[sle-beta] UUDI not tested - Wrong Hostname updated --cleanup

Waite, Dick (External) Dick.Waite at softwareag.com
Mon Mar 12 09:17:47 MDT 2018

Many Thanks for the update Hernan,

We do update our "mother" SLES's machine each month with "security" patches could we do that if they are not registered, do you allow "security" patch update with out being registered ? There are quite a number of "mothers". We do run systemctl mask packagekit.service on the mothers to stop automatic updates. If the clone is not registered does this stop "zypper in some-need-function" running ?

Could you point me at a good Docu to read and understand what a SLES12 and SLES15 machine can do if it's not registered. Many of the clones only live a week or two... If we do registere them I can see the SCC filling up 'cos the good people are used to just deleting the clone when it's done it's task.

Needs more thought and words with SAG, but many thanks for the explanation UUID was not used. Beta testing is grand to find out these issues. Thoughts for SLES15 SP-1 having an option to allow UUDI as the handshake so that machines that do provide it are not pegged down to the lowest common method of the simple machines?


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Subject: Re: UUDI not tested - Wrong Hostname updated --cleanup

Hi Dick,

Thanks for the write up and the suggestion.

> Why not use the machines UUID as the SCC USERNAME, then you are sure
> to be sure your talking to who you think you are, well better than
> now.

Yes, that would be a good solution. Unfortunately, SUSEConnect needs to
work on a large variety of devices, and we found that a large portion
of devices do not provide a UUID. To keep things simple for all cases,
we decided to generate a system "login" which gets saved to the
filesystem (the SCCcredentials file).
For that reason it's necessary to call --cleanup on the cloned system,
or alternatively, call --cleanup on the original system before saving
the snapshot, so that all clones are "clean" already.

Best regards,
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