[sle-beta] UUDI not tested - Wrong Hostname updated --cleanup

Vincent Moutoussamy vmoutoussamy at suse.com
Mon Mar 12 10:01:57 MDT 2018

> On 12 Mar 2018, at 16:17, Waite, Dick (External) <Dick.Waite at softwareag.com> wrote:
> Many Thanks for the update Hernan,
> We do update our "mother" SLES's machine each month with "security" patches could we do that if they are not registered, do you allow "security" patch update with out being registered ? There are quite a number of "mothers”.

The only official and supported ways to retrieve our patches and updates are
directly thought SCC, via SMT/RMT or a SUSE Manager. So you need to register
your server to SCC, SMT or SUSE Manager.

> We do run systemctl mask packagekit.service on the mothers to stop automatic updates. If the clone is not registered does this stop "zypper in some-need-function" running ?

if not register to SCC/SMT/SUMA, well not have SUSE Channels available.

> Could you point me at a good Docu to read and understand what a SLES12 and SLES15 machine can do if it's not registered. Many of the clones only live a week or two... If we do registere them I can see the SCC filling up 'cos the good people are used to just deleting the clone when it's done it's task.

Well I guess, you have all sort of processes to create and destroy clones and I
think registration and de-registration should fit perfectly into your processes.

Vincent Moutoussamy
SUSE Beta Program and SDK Project Manager
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