[sle-beta] SLE15 RC1 unable to pxe boot to install image

Wayne Patton wayne.patton at suse.com
Thu Mar 8 12:52:22 MST 2018

I am unable to pxe boot to the install image for SLES 15 RC1. 

I am using VMware Workstation version 14. I am able to pxe boot SLES 12
SP2 & SP3 and CaaS 2 just fine using the same setup. 

I have two options in my pxelinux.cfg/default file for SLE 15. The
first is modeled after my SLES 12 entry and the second is taken from
the example files that I found by installing the tftpboot-installation-
SLE-15-x86_64 package on another SLES 15 VM. 

For the first option, like SLE 12, I copied the initrd and linux files
from the install media to my tftp server into

For the second option, I copied the entire /srv/tftpboot/SLE-15-x86_64/ 
tree structure from the tftpboot-installation-SLE-15-x86_64 package to
my tftpserver, which is used in the second option below. 

I get the same results with both options. 

UI menu.c32

LABEL sles15-rc1-x86_64 - like 12
  MENU LABEL SLES 15 RC1 x86_64 - like 12
  KERNEL sles/15/ga/x86_64/linux
  APPEND initrd=sles/15/ga/x86_64/initrd install=

LABEL sles15-rc1-x86_64 - 15 tftpboot package
  MENU LABEL SLES 15 RC1 x86_64 - 15 tftpboot package
  KERNEL SLE-15-x86_64/boot/x86_64/loader/linux
  APPEND initrd=SLE-15-x86_64/boot/x86_64/loader/initrd instsys=tftp:// install=http://192.168.122

On the console, I get the following: 
---BEGIN OUTPUT--------
Starting udev... ok
Loading basic drivers   ok
Starting hardware detection .. ok
(If a driver is not working for you, try booting with

VMware SATA AHCI controller
  drivers: ahci*
VMware Virtual Machine Chipset
  drivers: ata_piix*, ata_generic, pata_acpi
VMware LSI Logic Parallel SCSI Controller
  drivers: mptspi*
VMware PRO/1000 MT Single Port Adapter
  drivers: e1000*
---END OUTPUT--------

And it stops there.  I would expect the following lines to show up next
but they never do. They do show up for SLES12 (SP2 & 3) and CaaS. For
SLE15 they do not.  

eth0: network config created
Sending DHCP request to eth0
ok, ip = xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/xx

Also, I purposly changed the IP address in my SLES 12 entry to make it
not find the install media so I could see if this was before or after
trying to load the install image. It still output the above three lines
before hanging so this leads me to believe this is a function of

I am not sure where to turn next. I have been google'ing all morning
with no luck, and also tried searching past posts here as well.

I also get the same results with Leap 15 (build 151.1) 



Wayne Patton
Technical Account Manager
wayne.patton at suse.com

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