[Deepsea-users] Recreation of a broken OSD

Alejandro Bonilla abonilla at suse.com
Tue Apr 11 08:16:12 MDT 2017

> On Apr 11, 2017, at 10:06 AM, Eric Jackson <ejackson at suse.com> wrote:
> On Tuesday, April 11, 2017 06:05:03 AM Martin Weiss wrote:
>> Hi *,
>> is there a way to "re-create" an OSD via DeepSea that does not work (start)
>> anymore - i.e. due to a corrupted XFS filesystem?
>> Thanks,
>> Martin
> We don't have the surgical removal yet.  That is, the removal of a single OSD 
> with journal from a single state file.  
> If you do remove the OSD manually though including the journal, then rerunning 
> Stage 3 will add it back.  Is this a stand-alone OSD or a separate journal?  
> Do you need the commands to remove the OSD from Ceph and wipe the drive?

Yes please.

OSD Removal, and hopefully the best magic to find that OSDs journal partition.
And how to rerun the stages so the new disk can be put in place.

I assume the old entry for that disk may still reside in the disk list, but would be ‘ignored’ because it’s no longer there?

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