[Deepsea-users] Alternate Stage 0

Craig Gardner cgardner at suse.com
Wed Mar 1 10:35:30 MST 2017

On 03/01/2017 09:15 AM, Joshua Schmid wrote:
> On 03/01/2017 03:41 PM, Eric Jackson wrote:

>>   Does anyone think they would opt for the minimal setup (salt sync, mine 
>> configuration, dependent packages) that is not in an OpenStack environment?  Or 
>> is this necessary?
> I have no prove/quote for this, but I can imagine that SE's want the
> quickest possible way to create a running cluster. Taking into
> consideration that one might re-deploy a system over and over again to
> demo something.
> Skipping the updates will save you some time I guess..

My $0.02 response here:

Yes, I'm certain SE's want this.  In fact, I've heard them request this
in various ways.  I definitely want to be supportive of the SE's, and
they deserve our attention here.  But I want to make sure that we
understand that a "quick demo deployment" may not be a real or useful
scenario for our customers.   Yes, customers also want to save time and
money, so anything that gets them up and running quickly is meaningful.
But if the "quick deployment" is not a realistic, useful deployment,
then I worry about having it as an available option for customers.

Of course, tools that help SE's to sell the product are always welcome
and serve their and our best interests.  But maybe a "quick demo
deployment" option is something that we should leave out of the
mainstream product if it gets in the way of a productive experience for
the customers.

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