SUSE-SU-2023:0485-1: important: Security update for the Linux Kernel

sle-security-updates at sle-security-updates at
Thu Feb 23 20:31:02 UTC 2023

# Security update for the Linux Kernel

Announcement ID: SUSE-SU-2023:0485-1  
Rating: important  

  * #1175995
  * #1186449
  * #1198971
  * #1202712
  * #1202713
  * #1203332
  * #1203693
  * #1204356
  * #1204514
  * #1204662
  * #1205149
  * #1205397
  * #1205495
  * #1206602
  * #1206635
  * #1206640
  * #1206641
  * #1206642
  * #1206643
  * #1206645
  * #1206646
  * #1206648
  * #1206649
  * #1206677
  * #1206698
  * #1206784
  * #1206855
  * #1206858
  * #1206873
  * #1206876
  * #1206877
  * #1206878
  * #1206880
  * #1206882
  * #1206883
  * #1206884
  * #1206885
  * #1206887
  * #1206888
  * #1206890
  * #1207036
  * #1207092
  * #1207093
  * #1207094
  * #1207097
  * #1207102
  * #1207103
  * #1207104
  * #1207107
  * #1207108
  * #1207134
  * #1207168
  * #1207186
  * #1207195
  * #1207237
  * #1207773
  * #1207795
  * #1207875
  * #1208108


  * CVE-2022-36280
  * CVE-2022-47929
  * CVE-2023-0045
  * CVE-2023-0266
  * CVE-2023-0590
  * CVE-2023-23454

CVSS scores:

  * CVE-2022-36280 ( SUSE ):  5.5 CVSS:3.1/AV:L/AC:L/PR:L/UI:N/S:U/C:N/I:N/A:H
  * CVE-2022-36280 ( NVD ):  5.5 CVSS:3.1/AV:L/AC:L/PR:L/UI:N/S:U/C:N/I:N/A:H
  * CVE-2022-47929 ( SUSE ):  4.2 CVSS:3.1/AV:L/AC:L/PR:H/UI:R/S:U/C:N/I:N/A:H
  * CVE-2022-47929 ( NVD ):  5.5 CVSS:3.1/AV:L/AC:L/PR:L/UI:N/S:U/C:N/I:N/A:H
  * CVE-2023-0045 ( SUSE ):  5.1 CVSS:3.1/AV:L/AC:H/PR:N/UI:N/S:U/C:H/I:N/A:N
  * CVE-2023-0266 ( SUSE ):  7.5 CVSS:3.1/AV:N/AC:H/PR:L/UI:N/S:U/C:H/I:H/A:H
  * CVE-2023-0266 ( NVD ):  7.8 CVSS:3.1/AV:L/AC:L/PR:L/UI:N/S:U/C:H/I:H/A:H
  * CVE-2023-0590 ( SUSE ):  7.0 CVSS:3.1/AV:L/AC:H/PR:L/UI:N/S:U/C:H/I:H/A:H
  * CVE-2023-23454 ( SUSE ):  7.8 CVSS:3.1/AV:L/AC:L/PR:L/UI:N/S:U/C:H/I:H/A:H
  * CVE-2023-23454 ( NVD ):  5.5 CVSS:3.1/AV:L/AC:L/PR:L/UI:N/S:U/C:N/I:N/A:H

Affected Products:

  * SUSE Linux Enterprise High Performance Computing 12 SP5
  * SUSE Linux Enterprise Real Time 12 SP5
  * SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 SP5

An update that solves six vulnerabilities, contains two features and has 53
fixes can now be installed.

## Description:

The SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 SP5 RT kernel was updated to receive various
security and bugfixes.

The following security bugs were fixed:

  * CVE-2022-36280: Fixed an out-of-bounds memory access in vmwgfx driver
    causing denial of service (bsc#1203332).
  * CVE-2022-47929: Fixed NULL pointer dereference bug in the traffic control
    subsystem (bsc#1207237).
  * CVE-2023-0045: Fixed missing Flush IBP in ib_prctl_set (bsc#1207773).
  * CVE-2023-0266: Fixed use-after-free in SNDRV that could have resulted in a
    priviledge escalation (bsc#1207134).
  * CVE-2023-0590: Fixed race condition in qdisc_graft() (bsc#1207795).
  * CVE-2023-23454: Fixed a type-confusion in the CBQ network scheduler

The following non-security bugs were fixed:

