[Deepsea-users] Alternate Stage 0

Joshua Schmid jschmid at suse.de
Wed Mar 1 09:15:24 MST 2017


On 03/01/2017 03:41 PM, Eric Jackson wrote:
> Hello everyone,
>   The prep stage is a bit difficult to get right for different environments.  One 
> solution is to create alternative defaults.  I believe we have support to 
> create
> /srv/salt/stage/prep/default-openstack.sls
>   The corresponding master and minion orchestrations need to be created.  
> Steps can be removed that are not necessary for an OpenStack environment or 
> added to help in the preparation.
>   Other discussions have me thinking that a 
> /srv/salt/stage/prep/default-minimal.sls 
> might be useful to some.  I believe that the default behavior should always 
> have the latest updates including the kernel to give the best chance of a 
> successful deployment.  However, some environments manage updates in their own 
> way and having a predefined selection is easy to do and seems reasonable.
>   Does anyone think they would opt for the minimal setup (salt sync, mine 
> configuration, dependent packages) that is not in an OpenStack environment?  Or 
> is this necessary?

I have no prove/quote for this, but I can imagine that SE's want the
quickest possible way to create a running cluster. Taking into
consideration that one might re-deploy a system over and over again to
demo something.
Skipping the updates will save you some time I guess..

I actually think that splitting stage.0 in
  1) mandatory calls ( like ceph.sync ceph.packages.common .. )
  2) update/maintenance
  3) calls for a special env(actually _optional_)
could make sense here.

the split does not necessarily need to result in two new stages but
could also be managed via a ENV_VAR or something of that nature.

> Eric
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