[sle-beta] UUDI not tested - Wrong Hostname updated --cleanup

Waite, Dick (External) Dick.Waite at softwareag.com
Sat Mar 10 08:25:05 MST 2018

Afternoon Thorsten,

Before you update a field in a database (SCC) you check, and check again that it's legal to do so. The host-names should match, in my case we had rjw08-12-3-0 as the host record and it's being updated by a host-name rjw08-15-0-0. Now at RC1 the understanding of the SUSEConnect is there for is getting clear but at Beta6 it was not. I don't see why the hostnamectl set-hostname can not clear the "old" stuff in /etc/zypp... It's quite often we will change the host-name of a virtual machine and now we have to "remember" we need to update the SCC database. We can also have two entries in the scc database with the same host-name, but different UUID's. How do you know which one is going to be updated.

We have now got a number of SLES12-SP3 machines that have to be restored as their SCC database entries have been over written. Having a SCC database means you have a new set of rules on how to handle writes and updates to it.

Now we know I'm sure we will remember each time you clone or use hostnamectl set-hostname you have to run a SUSEConnect --cleanup. *BUT* there are going to be a few times when it's not run and the SCC gets the wrong entry. Database don't work that way....

On the other hand that's what Beta testing is all about. We have identified a number of items around the migrate and SCC area, so looking forward to see how they are fixed for RC2

I think for the Docu, Very large and BOLD letters, if you clone or change the host-name until a better solution you must remember to "--cleanup" and I expect 98% of the time the good people will...

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On Sat, Mar 10, Waite, Dick (External) wrote:

> A look at /etc/zypp/credentials.d/SCCcredentials shows USERNAME and PASSWORD of
> the good old rjw08-123-0 -- now yes a --cleanup will remove that name, but I
> would also expect a check to make sure you are working on the rjw08-15-0-0 host
> with it's UUID and if you get back a different host / UUID then a WARNING
> telling the good person, you are not interacting with your current host on the
> SCC.

Exactly this is for what SUSEConnect --cleanup is there: that you can
clone a machine and remove all registration references to register it new.
So a check for the "right machine" would be pretty useless.


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