  * Added support for enabling livepatching related packages on -RT
  * Added suse-kernel-rpm-scriptlets to kmp buildreqs (boo#1205149).
  * Reverted "scsi: smartpqi: set force_blk_mq=1.(bsc#1205397)".
  * amiflop: clean up on errors during setup (git-fixes).
  * audit: ensure userspace is penalized the same as the kernel when under
    pressure (bsc#1204514).
  * audit: improve robustness of the audit queue handling (bsc#1204514).
  * bcache: fix super block seq numbers comparision in register_cache_set()
  * blk-cgroup: Fix memleak on error path (git-fixes).
  * blk-cgroup: Pre-allocate tree node on blkg_conf_prep (git-fixes).
  * blk-cgroup: fix missing put device in error path from blkg_conf_pref() (git-
  * blk-mq: fix possible memleak when register 'hctx' failed (git-fixes).
  * blk-mq: insert request not through ->queue_rq into sw/scheduler queue (git-
  * blk-mq: move cancel of requeue_work into blk_mq_release (git-fixes).
  * blk-throttle: fix UAF by deleteing timer in blk_throtl_exit() (git-fixes).
  * blktrace: Fix output non-blktrace event when blk_classic option enabled
  * blktrace: break out of blktrace setup on concurrent calls (git-fixes).
  * blktrace: ensure our debugfs dir exists (git-fixes).
  * blktrace: fix endianness for blk_log_remap() (git-fixes).
  * blktrace: fix endianness in get_pdu_int() (git-fixes).
  * blktrace: use errno instead of bi_status (git-fixes).
  * block, bfq: fix overwrite of bfq_group pointer in bfq_find_set_group()
  * block, bfq: fix overwrite of bfq_group pointer in bfq_find_set_group() (git-
  * block, bfq: increase idling for weight-raised queues (git-fixes).
  * block, bfq: protect 'bfqd->queued' by 'bfqd->lock' (bsc#1207102).
  * block, bfq: protect 'bfqd->queued' by 'bfqd->lock' (git-fixes).
  * block/bio-integrity: do not free 'buf' if bio_integrity_add_page() failed
  * block/bio-integrity: fix a memory leak bug (git-fixes).
  * block/swim: Check drive type (git-fixes).
  * block/swim: Do not log an error message for an invalid ioctl (git-fixes).
  * block/swim: Fix IO error at end of medium (git-fixes).
  * block/swim: Rename macros to avoid inconsistent inverted logic (git-fixes).
  * block/swim: Select appropriate drive on device open (git-fixes).
  * block: Fix use-after-free issue accessing struct io_cq (git-fixes).
  * block: add a lower-level bio_add_page interface (git-fixes).
  * block: fix memleak when __blk_rq_map_user_iov() is failed (git-fixes).
  * block: only update parent bi_status when bio fail (git-fixes).
  * block: sed-opal: fix IOC_OPAL_ENABLE_DISABLE_MBR (git-fixes).
  * brd: check and limit max_part par (git-fixes).
  * ceph: remove bogus checks and WARN_ONs from ceph_set_page_dirty
  * compat_ioctl: block: handle BLKGETZONESZ/BLKGETNRZONES (git-fixes).
  * constraints: increase disk space for all architectures (bsc#1203693)
  * cryptoloop: add a deprecation warning (git-fixes).
  * dm bio record: save/restore bi_end_io and bi_integrity (git-fixes).
  * dm btree: add a defensive bounds check to insert_at() (git-fixes).
  * dm cache: Fix ABBA deadlock between shrink_slab and dm_cache_metadata_abort
  * dm cache: Fix UAF in destroy() (git-fixes).
  * dm cache: set needs_check flag after aborting metadata (git-fixes).
  * dm crypt: use u64 instead of sector_t to store iv_offset (git-fixes).
  * dm flakey: Properly corrupt multi-page bios (git-fixes).
  * dm ioctl: fix misbehavior if list_versions races with module loading (git-
  * dm ioctl: prevent potential spectre v1 gadget (git-fixes).
  * dm kcopyd: Fix bug causing workqueue stalls (git-fixes).
  * dm raid: avoid bitmap with raid4/5/6 journal device (git-fixes).
  * dm space map common: add bounds check to sm_ll_lookup_bitmap() (git-fixes).
  * dm space maps: do not reset space map allocation cursor when committing
  * dm table: Remove BUG_ON(in_interrupt()) (git-fixes).
  * dm thin: Fix ABBA deadlock between shrink_slab and dm_pool_abort_metadata
  * dm thin: Fix UAF in run_timer_softirq() (git-fixes).
  * dm thin: Use last transaction's pmd->root when commit failed (git-fixes).
  * dm thin: add sanity checks to thin-pool and external snapshot creation (git-
  * dm thin: resume even if in FAIL mode (git-fixes).
  * dm verity: skip verity work if I/O error when system is shutting down (git-
  * dm verity: use message limit for data block corruption message (git-fixes).
