[Deepsea-users] "no ceph clusters available"

Robert Grosschopff Robert.Grosschopff at suse.com
Wed Mar 15 06:33:37 MDT 2017

Yepp, apart from the usual “too many PGs per OSD” everything is fine on the command line.

openATTIC also shows all OSDs, Pools, Nodes, etc.


On 15/03/2017, 13:30, "deepsea-users-bounces at lists.suse.com on behalf of Lars Marowsky-Bree" <deepsea-users-bounces at lists.suse.com on behalf of lmb at suse.com> wrote:

    On 2017-03-15T12:28:02, Robert Grosschopff <Robert.Grosschopff at suse.com> wrote:
    > I recently installed a cluster using Salt. Everything was fine and I could see a graphical representation of the Crushmap in openATTIC.
    > After a reboot of the cluster I keep getting a “Sorra folks … no ceph clusters available" .
    Is the cluster itself running? 
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