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Understand very well we have "horse for courses". 

Getting a database customer to update to a new SM is a years work, getting them to update to a full version update takes years. We have many good people still on SLES11, many governments and corporations that should keep a bit more up-2-date... But when a database goes down, so very often so does the jobs of those close to it...
We read about some in the newspapers but there are others that stay under the wire...

I do like to test the new features, but I like to test them in the frame work of the applications that is working now.

We have a sort of rule, never change more that you have to. So with a new version of SLES we do not change any application until it's been well prove to be working in the new system, often well proven can be a year testing. New applications are never tested in a new system environment. New applications have to work on customer environments, or they don't pay you ;o) and database customers seem to hate the word "new". 

I made a comment to Thorsten, Windows 10 no longer uses a "New Build". We had RS1, then it was rolled into RS2, RS3 and now RS4. New builds for the companies that sell new computers, but for application companies it's grand, just keep on rolling along...

So time to move on, I have now got another new registry code so lets create another "new" environment and check out what the new "SUSE Linux Enterprise Workstation Extensions" can bring to the table.

Wishing you a grand day Loic

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Yes I understand, but in first beta versions some functionalities may
not work yet. Moreover, in the case a new major version like SLE15,
don't forget that final version is not expected until many months ;-)

And some customers also want to test installation, not only updates. I
previously was a SUSE customer and we always did new installations (with
new versions of application at the same time) instead of update. This
was to be sure to have the full new things (like snapshots in SLE12)
that an update cannot always provides.

Multiple customers sometimes involve mean multiple cases ;-)

But there are many things to test, be sure that all needed features will
be implemented for testing during this beta test :)

On 10/30/2017 09:50 PM,  Waite, Dick (External)  wrote:
> Many Thanks Loic,
> So we can create new machines... Then in late November we can move our working machines over to SLES15 and do the real Beta test ;o)
> I feel sure SUSE have got the kernel and it's bits working, but how do these new bits work with customer applications is what you want your Beta team to test.
> I'm not going to run a load of application installs on a new install, that's not what our customers do and it's not what we do, When you give us a new version, we expect it will run the applications of the old version, but faster and faster on te new version ;o)
> Wishing you a grand holiday tomorrow, and many thanks for your good words.
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> As far as I know, update from SLE12 to SLE15 is currently not working. Planned for Beta2 or Beta3.
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