  * dm zoned: return NULL if dmz_get_zone_for_reclaim() fails to find a zone
  * dm: Use kzalloc for all structs with embedded biosets/mempools (git-fixes).
  * drbd: Change drbd_request_detach_interruptible's return type to int (git-
  * drbd: destroy workqueue when drbd device was freed (git-fixes).
  * drbd: do not block when adjusting "disk-options" while IO is frozen (git-
  * drbd: dynamically allocate shash descriptor (git-fixes).
  * drbd: fix potential silent data corruption (git-fixes).
  * drbd: fix print_st_err()'s prototype to match the definition (git-fixes).
  * drbd: ignore "all zero" peer volume sizes in handshake (git-fixes).
  * drbd: reject attach of unsuitable uuids even if connected (git-fixes).
  * drbd: remove usage of list iterator variable after loop (git-fixes).
  * drbd: use after free in drbd_create_device() (git-fixes).
  * drivers/block/zram/zram_drv.c: fix bug storing backing_dev (git-fixes).
  * drivers:md:fix a potential use-after-free bug (git-fixes).
  * ext4: Detect already used quota file early (bsc#1206873).
  * ext4: Fixup pages without buffers (bsc#1205495).
  * ext4: add EXT4_INODE_HAS_XATTR_SPACE macro in xattr.h (bsc#1206878).
  * ext4: add reserved GDT blocks check (bsc#1202712).
  * ext4: avoid crash when inline data creation follows DIO write (bsc#1206883).
  * ext4: avoid resizing to a partial cluster size (bsc#1206880).
  * ext4: clear mmp sequence number when remounting read-only (bsc#1207093).
  * ext4: continue to expand file system when the target size does not reach
  * ext4: correct max_inline_xattr_value_size computing (bsc#1206878).
  * ext4: correct the misjudgment in ext4_iget_extra_inode (bsc#1206878).
  * ext4: do not BUG if someone dirty pages without asking ext4 first
  * ext4: fix a data race at inode->i_disksize (bsc#1206855).
  * ext4: fix argument checking in EXT4_IOC_MOVE_EXT (bsc#1207092).
  * ext4: fix extent status tree race in writeback error recovery path
  * ext4: fix null-ptr-deref in ext4_write_info (bsc#1206884).
  * ext4: fix race when reusing xattr blocks (bsc#1198971).
  * ext4: fix undefined behavior in bit shift for ext4_check_flag_values
  * ext4: fix use-after-free in ext4_ext_shift_extents (bsc#1206888).
  * ext4: fix use-after-free in ext4_xattr_set_entry (bsc#1206878).
  * ext4: fix warning in 'ext4_da_release_space' (bsc#1206887).
  * ext4: make ext4_lazyinit_thread freezable (bsc#1206885).
  * ext4: prohibit fstrim in norecovery mode (bsc#1207094).
  * ext4: recover csum seed of tmp_inode after migrating to extents
  * ext4: unindent codeblock in ext4_xattr_block_set() (bsc#1198971).
  * ext4: update s_overhead_clusters in the superblock during an on-line resize
  * ext4: use matching invalidatepage in ext4_writepage (bsc#1206858).
  * floppy: Add max size check for user space request (git-fixes).
  * fs/seq_file.c: simplify seq_file iteration code and interface
  * ftrace: Enable trampoline when rec count returns back to one (git-fixes).
  * ftrace: Fix NULL pointer dereference in free_ftrace_func_mapper() (git-
  * ftrace: Fix updating FTRACE_FL_TRAMP (git-fixes).
  * ftrace: fpid_next() should increase position index (git-fixes).
  * hid: betop: check shape of output reports (git-fixes, bsc#1207186).
  * hid: betop: fix slab-out-of-bounds Write in betop_probe (git-fixes,
  * hid: check empty report_list in hid_validate_values() (git-fixes,
  * iforce: restore old iforce_dump_packet (git-fixes).
  * input: convert autorepeat timer to use timer_setup() (git-fixes).
  * input: do not use WARN() in input_alloc_absinfo() (git-fixes).
  * input: i8042 - Add quirk for Fujitsu Lifebook T725 (git-fixes).
  * input: iforce - reformat the packet dump output (git-fixes).
  * input: iforce - wake up after clearing IFORCE_XMIT_RUNNING flag (git-fixes).
    Heavily modified, as prerequisites for taking it as is would utterly ruin
  * input: replace hard coded string with **func** in pr_err() (git-fixes).
  * input: switch to using sizeof(*type) when allocating memory (git-fixes).
  * input: use seq_putc() in input_seq_print_bitmap() (git-fixes).
  * input: use seq_puts() in input_devices_seq_show() (git-fixes).
  * ipv6: raw: Deduct extension header length in rawv6_push_pending_frames
  * isofs: reject hardware sector size > 2048 bytes (bsc#1207103).
  * jbd2: use the correct print format (git-fixes).
  * kernel/hung_task.c: break RCU locks based on jiffies
