[Containers] Unable to "docker login" to Portus when using the docker-compose development setup and LDAP

Todd Morgan Todd.Morgan at cgu.com.au
Tue Dec 22 19:18:05 MST 2015

  I'm attempting to setup a play Portus instance using pure Docker. I followed the instructions here https://github.com/SUSE/Portus/wiki/Docker-Compose-Environment and have been able to get the instance running against my LDAP container and authenticating my initial (admin) user using an appropriate config-local.yml.

My problem is that I am not able to perform the "docker login" in order to use the system. I have verified several different LDAP based accounts are able to login to the portus web ui successfully.

Could someone please advise where exactly that I could find the appropriate log file (and within which container) in order to try and diagnose the docker login failure.

I have tried to docker login both with an LDAP user which yields

Error response from daemon: Wrong login/password, please try again

And a local user (just created within Portus i.e. no LDAP).

Error response from daemon: Wrong login/password, please try again

I have also tried logging in from the actual host running the portus application.

Which makes no difference.

Thanks for your consideration.



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