[Containers] Unable to "docker login" to Portus when using the docker-compose development setup and LDAP

Aleksa Sarai asarai at suse.de
Tue Dec 22 19:29:12 MST 2015

Hi Todd,

> I'm attempting to setup a play Portus instance using pure Docker. I followed the instructions here https://github.com/SUSE/Portus/wiki/Docker-Compose-Environment and have been able to get the instance running against my LDAP container and authenticating my initial (admin) user using an appropriate config-local.yml.
What docker-compose version are you using? There are upstream bugs in 
compose 1.5.1 that make the configuration setup used in Portus not 
function properly, the containers will start but you won't be able to 
authenticate. We're working on updating the docker compose repository 
provided by SUSE. These issues are mentioned here[1].

> My problem is that I am not able to perform the "docker login" in order to use the system. I have verified several different LDAP based accounts are able to login to the portus web ui successfully.
> Could someone please advise where exactly that I could find the appropriate log file (and within which container) in order to try and diagnose the docker login failure.
If you're running the development version, there's Portus log files in 
portus_web_1 under `log/*.log`. The name of the log file indicates what 
environment you're running under (development, production, etc).


Aleksa Sarai
Docker Core Specialist
SUSE Australia

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