  * kernel/hung_task.c: force console verbose before panic
  * kernel/hung_task.c: show all hung tasks before panic
  * kernel: hung_task.c: disable on suspend
  * kprobes, x86/alternatives: Use text_mutex to protect smp_alt_modules (git-
  * kprobes, x86/ptrace.h: Make regs_get_kernel_stack_nth() not fault on bad
    stack (git-fixes).
  * loop: Add LOOP_SET_DIRECT_IO to compat ioctl (git-fixes).
  * loop: use sysfs_emit() in the sysfs xxx show() (git-fixes).
  * m68k/mac: Do not remap SWIM MMIO region (git-fixes).
  * mbcache: add functions to delete entry if unused (bsc#1198971).
  * mbcache: do not reclaim used entries (bsc#1198971).
  * md/raid1: stop mdx_raid1 thread when raid1 array run failed (git-fixes).
  * md/raid5: Wait for MD_SB_CHANGE_PENDING in raid5d (git-fixes).
  * md: fix a crash in mempool_free (git-fixes).
  * md: protect md_unregister_thread from reentrancy (git-fixes).
  * memcg, THP, swap: make mem_cgroup_swapout() support THP
  * memcg: remove memcg_cgroup::id from IDR on mem_cgroup_css_alloc() failure
  * mm/filemap.c: clear page error before actual read (bsc#1206635).
  * mm: memcg: add __GFP_NOWARN in __memcg_schedule_kmem_cache_create()
  * mm: memcg: make sure is uptodate when waking pollers
  * mm: memcontrol: fix NR_WRITEBACK leak in memcg and system stats
  * mm: memcontrol: per-lruvec stats infrastructure
  * mm: writeback: use exact memcg dirty counts
  * module: Do not wait for GOING modules (bsc#1196058, bsc#1186449,
    bsc#1204356, bsc#1204662).
  * module: set MODULE_STATE_GOING state when a module fails to load (git-
  * nbd: Add the nbd NBD_DISCONNECT_ON_CLOSE config flag (git-fixes).
  * nbd: Fix NULL pointer in flush_workqueue (git-fixes).
  * nbd: Fix hung when signal interrupts nbd_start_device_ioctl() (git-fixes).
  * nbd: add a flush_workqueue in nbd_start_device (git-fixes).
  * nbd: add missing config put (git-fixes).
  * nbd: call genl_unregister_family() first in nbd_cleanup() (git-fixes).
  * nbd: do not requeue the same request twice (git-fixes).
  * nbd: fix a block_device refcount leak in nbd_release (git-fixes).
  * nbd: fix crash when the blksize is zero (git-fixes).
  * nbd: fix io hung while disconnecting device (git-fixes).
  * nbd: fix max number of supported devs (git-fixes).
  * nbd: fix possible sysfs duplicate warning (git-fixes).
  * nbd: fix race between nbd_alloc_config() and module removal (git-fixes).
  * nbd: fix shutdown and recv work deadlock v2 (git-fixes).
  * nbd: handle racing with error'ed out commands (git-fixes).
  * nbd: handle unexpected replies better (git-fixes).
  * nbd: make the config put is called before the notifying the waiter (git-
  * nbd: verify socket is supported during setup (git-fixes).
  * nbd:fix memory leak in nbd_get_socket() (git-fixes).
  * net: mana: Fix IRQ name - add PCI and queue number (bsc#1207875).
  * net: sched: atm: dont intepret cls results when asked to drop (bsc#1207036).
  * net: sched: cbq: dont intepret cls results when asked to drop (bsc#1207036).
  * null_blk: Handle null_add_dev() failures properly (git-fixes).
  * null_blk: fix spurious IO errors after failed past-wp access (git-fixes).
  * parisc: Fix HP SDC hpa address output (git-fixes).
  * parisc: Fix serio address output (git-fixes).
  * pci/aspm: Correct LTR_L1.2_THRESHOLD computation (git-fixes).
  * pci/aspm: Declare threshold_ns as u32, not u64 (git-fixes).
  * pci/sysfs: Fix double free in error path (git-fixes).
  * pci: Check for alloc failure in pci_request_irq() (git-fixes).
  * pci: Fix pci_device_is_present() for VFs by checking PF (git-fixes).
  * pci: Fix used_buses calculation in pci_scan_child_bus_extend() (git-fixes).
  * pci: Sanitise firmware BAR assignments behind a PCI-PCI bridge (git-fixes).
  * ps3disk: use the default segment boundary (git-fixes).
  * quota: Check next/prev free block number after reading from quota file
  * quota: Lock s_umount in exclusive mode for Q_XQUOTA{ON,OFF} quotactls
  * rsxx: add missed destroy_workqueue calls in remove (git-fixes).
  * sbitmap: Avoid leaving waitqueue in invalid state in __sbq_wake_up() (git-
  * sbitmap: Avoid leaving waitqueue in invalid state in __sbq_wake_up() (git-
  * sbitmap: fix lockup while swapping (bsc#1206602).
  * scsi: fcoe: Fix possible name leak when device_register() fails (git-fixes).
  * scsi: fcoe: Fix transport not deattached when fcoe_if_init() fails (git-
