes! Release Candidate 3 of SUSE Linux Enterprise 15:
  SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES),
  SUSE Linux Enterprise Just Enough Operating System(JeOS),
  SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop (SLED),
  SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability (SLE-HA),
  SUSE Linux Enterprise Workstation Extension (SLE-WE)
  and SUSE Linux Enterprise High Performance Computing (SLE-HPC)


== Important Notice
=Packages DVD
When using Packages DVD to install SLE modules, please make sure to also add the 
Product repository you are installing (SLES / SLED / HA / ...) from Packages DVD.
Not doing so might result in missing system roles during installation.

=Notable changes
- Migration from SLE 12 to SLE 15:
Please refer to our new "Upgrade Guide" available as a beta documentation[2]
- SLE 15 HPC now fully part of the SLE15 Beta Program. You can now request
Beta Registration Code for SLE 15 HPC on x86_64 and aarch64[3].
- OpenSSL 1.0 is no longer installed by default, all packages have been migrated
to OpenSSL 1.1. OpenSSL 1.0 will be available in Legacy module.
- zypper-package-search-plugin has been added, and allow you to search for packages
across ALL SLE15 Online Channels. We are eager to get your feedback on this new
searching capability.
- Our Release Notes were updated[5]

=Package changes
- Added packages:
dovecot23, enigmail, gegl, gtk2-branding-SLE, gtk-vnc2, java-10-openjdk, libgrss,
libimagequant, libsmbios, mpitests-mvapich2-psm2, mpitests-mvapich2-psm, nss_ldap, 
openmpi_2_1_3-gnu-hpc, openmpi_2_1_3-gnu-hpc-testsuite, pam_ldap, petsc, pidentd,
pngquant, python-cmdln, python-Cython, python-distro, smp_utils, unrar_wrapper,
xcb-proto, zypper-package-search-plugin.
- Removed packages:
dovecot22, fprintd, gegl-unstable, iproute2-doc, java-9-openjdk, libfprint, 
libindicator, libsmbios2, openmpi_2_1_2-gnu-hpc, openmpi_2_1_2-gnu-hpc-testsuite
- Updated packages (selection):
apache2 2.4.33, cargo 0.25.0 / rust 1.24.1, crash 7.2.1, cups 2.2.7, curl 7.59.0
dhcp 4.3.6-P1, gdb 8.1, git 2.16.3, gstreamer-* 1.12.5, gtk-vnc 0.7.2, haveged 1.9.2
iptables 1.6.2, ipset 6.36, jasper 2.0.14, libreoffice, ncurses 6.1-20180317,
nginx 1.13.11, nmap 7.70, nodejs 8.11.1, openldap 2.4.46, openmpi 2.1.3, 
openssl 1.1.0h, open-vm-tools 10.2.5, postfix 3.3.0, rmt-server 0.0.5, 
rsyslog 8.33.1, sqlite3 3.23.0, wireshark 2.4.6, xrdp 0.9.6

== More information
SLE Beta Page[4]
Release Notes[5]
Known Issues[6]

  Your SUSE Linux Enterprise Team

== Beta Program
Please refer to our dedicated SLE Beta Program webpage[1] for any general
information. However, do not hesitate to contact us at
beta-programs at lists.suse.com if you have any questions.

You received this email because you're signed up to get updates from us.
Please send an email to beta-programs at lists.suse.com if you want to

[1] https://www.suse.com/betaprogram/sle-beta/#download
[2] https://susedoc.github.io/doc-sle/develop/SLES-upgrade/single-html/
[3] https://www.suse.com/betaprogram/sle-beta/#faq-reg
[4] https://www.suse.com/betaprogram/sle-beta
[5] https://www.suse.com/betaprogram/sle-beta/#releasenotes
[6] https://www.suse.com/betaprogram/sle-beta/#knownissues
[7] https://www.suse.com/betaprogram/sle-beta/#releases
[8] https://www.suse.com/betaprogram/sle-beta/#faq-update1
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