[sle-beta] : Migrating from SLE 15 SP0 to SLE 15 SP1

Jiri Srain jsrain at suse.cz
Thu Dec 20 07:09:27 MST 2018

Hello Dick,

On 20. 12. 18 14:58, Waite, Dick (External) wrote:
> Grand End of Year,
> Maybe I need a better check list before I try the migrations:
> For SLES12 SP3 to SP4 this worked 99% of the time.
> Check you have the correct reg_code installed, all the test so fae have been on x86_64, no s390x
> run SUSEConnect --status-text and --list-ext and check it looked Okay
> run zypper up to check there were no patches outstanding.
> run zypper ls and lr to check they look Okay
> run zypper ve to check it looked Okay
> run zypper migration --query and check it looked Okay and there was a migration available.
> then for me, "shutdown -h now" and take a VMware snapshot as a point of return.
> After the re-ipl
> run zypper migration --query just in case anything has changed.
> run zypper migration
> This for SLES12 worked 99% of the time
> This for SLES15 has not worked on 5 different virtual machines. All the machines have been running application software and test for many months. They all pass the above checks, but they all fail to migrate to SP1 Beta1

Could you, please, be more specific about that? How do they fail?

They can fail in the registration step; they can fail due to packaging
errors. There are so many possible ways that without more details we can
hardly help.

If you don't want to put too many details in a list because of the email
size, you can create a bug in the SUSE bzilla and just point to it.

> Now this is Beta1 so I would expect some failures when running the Beta, but I'm not getting that far. In the beta for SLES15 SP0 I spent many months tiring to get from SLES12 to SLES15 but the SP0 does now work, so what check should I add before I migrate to find out what the issues are ?
> Should one be looking in /etc/zypp/.... and checking "something" there ?
> adding the -v to the zypper command, I expect that would give support more input but confuse the life out of me, I will use -v in 2019.
> I'm going to Ireland for Christmas, back on the 3rd and looking forward to reading how I can do better and get SP0 to SP1
> Wishing you all an Interesting and Healthy Christmas and a grand slide into 2019.

Thanks, the same to you!


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