  * scsi: hpsa: Fix allocation size for scsi_host_alloc() (git-fixes).
  * scsi: hpsa: Fix error handling in hpsa_add_sas_host() (git-fixes).
  * scsi: hpsa: Fix possible memory leak in hpsa_add_sas_device() (git-fixes).
  * scsi: hpsa: Fix possible memory leak in hpsa_init_one() (git-fixes).
  * scsi: ipr: Fix WARNING in ipr_init() (git-fixes).
  * scsi: mpt3sas: Fix possible resource leaks in mpt3sas_transport_port_add()
  * scsi: scsi_debug: Fix a warning in resp_write_scat() (git-fixes).
  * scsi: scsi_debug: Fix possible name leak in sdebug_add_host_helper() (git-
  * scsi: smartpqi: use processor ID for hwqueue for non-mq case .
  * scsi: snic: Fix possible UAF in snic_tgt_create() (git-fixes).
  * scsi: target: core: Add CONTROL field for trace events (git-fixes).
  * sctp: fail if no bound addresses can be used for a given scope
  * struct dwc3: move new members to the end (git-fixes).
  * sunvdc: Do not spin in an infinite loop when vio_ldc_send() returns EAGAIN
  * swim: fix cleanup on setup error (git-fixes).
  * tracing/cfi: Fix cmp_entries_* functions signature mismatch (git-fixes).
  * tracing: Adding NULL checks for trace_array descriptor pointer (git-fixes).
  * tracing: Avoid adding tracer option before update_tracer_options (git-
  * tracing: Ensure trace buffer is at least 4096 bytes large (git-fixes).
  * tracing: Fix a kmemleak false positive in tracing_map (git-fixes).
  * tracing: Fix infinite loop in tracing_read_pipe on overflowed
    print_trace_line (git-fixes).
  * tracing: Fix sleeping function called from invalid context on RT kernel
  * tracing: Fix stack trace event size (git-fixes).
  * tracing: Fix tp_printk option related with tp_printk_stop_on_boot (git-
  * tracing: Make sure trace_printk() can output as soon as it can be used (git-
  * tracing: Set kernel_stack's caller size properly (git-fixes).
  * tracing: Use address-of operator on section symbols (git-fixes).
  * tracing: incorrect isolate_mote_t cast in mm_vmscan_lru_isolate (git-fixes).
  * trigger_next should increase position index (git-fixes).
  * udf: Avoid accessing uninitialized data on failed inode read (bsc#1206642).
  * udf: Check LVID earlier (bsc#1207108).
  * udf: Fix BUG on corrupted inode (bsc#1207107).
  * udf: Fix NULL pointer dereference in udf_symlink function (bsc#1206646).
  * udf: Fix a slab-out-of-bounds write bug in udf_find_entry() (bsc#1206649).
  * udf: Fix free space reporting for metadata and virtual partitions
  * udf: Limit sparing table size (bsc#1206643).
  * udf: fix silent AED tagLocation corruption (bsc#1206645).
  * udf_get_extendedattr() had no boundary checks (bsc#1206648).
  * usb: dwc3: Disable phy suspend after power-on reset (git-fixes).
  * usb: dwc3: core: Call dwc3_core_get_phy() before initializing phys (git-
  * usb: dwc3: core: Fix ULPI PHYs and prevent phy_get/ulpi_init during
    suspend/resume (git-fixes).
  * usb: dwc3: core: initialize ULPI before trying to get the PHY (git-fixes).
  * virtio-blk: Fix memory leak among suspend/resume procedure (git-fixes).
  * virtio_console: break out of buf poll on remove (git-fixes).
  * virtio_console: eliminate anonymous module_init & module_exit (git-fixes).
  * x86/MCE/AMD: Carve out the MC4_MISC thresholding quirk (git-fixes).
  * x86/MCE/AMD: Turn off MC4_MISC thresholding on all family 0x15 models (git-
  * x86/asm: Add instruction suffixes to bitops (git-fixes).
  * x86/asm: Remove unnecessary \n\t in front of CC_SET() from asm templates
  * x86/bugs: Move the l1tf function and define pr_fmt properly (git-fixes).
  * x86/earlyprintk: Add a force option for pciserial device (git-fixes).
  * x86/entry/64: Add instruction suffix (git-fixes).
  * x86/fpu: Add might_fault() to user_insn() (git-fixes).
  * x86/hpet: Prevent potential NULL pointer dereference (git-fixes).
  * x86/kexec: Do not setup EFI info if EFI runtime is not enabled (git-fixes).
  * x86/mce-inject: Reset injection struct after injection (git-fixes).
  * x86/mce/mce-inject: Preset the MCE injection struct (git-fixes).
  * x86/mm: Do not leak kernel addresses (git-fixes).
  * x86/speculation: Add support for STIBP always-on preferred mode (git-fixes).
  * x86/speculation: Change misspelled STIPB to STIBP (git-fixes).
  * x86: boot: Fix EFI stub alignment (git-fixes).
  * xen-netfront: Fix hang on device removal (bsc#1206698).
  * zram: fix double free backing device (git-fixes).

## Special Instructions and Notes:

  * Please reboot the system after installing this update.

## Patch Instructions:

To install this SUSE Important update use the SUSE recommended installation
methods like YaST online_update or "zypper patch".  
Alternatively you can run the command listed for your product:

  * SUSE Linux Enterprise Real Time 12 SP5  
    zypper in -t patch SUSE-SLE-RT-12-SP5-2023-485=1

## Package List:

  * SUSE Linux Enterprise Real Time 12 SP5 (x86_64)
    * ocfs2-kmp-rt-4.12.14-10.115.1
    * kernel-rt-base-4.12.14-10.115.1
    * kernel-rt-debugsource-4.12.14-10.115.1
    * gfs2-kmp-rt-debuginfo-4.12.14-10.115.1
    * kernel-syms-rt-4.12.14-10.115.1
    * kernel-rt-devel-4.12.14-10.115.1
    * kernel-rt_debug-devel-4.12.14-10.115.1
    * kernel-rt-base-debuginfo-4.12.14-10.115.1
    * kernel-rt-devel-debuginfo-4.12.14-10.115.1
    * gfs2-kmp-rt-4.12.14-10.115.1
    * kernel-rt_debug-debuginfo-4.12.14-10.115.1
    * ocfs2-kmp-rt-debuginfo-4.12.14-10.115.1
    * cluster-md-kmp-rt-debuginfo-4.12.14-10.115.1
    * kernel-rt_debug-devel-debuginfo-4.12.14-10.115.1
    * dlm-kmp-rt-debuginfo-4.12.14-10.115.1
    * cluster-md-kmp-rt-4.12.14-10.115.1
    * kernel-rt-debuginfo-4.12.14-10.115.1
    * dlm-kmp-rt-4.12.14-10.115.1
    * kernel-rt_debug-debugsource-4.12.14-10.115.1
  * SUSE Linux Enterprise Real Time 12 SP5 (noarch)
    * kernel-source-rt-4.12.14-10.115.1
    * kernel-devel-rt-4.12.14-10.115.1
  * SUSE Linux Enterprise Real Time 12 SP5 (nosrc x86_64)
    * kernel-rt-4.12.14-10.115.1
    * kernel-rt_debug-4.12.14-10.115.1

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